Best saw blade for cutting laminate flooring

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Do you know how efficient it is to use a flooring saw to laminate it? Don’t worry, many people don’t, but it is very easy to learn with the right saw blade for cutting laminate flooring. You might be remodeling your house or working in a repair workshop, laminating floors will become a very easy process with a flooring saw. An appropriate high-quality saw will be efficient and effective in its results.


Things to consider before buying:

Blade size:

  •  If you have to use it for housing, go for a smaller saw blade with a diameter ranging from 8-12 diameters. the disproportionate size will cause the flooring to be irregular.
  • The laminate circular saw blade needs to be compatible with the saw.

Teeth count:

  • The number of teeth determines the material that you will be using the saw blade for laminate floor.
  • The higher the number, the sharper and more precise the will the laminate flooring saw will be.
  • The best hand saw for cutting laminate flooring requires 60 to 80 numbers of teeth.

Arbor size:

  • Arbor size refers to the thickness of your blade.
  • The standard size is 5/8 inch that works for every laminate circular saw blade.
  • Some extraordinary saws come with 7/8 inch size.
  • The arbor holds the shaft. This right arbor thickness will maintain, and even increase stability.


  • Even the best type of saw blade for cutting laminate flooring tends to become dull and less precise with time. hence, choose a long-lasting blade with a warranty of more than two years.


  • Always go for carbide or alloy steel as the material for your blade.
  • It is long-lasting because the wear and tear takes longer than an average table saw for laminate flooring.
  • It is cost-effective and more efficient in getting the job done.

Extended blade features:

  • There need to be extra safe between the teeth for expansion and contraction during the use of saw itself. The process of contraction and expansion should not hinder the body in any way. This is known as expansion slots.
  • Gullets needs to be cleanly molded so that the dirt escapes quickly and there is room for chips.

5 best hand saws for cutting laminate flooring




  • Made up of carbide
  • Available in multi colors
  • 80 number of teeth
  • Has laser-cut stabilizer
  • Has laser cut heat expansion slots
  • Material is shock resistant
  • 10-inch diameter
  • Applicable on nonferrous material

Diablo is perfect for cutting plastic and nonferrous material like aluminum and brass plates cleanly and smoothly. The cuts are clean, sharp, and accurate. It arches perfect crosscuts and leaves a burr-free finish behind. Moreover, the thin kerf and the numerous teeth are laser cut resulting in easy feed. They also let you have full control over your cuts and design. Furthermore, the laser-cut stabilizer results in excessive noise reduction and vibration during the whole process.

Lesser vibration results in more controlled moves as well. The blades cutting life is extended because the laser cut also reduces friction and hence reducing burden on the saw blade for laminate flooring. In terms of durability, this laminate flooring saw has teeth that are laced with shock-resistant material that fights wear and tear and makes sure the blades remain sharp. The blades can work four times longer than an average blade. String resistance to heat and corrosion is provided by the non-stick coating.

As the blade works, heat is produced and blade starts to expand. Laser-cut heat expansion slots make sure that the blades don’t end up touching each other, remain at a safe distance and yet provide the same as before perfect result. This also increases the lifespan of the blade itself. Another terrific reason to buy this blade is that it can fit into a number of table saws and miter saws, making it workable with almost everything. The blade speed is about 7000 RPM, which is better than average.


  • The blades are very sharp
  • Excellent customer service
  • Ease of use


  • It is a little expensive.



  • Made up of carbide
  • Available in blue color
  • 32 number of teeth
  • Has a speed coat finish
  • Has a 10 inch diameter
  • Grind tooth geometry is triple chipped

BOSCH makes the best type of saw blade for cutting laminate flooring as it is made up of brute carbide which is a more advanced formula of carbide that increases the impact of the blade and causes durability. There are triple ground teeth available that give very precise and smooth cuts. The cuts are defined and made into a proper shape.  It has also been laced with speed coat that is anti-friction.

This also results in faster cuts without any interruptions or lagging. The finish is very high quality and maintained. Another very mention-worthy feature of this saw blade for laminate floor is the negative hook angle given to the teeth. This results in extended blade life and the chipping process is eliminated. Eliminated chipping chases a cleaner and fresher cut.

The whole body is made up of extra hard steel that delivers precision and prevents the bending of the blades. Faster cuts and less waste are promised by thinner kerfs. The edges of the blades are very sharp and have been molded properly to develop extreme performance for all types of material and applications. The highly abrasive material gets a high quality finishing because of this blade.


  • Gives clean and sharp cuttings
  • Durable
  • Resistant to friction
  • No wood chippings


  • Couldn’t find any



  • Made up of carbon steel
  • Has 80 number of teeth
  • 10 inch diameter
  • Has recognized gullet
  • Comes with anti-vibration slots
  • Has expansion slots
  • Then angles are hooked at a 20-degree angle

COMOWARE has unique laminate saw blade designs that are made up of a certain carbide material that adds onto the life of the blade, making it more long-lasting. The other design is large enough so that the tooth can easily be sharpened and shapes for a more number of times without being damaged the 5/8 inch arbor and the 10 inch diameter fit onto both types of machines, be it around a machine or a diamond hole blade machine. Moreover, the arbor makes sure that stability is maintained throughout the laminating process. in terms of style, it has efficiently been made into ATB style.

