Portable Gas Stoves/Ovens Combos for Indoors & Camping Guide 2023

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If you are a true camper, then one thing that you must have is a portable stove. Some people, do not really mind using the campfire to cook their food. But for those who are concerned with the health and safety issues of campfires, it is best to use a portable stove or an oven. As such, you need to be able to recognize which ones are the best portable gas stoves/ovens combos for indoor and camping on the market right now.

Types of Portable Gas Stoves/Ovens

There are two types of portable stoves: ones that burn solid fuel such as propane and those that use liquid fuel. The type of liquid fuel is either white gas, kerosene, or diesel. To tell which fuel your portable stove uses, look for a sticker on the bottom with the product name and model number.

There are many different types of gas stoves in the market that vary in size and performance. To help you choose the best one, this article will cover the popular types of camping stoves which are available in the market.

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5 Best Portable Gas Stoves/Ovens

1. Portable Gas Stove Indoor

A camping stove can be used outdoors, but it will not work inside a house or office without modifications. The best way to go about this is to buy a portable gas burner indoor or propane stove top indoor, that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The portable gas stove indoor is made from stainless steel, which makes it a durable and long-lasting product. Some of the best portable gas stove for indoor use are butane, propane, electricity, and alcohol as fuel. A portable butane stove has a unique quality that makes it ideal for indoor cooking.

Butane stoves are small and portable, so they can easily fit into a bug-out bag or backpack. Unlike other types of stoves, butane stoves are powered by a fuel canister instead of fuel cells or batteries. These compact stoves offer good value for money and burn cleanly, making them ideal for use in the outdoors as well.

There are many indoor smokers for delicious food every, one of the Best Portable butane stove is Chef Master 90011 portable stove. 

Chef Master 90011 portable stove

The lightweight and compact Chef Master Modern Portable Stove is an easy-to-carry stove for cooking food at an outdoor picnic, home, or any special function. 


The stove sports three burners which distribute heat evenly to function as a griddle. It includes a regulator, adjustable oven valve with a safety inner cap, and a tank holder which can become a stove stand when not in use. An ergonomic pump trigger has smooth operation and is butane-proof to provide maximum durability.

2. Small Propane Stove and Oven

A portable stove and oven combo can be a great addition to any camper’s equipment. It can also be used in emergency situations, such as power outages or natural disasters. A propane stove is extremely easy to use, making it the ideal choice for novice cooks.

Propane is more efficient for heat than electricity and can lead to better cooking experiences. Propane can be used in smaller RV-style ranges, marine ranges (higher quality stainless steel), permanently installed stovetops, and portable cooktops. One efficient solution to using electricity would be an induction cooktop that can be stored under a counter or in a cabinet when not in use.

Propane stoves and over are available in a variety of settings i.e. 2 burner stove with oven, mini gas stove with oven, wood burning camp stove with oven, 3 burner propane stove with oven, indoor propane stove and oven, compact propane stove oven, camping oven and grill and even portable ovens for camping. Coleman oven stove combo is well known yet we have Camp Chef outdoor camp oven for the win. 

Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven

Camp Chef has been a trusted name in outdoor cooking for over 30 years. The Camp Chef line of outdoor cooking products includes outdoor stoves, barbecue grills, smokers, pellet grills, and a full line of cast-iron cookware and accessories. This camp oven is manufactured with high-quality materials and innovative designs to meet the demands of modern campers. It utilizes an efficient design and advanced technology to deliver exceptional performance and reliability every time.


Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven is a portable outdoor oven that looks like an indoor two burner stove with oven. The heat is generated by two burners to provide an even cooking temperature. This camp stove features a porcelain enameled cast iron cooking grate, side burner, and top lid thermometer, which allows you to monitor the internal temperature of your food while it cooks. The cast-iron cooking grate and side burner is perfect for cooking over an open fire pit or campfire. 

