Top 7 Best Odor Eliminating Cat Litter- Buying Guide 2023

Last updated on November 6th, 2022 at 02:42 pm

Most of us now a days love and adore having our cats around since they are just so fuzzy and like able creatures, however what if you come home wanting nothing but affection from your cat but instead found bad odor? That turns you off, right? but hey! We’ve got you covered there; the solution is here the best odor eliminating cat litter.

As often one gets confused when looking for a solution for this problematic matter. Whether to choose dust free cat litter or best clumping cat litter, these are surely some of the famous questions your mind has often thought upon while buying the best cat litter for smell.


Yes, read upon our magical article analyzing some of the best odor eliminating cat litter found in the market and then make your pick.

Firstly, before looking at some of the odor control cat litter we have gathered for you including top rated cat litter as well let’s take a look at some things to consider before buying the best odor eliminating cat litter.


Factors to Consider

Deciding your type

Like always the first in our list of things, while you’ll find the best clumping cat litter in the market and best scoopable cat litter, it totally depends on how far you’re willing to go with your cat. We mean how much work you want to put in cleaning the little thing’s feces. Choose the type which suits you. Are you a clumping litter fan or not?

Environment impact matters

As obvious as the heading whatever cat litter odor eliminator you find for yourself do remember the fact that what it does to your environment. See that if the cat litter can be decomposed without causing a problem for you and your neighbors or your apartment.

Fragrance litter

Yep there’s a good side to this problem as well it’s totally up to you if you are a natural person like us. You may want to choose that best odor eliminating cat litter which is scented or in other words leaves a good fragrance behind rather than the smell of the litter itself.

Ensure your cat’s safety

Perhaps one of the most important aspects in this list, you should be careful of the type of surface your cat is accustomed to. Since if you choose a cat litter of a type which may cause allergies or some problem to your cat, man you and your adorable cat will be in trouble won’t they?

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Top 7 Best Odor Eliminating Cat Litter

1. Cat’s Pride Multi-Cat Litter

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Holding a rating of a suitable 3.8/5 stars. If you have multiple cats living with you then this best cat litter for multiple cats is the best option for you. Want to know why? Read below.

Key Features

  • Trusted name and audience making it the best cat litter for odor while keeping in mind your multiple cats.
  • Gives no smell.
  • Available in a variety of different packs and sizes at reasonable prices.
  • Has the option to be used as clump or cluster litter system.
  • Gives high level cleaning performance for your cats for approx. a whole month.
  • Contains large number of clumps.
  • Reduces need of frequent cleaning.
  • One of the best lightweight cat litter.
  • Due to their advanced cleaning formulae and trusted repute gives the great feeling of a fresh and a dust free cat litter.

So, if you are passionate for best cat litter box for odor control while wanting something from a well-known brand. Then this best litter for kittens is the choice you need to make.

Customer Review
  • It’s nothing short of magic the way this litter box works for my cat and totally keeps the smell away of my little kitty. Recommended
  • After trying some expensive and fragmented best odor control cat litter, I finally stumbled upon this brand. I must say my baby cat and I are satisfied with our choice. This works the best for both of us.

2. Dr Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter

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Moving towards the end we take a look at another of the top rated cat litter. Rated at a suitable 4.1/5 stars and often considered as the real gem amongst the best odor eliminating cat litter. Well, frankly it is, why do we think so? Take a look below.

Key Features

  • Available at a great price and sufficient to be used as a multi cat scented cat litter.
  • Made from 100 percent natural materials thus no harm to your beloved cat and yourselves. Also, the reason this is one of the best cat litter for allergy sufferers.
  • Anti-allergic in operation.
  • Gives the ultimate odor blockage you could want for your home and your cat’s box.
  • Another completely dust free cat litter.
  • Easy to use and clean your litter box.
  • Trusted manufactures offering the best comfort level for your cat.

Made by no one but the cat lovers themselves for the best care and heath for your cats. Choose us today and have no regrets in the future.

Customer Review
  • Before I was using and spending on the less popular cat litters you find in the market. However, after a kind suggestion on using this I am grateful from my purchase and the ease by which I can now clean my cat’s waste. Plus this bag doesn’t empty anytime soon!
  • This magical best cat litter for odor control serves its duty well by keeping the bizarre odors out of my cat’s box and making my job of cleaning up after them easier than ever. Thoroughly happy!

3. Arm and Hammer Best Clamping Cat Litter

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Rated at a strong 4.2/5 stars. We present you one of the best odor control cat litter from nowhere else but the best cat litter reviews. Why do we think so? See for yourself.

Key Features

  • Due to its special formulae easily destroys the nastiest parts of your kitty’s excretion.
  • Can be used as a strong cat urine odor little box if used inside one.
  • Absolutely free of dust approx. 100 percent leaving you and your cat free of worries in that regard
  • With its trusted odor treating formula ensures an odorless room.
  • Comes with special crystals and neutralizing elements to offer heavy protection against daily litter of your cat ensuring its presence of a strong cat litter odor eliminator.
  • Offers approx. more than 20 percent more odor elimination compared to other top rated cat litter.

Since it completely removes both solid and liquid waste odor from the litter box so be prepared as this guy won’t stand down against the harshest of the feces. Add to your cart now!

