BEST PISTOL LIGHTS [ Reviewed and Ranked ]

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Are you a body guard in need of good accessories for your gun? You are at the right place because here we have explained how a good pistol light is something everybody who owns a gun needs. Resulting in better accuracy of the target, these pistol lights will not disappoint you. 


What to consider before buying:

Light size:

  • A lot of light sizes are available. 
  • Different guns require different light sizes.
  • A very big light is needed for guns made for security and protection. 
  • A bigger light will have built in lasers, long battery life, and a strobe function and will be easy to use. 
  • Concealed guns should have smaller lights.
  • This is because they don’t require large lights and less bulk will be better for them. 


  • Remember, that being very bright isn’t always a better option.
  • There are a lot of lights with numerous lumens available ranging from 100 to 1000.
  • Brighter lumens work best for outdoor gun use.
  • Indoor gun use does not require a bright light because it can irritate the eyes and cause short term blindness. 


  • It should be cheap enough to be easily bought. 
  • The attaching and detaching process should be simple without many complications.
  • It is better for it to be made of high grade aluminum that won’t break even if it falls. 
  • The pistol light should stay firmly mounted, rather than moving because of vibrations and falling off.  
  • Battery matters a lot too. It can either be a magnetic one or just simple battery with regular cells. A preferred battery type is magnetic one as it is easily rechargeable and you don’t have to take it out of the light as well. 
  • Furthermore, the battery should be encased securely inside the best pistol light. This can be done with a latch or with a proper cover. 
  • The switches and push buttons should have easy of being moved and there should be no lagging effect in them.

7 best budget pistol lights:





  • has a red laser beam 
  • made up of light weight polymer 
  • compatible with handguns, shotguns and rifles 
  • has a picatinny mounting type 
  • elevation zero adjustment 
  • windage zero adjustment 

Firefly provides one of the best budget pistol lights with a magnetically rechargeable battery that has been built in it. This way this light can always be mounted on the gun and you will not have to worry about the battery running out at all. As hunting is usually carried out in the wild, there will not be electrical sockets present to charge this battery which is why this one is a magnetically rechargeable one. The company itself is owned by a veteran, which means that the products made have been tested with a professional sight. The red laser light and the flash are powerful enough to be seen with naked eye from a distance of 100 meters and there are a total of 220 lumens on the flashlight. It comes with six different settings, including a laser on flashlight off, flashlight on laser off, flashlight on laser on, strobe on laser off, strobe on laser on and all off. The strobe is a means of light as well. Its pictanny rail or weaver rail enables it to fits on every firearm easily without any additional material buying costs. The utmost accuracy is promised by its ability to be adjusted and zeroed in on objects/preys. The elevation and windage wrenches help enunciate on the accuracy as well. The design itself has been made very aesthetically with a sleek black shape.


  • compact, hence easy to carry
  • has adjustability for increased accuracy 
  • high quality material used 


  • The LED charger indicator on the light is not waterproof.

2. OLIGHT PL-mini 2

OLIGHT PL-mini 2


  • Available in black color
  • Water resistant with IPX6
  • Has a total working time of 60 minutes 
  • Maximum output of 600 lumens 
  • Has maximum throw of 100 meters 
  • Glock and pictanny rails used for mounting 

Here we have another best budget pistol light with spectacular customer reviews. it has an authorized adjustable rail. This means that the rail adapter can be slid back and forth to fix the light in a certain position for a better firearm experience. This PL-MINI 2 is compatible with a lot of handguns, shotguns and pistols. It delivers a powerful performance with the 600 lumens and the ability to see the light with the naked eye from 100 meters away. The magnetic charging is very convenient. The magnetic USB cable has to be directly attached to the light. No plugs are required because it wears out overtime. There are two rails included in this pistol light. One is the GL that has already been inserted and the other is the pictanny sized rail that comes with the packaging. It has a very light weight and a compact design for easy portability. It has a face cap, lens, a reflector, a sealing silicone ring and a lock. 


  • Easily rechargeable 
  • Has a quick attaching and release system 
  • Has a built in lithium battery 
  • Stays locked in


  • None found 

3. defendTek



  • has a rechargeable battery 
  • comes with two light modes 
  • made up of air craft aluminum grade
  • dust resistant 
  • weather resistant 
  • has a rail mount 
  • has 300 lumens 

DefendTrek provides a commendable pistol light that fits the budget. It works well for all kinds of pistols, shotguns, handguns and rifles. However, it won’t fit onto subcompact models. It has two mode settings of steady and strobe mounted lights and the switch between them both is very swift in case of a disoriented unfocused target. This best budget pistol has a multipurpose design with a quick release mount feature and a tactical bezel. The tactical bezel feature is perfect for security purposes. The design itself is light weight and compact making it easily carry-able to places. 