3. Solar Stove for Camping

A solar stove is a type of heat source that uses solar energy to cook food. They are designed with different materials and technologies from the stoves you have at home. Instead of burning wood or using any other type of fossil fuel, solar stoves use the sun’s rays to generate energy. Solar powered camp stove is fully sustainable and environmental-friendly. 

GoSun Solar oven

GoSun survival gear oven is a portable solar powered stove for camping that lets you take charge of your next trip and enjoy the great outdoors like never before. 


The GoSun Sport works by harnessing the power of the sun to cook your food. It is simple, safe and easy to use. This solar powered camping stove features a heat management system and vacuum insulation that allows you to cook even faster, keeping its outer surface cool. It is lightweight and compact that you can easily carry it along and solar cook anywhere. On the downside, it can affect your eyesight so you must be careful while using it. It can also take a long time to cook during winters. 

4. Portable Wood Burning Stoves Camping

The wood gas camping stoves provide an alternative to gas canister and liquid fuel camping stove models. They typically have fewer pieces that need assembly, and so there’s less that can go wrong. In contrast to other gas stoves, with a portable wood cooking stove, you’re not limited to the size of canister or fuel bottle that you can carry.

If you want to cook for a group of people, wood pellet camping stove are ideal. They provide a much more powerful heat source than charcoal or propane, and you can cook a lot of food at once. You can also get larger ones that are big enough to roast whole animals on, like pigs and turkeys.

überleben Stoker Flatpack Stove

The Überleben Stöker is a minimalist flatpack stove that comes in two different metal options: 304-grade stainless steel and titanium. Both are food-grade, anti-corrosive, and extremely strong. No matter your choice, you won’t go wrong with the sturdy construction of this stove.


One of the biggest downsides is that you’ll need to find a place to set it up, and you’ll have to deal with all the smoke that comes from burning wood.

If you want a portable wood stove indoors, make sure you get one with a catalytic converter. It’s not very expensive, and it will make your house smell much better.

5. Best Camping Stove Grill Combo

Camping propane grills are great for the outdoors. Using a dual-purpose camping grill and stove combination is convenient. It allows you to take care of all your food preparation needs in one place, which makes it easy to prepare meals while camping. It also saves you from having to pack a separate stove and grill. 

Coleman Gas Camping Grill/Stove

Coleman grills and stoves are built to last and this best camp stove grill combo is no exception. It’s easy to use, too! Turn on one burner for a single pan or pot, or turn both burners on at once for a larger pan or two pots. You can even brown meat over direct heat on one side of the cooking grate while boiling water in your pot over indirect heat on the other side. 

This camping grill stove combo is perfect for picnics, tailgating, camping, or even in your own backyard. The Coleman grill stove combo has two burners that can be used independently or together for grilling, broiling, frying, and much more. Along with Coleman, camp chef rainier campers combo stove has also best known for its features.

Buying Guide for Best Portable Gas Stoves/Ovens

There are endless options when it comes to a small portable gas stove and they vary greatly in what they offer. But there is one thing that all of these devices have in common, which is the ease of use. The best portable gas stove for indoor use and camping can help you prepare food quickly and safely with minimal fuss.

Important Factors to Consider

  • Type of Stove

While camping stoves are designed to be portable, hence there’s a range of options, and the one you pick is going to depend on how mobile you plan on being while outside. But in general, these are the most common camping stoves: campground stoves and canister backpacking stoves. They can be further divided by their fuel source. Campground Stoves are larger i.e. 3 burner camp stoves propane while canister backpacking stoves are rather smaller and could be single burner gas stove.

  • Fuel Source

On the basis of fuel, there are two types of portable stoves: ones that burn solid fuel such as propane and those that use liquid fuel. The type of liquid fuel is either white gas, kerosene, or diesel. To tell which fuel your portable stove uses, look for a sticker on the bottom with the product name and model number.

  • Boil and Burn Time

Boil time means how quickly you could boil water while Burn time is the amount of time a stove can work before it needs to be refueled. Both of these statistics are important because a stove should have high burn time with fast boil time, in order to save fuel. Canister stoves usually have the fastest boiling times as compared to liquid fuel stoves.

