Top 6 Best Ping Pong Paddles for Spin [Buyer’s Guide]

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Best ping pong paddle for spin can change the game experience. The fact that the grip, the quality of material and the rubble can definitely be a game changer for a smooth play.

It is always important to know and get the reviews about the product that you are going to buy but there are some things that you must consider before making a purchase.

Editor's Pick 
Killerspin RTG Diamond

☞ Tournament grade built quality
☞ 5 premium quality wood layers
☞ 2 carbon fiber layers

Things to Consider Before Buying


  • The construction of paddle consists of 6 pieces of core which includes the blade, rubber, handle, backhand sponge and forehand sponge.
  • The most commonly used paddles are made up of plastic and wood.


  • Ping paddles are available in plastic, aluminum, carbon fiber and wooden material.  
  • The stock paddles that come with a table are usually plastic made and goes for a long run but can break easily.
  • For a rigid and attacking play, a wooden paddle is suggested as it allows a solid grip but is a bit heavier as compared to the plastic paddle.
  • The paddle with a plastic and carbon fiber build, is lighter in weight and help the player who wants to play in a defensive style.

The Blade Layers

  • The blade of the paddle is actually the hard part of the paddle from where you hit the ball.
  • A good paddle must have minimum 5 layers that provide the paddle solid and firm grip.
  • The attack of the paddle depends upon the playing style and the build of the paddle.
  • For an attacking game, paddle blade 5 or above is suggested.


  • It is that part of your paddle that stands at the front line and is more prone to wearing out.
  • The quality of rubber plays a part in maintaining the grip of the paddle.

Grip type

  • The paddles are made to suit different grips.
  • There are ones that favor the handshake grip and there are ones that are made to suit the pen hold position.
  • The paddle handle also affect how well you can use your preferred grip style on that specific paddle.

 Rubber texture

  • The front rubber comes with a variety of textures ranging plain to the rigid and textured.
  • Smooth surfaces are great to spin the ball.
  • Textured surfaces are great for making precise straight shots and may not provide that great of a spin.


  • Sponge provides the potential energy to the ball. The sponge sits beneath the rubber.
  • The different levels of sponge thickness will affect your shots differently. The thicker the sponge is, the harder and speedy your shots will be.
  • The thinner sponge may not be that great for speed but it provides greater control and precision.

Size and weight

  • These paddles come in a variety of sizes and weights. The bigger paddle provides a bigger surface area and a larger hit force.
  • Smaller paddles are better suited to make swift and fast movements. Especially useful in making shots that require a split-second response time.
  • The heavyweight paddles are better suited for making straight bullet shots while the lightweight paddles are better suited for more controlled shots.

Our 6 Best Ping Pong Paddles for Spin


1. Killerspin RTG Diamond 

Killerspin RTG Diamond - Ping Pong Paddles

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  • Tournament grade built quality
  • 5 premium quality wood layers
  • 2 carbon fiber layers
  • Pro-grade Fortissimo rubber
  • High tension for accurate spin and greater control
  • Enhanced accuracy
  • Memory bookcase

The RTG diamond CQ is one of the premium models in line by Killer spin. It is a killer choice indeed. One of the pro ping pong paddles, this paddle is made to spin. It gives you extremely accurate shots and some nice spins.

This might just be the best ping pong paddle in the world for you if you are a spinner.  The spinning on this thing is excellent with higher accuracy and greater precision.

If you like to be in control of your game, this killer ping pong paddle review might be just for you. The paddle is rated high for its control. It is important whether you are playing offensive or defensive.

With this peddle you are most likely to land your shot exactly where you want it. The handles are a bit flared and possess a fairly ergonomic design. Despite all its perks, this peddle is very lightweight and will provide you a quick response time.

Customer reviews

Customers have rated this product very well primarily due to the level of immersion it provides during the gameplay.

2. Killerspin JET200

Killerspin JET200 - Ping Pong Paddles

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  • Beginner’s peddal
  • Five-layer high-quality blade
  • Performance rating of 8.5 in control, 7 in spin and 6 in power.
  • Personalized memory book
  • Flared handle
  • 30-day warranty

This tennis peddle for ping pong is designed for people who have just begin to play table tennis. It will help greatly in improving your game and get to the next level.

It is one of those cheap ping pong paddles which is designed for defense. A beginner has to give a strong emphasis on first defending his ground therefore, it is rated as the best beginner’s blade.

Good ping pong paddles are made of at least 5 layers of construction material and this one is no exception. The 5 layer built provides adequate hit force while also increasing its life span.

This racket will also be useful in performing some awesome spins and some offensive techniques. Through this peddle you might not be able to perform marvelously on a full-size ping pong table as it is not meant for powerful shots but it will perform well for spinning and other techniques.

