Top 14 Best Pickleball Paddle for Beginners – Review & Guide 2023

Last updated on November 4th, 2022 at 10:46 pm

If you love playing indoor games what you have? A pickleball paddle. It becomes one of the fast-growing games in the entire world most of the industries add a new line pickleball paddle products in the market. Pickleball is a new sport that is a blend of 3 sports ping pong, badminton, and tennis.

In this article we’ll review the best pickleball paddle for beginners on the bases of quality, material, etc. you can select which one you like.

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Things need to be Consider Before Buying

You need to consider the following things;

  • The material of top faces they used and wood, graphite, wood, fiberglass, and carbon glass.
  • Paddle material adds strength and great bounce in your game it maybe normex, polymer, and aluminum core.
  • Weight of the paddle depends on the material  ranges from 6.5 to 9.5 ounce keep in mind light in weight give you more control and confidence
  • Size of the grip is the important factor it is big or too small you cannot play confidently, the condition may worsen it cause a drop of your paddle
  • The edge guard protects your paddle enhances the life of your paddle it protects your paddle from damages.

Best Pickleball Paddle for Beginners

ImageNameCheck Price
SISIGAD Self Balancing Scooter

☞Charging Time: 3-5 Hours
☞Using Time: 30-60 Minutes
View Product
CHO Spider Series

☞Charge time: 3-5 hours
☞Max speed of 6 MPH

View Product
Shacke’s Travel Duffel Express Weekender Bag

☞Weight: 17.6 pounds
☞Max weight capacity 220 lbs.
View Product
VEVELINE Hoverboard

☞Weight range of 260lbs
☞Bluetooth speakers
View Product
Shacke’s Travel Duffel Express Weekender Bag

☞Weight:16.8 pounds
☞Battery: 1 lithium battery required
View Product
EPCTEK 6.5” Hoverboard

☞Weight: 17 pounds
☞Safety certified
View Product
Hoverstar Hoverboard 6.5″

☞Weight: 16.9 pounds
☞UL2272 certified
View Product
Spadger Hoverboard

☞Weight: 17.2 pounds
☞Bluetooth feature
View Product
JOLEGE Self Balancing Hoverboard

☞15km maximum range
☞ 6.5-inches wheel size
View Product
UNI-SUN 6.5" Bluetooth Hoverboard

☞Weight limit of 264lbs
☞Built-in Bluetooth speakers
View Product
CXMScooter Hoverboard

☞Weight: 16.31 pounds
☞Size: 24.8 x 8.5 x 7.3 inches
View Product
LIEAGLE Hoverboard
☞Weight: 16.2 pounds
☞Wireless Bluetooth
View Product
Swagtron Swag board Twist T881

☞Weight: 21.8 pounds
☞Size: 23 x 4 x 7 inches
View Product
Cho Hoverboard

☞Weight: 26.9 pounds
☞Weight limit of 220lbs
View Product

☞UL2272 standard
☞Motor power: 300W x 2
View Product

1. Rally nx Graphite Pickleball Paddle

Rally nx Graphite Pickleball Paddle

Check Price on Amazon


  • Good balance of power and control
  • Use for both indoor outdoor areas
  • Offers a decent solid grip size
  • Excellent for both indoors outdoors.
  • Sizable face assists better shots


  • heavy use causing wear

Pickleball Central’s Rally NX Graphite Paddle is the updated version of the Nomex core. The material of rally adds a ‘pop’ to the paddle, you bounce off-ball easily. One of the best pickleball paddles for beginners which offers players excellent control and pop. Champion pickleball paddle is mostly used by professional players. The absolute set of this paddle has a blend of 2 graphite face/ Nomex honeycomb core performance level,2 quality neoprene paddle covers, and  4 Dura Outdoor balls that add strength and power its doesn’t dent like other paddles. Its XL head makes strong hits, Rally NX graphite pickleball paddle is certified and approved by USAPA for use in tournaments. It is best pickleball paddle under 100, offer cover for its protection quality of the cover protects it from dents, etc.

Customer reviews

Rally NX Graphite pickleball paddle improves the game, I’m quickly moving while playing.

2. Gamma Sports 2.0 Pickleball Paddles

Gamma Sports 2.0 Pickleball Paddles

Check Price on Amazon


  • The grip is sticky that builds confidence.
  • Texture promotes more spin shots.
  • Pop factor.
  • Balanced weight.
  • Offers sharp shot.


  • Consume time in generating power.

