[Reviewed] 6 Best Plate Carriers For The Money

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Plate carriers are essential for most military get ups. What isn’t essential is spending an exorbitant price to get one that will work for your needs. We reviewed the most recent plate carrier items available so as to decide the best plate carrier for the money. Luckily, there are a lot of alternatives in such manner.


Top 6 Best Plate Carriers For The Money


  • High quality material construction
  • Adjustable sizing fits most
  • Swivel push release buckles
  • Kangaroo style pouches for ease of access when reloading

First in the rundown of review is the best plate carrier, the Condor Recon Chest Rig. Sold at an inconceivably reasonable price, this plate carrier is structured with cushioned, cross-back shoulder ties and three kangaroo style magazine pockets.

Moreover, there are gun pockets with removable folds so as to convey blades, multi-instruments, or different frill. The item in general is intended for fast openness with the goal that you are not mishandling out in the field when it makes a difference.

The Condor Recon Chest Rig is effectively one of the most spending agreeable apparatuses available. It’s movable estimating makes it incredible for those individuals who are littler or bigger and experience difficulty appropriately fitting into their plate carrier.

This particular plate transporter by Condor is likewise noted as being agreeable, which is a gigantic in addition to when you are out in the field or on dynamic duty.

 Consumers Reviews

Customers offer a staggering go-ahead to this spending inviting plate carrier. For one, the value appears to fulfill everybody, with minimal effort being one of the most refered to features for the rig.

Moreover, the size movability has sold numerous on the viability and helpfulness of this plate bearer by Condor. Likewise noted as a positive by customers is the extra work pocket space behind the focal apparatus and shoulder ties.

The following best plate carrier vest arrangement comes through the Condor Hydro Harness. Another Condor item, this plate carrier is additionally very budget friendly. The Hydro Harness is planned more like a rucksack than the recently assessed Recon Chest Rig, which has cross-shoulder ties. This Condor item is additionally explicitly intended to convey a hydration bladder, subsequently the name.

Numerous individuals utilize the Hydro Harness related to the Recon Chest Rig, or some other chest rig (can just ensure fit with explicit Condor models), which is the reason it is made with male clasp connections.

Made with secure section for hydration tubes, the Hydro Harness holds the bladder on the back and by means of these tube transports hydration over the correct shoulder of the tackle.

Consumers Reviews

Similarly likewise with the Condor Recon Chest Rig, purchasers are profoundly happy with this Hydro Harness. Again the price is noted as being exceptional and difficult to beat. Furthermore, the individuals who as of now utilize a Condor chest rig guarantee that the attack of the Hydro Harness alongside the chest rig is consistent and basic.

One such user takes note of that when related to a Condor chest rig, the Hydro Harness helpfully turns into the heap bearing vest.

At the third spot we have the following best affordable plate carrier in the vAv YAKEDA Tactical Rapid Assault Chest Rig Vest. This model from vAv YAKEDA can be viewed as an overhauled type of the Recon Chest Rig by Condor evaluated at number one.

Not at all like the Recon Chest Rig, the Tactical Rapid Assault Rig has no cross-back shoulder lashes, rather planned with typical knapsack style, over the shoulder ties.This is rated as best plate carrier for the money.

Moreover, this chest rig has various magazine pockets taking into account the conveying of up to nine magazines.It is completely adjustable system for grown-ups (S-XXL) – the most extreme midriff size is 53 inches (size modifications made in shoulder and mid-region territories).

It has elastic loops on the shoulder ties are intended to verify commas gear or hydration tubes.

 Consumers Reviews

Customers are quite overwhelmed by the nature of the Tactical Rapid Assault Chest Rig Vest. A few users even venture to state the vest is an “a must buy.”

Others note that the removability of the considerable number of pockets is an extraordinary element, taking into account a decent piece of client alteration. Concerning the price many state there are very few arrangements that can beat it with the nature of craftsmanship gave.

Helikon-Tex Range Line, Training Mini Rig Adaptive Green/Olive Green A

In the fourth spot is the best low profile plate carrier available. The Helikon-Tex Range Line Training Mini Rig is not quite the same as the recently looked into chest rigs since it is structured with two fundamental zipper pockets in the focal region of the apparatus, one of which drapes lower than the remainder of the Training Mini Rig.

This chest rig likewise has an alternate shoulder lash arrangement, with the shoulder ties planned as a H-tie bridle. While there are more freight pockets on this Training Mini Rig, the fold pockets are less key to the apparatus, perhaps adjusting the usefulness of the apparatus.If you are looking for best plate carrier for the money then this is perfect for you.

For those non-military users, this rig system  is an incredible alternative for trackers or different outside movement devotees. The space offered by this chest rig is best in class as indicated by shoppers and its toughness leaves nothing needing.

 Consumer Reviews

Customers love this Training Mini Rig from the Helikon-Tex Range Line. The materials are professed to be high caliber, solid, and bona fide.

