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[Expert Recommended] best pressure washer sandblasting kit

Last updated on March 22nd, 2022 at 07:08 am

Are you in search of a tool for removing paint and any surface? Then the wet sandblaster kit is highly suitable for the removal of paint and rust. The best pressure washer sandblasting kit is used in engineering, heavy engineering, fabrication, construction, and many other industries. The below information will help you as, our review is based on the research, and you have to consider the following things before buying.

Best pressure washer sandblasting kit

1. Karcher K5 Premium Electric Power Pressure Washer

Karcher K5 Premium Electric Power Pressure Washer


  • Have a sturdy and reliable pump
  • Easily portable
  • Winding and unwinding is easy because of hose reel
  • 2 years warranty


  • Heavy and costly


  • 2000 PSI
  • CU Score: 2800
  • 25-foot hose with integrated hose reel
  • 35-foot power cord
  • Vario power spray wand
  • Dirtblaster spray wand
  • N-COR pump
  • Water-cooled induction motor
  • detergent tank with adjustable flow dial
  • 7-inch high impact wheels

It is the electric pressure washer sandblasting kit that serves as the most advanced range of washer pressures.
It is ready to use in a minute and is appropriate for the more cleaning at a massive scale. You can twist its nozzle at any range that ane mentioned in it. Hard mode cleans the stone wall’s surface and woods. Medium mode is used to clean cars. You wash it with pure water through the wet sandblasting nozzle, then you attach the detergent hose and spray on your vehicle and wait for a couple of minutes to remove the detergent hose from the nozzle then clean it with water. It makes the life of individuals comfortable and clean five times fasters than standards methods of cleaning.
Karcher k5 is stable and have two sprays named as dirt blaster and vario.

Customer reviews

It handles a lot of home cleaning job, therefore, it is a good investment which you made.

2. Sun Joe SPX1000

Sun Joe SPX1000


  • Adjustable spray nozzle
  • Pump shut off automatically when the trigger is not saved energy
  • 33 inches wand
  • Affordable price


  • Plastic hose unit


  • Foldable Handle:  No
  • Pump Type:  Pressure
  • GFCI Plug:  Yes
  • Hose Diameter:  0.591
  • Hose Length:  20 ft
  • Water Capability:  Cold
  • Maximum Pressure:    1450 (PSI)
  • Water Inlet Pressure:   0.7 MPa
  • Motor: 1400 Watts
  • Water Inlet Temperature: 104 degrees Fahrenheit

Sun joe comes with a tiny little box and is very easy to assemble. The wet sandblasting kit is handle light cleaning but helps you to clean dirtier surfaces. It comes with 35 feet long cord helps you to do daily cleaning around the house. As it’s small in size, so provide quick washing in your porch, car, siding, and moss. Lightweight and Easy to pick the product weight is only 11.7 pounds, also simplify the cleaning process. Featuring stop system and safety lock saves you from any accident while using a spray gun. This mini pressure washer decently priced.

Customer review

As compared to others it is one of the small washer pressure that works best for cleaning stone walls.

3. Abrasive Blaster KitAbrasive Blaster Kit


  • Lightweight
  • Easily perfume small and medium-size sandblasting
  • Graffiti remover
  • Easy to install


  • Much time needed for cleaning


  • Material: Metal and Glass
  • Average Air Consumption: 3.5 CFM @ 50 PSI
  • Maximum Pressure: 120 PSI
  • Blast Gun Nozzle Size: 5mm/0.20in
  • Blaster Gun Air Inlet Size: 1/4-18NPT Male Thread
  • Hopper Capacity: 50 lb.
  • PVC Hose Length: 4.5m/15ft

Abrasive blaster kit is pressure washer attachment for air compressor having material of hose and hopper with the capacity of hold on 50 lbs of media consist of glass, steel, and shells.

You can easily remove dust rust and paint etc. with the help of this, all you need is to make a connection with a large compressor of 1 HP. Its accessories include gun without its not worthing. This pressure washer sandblaster is used only on the glass metal rubber and plastic surfaces. You will get matte finishing when you use it, does not harm the surface dimension. Within 20 minutes, you will get perfect cleaning, abrasive categorize its working according to the materials;

    1. it works best on the welding prep
    2. Better on aluminum and brass diecast and
    3. It works well on the rust sheet metal, paint prep, and engine cleaning.

Customer reviews

Great value product that is affordable but they do not offer any replacement if parts.