Gama voltage 2.o design specially for the tournaments, Best pickleball paddles having a nice and comfortable grip that helps you to smash the ball. It is light in weight feature of balancing is extraordinary. Gamma designs its product for beginners and experienced players, as it is the best beginner pickleball paddle. Available in different color ranges you can select cool one for yourself.

The soft grip helps you to shot perfectly creates a problem you can be used to it after sometimes.

Its large sweet spot makes your every shot perfect with the help of great produced power& confidence you can play against your opponent for a long time, being the best pickleball paddles under 50$.

Customer reviews

The product cover is absent in the package.

3. Engage Pickleball

Engage Pickleball

Check Price on Amazon


  • Big sweet spot
  • Hits the ball hard
  • Responsive
  • Rough skin produces the spin


  • A small range of colors

Being one of the cheap pickleball paddles you can make the control on the paddle and ball rough skin of, its sweet spot makes your every shot heighten against your opponent along with you can track off your opponent. You happily serve the ball with these features of the pickleball If we noticed towards its grip is 4.25 circumference capability of producing power. It is the best pickle paddle under 100 $ the Encore Pro feature absorbs the noise of the ball. The noise doesn’t irritate the others.

It has some weight so you need time to use it, it is heavy the total weight of the product is 7.8 to 8.3 ounce.  It is not only the best beginner pickleball paddle that can be used on a different level for playing purposes. They offer a variety of colors still specify the white color as a primary color.

Customer reviews

In one set they offer only on colour of pickle paddle

4. Paddletek Bantam EX-L Pickleball Paddle

Paddletek Bantam EX-L Pickleball Paddle

Check Price on Amazon


  • Ideal paddle weight
  • polymer core gives a softer touch and more control, power, and a quiet shot
  • Excellent value for money


  • Edge guard tend to get scrap easily

Bantam Ex-L IS top-rated pickleball paddles IN ONLY 100 $ That is a great value of money. It would of worthy for yourself if you choose bantam EX-L pickleball in 100$ as it is cheap pickleball paddles.

The handle of this pickle paddle is longer and provides you the great strength and more reach around the net while shot the ball. Its sweet spot provides you the control  and amazing spin, the paddle is 7-7/8″ wide

The material of paddle consists of polymers core which is used for making only pickleball paddles. You can make quite hit with this paddle as compare to other paddles. The length of the paddle face is 15-15/8″ and its grip is padded both presenting the feeling of comfort and control.

Customer reviews

It is amazing paddle give you softer and full control

5. Selkirk FiberFlex Pickleball Paddle

Selkirk FiberFlex Pickleball Paddle

Check Price on Amazon


  • Large sweet spot
  • Gameplay quietly
  • Amazing paddle design


  • Expensive

The Selkirk S2 X5 FibreFlex is an awesome wooden pickleball paddle from all the wooden pickleball paddles.  It is top rated pickleball paddle in terms of power control and spin range it offers a pop off racket so, you can make shot easily with minor effort. This paddle is unique in its way its big sweet spot makes amazing shots.

You can easily give a tough time to your opponents as the balls react off the face of the paddle that unbalances your opponent and you make shot forcefully. It comes in different color ranges includes, green, blue, purple, black, orange and red.

You can make all of your shot consistently come in 2 weights one is a medium weight of 8.2 ounces or the second one is a lighter weight option of 7.2 ounces, so you can select according to your need.

Customer reviews

Amazing product with 2 weight options.

6. XSPAK Graphite Pickleball Paddle Set

XSPAK Graphite Pickleball Paddle Set

Check Price on Amazon


  • Superior quality grip control of w/ 4 ¼
  • Natural spin with a big sweet spot
  • Quality graphite materials provide high-performance
  • WIDEBODY design
  • Lightweight feel but you make a powerful shot
  • Lack of noise while playing


  • unattractive graphical style
  • more expensive as compared to others in the market

This graphite racket is made up especially for playing in the tournament, it is one of the best choices for beginners. You will play noiselessly with power and strength as compared to others it is expensive pickleball paddle but works amazingly.


  • 2 Graphite Pickleball Paddles
  • 1 Pickleball Paddle Bag
  • 4 Pickleball Balls

Just because of its graphite surface you will get excellent control over the paddle without any feeling of fear and sweating you can make a shot with just little effort.  They give you a money-back guarantee if someone is not satisfied with the pickleball paddle. Superior edge guard protects the edges of the guard.