  • Weight

If you’re going to be camping a lot, you’ll need to pick the right stove. A backpacking stove is best if you’re going to be on the move all the time. These stoves are often less than a pound. This means they won’t add much weight to your pack if you have a lot of gear. If you’re going to be camping in one place for a while, you might want to consider the best portable gas stoves/ovens combos for indoor & camping.

  • Additional Features

Additional features can always make a camping stove more functional. Common add-on features include piezo-igniters that eliminate the guesswork of starting a flame. Similarly, stoves that include cooking accessories or come with a fuel source can be helpful too. Moreover, a battery powered stove top and the best portable electric stoves can also be a good addition to your hiking gear. Stabilizers are a must-have whatever type of camping you choose. This essential safety feature can prevent accidents and protect you from burns. 


How to use Coleman camp stove?

If you are using a portable Coleman camp stove, you will have to assemble it. You need to put all the pieces together and set them up on a flat surface. You can either set it up on a table or any other flat surface. Now you can light it and enjoy cooking your food. 

Can you use a camping stove indoors?

Most stoves have been designed for outdoor use, so they don’t make sense to use indoors. If you are planning on cooking in your tent or indoor, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re using a stove that will be safe. There are a few models that are specifically designed for indoor use. You should follow the safety precautions and take care of the ventilation. 

Can you use a propane camp stove indoors?

Yes, a gas stove can be used indoors. If you have an indoor propane burner, there are a few safety considerations to follow. The key to successfully operating a gas stove, like any other cooking item, is ventilation. Any stove with an open flame emits exhaust into the living space.

Can you use a camp stove inside? 

Indoor use of a camping stove is dangerous since it can release carbon monoxide or create a fire. If you don’t really have any alternatives, you could use a butane or propane burner inside, but make sure there is ample ventilation and that any flammable goods are kept away from the stove.

Can I use a Coleman stove indoors?

The main issue with using a normal camping stove inside is the ventilation. The gas stoves release carbon monoxide and other combustion byproducts, which are harmful when breathed in over a long period of time. This can have serious adverse effects on the health of anyone nearby. Therefore, portable gas stove indoor use must be careful. 

How to clean a camp stove?

Use hot water and mild soap to clean the outside of your stove. The best tool is a sponge or scouring pad. Remove any rust or debris from the burners with a wire brush. Clear clogged gas port holes in the tops of the burners with an extended paper clip or similar device.

What is the best emergency stove for indoors?

There are some stoves that shouldn’t be used indoors under any circumstances, for example, charcoal stove. They emit far too much carbon dioxide. For the same reason, kerosene stoves should never be used indoors. Alcohol, white gas, and propane burners,  portable gas stove top, on the other hand, are safe to use in a vented space.

How to use a camping stove?

  1. Make sure your gas stove is on a level surface
  2. Remove the top of the stove’s pan support. Turn it over so the support is facing up, ready to support your pan
  3. On the stove, remove the cartridge cover. Remove the lid from the gas canister and place the gas cartridge into the stove gently
  4. Hold the gas canister in place and press the cartridge stop lever down until it slides into place. Before using, double-check that the gas canister is properly seated
  5. Toggle the control knob to the ‘ignition’ position until the stove clicks and lights. If it doesn’t work the first time, try again until it works
  6. Turn the knob to the desired setting and the stove is ready to use

Final Words

The most common type of portable stove is the camping stove. These stoves are commonly used while camping in outdoor settings, but they can also be used to prepare meals indoors if you choose the right model.

But which one is the best of all? This will always be determined by your individual requirements and objectives. However, the Coleman Gas Camping Stove was nominated as our Top Pick. This dual-burner desktop stove is portable and lightweight, with burner settings for precision cooking. Portable gas stoves not only make your food taste great, but also they are extremely easy to use and maintain. 




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