Best Rain Shower Head and Handheld Combo for Your Bathroom

A perfect shower after a long day is the most relaxing and satisfying when it comes to washing away all the worries of the day – if you are still dealing with your old conventional showerheads that do not give the right flow, you are missing on greater things here.

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The best rain shower head and handheld combo can offer an ultimate bathing experience along with convenience. Showerheads with handheld combos are not only effective in giving the best bathing experience but are also known for numerous health benefits, such as skin nourishment, toxin removal, and reduction in migraines.

You will find a variety of rain shower and handheld combo in the market, but not every rain shower with handheld combination is the best one out there, especially with a variety of products floating locally and online.

Things to Consider Before buying

To makes the buying process easier for you we have gathered the key features that makes any shower head exceptional when it comes to performance and quality.

Let’s get to picking the best rain shower head and handheld combo, considering what creates the difference.

Type of showerheads

While making a purchase for showerheads, you may need to consider the type of shower head you need as per your needs and requirement as there are a plenty, such as;

  • Rainshower head combo
  • Fixed shower head
  • Handheld shower head
  • Filered shower head
  • Dual shower head
  • Ceiling mount shower head

These shower heads offer different water flow and the pressure as per their structure and construction, which can be of great benefit.

Spray setting

Thanks to the technology, showers come with various spray settings that allows people of every height to take shower comfortably. An efficient shower head must allow multiple spray options to choose from.

Water pressure

Water pressure is essential for every kind of shower – hence must not be overlooked. Some people like to take shower with heavy water flow while others are more of a soft flow and low pressure.

Filter vs. no filter

Considering the type of water you encounter with, choosing a shower with filter is wiser. The most efficient and the best shower heads come with a filtration technology that removes all the toxins and harmful chemicals from water before it touches your body as they can be harmful for your hair and skin.

Self-cleaning property

It is not as much of a big deal with advance and high-end showers as the new shower heads are equipped with self-cleaniig property that allow the shower heads to clean own its own. Investing in an efficient shower head will not only save you from time and again maintenance but will also help in keeping your showers clean and hygienic.


It is not just about purchasing the shower head handheld combo, as they may require time to time maintenance, which can also cost you a bit. To makes the best out of your product it is important to stay in your budget.

Besides these key features there are other factors that play an important role in determing the purchase of your new shower head, such as;

  • Durability
  • Colors
  • Rust or corrosion resistance
  • Installation

The best handheld shower heads with ultimate performance do not call for big budgets as there is a variety of products that offers high-end working in the best value.

Top 5 Best shower head and handheld combo

If you are still not sure about which product to go for, we have gathered the best shower heads from rain shower head and handheld combo to the best waterfall shower head and ceiling rain shower head with handheld combo.

Ryobi 38 inches☞ Engine: 100 Ah Battery Electric Rear Engine
☞ Cutting width: 38in
☞ Turning radius: 16in
4.9/5View Product
Husqvarna MZ61 61☞ Engine: 18.5 hp Briggs and Stratton Intek engine
☞ Cutting width: 42in
☞ Turning radius: 16in
4.8/5View Product
Snapper XD 82V MAX☞ Engine: N/A
☞ Cutting width: 21in
☞ Turning radius: 16in
4.7/5View Product
Greenworks 40V 20-Inch☞ Engine: 4Ah and 2Ah batteries
☞ Cutting width: 20in
☞ Turning radius: 16in
4.8/5View Product
Honda Self-propelled☞ Engine: GCV190 engine
☞ Cutting width: 21in
☞ Turning radius: 16in
4.6/5View Product
Ariens 915223 IKON☞ Engine: 726 cc Kawasaki FR V-Twin Engine
☞ Cutting width: 52in
☞ Turning radius: 0in
4.7/5View Product
Troy-Bilt NeighborhoodEngine: 382cc Troy-☞ Bilt single-cylinder engine
☞ Cutting width: 30in
☞ Turning radius: 18in
4.7/5View Product
Husqvarna Z254F 26HP 747cc☞ Engine: 747cc
☞ Cutting width: 54in
☞ Turning radius: 16in
4.8/5View Product

1. DreamSpa 3 Shower Head – combo shower head

Check Price On Amazon

  • Multiple shower flow; rainfall, massage, jetting shower
  • Environmental shower with natural bio-active stones filtration
  • Made up of eco-friendly PC material
  • See-through designs offer better maintenance
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Turbocharged technology offers high pressure than regular faucets
  • No installation required; plug and play

If you are looking for the best shower head with handheld combo, DreamSpa is the one. It comes with adequate water pressure with multiple settings along with ultimate performance, surabiltiy, and reasonable price.