Customer reviews

A highly rated best ping pong paddle under 50. Scoring a high rating, this high-quality budget is appreciated by many beginners for its amazing performance

3. Killerspin KIDO 7P

Killerspin KIDO 7P - Ping Pong Paddles

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  • Custom-designed specifically for playing in tournaments
  • Suited to every type of player
  • High tension Fortissimo rubber

First looks on this beautiful dark themed paddle show that it has quite an attractive design. The 7 plywood works well to provide the required amount of strength to the blade.

This paddle is quite thick and packs some weight to it so it will be a good choice for some speed shots. The handle design may however not suit everybody. It is quite thick and may not fit well in some hands.

Customer reviews

With its elegant looks and high-performance blade, this paddle has won the appreciation of many customers. 

4. STIGA Pro Carbon Performance

STIGA Pro Carbon Performance - Ping Pong Paddles

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  • Performance-oriented high-speed racket
  • ITTF certified rubber for play in professional arena
  • Carbon fiber technology for additional speed and accuracy
  • A premium 7 ply blade
  • High-quality S5 rubber
  • 2mm Sponge
  • Extra lightweight

This ping pong paddle review explores this quality peddle designed for comfort and increased performance. It is probably the best budget peddle you will find. Although it is a budget-oriented product, it does not cut out on quality. It can still be used in tournaments and will be just as effective as other most expensive ping pong paddles.

The carbon material used in this paddle is a secret recipe that is designed by STIGA for creating lightweight peddles while aiming to provide optimum performance. With a 99 speed and an 80 control rating, this peddle surely delivers what it promises. The s5 rubber coupled with the 2mm sponge can absorb some of the harshest serves and will be great in vigorous gameplays.

For its price, it is a bang for the buck. If you are looking for a nice peddle which is comfortable to play with while at the same time increases your performance, do consider this one on your list.

Customer reviews

Securing a high rating, this budget peddle stands out on its own. Customers have reviewed that even though it is not made for speed, it still works very well on mid-size ping pong tables and high-end ping pong tables as well.

5. Butterfly Pro-Line Hand Assembled

Butterfly Pro-Line Hand Assembled - Ping Pong Paddles

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  • An offense tuned racket
  • Lightweight balsa core
  • Carbon layers for additional power
  • Great for mid-distance shots
  • T energy 80 FX rubber for high  speed and spin
  • Soft sponge for greater control
  • Made in the USA and assembled by hand

If you want control, power speed, all coming in one place then you have landed the right spot. This Balsa Carbo X5-FL 80 Proline Racket from Butterfly is power-packed made just for power players like you who like to play vigorously. Balsa Carbo X5-FL 80 Proline Racket is one of the top ping pong paddles as it gives you some impressive power and helps in speed shots. The carbon fiber material provides excellent spin to your shots and gives you an awesome control on your speed.

If you are coming from a low-speed racket you might need a little bit of practice to get adjusted to this one. With a speed rating of 100, this racket gives some serious bullet shots. While on the table, this paddle will show your power and will polish your performance.

Customer reviews

With a high rating, this paddle is rated high for its speed and performance.

 6. STIGA Evolution

STIGA Evolution - Ping Pong Paddles

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  • ITTF approved high-quality rubber
  • Made to be played with at a professional level
  • SDT technology
  • Premium rubber quality
  • 2mm sponge for better speed
  • 6 ply blade

Another low price budget peddle by STIGA.  The STIGA evolution is a well-built pong paddle designed to give some clean shots. Although this is not a very expensive ping pong paddle and comes just under fifty dollars, it still packs some power. It has some high-performance ratings. With a 96 in speed a 94 spin and 90 in control, this peddle stands amongst the high performing paddles.

It is sometimes difficult to pair a ping pong paddles and balls, but this peddle works well with all the balls. You can do pretty much any pong technique with this paddle. Whether it is a spin, a drop shot, offensive moves, or controlled defense, this paddle can do all for you. The STIGA evolution features a 6 ply quality blade which is very durable. The premium rubber coupled with a 2 mm sponge provides some good shock dispersion.

Customer reviews

Customers have reviewed this quality paddle well. Its high-performance ratings and real-world performance give this paddle an edge. 

Difference between ping pong and table tennis

The equipment used for both of the games are essentially the same. Ping Pong vs table tennis refers to a difference in perception that these identical sports have between each other. Table tennis is more serious and is played at a professional level where people compete in leagues while ping pong is played as an informal house sport.


In this article, we have picked and chosen the top quality ping pong paddles from well-known brands. These paddles are chosen after analyzing real-world customer usage and experience.

Please go through our buying guide before you make your decision to buy one for you. Also, check out our website for the best outdoor ping pong table reviews to select top-rated ping pong tables to match your paddles.




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