Best Rangefinder Under 100 – Buying Guide and Reviews 2023

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Stop making excuses and let’s talk about facts. It’s time to quit that guesswork game and become sure of your targets now.

How many targets have you missed because you were relying on your guesses? Doesn’t feel good to think about it, right? Well, what’s gone is gone but the next target is still in your control.

To make sure that you get it, it’s high time that you buy a rangefinder. To help you make the best possible shot without compromising your budget we will be mentioning the best rangefinder under 100 in this post.

Rangefinder Buying Guide

A rangefinder is not something everyone would own, and hence, it’s possible that your knowledge regarding them is not enough. But don’t worry! This article strives to walk you to the best rangefinder for you. Following are some of the features that could determine if that rangefinder in front of you is the best one.

Max distance

How many yards your rangefinder should be able to cover depends on your need and your purpose. If you’re a bowhunter, you might not need a rangefinder with a maximum distance.


This is a very important tool that helps to ensure your target is achieved without having to move in. 6x rangefinders will show the animals 6 times greater than they are and hence it is crucial for hunters. Some rangefinders have built-in binoculars (it can go up to 10x magnification), which even though are expensive, plays the role of two important devices so it’s worth the cost.

Long-range shooting

If you are fond of long-range shooting, then make sure that your rangefinder is able to actually go there and give you an accurate reading of the distance between you and the target, this means that it should have more magnification. The more accurate your rangefinder is, the likely you are to go home with a deer, dear.


You can buy a thing for a single penny or for a million, it entirely depends on your need. Generally, rangefinders have to be a small investment so rangefinders under 100 should work fine for you.

These are a very few features of what makes the best value rangefinder, of course, they can do so much more than this! We believe you are now prepared to meet your rangefinder. So let’s introduce you to our top picks from hunting rangefinders for sale (and others too!).

Top 8 Best Rangefinder Under 100

The rangefinder that you should buy is the one that is the best rangefinder for the money, and keeping this in mind, we considered the best deals on rangefinders to bring you the following

1- Laser Rangefinder LR600P by Hm

Laser Rangefinder

This affordable and flexible rangefinder is one of the top-rated hunting rangefinders because of the features that make it extraordinary and outstanding.


  • Its ability to cover 600 meters makes it the best laser rangefinder for the money.
  • It is portable and easy to hold.
  • This versatile rangefinder is the best rangefinder for both golf and hunting. You can also use it for archery and outdoor sports.
  • It has a magnification of 6x, which means that your target will be soon in your hands!
  • It is perfect for long-range shooting due to its high precision.
  • Considering the best price on rangefinders, this is certainly worth the price because it’s both portable and durable.
  • It has a clear transmissive LCD which displays high-resolution pictures and the status of the mode chosen.

All of these features are more than enough to convince why this is the best cheap archery rangefinder which can be used for many other purposes. Pack your bags and make sure to travel on a spacious vehicle, because this time you would be bringing back your target along with you!

2- TecTecTec ProWild Rangefinder

TecTecTec ProWild S Rangefinder

When looking for a good rangefinder for hunting, you want to make sure that it is highly accurate and has an outstanding performance in long-range shooting. We were sure after going through its features that this cheap laser range finder is pretty much all that you needed. Give it a read to know why!


  • This strong, yet cheap rangefinder for bow hunting has a water and dust resistant body to help you get to your target even on stormy days!
  • It can cover up to 540 yards, hence perfect for bow hunting.
  • Its strong structure enables it to be used on steep terrain (use it in that forest to hunt down your targeted deer!).
  • It has an ultra-clear display which shows all the relevant information such as battery mode etc.
  • This cheap rangefinder for bow hunting comes with complete packing which has all the necessary items to help you start with your hunting!
  • It is lightweight and portable (hence being one of the best rangefinders under 200).

We cannot help but stress upon its extraordinary features that can ensure a smooth and exact shot. They live up to their claim, as one of its customers who used it has to say about it, “this rangefinder was more accurate than those models that start at $400.”

3- Gogogo Sport Vpro 6X HuntingLaser Rangefinder

GOGOGO Laser Rangefinder

Similar to the above, this rangefinder consists of all of the essential features that make it yet another best value rangefinder for the money. Only, that are the most comfortable ones and extremely convenient for beginners.


  • They can go up to 1 yard and have a magnification of 6x (a deer standing at 1 yard from you will appear 6 times bigger).
  • We call it our inexpensive golf rangefinder because it can measure an accurate distance to fixed points (which is what the golfers need!).
  • Why is it the best budget rangefinder for hunting?
    It has 5 different modes that must be selected according to the situation; distance measuring mode, pin seeker mode, height finder mode, fog mode, speed mode, and for outdoor use (it’s time to be the best hunter to exist!).
  • It can be used for hunting, camping, and also for construction purposes.

