Best Programmable Thermostat Under $100: A Budget Friendly Review Guide

Last updated on July 30th, 2022 at 12:09 pm

Programmable thermostats are a must-have these days to bring a smart heating atmosphere in your house. So are you thinking about controlling the temperature of your house through the best smart thermostats, but unfortunately are low on cash?  Worry no more as we have prepared a budget-friendly guide for you to find the best programmable thermostat under $100 .

However, before diving into our list for the best thermostat under 100 let us look at a few things to consider before you make your decision.


Factors to Consider

Type of thermostat

  • When buying your thermostat, you would see either a simple or smart thermostat.
  • Go with simple programming thermostats if you don’t want anything extra fancy with the price.
  • On the other hand if you want cool functions like compatibility with google or alexa voice, then go for best thermostat for alexa.
  • Smart thermostats also have the ability to be controlled through your smartphones, that’s a cool option to look into as well.


  • You should check with your hvac systems to see if they would be compatible with the programmable thermostat you are buying.
  • Also see the number of thermostats you will be needing if you have separate cooling and heating systems in your home.
  • For such a case you would need to install thermostats on both places rather than one.


  • Focus also on wiring of your current thermostat before installation.
  • Newer model thermostats which are programmable such as the nest thermostat 4th generation would require specific wiring rather than normal ones.
  • While connected and non connected thermostat would also pose the same problem.
  • Identify if you have common wires for easy and perfect running of the thermostats.


  • Your best programmable thermostat under $100 should be full of the features you need the most.
  • Including features which include, auto heat change, location, voice control with application.
  • As a tip get those thermostats which give clear, brighter and bigger display on their LCD.

Top 9 best programmable thermostat under $100


 1. Emerson Sensi Wifi Thermostat

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This wifi thermostat offers the following features.

Key Features

  • Highly efficient in energy saving.
  • Comes with advanced navigation feature for temperature control.
  • Features remote accessing.
  • Seven day programming.
  • Comes with detailed guide.
  • Easy installation.
  • Compatible with most devices.
  • Features auto temperature adjustment feature.
  • Compatible with smart devices commonly used.

Last but not the least this top notch thermostat offers a variety of great features to their users. Giving simple and easy installation to users with a detailed guide. The advanced auto control feature smartly adjusts temperature according to your required need. The seven day programmable features give smart control with your smartphones. So, you get overall reports of your device’s temperature settings and location values with reference to preset values.

Customer Reviews

This product gained mostly positive reviews with customers indicating how the custom wires for installation favored easy. The smart features for this thermostat were appreciated by everyone and the application for remote access was particularly appreciated.

2. Google Nest Temperature Sensor

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If you are up for a change and have a nest thermostat budget model this is just the product for you. The cool thermostat offers the following features.

Key Features

  • Gives smart temperature control.
  • Comes with high quality sensor for temperature.
  • Totally wireless in operation.
  • Also sends temperature readings to other similar smart nest devices.
  • Able to run with Bluetooth connectivity for nest devices.
  • Easily installed.
  • Compact and smart outlook.

If you have been fresh from smart thermostat reviews it’s not possible without this top notch thermostat. With intelligent and high quality temperature sensor they make sure your favorite spots of your home are as cozy as they should be. The intelligent monitoring also is able to send the data to nearby mesh devices without even bothering you. This helps to keep up a uniform temperature all around.

Just install these magical nest devices on any one of your walls where you need to control temperature changes and see the magic being done in no time.

Customer Reviews

As far as the smart thermostat reviews for this device go, they were hugely positive. So, no need for any smart thermostat comparison at the moment. Customers explained how the nests worked in perfect harmony even when bought more than one. Many agreed that this was one of the wifi programmable thermostat with easy access and control options from your smartphone.

3. Honeywell Programmable Thermostat

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This thermostat offers the following features.

Key Features

  • Comes with a seven day programming feature.
  • Records up to four different periods in a day.
  • Adaptable with most heating and cooling devices.
  • Decent display high quality LCD screen.
  • Displays multiple functions at same time on LCD.
  • One of the best learning thermostat comes with smart tech response feature.
  • Auto changing control.

