5 Best power wheelchair to move around effortlesly

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Having the best lightweight motorised  wheelchair is very important incase you love going out but don’t have the mobility required to do so. It provides a form of independence that everybody deserves, even the people with mobility problems. These devices are easy to find and come of off as a very big help to people who don’t want to be a burden. 


What to consider before buying:

Types of wheelchairs:
Front wheel electric drive wheelchair: They have wheels placed in the front of the passenger placement. It has an average speed of 8-9 km/hr and the built itself promises a lot of stability. 

Centre wheel drive electric chairs: They offer great manoeuvrability because the wheels are placed in the centre in accordance with the wheel placement. They have a speed of 8km/hr but outdoor use should be avoided with these wheelchairs.

Standing electric wheel chair: they allow the user to heighten the chair from being in a seat position to a standing position. This results in better blood circulation as well.

Heavy duty electric wheel chair: They work best for people who are heavy in weight. They have an extended battery life and hence an extended travelling range.


  • The best power wheelchair for outdoor use should have wheels that are capable of withstanding all sorts of terrains e.g. smaller wheels make it easy to maneuver the chair in tight spaces and marge wheels are better for uneven terrain. 


  • A small lightweight electric wheelchair should have intelligent electromagnetic brakes that are automatically activated when the joystick is released. 


  • A control panel should have a wide variety of controls e.g variations between different speeds.
  • It should have the on/off control power button. 
  • Light switches, horns and battery indicators should be included as well. 

Design and construction:

  • It should have a lot of additional design features e.g. cup holders or storage pockets/ baskets. 
  • They should be sturdy and durable. 
  • The material used to make the frame should be light weight. 
  • Seats and back rests are supposed to be cushioned. 
  • The arm rests and foot rests should be flip able for easy boarding and exit. 


  • Lithium batteries are the most common and the best option to go for. A heavier battery is preferred.


  • Most power wheel chairs have a limit to the speed. You will need a lower speed indoors and higher one outdoors. 


  • A power wheelchair for outdoor use will either be foldable or could be disassembled. 
  • These both methods result in ease of storage, and hence portability. 

Top 5 best power wheelchairs for outdoor use




  • Available in black color 
  • Requires dual lithium batteries 
  • Has smart touch joysticks 
  • Has anti tip wheels 
  • Backrest height is adjustable
  • Maximum weight capacity 163 kilograms  
  • Has solid tires 
  • Requires two 250 watts motor 
  • Has a 20 mile driving range 
  • slope gradient of 15 degrees 
  • 24 inch width of the chair 

SENTIRE has been labeled as the best motorized wheelchair for elderly for various reasons. It is light weight and is foldable within 5 seconds. It is compact enough to fit into small spaces without being disassembled. Moreover, the frame is made up of aircraft alloy frame that is durable and sturdy. The matching footrests help situate the foot easily over this outdoor electric wheelchair. The user is in full control of how the wheelchair maneuvers, including a 360 degree control at the fingertips.

 The controls include speed up, speed down, speed indicator, horn, joystick tilt control, on/off soft touch, battery life indicator and a 360 degree control. There are five separate speed options to choose from, as per being very slow, slow, medium, fast and very fast. Furthermore, this small lightweight electric wheelchair can be used over every sort of ground because the shock absorbers work very well and the front casters and forks handle the impact of all weight capacities passenger safety is ensured by the intelligent electromagnetic brakes and has a 5 inch ground clearance. 

The total mile driving range is of 20 miles, along with anti-tip wheels that prevent sliding. The floor to seat height has a 21 inch front and rear suspension. The intelligent joystick makes this power wheelchair for outdoor use good for both, left and right hand users, along with the removable seat cushion for comfort. The wheels have posi traction drive and it can work for a long time. Additional features include cup holders, battery bag, storage bags and travel bags. 


  • Light weight and moveable 
  • Has a wide seat with adjustable backrest 
  • Can withstand large weight of people 
  • Big tires for added comfort 


  • It does not come with a manual



  • Available in black colors 
  • Weighs 41 pounds 
  • Has intelligent electromagnetic brakes 
  • Requires two 200 watts motor 
  • Powerful brushless motor 
  • Uses super lithium battery 
  • Foldable design 
  • 17 inch of seat width 
  • Made up of aluminum alloy 
  • Has 15 inch of slope gradient 

This best power wheelchair for grass and other grounds is a perfect for anybody who wants transportation. It is extremely light weight, making it easily portable. This wheelchair  provides a convenient and versatile design that is foldable. It can fold into a size of a suit case in less than 3 seconds and can be kept in any compact space for storage. The durable aluminum alloy construction makes it durable and makes sure that it does no break into pieces while being carried around.  

The joystick cam be customized and mounted either on left side or the right side, depending on what hand the user prefers. Easy maintenance and cleaning is promised by the removable seat and back cushions. Moreover, a flip switch can turn this lightweight motorized wheelchair into a manual chair whenever the need arises. The wireless battery is put in to the chair when it is folded and a second additional battery can be added to double the driving range. 

Furthermore, the non-slip able batteries ensure added safety. It can be carried onto planes, ships, trucks and cars with ease. It can easily move on steep hills and inclines, and the controller id capable of coming off. This way this best power wheelchair can be controlled with a separate remote control too. Additional features include a tool kit, an under seat storage bag, a backrest storage pouch and a user’s manual. 


  • It is sturdy and durable.
  • Has a long battery life
  • Has high ground clearance 
  • It works well for both, outdoor and indoor situations.


  • The second battery holds extra charges. 

