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Waiting for the sun in the winter season is so tiring and in the spring season, you know that how much damage can be caused. We need to fix that. Don’t worry we fixed that already. We have narrowed down 12 best professional spray tan machine that can be used at home easily with the professional results.

With these amazing professional spray tanning machines, you don’t need to rush to the salon again and again. Getting one best professional spray tan machine can be helpful not only for tanning but also it will cut the cost and save your money.

It is always difficult to select the product as we want to buy it but don’t have any guidance for that. Well, we know that people especially girls are very possessive about their skin so we are helping you out to know about the types of spray tan machines.

Top 11 Best Professional Spray Tan Machine

1. Maxi- Mist Plus Spray Tanning Kit (HVLP Airbrush)


Maxi- Mist Plus Spray Tanning Kit

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  • Perfect for 10 applications a dayNon-gluten
  • Suitable for newbies
  • Comes with a tent
  • Single-stage turbine with 300W
  • Complete coverage with fine airflow


This is a smart solution for those who are naïve with the concept of a spray tanning machine for home use. You might be wondering what makes this kit so special. Well, there are so many reasons to make it the best spray tanning machines on the market.

The professional spray tan machine reviews have stated that this handheld spray tan gun is easy to be carried around. If you are planning a trip and planning to have a tan look, just take it along. Its portability makes it a winner.

The maxi-mist plus allows you to get about 10 applications daily without overburdening the machine. With this handheld spray tan machine, the mist comes out finely without ruining or overspray.

This is a perfect tanning solution for spray tan machines as its turbine delivers 47 CFM flow of air. Another good part about this spray tan is that it does not produce noise.

This spray tan machine and tent are completely leak-proof and ensures complete privacy as the tent is designed according to the height of the shoulders. The Maxi-mist provides complete coverage bot horizontally and vertically.

For more and easy understanding, just go through our link and know more about Maxi-mist plus.

2. Aura Allure Spray Tan

Aura Allure Spray Tan

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  • Perfect for mobile tanning
  • Double sized tent
  • Satin Spray technology in-built
  • Exclusive nozzle technology of spray gun
  • Precise flow
  • 11 ½ inches flexible hose


Aura Allure Spray tan will definitely make your beauty more alluring without getting supplies from stores.

Mostly, the spray tanning machine’s working depends upon the strength of a nozzle that can make the product rise or fall. This is a perfect spray tan kits for home and if your business is mobile.

The Aura Allure spray tan machines for home use provides you complete coverage as the Satin Spray tech prevents over spraying.

This one of the perfect and best spray tanning machines on the market. It has 11 ½ flexible hose which allows you to get every single spot easily. Don’t worry it won’t clutter your room. With Aura Allure, you can adjust the flow from 0 to 2.

With this, you will get a tent bundle which is twice the regular size so you can move it easily seamlessly.

This spray tanning machine for home use and professional use gives you a natural and even finishing look that you will leave everyone astonished.

A piece of good news for buying this amazing professional spray tan machine has pocket-friendly pricing. It would be a smart investment to cut the cost to some extent.

3. Maxi Spray tanning system Allure Xena

Maxi Spray tanning system Allure Xena

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  • HVLP device
  • 11 ½ flexible hose
  • User-friendly
  • Cost-effective
  • 3 ½ weight


Here we have another Maxi-Mist classic waiting for you in the form of the HVLP Xena. If you have just started using tanning machines, this is something perfect for you. This professional spray tan machine is sheer simplicity.

On the other hand, if you are a pro or have a bit of experience with the mobile business, you will be able to get up to 25 coats for daily use without any harm.

This could be one best professional spray tan solution as it is light in weight and has a length of 11 ½ foot hose that allows flexibility.

The turbine of this Maxi-mist classic is so powerful that it will give you a fine and complete look efficiently. With Xena spray gun, you are able to adjust the pattern accordingly.