Enjoy luxury shower at the comfort of your home with Desire Hub shower head.

2. AquaDance Shower – rain shower and handheld combo

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  • Stainless steel offers clean shower.
  • Easy to clean nozzles.
  • Made with the finest laser technology that offers precision when it comes to flow.
  • Swivel ball connection provide easy manouvering.
  • 18 inches arm combo

Gesto ultra slim is the best rainfall shower head with handheld combo that offers a consistent water flow along with ultimate water pressure. Give you bathroom a new look and your shower time an ultimate comfort with Gesto rainfall shower head that comes with handheld combo to enhance your bathing.

The best shower heads are designed to ease the use along with offering ultimate durability, which Gesto ultra slim shower head excels in.

3.  ANMEX showerhead – Rain Shower Head with handheld

Check Price On Amazon

  • Stainless steel give rust free and long lasting durability.
  • Easy installation with shower head and wall mounted arm.
  • Leak proof rain spray pattern.
  • 6 inches ultra slim shower and 12 inches handheld arm.
  • Self cleaning technology offers maintenance-free experience.
  • Elegant and sophisticated design offers modern look to your bathroom.

Combining the best shower head and handheld combo, ANMEX offers the most advanced showering experience to everyone. Featuring adjustable water settings it offers the best showering experience. In addition the quality, this shower head gives the best performance as per the value.

4.  Hydroluxe Shower Head and Handheld – Shower Combo – the best rain shower head combo

Check Price On Amazon


  • Multiple 5 settings for overhead shower; power rain, massage, stay-warm mist, water-saving economy rain and pause.
  • 24 full and combined water flow settings.
  • Rub clean jets offer easy maintenance.
  • 3 way water diverter with anti-swivel lock nut.
  • Angle-adujustable overhead bracket.
  • 5 foot stainless steel hose with conical brass hose nuts.
  • Tools-free installation.

Finding the best shower head with handheld combo is not a myth anymore with the most efficient and advanced Hydroluxe full chrome mutli function shower head and handheld combo.

This shower head comes with high-pressure technology that allow adequate water control along with state of the art design and water saving technology that makes it the best as compared to other alternatives.

No more fuss around finding the best showerhead combo set that change your showering time from just a formality to fun and convenient activity.

5.  DreamSpa Shower-Head and Handheld Shower –  best rain shower head and handheld combo

Check Price On Amazon

  • Rainfall shower head.
  • Multi-setting handheld shower combo.
  • Hand shower with 7 variable settings; power rain, pulsating massage, hydro-mist, eco-rain, rain/mist, rain/massage, and water saving pause.
  • 3 zone click lever dial.
  • Rub clean jets.
  • Anit-swivel lock.
  • Angle adjustable overhead bracket.
  • 5 ft super flexible stainless steel hose.
  • Tools free installation

Enjoy the luxury of professional showering and spa right at your home with DreamSpa Rainfall Combo shower head. From ultimate performance to durability, it is the best shower head with handheld combo with amazing features, such as;

Get your favourite bath in the most convenient way at the comfort of your home.


Hence coming to the end point, finding the best shower head with handheld combo depends mostly on the essential features along with personal preference such as the type of shower you enjoys the most. Entering the market you will find a whole lot of shower heads that will surprise you with their state of the art intelligence when it comes to water control, self-cleaning, and multiple water flow settings. Go for the one that caters your needs to the most without being heavy on your pocket.


1.      Which rain shower head is the best?

Considering the performance, durability, and budget DreamSpa is the best shower head with handheld shower combo, offering ultimate features.              

2.      Is a rainfall shower head good?

Totally a yes for this one. Rainfall shower head gives a consistent and even water flow to the users enhancing showering experience.

3.      What shower head has the best water pressure?

Speakman signature high pressure shower head is the most efficient shower head that offers a controlled water flow.

4.      What should I look for when buying a rain shower head?

While making a purchase for rain shower head one must consider the following factors;

  • Brand
  • Water discharge capacity
  • Control features
  • Material
  • Adjustable head
5.      How often should you change your shower head?

Changing shower head depends mostly on the type of shower head you are using along with the cleaning feature. Some of the shower comes with self-cleaning technology that does not require frequent changing of the shower head.

If your shower lack self-cleaning property, you must change your shower head every 6 to 8 months to avoid thriving of bacteria as the moist palces are more prone to bacteria. For more related articles visit: smzsite.com




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