Top 5 Best Portable Car Heater Reviews – Buying Guide 2023

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It’s chilly out there isn’t it? Scrolling and searching for the best portable car heater reviews? You got into the right place right now. It is tough to go out and bear the coldness. Well, we have a solution for you as we are providing the best assistance for your portable heater for the vehicle.

All we want is the warmth either from a hot beverage or by the heater. We like to spend the whole winter season in front of our fireplace or the heater, it is more tiring to go out and waiting for the vehicle to get warm.

While doing the research before getting the product, you will come to know that there are many different kinds of heaters. You should know what heater that you want for your vehicle depending upon the specifications for the heaters. Before that why not look at what types we have in the market. So have a look.

Things We Need to Know About the Heaters

Like anything else, there are also some important things that you need to know about portable heaters. These includes:

  • Location
  • Output Ability
  • Price

While installing any heater to your cars, location matters a lot. Well, to some extent, it also depends upon the type of heater that you are going to install in your vehicle along with its dimensions and suitability. You can also fix the portable heater by drilling it up to the roof.

The second thing that matters is the ability of the output that a heater provides. The output of the heater is measured through BTUs (British Thermal Units). 4000 BTU is the average and perfect for any vehicle. Also, the heaters not only can help in providing you heat but also it prevents the screen from fog and frosting.

Before buying anything, not only for the heaters, the first thing that we check is the price. Mostly, portable heaters are cheap and affordable. Still, the best thing comes with the price. If you want to get a durable product then we suggest go for the specification instead of the price.

Types of Heaters

Mostly there are three types of heaters.The electric heater, the portable heater and the propane fuel heaters that are able to be connected with your vehicle. These heaters start to work within no time.

If we talk about the propane heater, it will take the whole amount of oxygen that your car has and after some time you need to pull your window down.

When it comes to electric heaters, they are a bit time consuming as they need to be charged. The portable heaters are commonly used as they just require to be connected directly and here you go.

Well, this might helped you to know what heater type we want for the car now so let’s not drag anymore and check the portable plug in car heater for the vehicles.

Top 5 Portable Car Heater


1.30,00 BTU High Output Auxilary heater

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Key Features
  • Compatible with 12 Volts
  • BTU high output
  • Level adjustments for speed
  • 18 lbs. weight

The first product in the portable car heater reviews is the Eagle High Output Heater. This portable heater for a car is able to work even with the heavy vehicles that can spread heat to a large area. Although it is a bit costly than other heaters this mini heater for cars is well-powered.

This portable heater for your car provides the best results with the vehicle having a lighter with 12 Volt. This dash heater for car comes with the blower that has 3 different levels of high speed. You can easily adjust the heat with this portable plug in car heater according to the need.

To provide you the high flow of air, this battery operated heater for car is designed with three ducts. BTU high output heater is able to perform multi-task as it can also be used as windshield and also prevents the backglass from mist and fog. These features sound cool but along with that, we have found some drawbacks for portable car heater review that it is a bit heavy as it weighs 18 lbs.

2.Lasko 100 Portable Heater

 Portable Car Heater


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Key Features
  • 200w power
  • Inexpensive
  • Restricts over-heating
  • Compact design

Another portable heater that we have for you is Lasko 100. This car heater made its place in the portable car heater reviews as it comes with some prominent features that make it stand out from others. This 200w mini heater for cars perfect to be used as a personal heater in your car. The compact design of this portable space heater for car provides immense comfort as it provides the heat for a restricted area.

You can use it right after getting it as it is easy to be used. With the help of ceramic heating, it can start heating in no time. This is a smart choice as it only consumes 200w power. That cut quite a cost.

When it comes to safety concerns, this heater is completely safe as it has the built-in feature that restricts overheating. Overall this product is 9/10 but we have not found the feature of auto-switch off in this heater.

3.Blue-net 12- 24V 6 Port

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Key Features
  • Compatible with 12 to 24 voltage
  • Heat throw to whole car
  • 22 cm body dimension
  • Connects with water hose of the car

The third product we are reviewing is Blue-met Portable Heater. This dash heater for car is suitable for the vehicle that has a lighter plug with a voltage of 12 to 24. The Blue-met is the best portable car heater defroster as it alone can provide the heat to the entire car in no time. It is designed with 6 ports that not only can keep your car warm but also keeps your windshield and windows from the frosting. The body dimension of this heater is 22 cm long with a width of 16.5.

The portable car heater reviews showed that installing of this portable 12-volt portable car heater requires professional assistance because it needs to be connected with the power supply and a water-tank of the car.

After the specifications, let’s just talk about what we don’t have in this heater. Connecting this heater requires 16mm water hose with the inner diameter and does not include thermostat or the controller to adjust the temperature.

4.Back Seat Heat Plus

 Portable Car Heater


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Key Features
  • easy to be installed
  • 20ft wiring
  • In- line 30 amp
  • 300w power

The second last product that we have for you is Back Seat Heat plus. This is a perfect choice for cabs and heavy-duty trucks. It is easy to install you just need to connect it directly with the battery and here you go.

This heater comes with the 300 W power that is capable of providing heat to the whole car. Having this portable heater for a car can provide you ease as it is a battery safe heater. This portable heater for vehicle comes with the 20ft wiring that requires a professional to fix it with the wiring of the in-line fuse of 30 amp power.

Although it requires professional hands for installation once someone gets their hands on it, it will take no time and begin to provide you the warmth that you have been seeking. The customers who have used that product rated it 3.5/5.

5.Mr. Heater MH18B

 Portable Car Heater


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Key Feature
  • Ensures safety
  • Auto-shut off
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoors

The final product for the portable electric heater for the car we have selected for you is Mr. Heater. It has the range between 4,000 and 18,000. In the portable car heater reviews, we have found that this heater is alone able to throw the heat to the car.

This heater uses the oxygenand propane burns itself to provide you the heat. When it comes to safety, this product is completely safe as it turn down automatically when it detects low level of oxygen. This best aftermarket car heateris also indoor and for outdoor use.


Closing Notes

In winter season, we want to stay warm and cozy but we have to go to work. So why not to buy a portable heater for the cars. In this article we have mentioned the top notch portable heatersfor you. This portable car heater reviewswill help you to get the right product according to the voltage capacity of your car.

The only thing that you need to take care of is that these battery powered heater for car require professional assistance to install it properly. Make sure you are getting this job done accurately instead to get the best out of the product.





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