With so many of its uses, it is logical to call it the best hunting rangefinder for the money. This small investment can take you places in your hunting or golfing career. It takes some to make more, so why not?

4- AOFAR HX-700N RangeFinder

AoFAR RangeFinderCheck Price

Talking about the best price on rangefinders, rangefinders under 100 are the perfect ones because this is how they should cost. Like this AOFAR’s rangefinder, which comes to us at a similar price, with a storm of useful features.


  • It can measure up to 700 yards.
  • It has a magnification of 6x.
  • Waterproof, dust resistant, and fast support.
  • To lock the target, its pin capture and vibration combine to provide fast pulses.
  • You can use it for hunting, golfing, or even in engineering!

In all hunting rangefinders for sale, this is an “add-to-cart” material.

5- ZTYD 7X18 Golf Electronic Range Finder

This electronic rangefinder has all of the potential to be your next best cheap archery rangefinder. From being exceptional in calculating distances for golfing to bow hunting, this rangefinder is not only right on the money but also it is convenient to use.


  • This 1000 yard range finder can be used for any purpose, provided that you have adjusted the distance, speed, height, and other dimensions accordingly.
  • Its lightweight (only 440 g) prevents you from tiring out.
  • The multi-layer coating of all-optical surfaces ensures to produce clear and vivid images.
  • Another reason to buy this is its high magnification of 7x, which means that you can stand 1000 yards away and still be able to see your target (that too, 7 times bigger!).
  • Whether you are hunting or golfing, the game will be in your favor. That is because of the firm grip with ergonomic design of this portable rangefinder.

In all of the cheap rangefinder for bowhunting, this 1000 yard range finder stands out due to its advanced features that make sure to spot and kill your target in no time, all you have to do is to trigger the gun!

6- Wosports Hunting Range Finder

Just sometimes, fashion matters too. This rangefinder by big times is not only attractive in color, but also it is great in what it does. Following are the reasons why we think it is nothing less than a jackpot!


  • It has 6x magnification and can go up to 700 yards.
  • It has four display modes; two for golfing and two for normal mode.
  • It has a high angle and distance measuring accuracy.
  • If the battery is low, you’ll be alarmed.
  • It is water-resistant so nothing can stop you now from hunting down your target!

Sometimes simple things do wonders, and big times, without any doubt is one of them. After your skills, a good rangefinder is what will bring you nearer to your target, so why to wait before someone else takes it away!

7- KKmoon Golf Rangefinder

KKmoon Rangefinder

all golfers, welcome, this is your place. We doubt you can find any other best golf rangefinder under 100, with all of these features and the ease of use. Why did we choose this?


  • It is affordable.
  • The size of this rangefinder has been intentionally kept confined to make it more portable and easy to hold.
  • It is covered by a layer of rubber to provide a comfortable and firm grip.
  • It has a lower power consumption so you can rely on its battery for the entire day!
  • This affordable rangefinder can capture targets at a distance of 600m and has a magnification of 6x.

Still, wondering why we consider it the best golf rangefinder under 100? We are so head over heels for it due to its low cost. You get these features in other rangefinders too, only that they’re much more expensive.

8- BOBLOV 650Yards Golf Rangefinder 

After considering the best price on rangefinders, we landed on this. Anyone who is learning to change their hobby into the craft, you’ve to make this small investment because the profit is ensured and multiplied.


  • It has a measuring range of 6.6 – 656 yards.
  • The measuring range accuracy is +/- 1M within 200 meters.
  • The measuring Range of speed is 20 – 300km/h.
  • It can measure speed, distance, and angles to ensure that you hit that arrow straight to the heart.
  • Its crystal clear screen will display all the needed information to keep you prepared and updated.
  • You can either focus on your target or choose your tool. BOBLOV makes it easier by allowing all functions to take place with the press of a single button.

Not all cheap range finders for bow hunting are this efficient and on spot. Hence, not buying this would be a loss, your loss.

Do I need a rangefinder?

Some of us like to carry on with our traditional methods and rely on human senses, even if it has adverse effects on us. So, to minimize these effects, it’s highly smart to make a little investment in a rangefinder to make sure that your hunting worth the time and energy. At least it will bring you the fruit!

Moreover, using it improves your estimation skills. It makes sure your shot is exact and leaves you no room for disappointments. Better invest than regret!

Are all rangefinders the same? No, don’t fool yourself by very randomly picking a rangefinder. You want to make sure that it is according to your need and your skills.

Final Verdict

All of these rangefinders under 100 are more or less exceptional in their own way. However, we all have different choices and some of us might need some features that others don’t. So good luck in choosing the right one for you, according to your purpose and need.

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