Another one in our list of best selling thermostat is this top rated thermostat by the manufacturers providing customers with brilliant features at a great price. Giving you accurate temperature control and programming for a week at four periods of the day. Its efficient smart learning technology also makes possible for this best Honeywell thermostat to help you reach up your preset temperature without worrying about it.

More on, a decent and bright LCD display makes sure to display most functions of this thermostat without confusing you up. This is certainly one of the best choices for best smart thermostats .

Customer Reviews

Reviews for this device were mostly positive with customers appreciating its cheap price and notice worthy features. Most customers appreciated the top quality of this thermostat indicating its programmable features were almost flawless. Its display quality was easy to understand and also made programming a simple job for almost everyone who used the device.

4. Venstar T1010 Programmable Thermostat

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Continuing with our list of best thermostat under 100 this device gives the following features for its price.

Key Features

  • Gives multiple stage temperature control.
  • Small and compact in design.
  • Easily read LED design.
  • Auto switching between heat and cool modes.
  • Indicators to indicate change with temperature.

So being small but mighty in its operations, this thermostat gives its users promising features which are easy to use and change. More on, the thermostat offers interactive design and LCD for users. The multiple temperature control makes possible for the thermostat to perform well with any of the electrical devices. Through its sensing feature, the programmable thermostat is able to switch without telling to required temperature whether it be hot or cold.

Customer Reviews

This thermostat gained mostly positive reviews with customers indicating how someone looking for simple thermostats without complexities could go with this best learning thermostat . The efficiency of this machine was of course significant in number of bills after a specific use.

5. Robertshaw RS6220 Programmable thermostat

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Next up in our list is this best thermostat for home. Offering the following features.

Key Features

  • Programmable easily by soft keys.
  • Able to record and measure temperature with settings of 4 days.
  • Easily set up and used.
  • Comes with seven day temperature recording as well.
  • Easily changed batteries.
  • Bright display screen.
  • Performance with efficiency

This efficient and compact thermostat similar to the one before it in our guide makes this easily one of the best programable thermostat in the market for its price. It’s easy on your pocket, features simple and user friendly method of installation. More on, this thermostat offers simple features with powerful uses.

Such as the seven day temperature adjustment record button. Last, but not the least is the buttons which are adjusted such with their features as to give the common and smart households a better and comfortable experience.

Customer Reviews

This thermostat generated mostly positive reviews with customers indicating how the installation was easy and simple to follow. Most found no major problems during setting up and then during maintenance of the device

6. Hunter 44360 Programmable Thermostat

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This is again one of the best cheap programmable thermostat to look for in the market, which offers the following.

Key Features

  • Easily programmed.
  • Gives seven-day programming feature at a cheap price.
  • Decent backlighting LCD display.
  • Gives good and easy safety control button.
  • Customizable functions offered by on board keys.
  • User friendly display.
  • Highly efficient in operation.

This connected thermostat gives its users full control while making things customizable to the max. The programming for seven day temperature control is fairly easy. With a single and easy to read display the LCD is of a decent quality at a cheap price which surely would attract customers in need for the best programable thermostat.

Apart from being efficient and light weight in operation, this thermostat also gives user customizing and safety buttons for achieving comfy temperatures.

Customer Reviews

This thermostat gained massively positive reviews with customers agreeing with how easy the device was set up initially. Customers indicated how this was a great upgrade over a similar model from the same manufactures.

7. Aube Programmable Thermostat

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This programmable thermostat offers the following features.

Key Features

  • Easily compatible with most modern electronic appliances.
  • High powered thermostat functions.
  • Functions normally under range of voltage ratings.
  • Comes with good battery less backup.
  • Gives no noise while running.
  • Inner circuitry gives high accuracy constant operation.
  • Programming makes possible to store up to a week’s heating temperature.

This is in our list of best programmable thermostats due to its cheap pricing and powerful heating feature. Its build again by one of the best companies which provide best programmable thermostat continuously to their market. As a result, it delivers well upon its good powered heating options. The design is simple and elegant enough to go with most rooms without changing much.

