Best Raw Honey Brands (To Perk up your Energy Level)

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Raw honey is the healthiest type to improve your immune system. You can also use it as a sweetener for your recipes and beverages replacing refined sugar. It also has some other uses like dressing wounds, making face masks, and treating acne.

You should be careful when picking raw honey as it should not be heated and filtered. Some of the best raw honey brands on the market have been listed. You can choose your version of honey and enjoy the nutritional benefits.

Editor's Pick
Nature Nate’s Honey –Best Natural Honey Brand

☞ 100% raw and unfiltered honey
☞ The Honey source is canola
☞ Free from artificial sweeteners

Guidelines to Choose the Best Raw Honey Brand

While purchasing the raw honey, you should be careful that it is completely organic and does not contain any artificial sweeteners.

  • The raw honey is unheated and unfiltered. You should check the label while buying because heating destroys all the natural elements in it.
  • You can ask for the source of honey and make sure that the bees are not fed with corn syrup or sugar.
  • Raw honey has a cloudy and creamy appearance. You should be careful that you are not provided with the smooth and clear regular honey.
  • If using for medical purposes, you can go for Manuka. It will be expensive as it has extra microbial properties.
  • Raw honey does not have any expiry date. If your label has it then it is not organic.
  • Buying from online stores will require some investigation on the reviews. This article has listed the top brands with reviews for you.
  • You should go for a squeeze type bottle for easy usage.

Our 8 Best Raw Honey Brand Reviews

Let’s look into some of the best honey brands on the market. You can choose your favorite and taste what the hype is about.

Nature Nate’s Honey –Best Natural Honey Brand☞ 100% raw and unfiltered honey
☞ The Honey source is canola
☞ Free from artificial sweeteners
4.6/5View Product
Y.S Eco Bee Farms Real Raw Honey☞ Pure, raw and unpasteurized honey
☞ Harvested by healthy bees
☞ 22oz packaging
4.6/5View Product
Wedderspoon Makuna Raw Honey☞ Raw, unpasteurized
☞ 17.6oz BPA-free jar
☞ Authentic flavor
4.7/5View Product
Y.S Organic Bee Farms Certified Organic Honey Brand☞ Certified organic honey
☞ The honey source is Y.S.
☞ 32oz pure raw honey
4.6/5View Product
Kiva Raw Manuka Honey☞ 100% raw honey harvested
☞ 8.8oz UMF 15+ Certified
☞ Can be used to treat sore throat
4.6/5View Product
Crockett Raw and Unfiltered Honey☞ 100% pure as collected
☞ Mild delicate flavor
☞ No heating and filtering
4.5/5View Product
Stakich Raw Honey☞ 100% raw and unprocessed honey
☞ Pure domestic
☞ No preservatives
4.5/5View Product
Desert Creek Raw and Unfiltered Texas Honey☞ 100% raw and unfiltered honey
☞ Certified kosher
☞ Contains all-natural amino acids
4.7/5View Product

1. Nature Nate’s Honey –Best Natural Honey Brand

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  • 100% raw and unfiltered honey
  • The Honey source is canola, tallow, clover, and windflower farms
  • Free from artificial sweeteners
  • 30oz squeeze bottle package

This best organic raw honey comes straight from the North American beehives. The sources of honey are farms with canola, tallow, clover, and windflower. It is a perfect sweetener for your favorite recipes and beverages having an unmatched taste. This high-quality honey has all the nutrients as it is free from herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics, and additives. It is not cooked at high temperatures and just warmed to make it flow into the squeezable bottles. You can sweeten your mornings with this affordable organic product.

Customer Review

It has great taste and consistency. I order it regularly. It enhances my green tea. The packaging is amazing, it does not allow dripping.

This gives me the boost that I need making me feel better and healthy.

2. Y.S Eco Bee Farms Real Raw Honey

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  • Pure, raw and unpasteurized honey
  • Harvested by healthy bees from eco-friendly regions
  • 22oz packaging
  • Free from herbicides, pesticides, and other chemicals

This real raw honey comes fresh from the hive in pure and unfiltered form. It has all the minerals, vitamins, and other beneficial nutrients for you. It is free from herbicides, pesticides, and other chemicals. This pure honey is naturally crystallized and has a delicious taste to be used as a natural sweetener in your tea and pancakes. Some people have also successfully used it to treat acne and heal wounds.