Maxi-mist classic Xena Spray gun spray tanning machine for home use is eco-friendly and gives 8, 10, 12 percent of solutions.

This is a cost-effective tanning gun now you have to give visits to the salons once a week.

4. Norvell Sunless Kit

Norvell Sunless Kit

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  • DVD for assistance
  • Made of natural ingredients, Cruelty-free
  • User-friendly
  • Provides results somewhere between 2 to 4 hours


This professional spray tan machine is one of the best to be used at home spray tan machine. Norvell Sunless kit is an industry legend, continuing from the last 3 generations.

This is a tanning machine is a good option for those who just have taken down the road of tanning at home. Norvell Sunless Kit is a bit bulky as some of the users say but this is something undeniable that is user-friendly.

This best tanning solution for spray tan machines is HVLP type and it prevents the over spraying. The good part of using Norvell Sunless kit is that it reduces the wastage of the spray and leaves the room spotless.

This best tanning solution for spray tan machines comes with 3 Norvell solutions so you can experiment with different tones. The results will appear within 2 to 4 hours after the application for the eye-catching look.

The thing that can bug is that the package does not include any tent or any extra thing but if give you a DVD for the guidelines as a user manual. Not including anything additionally in the package minimizes the cost of this best professional spray tan machine.

With the help of DVDs, you can get so many handy hints from the specialist and later you’ll be thankful to Norvell.

5. Black Fascinating spray tan Machine

Black Fascinating spray tan Machine

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  • Flexible to be used
  • Provides you complete control over tanning process
  • Functional tent, double-sized than a backpack
  • Has features of Norvell classic.


If you are looking for a best professional spray tan machine, then here we have one of it. This spray tan machine has some Norvell classic but with a little bit extra.

The Black Fascination is a profitable investment as you don’t need to go directly under the sunlight. With this, you can get perfect tan sunless with a nice regulated low maintenance application through the spray gun.

Here we want to mention that Black Fascination’s user will take a little time to get familiar and but it is easy to be used.

Using the turbine, on the other hand, couldn’t be much easier. You’ll enjoy simple, one-button operation and the machine doesn’t make too much by the way of noise either.

Although these machines are designed for home use it can also provide the results of a salon. It is slim and light in weight. It can be considered as good for mobile tanning business.

This professional spray tan machine is perfect if you are planning for a small and commercial purpose.

If you are planning to have a compact spray tanning machine,

If you’re looking for a sleek and compact spray tanning machine without spending a fortune, we can’t recommend this Black Fascination bundle strongly enough.

The warranty and support you’ll receive from the manufacturer rate a mention too so you’re in safe hands.

6. Maximist Lite Plus with Free Suntana Premium Sunless Solutions

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  • 1-year warranty
  • 300W turbine
  • Suntana Solutions (Free)
  • Has an organic gun cleaner
  • Designed for home and salon


Well, that is the third product we are sharing the 3rd professional spray tan machine or you can say spray tan kits for home or for a small parlor. When the feedback was taken from the customers, this amazing product got 4.7/5.

Adding 3rd product definitely shows that maximist lite spray tannings produce the best at home spray tan machine.

This spray gun has a 300W turbine that gives you complete coverage without over spraying or wasting it. The hand held spray tan gun comes with a free Suntana Premium Sunless Solutions, a 250ml bottle of organic maxmist gun cleaner to avoid clogging.

The great part about this product is that it comes with a warranty of 1 year for a motor. Now you can buy this carefreely.

7. Tropez Pro Light Spray Tan

Tropez Pro Light Spray Tan

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  • Minimizes over-spraying
  • 2-way adjustable nozzle
  • Hand-held spray tanning machine
  • Portable
  • Light in weight


For having a natural look, St. Tropez Pro Light Spray Tan is one of the best professional spray tan machine. This portable hand held spray tan gun has a 2-way adjustable nozzle that allows you to get your golden glowing tan look with horizontal or vertical spraying pattern.