One of the best features also include the ability of this thermostat to reach its target temperature accurately and on time once its programmed by you.

Customer Reviews

This thermostat generated somewhat mixed reviews with some customers complaining how the 7-day temperature reading was difficult to set too with varying loads. However other customers were satisfied with its heating feature, the display quality was said to be average but installation was easy. They even considered this to be one of the best cheap programmable thermostat currently in the market.

8. Honeywell Wifi Thermostat 4.1

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Moving towards the end of our list we bring to you this best wireless thermostat offering the following features.

Key Features

  • Comes equipped with alexa voice control feature.
  • Smartly controls your home overall temperature with easy of communication through alexa.
  • Auto temperature feature provided.
  • Large and interactive LCD display.
  • Works fully without need of any wired internet access and wifi enabled at all times.
  • This best smart home thermostat also gives the feature of locating your phone for controlling temperature.
  • Comes with ability to smartly learn your home temperature.
  • Gives notifications for temperature changes on your device.
  • Works ideally with both cooling and heating standard systems.

This brand is known for its best programmable thermostats for the price and this thermostat is no different. Coming with great smart features and just a little bit above $100 it gives good heating options and performance. The blackish styled LCD display shows digital number and heating values which are eye pleasing. More on, smart features which involve alexa heating voice control and automatically adjusting temperatures is another plus for this thermostat.

Its easily connected and used with your smartphone. While giving you access to the programmable thermostat you are easily available to edit, view and predict the temperature settings no matter its hot or cold.

Customer Reviews

The wifi thermostat reviews as expected were positive mostly. With customers enjoying and praising the wifi controlled access it featured. Many claimed that the ease of installation and great features made this the best thermostat for home in their opinion. Its auto self learning temperature feature was also highly popular.

9. Wireless Programmable Thermostat by Hycency

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The following wifi programmable thermostat offers the following features.

Key Features

  • Easily programmed through a remote control as well.
  • Easily programmed at decent temperature range.
  • Efficient in its process.
  • Easy installation supported.
  • Good quality LCD display supported
  • Customizable according to your home temperature needs.
  • Safe to use.
  • Warns with low battery notification.
  • Easily controlled with its safe to change options.

This brand does a great job in giving you one of the best wifi programmable thermostat know why? Giving features at such a cheap price is something which the company highly values for its users. Remote access option is a true stand out feature with this thermostat giving you more safer and customizable control. Easily change around and play with the perfect temperature settings even at longer ranges from the programmable thermostat.

Still the list goes on, since they also give user friendly buttons for control on the thermostat while keeping it running efficiently and smartly.

Customer Reviews

This thermostat gained mostly positive reviews with customers praising the bang for their buck in terms of excellent features provided. While, the remote and its range were particularly praised as well by the customers. Customers were of the view that this was one of the best wifi programmable thermostat for its price.


At the end this was all for the guide on the best programmable thermostat under $100 which you can buy in the market. We hoped our guide proves useful.


 What is the best programmable thermostat to buy for under $100?
According to our guide the best programmable thermostat is Honeywell Programmable Thermostat.

 What is the easiest thermostat to program?
Google Nest is the easiest thermostat to program.

 What is best programmable thermostat?
Emerson thermostat.

What is the cheapest smart thermostat?
Hunter 44360 is one of the cheapest smart thermostat.

 How do I install a programmable thermostat?
First off, for installing a programmable thermostat you first need to turn of your hvac systems, then use wiring for low voltage. You would need at most to 3 to 10 wires depending upon the heating or cooling systems involved. Second off you would need to use new wires with your old thermostat.

If the job is more tough and requires an experienced hand then try contacting a professional thermostat mechanic. Also make sure that if you use a standard thermostat with a normal switch then be careful to not break the switch.

 Is smart thermostat better than programmable thermostat?
A smart thermostat is much better than a programmable thermostat since you have more options and features for customization and get auto adjust features for more control adjustments. More on, your smart thermostat also has the advantage of helping the room to reach the preset temperature automatically.

 What is the best smart thermostat?
Google Nest thermostat.





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