Numerous customers discover it exceptionally agreeable while being used too. Moreover, customers acclaim the high limit of this rig system, finding that it fits a lot of rigging and magazines/adjusts for trips.

5. ArcEnCiel Tactical Molle Vest, Coyote Brown 

ArcEnCiel Tactical Molle Vest, Coyote Brown

This Tactical MOLLE Vest is more similar to an ordinary vest in that it doesn’t have lashes yet rather is planned as a velcro system where the bits that go over your shoulders and around your midsection velcro to the back piece. This plan takes into account less disaster with lashes and more spotlight on keeping your provisions and hardware stable and set up.

It is intended to fit serenely and sturdily and is produced using exceptionally tough material that makes certain to hold in whatever activity it is you are engaged with. With a high number of pockets and being completely modifiable, this plate carrier is incredible for any experience level user.

Consumer Reviews

For the most part, consumers are satisfied about this chest rig being of more than affordable price. Its adjustable size also satisfies consumers who are larger and tend to have to triple check the ability for a rig to fit them.

Many of the consumers are surprised at the high quality design, claiming it is more durable than they had been prepared for.

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  • Size adjustable, waist adjustable, chest plate adjustable and removable
  • Includes hydration carrier, though bladder is not included
  • Heavy duty material construction
  • Modifiable

At the 6th spot is another Condor item and is one of the more agreeable plate carrier models available. The Condor Outdoor Modular Chest Set is structured correspondingly to the vAv YAKEDA in that its ties are over the shoulder, h-lashes that snare to the front focal point of the chest rig. This is the best plate carrier for the money.

This model magazine pockets are incorporated with the chest rig, taking into account less adjustment yet intensely solid and dependable pockets. This chest set is likewise interesting in that it goes about as a chest apparatus and hydration bladder all the while. Albeit, similar to its cousin item, this plate carrier doesn’t accompany a hydration bladder.

It is one of the most durable option available yet it stays one of, if not the most, agreeable chest rig system available .

With removable and adjustable features all through, the Condor Modular Chest Set is incredible for trackers, military men/ladies, and other outdoors men searching for adequate yet modifiable space for gear.

Consumer Reviews

Customers are by and large in agreement about this Condor offering, it is a decent rig and surely gets the job done. It is professed to have adequate space for your needs and furthermore wears serenely.

One angle specifically that isn’t the best is the hydration carrier on the grounds that there is no cylinder the management system, which may require some adjustment for simpler use.

We have dissected each best plate carrier for sturdiness, utility regarding common sense and highlights accessible, usability and openness, and buyer conclusions.We search out some best plate carrier for the money for you.

In doing as such, we assembled an reviews rundown of the top of the line plate carriers available to assist you with narrowing down your choices and locate the best rig for you.Continue reading to find the best plate carrier for the money most suited to you.

Plate Carriers For The Money Buying Guide

MOLLE Webbing

The MOLLE webbing on plate carrier vests is basic to the vests generally speaking efficiency and usability. A few brands and models of vests approach this part of the vest better than their rivals.

Adjustment and customization can be significantly useful when setting up a vest for ideal use.And that is the reason MOLLE webbing is one of the primary things you ought to consider when purchasing a plate carrier vest. Likewise, on the off chance that you hope to need some control over your vest set up, be careful about vests that don’t permit you to move or separate magazine pockets.


As was addressed in the tips segment, the price  is an interesting point when choosing which plate carrier vest is generally perfect for you and the utilizations you mean for it. While going excessively modest can be an error, so can overpaying for a vest.

There’s a sweet centre ground with regards to these vests and you need to be certain you are playing in it when looking for another plate carrier. A significant number of the vests checked on fall into this centre ground of relatively cheap, budget friendly and top notch, high efficiency use. So don’t cheap out however don’t burn up all available resources either (except if  you need to).

Expected use

The following interesting point is the thing that you mean to utilize the plate carrier for. While the vast majority in the market for a plate carrier are military staff, some are not and there are unquestionably different uses for plate carrier.

Notwithstanding,  that you are military or serving dynamic obligation, ensure the alternatives you are thinking about are military affirmed plate carriers. On the off chance that you are not military, you should at present think about your proposed utilization of a plate carrier.

By knowing precisely what you need the vest for and how you may require the vest you will have the option to limit your pursuit to a chosen few choices from great plate carrier brands.


All in all, the best plate carrier at the cost isn’t really the best plate carrier at the most minimal cost. The best choice will be as per the different manners by which you mean to utilize you plate carrier vest while remaining budget friendly.

That is the thing that we have exhibited here with these reviews, that quality plate carriers are ready for the taking at affordable costs. Once more, nobody ought to be looking to cheap out, however spending an excessive amount of can be painful in hindsight.

We have given some careful item depictions to six of the best plate bearers we could discover in the expectations that you could maintain a strategic distance from unnecessory snort work.

With such huge numbers of sensibly evaluated, well-developed, and uncompromising choices accessible, we are certain you can locate the specific plate carriers for your needs. So since you know, the time has come to figure out which alternative works for you.

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