3. VIVE 


  • Available in black color 
  • Handles maximum weight of 265 pounds 
  • Has adjustable seat height 
  • Comes with padded armrest 
  • Drives up to 12.4 miles per charge 
  • 15.75 inches with of the seat 
  • Has 4 wheels 
  • Has a very detailed control panel 

VIVE’s electric wheel chair has been complimented many times, especially because of its features. it is easily maneuverable on all sorts of grounds and pavements, including concrete, tiles and pavements. Rugged areas don’t prove to be a problem for this lightweight electric wheel chair at all. It has a turning radius of 4.3 degrees and it comes with a lightly padded armrest (that can be flipped back) and seats. The tires are 8 inch in diameter and flat free to avoid punctures.

 The top speed measures up to 3.7 mph, which is fast as compared to other power wheel chairs and it has a driving range of 12.4 miles after every full charge. It can quickly disassemble into four places and then be placed into compact areas for easy portability. This way the user can take it anywhere through any means if transport. The tires are non-marking and leave no prints behind. 

A customizable fit can be made by adjusting the height if the seat and rotating it for easy getting on and off. This outdoor wheelchair also has a foldable tiller and a cushion seat that can come off for easy cleaning and maintenance process. The variable speed dial lets you juggle between different speed options, the control panel lets you change from forward to reverse and to turn the headlights on easily. 


  • Color coded battery life indicator 
  • The fit is acceptable and commendable 
  • Affordable 
  • Has a front storage basket


  • Turning takes a lot of practice



  • Available in black color
  • Foldable in three seconds 
  • Has a 400 pounds weight capacity 
  • Material used to make body is aircraft aluminum alloy 
  • Requires a 250 watts motor 
  • The motor is brushless 
  • Has a 360 degree maneuverable joystick 
  • Uses lithium batteries 
  • Maximum climbing angle of 25 degrees 
  • Maximum speed of 15 miles 

PORTO MOBILITY does not disappoint when it comes to the best all terrain power wheelchair once again. It is super lightweight and made up of heavy duty material. This foldable design becomes compact when it is folded with only 13 inches of height. This way it can easily fit into compact spaces. Easy entry and exit are ensured by the foldable armrest and footrests and its 400 pound weight capacity makes it fit for almost everybody. It weighs only 50 pounds, making it easily portable to every place with every means of transport. 

This best motorized wheelchair for elderly has a weather resistant finish making it aesthetically pleasant as well. The motor has enormous torque power. This means the wheelchair will work on any type of surface be it a rugged terrain or a flat one. The posi-traction feature makes climbing hills very easy. Moreover, the seat and cushions are removable resulting in low maintenance. The intelligent electromagnetic brakes ensure the safety of the user and are easy to use. Furthermore, the slide batteries can be slid in and taken out anytime according to convenience. They are safe to use and filled up with cells that provide extra distance to up to 20 miles. They are not connected to the chair itself which means they are charged off board. 

It has a turning radius of 32 inches making it capable of entering any door or turning any sly corner easily. It has a 360 degrees joystick that can move it into all directions and sensitive turning abilities. The tires are flat free and puncture free, and this outdoor electric wheelchair comes with additional features like a store bag, tool kit and a travel case. 


  • Easily portable 
  • It works well on uneven terrain
  • Has excellent customer service 


  • The cushion is a little thick and hence hinders the folding sometimes. 



  • Available in black and red color 
  • Has a range of over 6.3 miles after one full charge 
  • Has the maximum weight capacity of 275 pounds 
  • Top speed of 4 mph
  • Breaks down into 5 different parts 
  • Has fully padded faux leather seats 
  • Comes with three wheels only 
  • 14 inches of seat height 

PRIDE has managed to make everybody proud with its best power wheelchair for grass and other surfaces. This is a three wheel scooter used for mobility. It has a sharp turning radius that accurately provides moving around turns and cuts. It is a high range mobility scooter because it has a speed of 4 mph and comes with the driving range of 6.5 miles. The control panel lets the user vary between different speeds, choose forward/backwards or cut turns. 

The high weight capacity, along with the easy transport feature is a major plus point. It is portable in the sense that it can be disassembled into five different pieces that are very light weight and then they can be stored in a compact place. The leather seat has an adjustable height and convenient exit and boarding is guaranteed by the flipping of arm and foot rests. 


  • It takes only 7-10 minutes to unpack and assemble.
  • Its quick 
  • Produces almost no sound when working 
  • Stable and slow when taking turns 
  • Affordable 
  • Easy and fun to use 


  • None found 


In conclusion, we have enlisted all the motorised wheelchairs that are worthy buying. These have been found with extensive research and the research is completely reliable. Along with that, the detailed buyers guide on best electric wheelchairs will help you choose the most suited one foe you. get your now!


  1. How can I learn about electric wheelchair safety?
    It is usually mentioned in the user’s manual that comes with the chair.
  2. Do electric wheelchairs come in all sizes?
    Yes, they do. 
  3. Should I get a folding electric wheelchair?
    It is better to get a lightweight portable electric wheelchair that is foldable. 
  4. What does an electric wheelchair cost?
    It usually costs from 1000 dollars to 3000 dollars, depending on what you decide to buy.
  5. What is the best motorized wheelchair?
    SENTIRE provides the best power wheelchair.
  6. What is the best mobility scooter for outdoors?
    The best power wheelchair for outdoor use is provided by SIRENE. 
  7. What is the best lightweight electric wheelchair?
  8. What are electric wheelchairs used for?
    They are used for the purpose of mobility for people who cannot move much without extensive help. These chairs enable them to move easily without added helps. 



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