4. 20 Gallon Portable Air Sandblaster

20 Gallon Portable Air Sandblaster


  • Easy to use
  • Not too heavy
  • Moving is easy
  • Ideal accessories


  • capacity is small


  • Main Material: Steel
  • rubber wheel: 6″
  • Length of hose filling funnel: 9 ft
  • Size of four nozzles: 9/64″, 1/8″, 7/64″, and 3/32″
  • Air consumption: 6-25 cfm
  • 4  Nozzle

You will save your time in cleaning rust, paint, dirt, and corrosion, etc. this sandblaster makes your life comfortable. This unit is an excellent perfect for small and medium jobs. It works well, therefore the best pressure washer sandblasting kit. Its 10-gallon capacity offers light-duty tasks. It is made up of metal that correctly handles pressure and abrasive compounds. It comes with two wheels that enable smooth movement

Customer reviews

It is easy to balance the pressure with the help of a bypass hose.

5. ALC Keysco 40002 Sand Blaster

ALC Keysco 40002 Sand Blaster


  • Advance features
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to move
  • Welded steel frame
  • Blasting control at the handle
  • Automatically shut off if handgrip is drop


  • Heavy
  • expensive


  • Hose Size: 1/2″ ID x 8′
  • Moisture Separator: Optional
  • Air Pressure: 80-125 psi
  • Pressure relief valve: 125 psi
  • Blast hose – 1/2″ ID x 8′
  • Tank volume – .9 cu. ft.
  • Wheels – 6″

The ALC Keysco 40002 Sand Blaster is one of the best pressure washer sandblasting kit because of its wide range of features and high-quality construction that makes it a perfect product for home and workshop uses. Many people thought that this product is used only in houses, and some people are using it in their workshop. It comes with a large blasting media holding capacity, which is the most attractive feature of that product is the vast holding capacity.

You need to fill it only once because of its 90 lbs hopper that finish your whole work. It is made up of a steel frame that is why it is durable. The machine is install with a handle that makes it portable, so; you can easily carry it on your workplace. You just easily pull it with the help of the handle and move it very quickly from one place to the other place with its two rubberized wheels.

Customers reviews

You will run continuously 30 to 45 minutes without the need for refilling and work well.

6. Black Bull SFSB90 90 Pound Gravity Feed Abrasive Blaster

Black Bull SFSB90 90 Pound Gravity Feed Abrasive Blaster


  • Hose size is suitable for reaching every corner
  • Handle a variety of different projects


  • Incomplete information in the instructions manual


  • 90 Lbs Capacity
  • 5 Gal Tank Size
  • Air Consumption: 7 CFM @ 80 PSI
  • 10 Inch Pneumatic Tires
  • Working Pressure: 120 PSI
  • Use 80 Smaller Diameter Abrasive

For removing hard and old paint, power is needed, and black bull works with much potential, as it is a powerful sandblaster. You can use this both at home and workshop. Black bull has a 7.5gal tank that holds up to 90 pounds blasting media at one time. It makes your life easy as you don’t need to fill the tank again. You can continue your work without any disturbances.

It continued up to 150 minutes because of its holding capacity, which cleans the paint, dirt, and other stuff from the wall, plastic, metal, and glass. The four ceramic nozzles help yourself for better cleaning experience. From 4 nozzles, you can choose as per the need for your work.

Its heavy-duty steel construction makes black bull highly durable and long-lasting. The steel construction gives you an excellent experience. It is installed with two 10inch rubber wheels that give you the portability in best manners. You can pull it anywhere anytime according to your working schedule, as with the two rubber wheels, it becomes easy to carry it from one place to another.

Another fantastic thing is that an 8-foot hose that enhances the performance of the black bull sandblaster, with its handheld hose it is easy to use even in the typical corners as well.

Customer review

Not only remove the paint but also remove oxidization it is a nice package at that price

7. Buffalo Tools SB10G 10 Gallon Abrasive Blaster

Buffalo Tools SB10G 10 Gallon Abrasive Blaster


  • Compact size
  • Productive metal finishing
  • Durable
  • Effectively remove rust dust and dirt
  • Capacity is best


Need to refill again and again


  • 10-Gallon Tank
  • Shut-Off Valve
  • 65 To 125 PSI
  • 6 To 25 CFM
  • Rubber Wheels of 6 inches
  • 80-90% Of Air Speed

Black Bull has surprising small dimensions if compared to its other models. This sandblaster is ideal for beginners and has a fantastic feature of 10 gallons tank included power washer sandblaster attachment.
It gives you the 8 ft blasting hose. Therefore, you can place it in a garage or the backyard.