Customer reviews

Along with paddle, you will receive 4 paddle ball which is a fantastic thing

7. Amazin’ Aces Signature Pickleball Paddle Set

Amazin' Aces Signature Pickleball Paddle Set

Check Price on Amazon


  • Offers high performance
  • High responsiveness due to graphite face
  • 2 paddles and 4 balls
  • vibration dampening technology
  • Big sweet spot distribute even balance
  • Edge guards keep the paddle safe
  • Having a protective cover


  • Needs extra strength to shot

This set comes with 2 paddles and four balls weighing 8.5 ounces sometimes causing to lose grip sometimes, however, with its big sweet spot develop your interest in the game so you evenly make balance when you smash. You need extra power while smashing the ball because of its heavy paddle. Grip circumference of a paddle is 4.25 which makes you feel comfortable while smashing the ball, gives you great feel and confidence in the tournament. Due to honeycomb polymers, players will shoe high performance

Amazing pickleball rackets and balls package is amazing you do not need to buy an extra ball for playing. A high-quality graphite face serves as a mix of power and touch. They offer a year warranty so you can confidently buy it without any fear, treating their customers as a family.

Being, best pickleball rackets amazing have the seal on the face of the paddle from USAPA which is an approval signature which means it is sanctioned for the tournament play.

Customer reviews

According to its one of the great products as it has a smooth paddle face.

8. EngagePickleball Encore Composite Paddle

EngagePickleball Encore Composite Paddle

Check Price on Amazon


  • Roughness and deflection is maximum
  • Power and control due to Composite and polymer construction
  • Excellent value for money


  • Too heavy

Engage pickleball paddle is made up of the composite polymer that added power and strength to your game while playing, as one of the best pickleball paddles for beginners.

It works amazingly and enough for making your opponent confuse to shoot balls back over the net while playing opponents need time to understand that who he makes back shot. The pickleball paddle regulations are under the USAPA guidelines with the largest amount of deflection and roughness.

This Encore Composite Paddle are the fun paddles with versatility and enjoyment, you have a blend of power and strength. The paddle weighing is between 7.2 and 7.9 ounces which length is  15-1/2” and 8 1/8” wide which is wide enough to give you a big sweet spot to hit your winning shots. Having a variety of color you can select one that attracts your attention worthy of its spot on our best Pickleball paddle list.  Engage pickleball is a unique champion pickleball paddle.

Customer reviews

Grip length is loveable you will carry it easily

9. Speed paddle of the Pro Kennex kinetic paddle

Speed paddle of the Pro Kennex kinetic paddle

Check Price on Amazon


  • Power for armature and professions
  • More attractive.
  • Best ball control leads towards winnings.
  • Durable & strong


  • Not suitable for armatures

Its like champion pickleball paddle. It’s made with an innovative design that stops player injury of elbows and arms with carbon casing, tungsten design produces soft sound as reduces vibration and distributing shocks evenly in the paddle.

Work on the mechanism of the kinetic energy it is one of the ideal best pickleball paddles for beginners if your favorite hobby is playing table tennis and in the time of quarantine, you can entertain yourself and your family in your homes. The vibration transfer significantly in the paddle through the technology of the kinetic energy. It protects your health also adds the element of fun.

On top of composite materials and graphite, it has an additional  7 layers for additional rotation. The paddle weighs between 7.9 and 8.2 oz. This paddle is available 3 color which is blue, strawberry and yellow.

Customer reviews

It is just like magic we face less pain in our elbows.

10. Rally Tyro 2 Pro Pickleball Paddle

Rally Tyro 2 Pro Pickleball Paddle

Check Price on Amazon


  • Provides defending hard shots
  • Excellent value for money


  • Ball jump off paddle low

Rally gives you high-end performance when playing having the shock-dampening polymer core. you have excellent control over playing court. Upstreet Graphite pickleball paddle helps you to win the game for its sizeable sweet spot face that is made up of fiberglass and polymer core layer.

It comes after the polycarbonate composite layered, so you will make dense hard shots against your opponent and puts your opponent on edge. A paddle is 7-3/4” wide with the long neck so you can perfume toughest shots with anxiety.

Best beginner pickleball paddle offers a verity of the shot in just 60$ it is the best pickleball paddle under 100$ works amazing at this price. it is available in two awesome colors that are fire orange, yellow or ocean blue& green.