Customer Review
  • This double duty package which may be the best cat litter for odor in my opinion works awfully well with my cat and my family. We can now easily play around and do our chores while our little fuzzy cat plays along and does its thing, without us even noticing it or smelling it. More on, the clustering for removing the waste of the cat’s works good as well but requires more refilling.
  • With great service from the Amazon service and the ease by which I can easily use this to clean up my litter area. This is recommended for you older people out there as well, clean up your kitty’s litter box now easier than ever.

4. Wood Clumping Cat Litter

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With an approval rating of 4.2/5 stars. Depending upon the type of cat you have as your pet, presenting you a clumped but still a best cat litter for odor control. Wait don’t trust on our word, read below and decide.

Key Features

  • Comes in various categories for both short, medium and long hair cat types thus increasing versatility.
  • Evident from the name this cat litter odor eliminator lives to its name as well by eliminating all odors for almost a week.
  • Prevents formation of the feces to release harmful ammonia.
  • Easily cleaned and maintained.
  • The high-quality clumps make possible to dissolve the moisture quickly and gets clean in no time, leaving your cat fresh and dry quickly.
  • No dangerous materials used in making it again one of the best cat litter for smell.
  • Easier to live around the litter box without worries.
  • Last but not the least this product decomposes cat waste quickly and leaves almost no footprint unlike other odor litters.

Buy the best for your cute pet today without any second thoughts.

Customer Review
  • My poor cat recently had some problems with her toe but now she seems fine as she’s lying on her back and playing around totally forgetting about what she did some time ago. As the clump has a real soft surface the cat can easily stroll around and sleep.
  • Works real well only if your cat has longer hair type. All together regardless of the price a good product to have for your pets.

5. Unscented Paper Litter by Purina


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Presenting you something unique for your cat but none the less one of the highest rated cat litter. Let’s see what are its strong points down below. This product has a rating of 4.3/5 stars.

Key Features

  • Famous for its effective odor removal.
  • Does not releases any extra odor.
  • More absorption percentage than clay litter boxes.
  • Most preferable type of litter due to the easy and inexpensiveness of the unscented paper litter.
  • Helps in keeping litter box of your kitty always light and fresh.
  • Relatively dust free and environment friendly.
  • Recyclable materials used in making the product.

Buy this reasonable best litter for kittens’ package to ensure your cat can have a spotless area to live and thrive in.

Customer Review
  • This litter works increasingly well for both of my pets and does not force me to change the litter every day or so like I used to before. Although a bit pricy but definitely worth it if you want your pet’s comfort and cleanliness first.
  • Works wonders with my cat’s themselves as it hides out their odor perfectly well leaving no marks of it in the first place. What more could I ask for? Its all worth the money in the end.

6. Fresh Step Scented Litter

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Rated at a strong 4.6/5 stars. This scented litter is often on the tongues of people when asked with the question, what is the best cat litter? See for yourself why is it worthy of this praise.

Key Features

  • Is the best cat litter box for odor control due to its guaranteed blocking of odor constantly throughout the day.
  • Easily combats and does its duty against your cat’s waste even if your cat litter box becomes a strong cat urine odor litter box, our best odor eliminating cat litter has your cat’s back at all costs.
  • Gives great soft scent for you and your cat keeping your surroundings healthy and clean.
  • Dust free in operation.
  • Hardly leaves any messes after your cat’s use due to the rapid absorbing quality of their product.
  • ten-day guarantee at blocking out odors from your cat litter box.
  • Perhaps, one of the best features it got is the advanced fragrance features makes possible for new scent releasing into the air after every trip of your cat.
  • Ease of removing your cat’s waste and using this odor eliminating cat litter makes it one of the best clumping cat litter for odor control you’ll find outside.

Bring your tireless and worrisome thoughts of scooping up your cat’s wet and stinky waste to an end buy buying from this best odor eliminating cat litter brand. So, take a go at this best scoopable cat litter, since it offers so much and comes under a reasonable price.

Customer Review
  • With large amounts of waste my poor cat produces due to his condition this choice works really well for me. I only change his box after 2 weeks and am surprised and happy by smelling almost nothing but nice soft smells. Must recommend!
  • This is one of my only and best trusted cat litters which I will buy for my cat’s even if I got my eyes closed. More on, it is removed surprisingly easily after the litter is dried up you just can’t believe it the way it masks the smell. Best one out there definitely.

7. Instant Action Clumping Cat Litter

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Last on our list we leave you with the best clumping cat litter in our hold again. Dive down for its plus points. This product is rated at a good 4.5/5 stars.

Key Features

  • As evident with the name this odor eliminating cat litter provides instant removal action of the cat’s waste.
  • Protects you against various types of odors of substances such as, ammonia urine and feces etc.
  • Blocks those types of harmful odors quickly.
  • dust free cat litter due to their materials.
  • Offers tidiness and cleanliness for your cat around the clock all day.
  • Reliable formula by the company ensures maximum clumping possible while keeping your cat and you surely satisfied with its performance.
  • Allows for ease in scooping up waste.
  • Works well as a best cat litter for multiple cats as well.

Thus, buy from our trusted brand to ensure a clean environment around your home and for your fuzzy little creature. Spread the love!

Customer Review
  • While in use there’s rarely any leakage that occurs while this odor eliminator also doesn’t give off any kind of smells at all. By that I mean not even one. Must recommend!
  • Works best for my multiple cat’s and makes me want to come back to buy it again and again. That’s how much I love their performance offers no smell and is easy on the budget. Great product overall guys!


In the end while we showed you guys a ton of several best odor eliminating cat litter in the market. We surely hope we made the process of finding the best odor eliminator for your cat and easy process.





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