This spray tan machines for home use and can also be used professionally. This spray tanning machine is portal and light in weight so you can easily take it anywhere or everywhere.

Having St. Tropez pro-Light Spray Tan is cost-effective and saves your money as you don’t need to schedule your appointments on salons or getting sunburns instead of tan.

For a smudge fee results, St. Tropez pro-Light Spray Tan is made from natural DHA which is used for the tanning process. When you buy that, your life will become easy.

8.Fuji Salon Pro 2150 HVLP Platinum Kit

Fuji Salon Pro 2150 HVLP Platinum Kit

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  • Two staged motor
  • High-quality results
  • Bleeder-style applicator
  • 10ft hose


The Fuji Salon Pro 2150 HLVP kit is one best professional spray tan machine. You might have seen that giant at some salons. The professional spray tan machine reviews mentioned that this is powerful in the market.

This most popular spray tan solution works flawlessly as its two-staged motor is balanced for especially for spray tanning. With this, it provides a high quality golden glowing look.

Fuji Salon pro-2150 has a bleeder-style application of spray with the pattern adjustment and allows you to control the fluid for the desired direction. This provides you an even and consistent application.

This is a best spray tan machine to buy as its applicator includes a feature of blow dry. It is easy to be maintained as it is lighter in weight. The Fuji does not come with a tent and a bit costly than other tanning products.

9. Fauji Mimi Tan M Model

9. Fauji Mimi Tan M Model

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  • Quiet turbine technology
  • Portable
  • Light weight
  • Sound reduction
  • Stainless Steel applicator


The Fuji Tan system is one of the quality spray tanning machine with the latest turbine technology. This tanning spray machine is perfect for mobile, home and salon use.

The Fuji Tan System comes with a filter cover that helps to reduce the sound of the system. That is cool because nobody wants to hear that noise. This cool tanning machine is designed in a way to emit the heat to keep the turbine cool.

There is so much to be discussed that we got confused about which one to mention and which not. Well, the system is made with a stainless steel applicator for better results. This is designed with a small size but with a powerful system that provides the best quality.

It comes with a bleed valve style spray gun and control knob to control the flow of spray.

10. Oasis Spray Tan Machine 

Oasis Spray Tan Machine 

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  • Micro mist nozzle
  • Professionally styled tent
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Disposable spa sandals


The Oasis Spray tan machine is one good option for spray tanning for newbies. This product is manufactured by keeping each and every factor in mind.

It comes with a micro-mist nozzle that allows you to get to every teeny tiny patch for full and natural coverage. It is removable and easy to clean. The good thing is it is made of stainless steel that protects the mouth from any kind of corrosion.

Oasis Spray tan comes with a stable base you can just easily put the gun on the surface. It also has a trigger that allows you to control the flow of the fluid so you can go from lighter to deeper shades.

We always try to store the remaining of everything but how can we save the spray. Don’t worry. The Oasis Spray tan provides you an extra capped bottle for the storage of your product. That is something wow. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and enjoy.

11.Belloccio Premium T75 Sunless HVLP

Belloccio Premium T75 Sunless HVLPCheck Price On Amazon

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  • 9ft flexible hose
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with proper user guide
  • 2 years warranty
  • Provides spray tanning tent


This is one good choice too if you want to get a perfect glowing tan. This product is HPLV kind of machine that comes with a 9ft long flexible hose that allows the user to get the spray at every spot.

If you are doing it for the first time, You don’t have to worry about using it as it comes with a proper user manual that gives you instructions for every single step.

There are so many good things about Belloccio one of them is that it keeps your skin moisturized as it is made by keeping every skin type in mind. So be precise while getting your tanning machine.

Things to Consider

Given that it is done effectively, splash tanning is viewed as one of the most secure just as quickest tanning techniques being used today.

One issue, however, the outcomes you get will, to an impressive expand, rely upon the gear you are utilizing for the procedure. It’s a given, the best shower tanning machine will give you the best outcomes.