The air craft grade aluminum makes this pistol light strong and at the same time durable. Its light weightiness has already been emphasized on. Along with that it is water resistant and dust resistant, giving it full protection. Its light extends to over 150 meters and it is drop proof from 1 meter. The 300 lumens, along with the 4 hour runtime are a major plus point. Along with this, its sliding design makes it easy to move around as well.


  • durable 
  • affordable 
  • it is very bright 


  • the excessive brightness causes quick battery drain




  • It has 1200 lumens 
  • Uses 2 powered batteries 
  • Has a TIR optic lens 
  • Attach and release mounting system 
  • Separate strobe and white lights 
  • Made up of high grade aluminum

This OLIGHT bundle is another of the best budget pistols. It has a super bright gun light with maximum output of 1200 lumens and a high performance LED light with a TIP optic lens. This lens offers 257 yards of beam coverage. This pistol light is the best budget one available, especially with this size and beam performance. The quick release mount enables a quick release arm for easy installation and it has been designed specifically to fit all types of subcompact and full guns. The back of the control unit has a silent switch that activates the strobe. For that, all you need to do is push forward on one side of the switch to activate turbo or press both the sides to activate the strobe. The batteries are high performance and provide good working time.


  • Sturdy built
  • Durable
  • Light weighted
  • Locked battery compartments


  • The sliding gets interrupted sometimes.




  • Has three working options
  • Comes with a smart switch design
  • Has a low profile
  • Comes with a built battery with a magnetic USB interface
  • Has a three bolt picatinny mount

This best budget pistol light comes with a charging indicator to showcase four stages of power, including full power, 75% of power, 50% of power and 25% of power.it has two switches, a push button switch and a master switch. The master switch turns the device on and off with a single press and changes the lumen modes if pushed for 2 seconds straight. The strobe option can be entered by quickly pressing the master switch. The three working options include a high option, a low option and strobe. The sleek design looks well with all sorts of guns and the three bolt pictanny mount enables easy mounting. It won’t loosen with any vibration. The battery is built in and has a magnetic USB charging port. This means no extensive plugging is required. The trail groove and trigger guard should have 2 inches of space at least.


  • Slim and fits easily
  • Light weighted so that no additional weight on the gun is added
  • Installation is self-explanatory


  • Relatively smaller in size as compared to other pistol lights.

6. Stream light

Stream light


  • Has 1000 lumens
  • Fits on to a broad range of weapons
  • A steady on and off switch
  • Made up of high grade air craft aluminum
  • Has shock mounted lens
  • Provides continuous 1.5 hours of working time

This best pistol light is powered by lithium batteries and has a tactical flashlight with LED technology. The light itself is shock proof and provides a long running time of the battery. Easy battery replacement is guaranteed and the unnecessary loss of battery is promised by a tethered battery door and latch mechanism. The rail clamp quickly attaches and detaches from the pistol and the strobe can be easily activated with momentary paddle hits. It is water proof and the beam travels to up to 100 meters. The operating temperate range is from -40 to 120 degree Celsius and beam itself is widely peripheral.


  • scratch resistant
  • Has gasket sealed lens
  • Operates in extreme temperatures


  • Hard to adjust on compact sized pistols

7. SecurityIng



  • Uses 2 lithium ion batteries
  • Comes with 210 lumens of battery 
  • Has a smooth aluminum reflector 
  • Made up of aluminum alloy
  • Has a runtime of 2 hours 
  • Waterproof

This pistol light is made up of high grade material that is waterproof and can be used in every sort of weather condition. The LED used to generate the 210 lumens of white light is highly efficient and the strobe does not come with memory. It has an easy assemble and disassemble process along with a convenient carry. The light supports peripheral vision and goes a long distance.   The tactical silent switch I made for right and left handers, similarly. 


  • Has an effective waterproof design 
  • Built in over charge and over discharge protection unit 
  • Unique structural design
  • Impact resistant 


  • Quick battery drainage 


In conclusion, we have given a best budget pistol light list that has been found with extensive research. These are all reliable and can be bought in case of need. Hopefully, this article helps you determine the best suited pistol light for you that will fit all your need. To buy your own best budget pistol light, go to amazon right now!


  1. How many lumens should a pistol light have?
    A lot of pistols have many lumens in them, however the minimum needed are 200 lumens.  It is the minimum need, however more is preferred.
  2. What is the best handgun laser light combo?
    A stream light with a tactical laser works the best.
  3. How many lumens are needed to attack an attacker?
    200 lumens work fine but more are advised.
  4. It 1000 lumens too bright?
    No amount of lumens can ever be too bright or too dim. The lumens required are based on the situation they need to be used in. 1000 lumens will drain the battery very fast.
  5. Are lasers on pistols worth it?
    A laser would work wonders if you have a strong hand on the gun. The laser will improve accuracy of the target.
  6. Is green laser better than red laser?
    Red is relatively cheaper than green laser which is why red is preferred. This is because there aren’t any major differences between them.




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