Black Bull is the best product for grill cleaning its is design in such a way that it controls air and abrasive material feed. Its moister trap and air release valve automatically releases air in that case if pressure rises to a high rate in the system.
It is not suitable for heavy working; it is ideal for small operations.

Customer reviews

When the valve at the bottom of the tank is closed about 50%, the blaster works much better but as he sand gets lower in the tank it starts shaking.

8. S-H Industries 40017 Blaster Kit

S-H Industries 40017 Blaster Kit



  • Available at a low  rate
  • Tapered shape tank
  • Maximum 125 psi
  • Portable
  • Wide opening for refilling


  • none


  • Use dry abrasives only
  • Hose length – 7 ft.
  • Tank capacity – 50 lbs.
  • Maximum 125 psi
  • Steel nozzles – 13/64″, 1/4″, 5/16
  • air jets: 5/64”, 1/8”, 5/32
  • protective hood and goggles
  • blasting gun

S-H Industries 40017 Blaster Kit requires sophisticated skills and some expensive equipment for its operation operate. It is easy to perform. All you need is to fill the tank with the abrasive and connect a compressor to the blasting gun. And S-H Industries 40017 Blaster Kit is ready for its operation to any surface which you want to clean
For effective working, you need to follow the precautions that are written in an information manual.

You don’t need to purchase the googles separately as It comes with fitted protective goggles and a hood. The sandblast is compact size and weighs only 8 lbs, due to its small size you can place it under a table or in a cabinet you have in a garage. S&H can work on required surfaces for up to 40 minutes without any refills; the tank holds 3 gallons of the abrasive only.

The sandblast peel rust from individual damage centers, frost glass, and many other purposes with its low workloads. It comes with the three steel nozzles and three air jets so you can use different types of abrasive materials according to your needs. Achieving the best surface finishing, you need to choose the right nozzle from its nozzle range.

Customer reviews

One of the inexpensive products that can be used on the bead blast pool tile to remove calcium that buildup on the tile.

9. General Pump DWSDBTK Industrial Sandblasting Kit

General Pump DWSDBTK Industrial Sandblasting Kit


  • Quick connect pressures washer
  • Professional style
  • Uses dry medium etc scilia


  • Different size of nozzles need to order apparently


  • Hose Length25 Feet
  • Hose Material Polyurethane
  • Inflow1/4″ Snap Coupler (Male)
  • Outflow Wet Sandblast

DeWalt pressure washer sandblaster attachment works best for abrasive cleaning of the windows doors and surface etc. without harming their surface dimensions. Professionals mostly use it for cleaning.
This pressure washer sandblaster kit reviews are based on the specific qualities that this product has; it comes with the complete package.
This does not take any additional time to make a connection with pressure washers. Dewalt pressure comes with a three-port value system first one consists of gun connection input, port two hose barb input, and last port three rubber water/sand nozzle holder output. General pump using sandblast media like silica sand or an excellent grade utility sand for cleaning.

Customer reviews

Work best with a sandblaster and uses a dry medium for cleaning

10. EWK Hand Held Portable Sandblaster

EWK Handheld Pneumatic Gravity Feed Portable Sandblasting Gun


  • Small in size
  • Portable
  • Travel friendly
  • Sand baking soda etc used as blasting medium


  • Sometimes create pressure problem


  • Material:   Plastic
  • Power Source: air-powered

EWK Hand Held Portable Sandblaster is used at home and in workshops as well as it is handy and works with excellent performances for completing any project in-home on in your workplace. You will do quality work in a few minutes.
The most important thing that makes ewk handheld portable sandblaster different from others because of its size, which is compact, and easy to handle It doesn’t feel too heavy when you carry it.
It works with all types of blasting media like Sand, Silicon Carbide, Baking Soda, Aluminum Oxide, and Crushed Walnut Shell. It cleans the rusted engine, old paint, dirt, dust, and paint stains from surfaces without any damage with the help of compressed air.

Customer reviews

It is the perfect package in this size but sand got stuck and the gun starts shaking.

11. 10 Gallon Air Sand Blaster With Ceramic Tips

10 Gallon Air Sand Blaster With Ceramic Tips


  • Having wheels that encouraging mobility
  • Perfect for work


  • Precise cleaning is not possible


  • “Ready to Blast” kit includes safety mask, thread tape, sand funnel and four ceramic
  • nozzle tips(2.4,2.7,3.2 and 3.6mm)
  • Hose length 300cm with handheld 13mm media delivery nozzle
  • Heavy-duty fully welded, powder-coated tank and frame with rubber grip handles
  • 5″ heavy-duty rubber wheels give the unit complete mobility.