Customer Review

This is delicious. I have always been a honey lover and after trying Y.S Eco Bee Farms organic honey, I will never go back to the old store-bought honey. It is just delicious, pure, raw honey that just melts in your mouth.

I use this product for acne skin masks and after three days I noticed the acne scars fading away and I had glowing skin.

3. Wedderspoon Makuna Raw Honey

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  • Raw, unpasteurized, non-GMO verified honey
  • 17.6oz BPA-free jar filled with k-factor honey
  • Authentic flavor having earthy notes and caramelized sugars
  • Multifunctional honey for enhancing beauty, flavoring food, and healing wounds
  • Six different flavors: lemon-vanilla, chocolate caramel, elderberry, tart berry, vanilla almond, and apple ginger

This magical honey is known for its charismatic flavor. It has a hazelnut color falling in a dark amber color category. Makuna smells like fresh rain and caramelized sugar. It tastes amazing when the honey crystals dissolve on your tongue. The nutritionists and athletes consume it daily as it has naturally occurring enzymes. This raw and non-GMO verified honey sourced and packed from Newzealand is a multitasking food. You can use it to drizzle on your food, in beauty regimes, and for medical purposes.

Customer Review

This is a great tasting raw honey with a mountain of health benefits. It is expensive but worth the money. It has an amazing nutritional profile. The nutritional content of Manuka honey is 4 times greater than the normal honey flowers. This is what the unique k-factor is called.

4. Y.S Organic Bee Farms Certified Organic Honey Brand

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  • Certified organic honey brand
  • The honey source is Y.S. organic farms
  • 32oz pure raw honey
  • Unheated and unpasteurized
  • Can be used to sweeten food, make face masks, and dress wounds

This is another best raw honey for those who are looking for the purest honey brand. Y.S. has its organic farms from where it harvests honey with great care. It is 100% pure as it is not heated and pasteurized. It has high levels of minerals, vitamins, and enzymes for nutritional and healing benefits.

You can see it when you open the honey that it does not have a clear smooth flow as you find in the supermarkets. The creamy cloudy texture shows that it has not been passed through any heating or filtering process. This is the best raw honey to be used as a natural sweetener. You can use it for many purposes like face masks, food flavoring, and dressing wounds, etc.

Customer Review

It has a very delicious smokey and sweet flavor. It has crystals which indicate that it is raw and not like the syrup honey on the supermarket shelves. This producer does not use any pesticides. I took a bit of honey from the jar and it was like the best candy.

5. Kiva Raw Manuka Honey

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  • 100% raw honey harvested from Newzealand pristine hills, and forest
  • 8.8oz UMF 15+ Certified
  • Can be used to treat sore throat, flu, boost energy, support the digestive system, and make DIY beauty mask

Kiva is one of the best brands of honey. This 100% raw honey is harvested from the remote and pristine hills, coastal areas, and forest of Newzealand. It has been tested and rated to UMF 15+ which is equivalent to methylglyoxal (MGO 514+). Purchasing a UMF rated honey protects you from choosing low-grade honey. It supports the digestive system and boosts energy. You can use it to treat flu, sore throat, and heal wounds. You can also use it as a beauty mask to improve your skin health.

Customer Review

This is quite an amazing product. I was super skeptical when I read about the things this honey could do and the price seemed so steep. I am glad that I gave it a try. I take a spoon of this honey every night in my lemon ginger tea and it helps me sleep better.

6. Crockett Raw and Unfiltered Honey

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  • 100% pure as collected from the beehives
  • Mild delicate flavor only found in the Sonoran Desert
  • No heating and filtering
  • Contains enzymes, pollens, and all nutritional elements
  • Can be used for skin treatment and drizzling in food items and beverages

This honey is pure and wild, collected from the beehives in Arizona wildflower deserts. It has a mild delicate flavor found only in the Sonoran desert. It is never heated above 100F. You get all the natural elements, enzymes, and pollens in this honey. You can use it to treat your skin allergies and rashes. You can also use it in your pancakes, coffee cakes, and other baked items.