More difficult than one might expect; picking the correct shower tan machine from the several makes and models accessible today can be an overwhelming errand. This will especially be an issue if you don’t what to search for in the gear.

Since you are looking for the best splash tanning hardware, here are a portion of the contemplations you have to make:

1. HVLP or LVLP?

shower tan machineHVLP alludes to High Volume Low-Pressure splash tan machines while LVLP alludes to the Low Volume Low-Pressure Units. All in all, which of the two kinds is perfect for your tanning necessities?

All things considered, this will rely mostly upon the much you are happy to spend on the hardware. In such a manner, a large portion of the LVLP tan machines are known to be less expensive than most HVLP shower tan machines accessible today.

Other than the cost thought, you will likewise understand that every one of the two shower tan machine types has its arrangement of advantages and drawbacks. The HVLP machines, for example, are known to squander less tanning arrangement and are more averse to overheat, when contrasted with the LVLP machines. The LVLP units, then again, work at a nearly lower pressure.

Accordingly, you will locate the different LVLP splash tan machine moderately difficult to utilize. Accordingly, they may not be the correct decision for tenderfoots. Furthermore, most LVLP is known to be noisier and may prompt more wastage of the tanning arrangement.

2. Adaptability

Whether you are a tenderfoot or an expert in the field, you have to comprehend that not all the tanning ventures you will embrace will be the equivalent. Thusly, you ought to consider purchasing a shower tan machine that is somewhat adaptable. The main brands in the business today have differed concerning flexibility.

In such manner, here are a portion of the viewpoints you should search for;

Customizable Spray Nozzle – Some tanning ventures will require a thicker layer than others. A customizable spout will assist you in controlling the progression of the tanning arrangement from the weapon. This will make it simpler for you to meet the inclinations of various customers

Variable Speed Settings – relying upon the unpredictability of the undertaking, you may need to alter the speed of the splash tan machine. With variable speed setting controls on your machine, you will have the option to manage the speed of wind current created by the unit, subsequently, accomplish the correct arrangement/air proportion.

Warmth Option – the impression of cold tanning arrangement against the skin can be intolerable for certain customers, particularly in winter. In such situations, a shower tan machine with a warm choice will prove to be useful. At the point when enacted, the warmth alternative permits the machine to deliver warm rather than cold air.

3. Overspray Feature

Overspray can be a difficult misuse of both time and tanning answer for any expert. In addition to the fact that this makes your work muddled, it expects you to persistently tidy it up. To limit this issue, it is fitting to go for the tanning gear with highlights to diminish overspray. This will likewise make it simpler for you to convey proficient quality outcomes with each tanning venture.

4. Ergonomics

While this may rely upon your inclinations, you will require a machine that is moderately simple to utilize. An ergonomic handle on these units has been demonstrated to limit the weakness related to taking care of these machines.

Furthermore, it assists in purchasing a machine that is relatively lightweight and versatile.

Types of Professional Spray Tan Machines

Before buying professional tanning machines, you should know what kind of machines are available and which one do you require. Basically, there are 4 kinds of professional spray tan machines. They are

  • Low-Pressure High Volume (LPHV)
  • High-Pressure Low Volume (HPLV)
  • Airbrush Tanning machine

Air Brushes are the ones that look exactly the same airbrushes we use for painting our cars. The airbrushes are cheaper than other tanning machines. They can prevent wastage of your tanning spray but they can give the uneven patchy finishing if not used properly.

Low-Pressure High Volume (LPHV) is the self handled vacuum pumps. This tanning machine works more precisely with an even coat.

High-pressure Low Volume (HPLV) HPLV is the quickest one as compared to the other kinds of tanning machines. Like LPVH, HPLV is also self handled vacuum pump. It is lighter in weight and easy to carry. This tanning machine is perfect to be used at home and is affordable too.