This device quickly cleans and efficiently cleans the surface without putting any extra effort. It is one of the best high-pressure washers wet sandblasting kits that make the life of an individual easy. It has two wheels that add the element of comfortability in the individuals’ life. After seeing the customer’s demand for easy portability, the design of this product is constructed.

The handle of this products is gripped easily. Its 10-gallon capacity.

Customer reviews

It is quite heavy but has water separate eliminate water and mist from the system.

12. 28 Gallon Abrasive Sandblaster with Vacuum by Generic

28 Gallon Abrasive Sandblaster with Vacuum by Generic


  • Long hose
  • Huge tank


  • Can not work without power


  • 28-gallon vacuum abrasive blaster
  • air and vacuum hose
  • Gun and brush assembly
  • the power cord of 6ft
  • Replacement nozzle

This electric pressure washer sandblasting kit work on 110 volts of electricity, assembling is needed for proper functionating. Its long hose makes cleaning easy. It does not need refiling as its size is huge enough to store the blasting media.

Customer reviews

Lack of proper information related to assembling, but interesting thing is that having an extra nozzle.

13.Tool Daily 2500 PSI Pressure Washer Sandblasting Kit

Tool Daily 2500 PSI Pressure Washer Sandblasting Kit


  • Widely use
  • High-quality material
  • Fast connection to other products
  • The scientific design prevents the nozzle from blockage
  • Easy to carry


  • Having Plastic sand wand


  • sand into the water system
  • Working Pressure is up to 2500 PSI
  • Temperature is up to 60℃
  • 1/4 Inch Quick Connect

Tool Daily 2500 PSI Pressure Washer Sandblasting Kit is the wet sandblasting kit that is ideal to use at home, it works at the pressure of the 2500 PSI.

It is made up of the cheapest material having 10 feet long rubber hose, but its length is not suitable to lose suction power. The design of this wet sandblasting kit is excellent for sand suction. The plastic nozzle of the kit comes along with the adjustable ceramic tip.

Customer review

I’ll give it 4 stars, the length of the rubber hose is not suitable for losing suction.

14. Performance Tool M549 Portable  Kit

Performance Tool M549 Portable  Kit


  • Portable friendly
  • Easily moved through the ergonomic handle


  • Nozzle quality is poor


  • Remove rust, paint, graffiti, corrosion, and scale
  • Heavy-duty 50lb capacity hopper
  • aluminum blast gun and 15′ material hose
  • Compatible with silica, sand, glass beads, and pecan shells

It is one of the best washer pressure sandblasting kits and ideal for removing dust, oil, and paint. It is made of aluminum, which makes it durable and easy to handle. Its gun is easy to fit in the hand of the individual, 15 ft hose easily reach everywhere.

Hose adds the value in its feature and makes it excellent for industrial use
its notable feature is handle allows you for easy transport from one place to another.
A powerful device works flawlessly on blasting media silica, sand, glass beads, etc.

Customer reviews

The CMF is a 60-gallon compressor below 60 gallons this sandblaster won’t work.

Wet sandblasting vs Dry sandblasting

The mechanism of working on wet sandblasting is different from one another. The wet sandblasting uses water to remove paint rust etc. while dry sandblasting does not water for removing paint stains and rust from any surface. Both sandblasting have the aim to achieve smooth and save cleaning. Wet sandblasting becomes less aggressive than dry sandblasting. Both processes are excellent in their way.

Things Need to be Considered before Buying

A wet sandblaster is suitable for industrial users who need powerful pressure washer having the water sandblasting capabilities. Components of pressure washer work together to provide to remove layers of material from surfaces. Here is a list of thing which you have to look when buying pressures washers;

  • The material of the nozzle tip should be carbide ceramic and steel. These nozzles preserve force and power while doing work.
  • The intake of sand depends on the hose and wand.
  • Portability is essential in this term. You can easily use anytime anywhere without facing any problem of carrying it.


Sandblaster kit makes your life easy doing a lot of stuff at home or in the workplace by using sand or abrasive materials.
Under the supervision of the experts, you conduct surveys, and under that survey, we present the list of a best sandblasting kit review that helps you to select the sandblasting kit for you according to your budget and need.
Grab the right one without wasting your time.




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