It increases the cutting speed and durability of the blade. The accuracy of the cuts is maximized, making them more precise than ever. Furthermore, the ATB grind lets it work better on the woodwork because it is common for that sort of work. The tear-out on cross grand and plywood is resourced by the bevel. The bevel also makes it reasonably durable and efficient in cutting through grains. The bevel should be kept at a very steep angle as this will prove to be more efficient.

Gullet, the space between two teeth of a blade is less in number because this will result in better chip removal and the teeth cut faster.  This circular saw blade for laminate flooring contracts and expands while cutting, which is why expansion slots have been left. This way the expansions and contractions do not affect the working mode of the blade itself. The body and tension of this 10-inch laminate saw blade isn’t destroyed as well. A positive hook angle also betters the whole experience of working with the blade.


  • Works great even for large floorings
  • The cuts are clean
  • Affordable


  • The start might be a little weak.



  • Made up of hard tungsten carbide
  • Has 90 teeth
  • The diameter of 10 inches
  • Rpm up to 6000
  • Has 6 laser cut expansion slots
  • Comes with 4 laser-cut stabilizer
  • Available in gray color with yellow outer edges

Overpeak is made up of carbide that is tough enough for the saw blade to last five times longer than normal ones. 6 laser cut expansion makes sure that the body of the blade isn’t ruined when it expands and contracts while laminating. The 4 laser-cut stabilizer vents will reduce noise by trapping and keep the vibrations low. This will balance the blade and keep it stable as well.

The ten-inch diameter has a very uniquely designed tooth design that results in very sharp and neat cuts. It works great for all sorts of saws, be it the circular, table, or miter. It has an RPM of 6000 and can easily quickly rip through wood and crosscut it. The blades are sharp enough to go through the wood like butter and the durability has been professionally designed.

There will almost no chipping with this best saw for flooring because it won’t sink into softwood. It will not become worn out, dull and the blades will not roll-up. The uniquely spaced teeth will cut through almost anything, making it the saw blade for laminate flooring. The cuts are realistic and exceptionally smooth, making it worth your money.


  • Made up of durable material
  • The cut surface is smooth
  • The teeth are very sharp


  • Might be over budget



  • Made up of a blend of material
  • Has 60 teeth
  • Available in red color
  • 7-inch diameter
  • Coated with tough Perma shield coating
  • Anti-vibration slots are available
  • The plate is heavy-duty with laser cuts
  • Has a thin kerf

Here we have another saw for cutting laminate flooring that works wonders. The hi-ATB system enables a large number of teeth on both, the upside and the downside ensuring that the finish is splinter-free. The specified anti-vibration technology will remove the need for a stabilizer or a scoring blade. It can easily cut hard and softwoods, chip wood, plywood, and melamine. It is the best hand saw for cutting laminate flooring, considering that it is precision balanced and is known for heavy-duty cutting. The anti-vibration slots reduce extra chatter and promise a longer blade life.

Moreover, it reduces any excess noise especially when laminating. Even after prolonged use, the blade remains flat because of its laser-cut characteristic. The tips are extra sharp and the blend of the material promises sturdiness. The high-intensity tungsten promises resistance to corrosion, heat, and impact. The edges have improved retention which means the blade does not constantly need to be sharpened. Complete thermal insulation is provided by the Perma shield coating.

The coating also resists binding and reduces the chances of friction. Moreover, it acts as a lubricating feature resulting in better spinning of the blade and prevents debris from building directly over this table saw for laminate flooring.  The thin kerf results in reduced feed and faster progress and cutting nonferrous material gives a longer tooth life.


  • Has a long-lasting life span
  • Laced with heavy-duty plates
  • Comes with anti-vibration slots
  • Well balanced and stability


  • Couldn’t find any


In conclusion, we have given you a well-researched list for the best type of saw blade for cutting laminate flooring that you can get your hands on. Along with that we have provided a detailed buyers guide that will help you in choosing the best suited circular saw blade for laminate countertop or floors. Go to amazon and buy yours now!


  1. Do I need a special blade to cut the laminate?
    It is advised to get the best type of saw blade for cutting laminate flooring with a tooth count of at least 80. Make sure the board is face up for proper laminating.
  2. Do you cut laminate flooring face up or face down
    It is better to run the laminate boards face up through the saw as this will decrease chipping, and this way the blade enters the side of the wood first.
  3. How to cut laminate flooring without a saw?
    A utility knife might work, but doing this does not guarantee any results.
  4. Do you cut laminate flooring face up or down?
    You cut it with face up.
  5. What Kind of Saw Is Needed for Laminate Flooring?
    The best circular saw blade for cutting laminate flooring has 80 teeth and is of 5/8 arbor thickness.
  6. What circular saw blade would I use to cut laminate flooring planks?
    A carbide blade sounds best for this work.



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