Top 7 Best Scan Tool for Mechanics – Buying Guide 2023

Last updated on November 4th, 2022 at 11:28 pm

For your easiness we have shortlisted the best scan tool for mechanics. Just have a look on this list and you’ll know what to buy and get your car diagnosed in no time.

Are you a car enthusiast? Do you love your car that you want to work on your car yourself? Then the scan tools for the cars are the best that you can buy to enjoy working on your car. These tools save you from spending so much at your local dealership. Automatic scanners tools are awesome to get quick diagnostics of a car.

If you turn on your engine and the engine light comes on, it’s an alarming situation. But don’t worry and don’t panic these diagnostic scanners are a real gift for examining the car for the mechanics and technicians. If you’re buying a used car than these tools would help you in its diagnostics. You can easily examine a car with diagnostic scanner for cars. They help you in the pre-inspection of the car.

To buy the professional car diagnostic tools, you need to know what you need it for. These diagnostic scanner for cars have different features and roles which make them distinctive.

Top 7 best scan tool for mechanics

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1.Launch CRP129X Automotive Diagnostic Scanner

Launch CRP129X Automotive Diagnostic Scanner

Check Price On Amazon

Key Features
  • Built in 9 languages support menu
  • Powerful diagnostics features
  • Lifetime free online update
  • SD card slot to save codes

Launch CRP129X is one of the best professional automotive scan tool for devotees to their car and home mechanics because of its reliability and functions. It has a fast android operating system and has a rechargeable battery. This diagnostic scanner has the SD card that has the storage of 4GB.

It comes with a very affordable price that’s why it is popular among many technicians and semi -professionals. It can easily tell how to fix the issues regarding the engine, transmission and airbags. This automotive scanner and programmer has a very fast processing and comes with a one year warranty.

It has a lifetime free online update. It has history view which lets you to review the last operation of testing a vehicle. It supports more than 1000 car models and more than 57 car brands.

Customer Review

It’s an impressive scanner. It really helps a lot in diagnosing the actual problem. The setup is very simple and easy to use. It was definitely worth a purchase.

2.Launch Creader 4001 OBD2 Code Reader

Launch Creader 4001 OBD2 Code Reader

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Key Features
  • Comes with a one year warranty
  • Can be used without chargers and batteries
  • Supports multi languages
  • Provides freeze frame data save data

This professional car diagnostic tool can save the data in the scan tool which can help figure out the problem. It has a great design and presents graphical data on the 2.4 inch color display. It is compatible with almost all types of models of cars.

The malfunction indictor light in it can quickly deduct the problem in the vehicle and saves you from the bigger problems. This scanner can be powered and doesn’t really need chargers or batteries. It comes in the compact size so that it can be carried anywhere.

It has the simple operations very easy to use. It has the great graphical data display and the 16 pin cable allows you to use it in a comfortable posture.

Customer Review

It really works like wonder. It’s an amazing product which is very easy to use. It’s a great tool for scanning.

3.BlueDriver Enhanced OBDII Scan Tool

BlueDriver Enhanced OBDII Scan Tool

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Key Features
  • Officially certified for Apple and Android devices
  • Free system updates
  • Supports Bluetooth
  • Specifications that show accurate information regarding vehicle’s maintenance

This best professional automotive scan tool is best for so many reason. It supports Bluetooth. It has great functions. It is officially licensed and certified for Apple and Android devices. The log file can be made and the data can be transferred to the computer as well.

It has the accurate timing to diagnose a problem in the car. It has the freeze frame that stores the code. This scanner can conduct a number of advanced test such as fuel system test, Airbag etc. it has the complete accurate repair solution. It has done over 30 million fixes.

No other scan tool or code reader offers this level of understanding into how to fix your vehicle.

Customer Review

It is a very promising tool. Works great with apple and android devices. It provides accurate information regarding the problem. It’s a great piece for scanning.

4.Autel MK908P Pro Automotive Diagnostic Scanner


Check Price On Amazon

Key Features
  • TPMS programming functions available
  • Ensure fast diagnosis
  • Colored screen
  • Compatible for US EU and Asian vehicles

Autel MaxiCOM MK908P is an excellent diagnostic tool. The screen provides with the step wise instruction on what to do next. It has the reset function. It offers the complete diagnostic solution for your car.

This scanner comes with the three platform. One is data logging which allows you to get repair and examining services. Second is FAQ database which permits you to search through questions. The third is training channels which allows you to review the saved data.

It has a digital camera. It is easy to setup and use. It is very quick in diagnosis. It analyze the vehicle deeply. This is designed to provide users with multi-tasking. It can be used for over 80 brands in US Europe and Asia.

Customer Review

It’s an amazing product. It helps us save a lot of money. It is affordable and a must have tool for mechanics as it provides the accurate diagnosis. It performs as promised.

5.Launch X431 V+ Automotive Diagnostic Tool


Launch X431 V+ Automotive Diagnostic Tool

Check Price On Amazon

Key Features
  • Bi directional control
  • Compatible with almost every car model and brand
  • Feasible with multi engine types
  • Anti-theft matching feature
  • Anti-lock Braking system

This best professional automotive diagnostic scanner has a long-lasting and a solid design. It comes with the number of adapters to make sure its feasibility with multiple engine types. It diagnoses with the support of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

You can totally count on its accuracy. It has bi directional control which means this tool can both send and receive information from your engine. You can easily update the system with just one click. Its battery last for more than 8 hours and has a 48 GB storage capacity.

Customer Review

It’s a great product. It has good value over money. It’s an amazing diagnostic tool. One can consider it as best car diagnostic tool available the market.

6.Innova 3100j Universal OBDII Scan Tool


Innova 3100j Universal OBDII Scan Tool

Check Price On Amazon

Key Features
  • Quickly reveal the cause of engine light warning
  • Bi directional functions
  • Free updates
  • Supports multiple language

This scanner tool is especially designed for the technicians and mechanics for the vehicle maintenance and repair. It facilitates you by giving the step wise instructions in performing oil reset test. It gives the perfect information on which area the engine is creating a problem.

It works with the engine, anti-locking braking system on the car, SRS system and airbag. It is supportive to every hybrid car and with all 1996 and newer OBD2 cars. it also  supports light trucks. Also is capable of having free internet updates.

Customer Review

Very much satisfied with the product. Works really great. Bought many product but this one really helped a lot. It is cost effective and works as promised.

7.Autel DS808K Professional Car Diagnostic Tool


Autel DS808K Professional Car Diagnostic Tool

Check Price On Amazon

Key Features

  • 7 inch touchscreen
  • Performs active test
  • Great control ability
  • Power balance and leak down test

This scanner is a diagnostic scan tool for all cars. It has a great battery that constantly works up to 4 or 5 hours. It provides you with the lifetime free updates. It comes with the 5.1 android system and a 32 GB storage.

It has the key programming and conduct power balance and leak down tests. It also has the bi directional control ability. Autel Professional Car Diagnostic Tool has a cloud based management system through which you can save the data, scan the codes and reports.

It covers almost 23 special services including airbag rest, oil reset, SAS calibration, reset parking etc. It’s the best that a mechanic or a technician can own.

Customer Review

It’s the tool that mechanics love. It’s an awesome buy. It shows accurate information on troubleshooting. It’s economical and performs excellent.

Closing Notes 

It can be really hard sometimes choosing the right scanner. Nobody wants to take risk on the cars. So for you we have chosen the best pick for the scanner that you can purchase.

Just go through the products and you’ll know what are the best car diagnostic tool available the market and online. Buy it once and you’ll have ease in diagnosing the problem and you can fix it without any hassle and worries.

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