Customer reviews

Great beginners paddle in this value of money

11. Prolite Crush Powerpsin with Pickleball Paddle

Prolite Crush Powerpsin with Pickleball Paddle

Check Price on Amazon


  • Solid construction provides balance
  • Enhance spin control.
  • Light fiberglass surface
  • Great grip.
  • Vibrant red color grip


  • Fails in hitting all types of balls.

Top rated pickleball paddles the main feature is that how it surf this pickleball paddle texture is made up of the light fiberglass that will be beneficial for use while playing. Spintac technology adds value to your performance as it can maintain control smartly while spinning. With the help of honeycomb, you can face any type of shot with confidence.

The weight of the paddle is around 7.6 ounces which is light and you can easily hold it. You will also find it very balanced so it will offer you a bunch of crushing functions.4.13-inch grip improves the performance of average players as it is the best beginner pickleball paddle.

Big sweet spot gives you a lot of good smashes, it Not only provide responsiveness but also have a noise reduction technology. Here you find one little gripe which is for the lightness but with this, it is difficult for you to hitting all types of balls.

Customer reviews

7.0 weight is not attainable ill give 3 stars to this product.

12. Titan Pro Black Diamond Series Pickleball Paddle

Titan Pro Black Diamond Series Pickleball Paddle

Check Price on Amazon


  • Technically advanced paddles of carbon fiber polymer
  • Razor-thin edge create great control
  • Sleek design,
  • Suited only for serious pickleball players
  • One year warranty
  • Durable with great shot-making ability


  • Pricey

Titan Pro Black Diamond has advanced build, sleek design with paddles of carbon fiber polymer core which is one of the best things from all the top pickleball paddles. Due not its advance build technology it is considered one of the best paddle in the market of paddles it is available only 140$ which is quite expensive but these amazing features are unique so its pretty fine as we all know every top-rated thing are somehow expensive but they are unique in their way.

Diamond pro is somehow close to the Selkirk in term of price but its most extended feature is its razor-like thin edge, that expresses control over the ball with strength. The hitting surface maximizes your spinning potential and you will play very well against your opponent.

The weight of the paddle is between 7.6 and 8.3 ounces. The grip is a medium size that is suitable for all types of players. The handle of this pickleball is long as compared to others so you reach around the court easily. Although its face wide is small than others which are is 7 5/8”

Available on a wide range of colors, black sleek design attracts the customers’ attention and it looks good in black.

Customer reviews

I will strongly recommend you to buy this for senior players as it has amazing and interesting features

13. Niupipo Pickleball Paddle

Niupipo Pickleball Paddle

Check Price on Amazon


  • Optimal balance between control and power
  • Suitable for every gar group people
  • Ergonomic grip.
  • Professional balls
  • Strong core


  • Heavier in weight

Niupipo pickleball paddles are amarey pickleball paddles that famous among all the best pickleball paddles 2020, from this you can make quick, powerful spinning and shot even if you are beginners. It comes with 2 paddles set along with paddle cover.

The cushioned handle is suitable for the age group of every individual, edge guard not only protects it is from ground hitting but also gives a nice and amazing look. The performance of this paddle depends on its polymer quality and its graphite hitting zone which I think is a great combination that provides balance control and power in efficient manners.

The material which they used as an interior of the paddle is a sheet of fiberglass that is durable and has a great grip that smashes the ball powerfully.  You can hold that grip easily and play for long hours without the feeling of fatigue. The quality of these balls is excellent and gives you a great bounce while playing.

Customer reviews

The package of paddles is nicely packed individually wrap every paddle.

14. Bison PREMIUM


Check Price on Amazon


  • unique design
  • Attractive hand-drawn logo.
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Powerful shots
  • Comfortable handle


  • puts pressure on the arm.

The bison paddle design is sleek and durable as compared to others, bison paddle has a hand-drawn logo on the surface of the paddle, the material of paddle is polymer honeycomb composite. You can powerfully make shots as it weights the 8 ounces so you can have full control while playing.

The face that draws on the sop surface move left and right while playing you can catch your opponent’s attention and you can win when he loses attention to the balls. The sweat penetrable grip gives you comfort reduces itchiness in your hand that might you face while playing

Bison paddles are also USAPA approved. This amarey pickleball paddle doesn’t matter from which age group you lie, the best pickleball paddle approach for beginners it. This pickleball paddle is made up of the improved skills and latest technology according to one going trends.  Bison paddles are a great option for beginners as it produces no noise.

Customer reviews

The normal thickness of the grip is fantastic.



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