Customer Review

It is the most amazing honey. I just have a teaspoon or tablespoon of this luscious honey when I crave sweets. I have experienced an increase in energy and peace of mind. Adding it to my vanilla tea soothes my digestive tract.

7. Stakich Raw Honey

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  • 100% raw and unprocessed honey straight from the beehive
  • Pure domestic US grade honey
  • No preservatives or additives
  • Excellent energy booster

Stakich honey is 100% pure and unprocessed coming straight from the beehive. The buttery undertone and a mellow sweetness attract the honey lovers. It ensures the presence of all-natural enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. It has a long life and does not spoil. The fields are free of pesticides allowing the bees to gather fine nectar from wildflowers. The honey is naturally sodium, cholesterol, gluten, and fat-free.

Customer Review

I am on a mission to find the best Amazon honey. This is so far the best of all the raw honey products I have tried on Amazon. The taste is very similar but better than the expensive brands so you can invest in this for half the price.

8. Desert Creek Raw and Unfiltered Texas Honey

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  • 100% raw and unfiltered honey from Texas fields
  • Certified kosher and gluten-free
  • Contains all-natural amino acids, vitamins, and minerals

This honey remains unprocessed from hive to the bottle maintaining all the natural enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. It is produced by bees in the Texas fields. It is then harvested without cooking and pasteurizing. It has been consumed by ancient people and many tribes used it as a medicine as far as 2000 B.C. Desert creek resembles the nectar your ancestors had enjoyed. It is naturally sodium-free, cholesterol-free, fat-free, and gluten-free.

Customer Review

This honey is flavorful, but pretty standard wildflower variety. It is not treated other than for particulates. I found no sediment, no wax, no parts. This is far cheaper than even beekeepers. Good honey delivered around 5 bucks a pound, and wildflower, not clover.


Reading the best raw honey reviews, you would be getting the taste. If you are not a raw honey person then you must switch to it and see how it traps you with the amazing taste and naturally soothing ability. You will enjoy the health benefits it possesses.


1. What is the best raw unfiltered honey?

Nature Nate’s is one of the best sellers on Amazon with 100% pure, raw, and unfiltered honey. It is free of any preservatives and additives and has enriched flavor. This high-quality North American honey is a perfect sweetener and can be used to treat wounds and make face masks.

2. Is golden blossom honey real honey?

Golden blossom honey is American grade honey having a blend of three different kinds of honey. It is Kosher certified and real. It is a pure U.S honey with no additives or preservatives.

3. What is the best honey brand in the Indian market?

Honey basket is one of the best honey brands in the Indian market. The honey is sold directly from the tribe. It is not heated and contains no pesticides and sugar. It is greatly nutritious having 27 minerals.

4. Is supermarket honey real?

The supermarket honey is not the same as the raw honey. The American supermarkets have about 76%, non-real honey. Most of it is modified and does not contain natural nutrients.

5. What is the best honey to buy at Walmart?

Great value clover raw honey is the best honey to buy at Walmart. It is a natural and gluten-free sweetener in a squeeze bottle for easy drizzling. This US-grade honey costs $7.93 for a 32oz bottle.

6. What are the best raw honey brands?

Some of the best raw honey brands on the market are Nature Nate’s, Wedderspoon, YS Organic, GloryBee Honey, Crockett, YS Eco Bee Farms, Desert Creek Honey, Honest Raw Honey, and Savannah Bee Company.

7. How long does raw honey last?

The raw honey does not have a defined shelf-life. It will last as long as you do not modify it by adding any artificial ingredients. Real honey does not come with an expiration date. The only thing that happens is that it crystallizes and that does not mean that it is spoiled.

8. What is the dark raw honey for sale?

Wedderspoon Makuna is the Newzealand based dark raw honey having a rain smell and caramelized sugar. It is non-GMO verified honey in multiple flavors.

9. Is Nature Nate’s honey fake?

Nature Nate’s honey is not fake. It is 100% raw and unfiltered. It is Kosher certified claiming no herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics, corn, or rice syrups. The honey directly comes from the North American beehives and is bottled.

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