We have now provided you enough information that you need to know about spray tanning machines. Now without any further delay let’s jump to the best professional spray tan machine.

For what reason Would You Use the Best Spray Tan Machine?

Increase Your Confidence

Most of us, particularly young ladies, would feel better when we have a tan. We would all be able to concur that it is an alluring arrangement that will support your certainty and give you another point of view on your way of life.

Lift Relaxation

The spray tan will assist you with getting wanted outcomes without presenting yourself to sun and UV beams. At last, you can unwind and have confidence, because your tan is on the machine close to you.

Quick Results

It is hard to get the ideal impact when you’re attempting to get tan by sun presentation. On the off chance that you need more time lying and sunbathing, you can have confidence, since you need to get a shower tan and appreciate the tanned skin in under 15 minutes.

Dependable Effect

If you appropriately keep up your shower tan machine, you will have the option to utilize it for ten days with no extra issue. It is a fantastic arrangement on the off chance that you have a function night to go to, for example, unique events, weddings or some other purpose behind it.

Step by step instructions to Use a Spray Tan Machine

Artificially glamorize tanning using a splash tan machine is straight forward, however, it is essential to do it effectively to keep away from hurt.

As a rule, you will begin by gathering the machine itself. This incorporates connecting it, associating the hose, and joining the tanning arrangement bottle.

When everything is arrangement ensures that you have a lot of room before starting up the digitally embellish tanning machine. This procedure can get very untidy, so it is a smart thought to set down paper or other defensive hindrances with the goal that you don’t wind up shower tanning your restroom.

A few models may accompany various connections that permit you to completely tweak your tan. Changing estimated spouts are accessible which can assist you with adding regular shapes to your tan and are entirely simple to set up.

Simply ensure that the machine is off and change to whichever spout best suits your necessities. On the off chance that you have any issues setting up your splash tan machine, try to determine them before testing it out.

While shower tans are not changeless, they do require a significant period to leave so you will be left with any missteps that you make for a long time.

Pros and Cons of using Spray Tanning

Like every other thing, spray tanning has also some advantages and disadvantages. Using a spray tanning is a good thing as it can prevent you from skin cancer.

If you are in a rush and you need a glowing tan to complete your look. The spray tanning is perfect for instant results.

Using a spray tan allows you to adjust the darkness according to the need or your mood. The most important advantage of this spray tan is that it does not give the impression of fakeness. It gives the real youthful look that every girl desire. That is amazing because nobody wants to look artificial.

Well, these were the advantages of using the spray tan that we mentioned but this also has some disadvantages.

These spray tan increase the risk of skin cancer. The spray tan has Dihdroxyacetone that according to the medical experts if it gets into blood or inhaled can cause damage to your DNA or genetic alteration.

When we get tanning through a booth, obviously we inhale the DHA. We try to hold our breath but no one can hold their breath for long so eventually, we have to. In this, we inhale DHA which immediately enters the bloodstream and start to cause damage to our health.

To be honest, this is something horrifying and will freeze right after thinking about getting tan artificially.

What is the best spray tan machine?

Every tanning machine has its own significance and provides the best results in their own ways. We cannot say or pick anyone our self saying it the best one as it depends upon how high or low you want to go with tanning.

In this article, we have mentioned the best professional spray tan machine and their types. Most people spend their humongous amount just to get a nice and perfect tan to look gorgeous.

You can find us very helpful and a kind of life-saving. We narrowed down the best at-home spray tan machine that can only cost you once but will beautify you anytime you want with a professional salon finishing.

Closing Notes

The list that we have made for you are the best ones as we reviewed so many professional spray tanning machines and their pros and cons.

These different tanning machines are what you might have been looking for.  They are less in weight and in your pockets too.

You don’t need to go out to the mall to get information from some salesperson. Just go through our guide, select the one you want and Click. Here you go. You just saved your time and money for a long time.

Enjoy your product and keep yourself updated with us.

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