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Bluetooth Adapter for Torque Pro is small but a useful gadget to diagnose the mechanical issue of your vehicle. However, the best OBD2 Bluetooth adaptor for torque pro helps to improve the performance by checking the issues and errors of your car’s tuning kit. In this review article, we are mentioning Bluetooth obd2 along with certain essential considerations.

Top Best Bluetooth Adapter for Torque Pro

1. BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional OBDII

BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional OBDII

Key Features

  • Reads and clears your Check Engine Light, all other vehicle systems.
  • Get your unlimited free vehicle-specific Repair Reports.
  • Officially licensed and certified for Apple and Android devices.
  • BlueDriver App and both BlueDriver Sensors work to each other to ensure quality.
  • Conduct a variety of advanced tests.
  • Fuel system test.
  • Comprehensive components test.
  • Airbag, ABS.
  • Misfire counts, etc.

This device has great customization options. Data will be displayed in the form of graphs and gauge. You choose the color of graphs for better understanding. You have the option to choose data sources included RPMs, fuel pressure and speed, etc. Scanner show complete accurate information included vehicle specification, recalls technical service bulletin(TSBs).

Blue driver Bluetooth pro obdii facilitate you in passing local smog test giving you information whether a vehicle is ready for smog test or not. It performs many tests included comprehensive component tests, ABS, misfire counts, and fuel system tests, blue driver Bluetooth professional obdii scan tool for iPhone, iPad & android is the best scanning tool.


  • Offer advance diagnostic feature
  • Display real-time feature included engine oil temp, fuel usage and pressure
  • Display faults and fix them


  • The app doesn’t work efficiently with a laptop

Customer Reviews

This device is giftable

2. Veepeak BLE OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner


Veepeak BLE OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner

Key Features

  •  Turn your iPhone, iPad or Android phone/tablet into a  car scan tool.
  • Read diagnostic trouble codes.
  • Freeze frame data.
  • Reset check engine light.
  • Prepare a smog test.
  • View real-time sensor readings.
  • Create a customized dashboard and estimate fuel economy.
  • Works with all brand OBD2 / EOBD compliant cars and light trucks.
  • Easy to plug in and unplug.
  •  Lower power consumption.

This scanner performs multiple functions like clear, reset, check engine light and erase trouble codes. Show live readings and data through graphs for instant results. The device delivers information related to fuel usage, freeze frame data and monitor smog check. It uses very low voltage as it works on Bluetooth 4.0.

The device featuring different function with different apps the app Car Scanner ELM OBD2 monitor your car in real-time, BIimmerCode help in coding for BMWs, Carista suggests good customization options, TripLog help in tracking of vehicle mileage, Dash offer engine light diagnostic and Torque Pro offers data customization, sensor reading,  monitoring faults. The reason for using different apps is the scanner has no universal apps, you can use multiple apps for different functions.

This device works only iOS and android platform with Bluetooth 4.0. The car is compatible to work with all US cars 1996 and newer vehicles.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Compatible with many vehicles
  • Numbers of compatible apps introduces advance features
  • Saves powers
  • Easy to use there are no complex settings


  • Using different apps is hard to enable, some apps are paid
  • Performing advance features speed turn  slow

Customer Reviews

Connecting to the ios does not need any pairing

3. iCarsoft i920 Scanner for Ford

iCarsoft i920 Scanner for Ford

Key Features

  • Multi-system Scanner i920 for Ford/Holden+OBDII.
  • Professional vehicle fault diagnostic tool developed by iCarsoft Technology Inc.
  •  The product supplies colorful TFT screen and unique diagnostic software.
  • Power: 9V — 18V.
  • Power consumption:1.2W.

Plugs directly to the dashboard. Look after of any trouble code. The scanner tool is convenient, handheld and easy to use. Provide up to date information about your vehicle and display data for 6.0 power stroke included data stream, freeze frame, O2 sensor and a lot more. It is easy to read and its backlit facilitates reading at night time.

Featuring 10 modes of operation have diagnosed test modes makes it the best scanner for a 6.0 power stroke engine period.


  • Support Multilanguage
  • Diagnose Single Brand of all Models ( OBDII-16 DLC )


  • scanner function to program frod transponder key is missing

Customer Reviews

I will give 5 star to this product, display measurement in metrics.

4. BAFX Wireless Bluetooth OBD2

BAFX Wireless Bluetooth OBD2

Key Features

  • Great durability.
  • Suitable to read diagnostic problem codes.
  • generic or manufacturer-specific.
  • present code meanings.
  • Connects to your android smartphone via a Torque.
  •  Analyze your check engine.
  • monitor in real-time to better locate your problem.

BAFX Products 34t5 Bluetooth obdii is one of the best Bluetooth OBD2 scanner available in the market. This scanner work through an android device with the help of Bluetooth. The small device attaches to the OBDII data port, is located under the dash of the driver’s side. It is the best obd2 Bluetooth adapter for torque pro paired with Bluetooth via an android smartphone, tablet, iPad and operate through an app.

BAFX products Bluetooth diagnostic OBD-II scanner display reding check engine light illuminates they clear error code. This feature helps in completing the pretest of the emission system that you can pass the test for the first time. The device displays real-time data and 1/8 to 1-mile drag time immediately.

Compatible to 1996 and all new vehicles (OBDII and CAN). The scanner restarts the check engine light, it is operated with an android phone to erase trouble codes. The device monitor many readings included acceleration, throttle, velocity fuel trim, EOT and lot more


  • erase trouble codes
  • help in the identification of problem
  • uses low voltage
  • simple, easy to setup
  • don’t need to use the generic software provided
  • Paired with Bluetooth via an android free app
  • Don’t require an extra ODII scanner.


  • do not support IOS and iPhones

Customer Reviews

I will rate this product 4 stars it is easy to setup

5. ScanTool OBD Link LX Bluetooth

ScanTool OBD Link LX Bluetooth

Key Features

  • 4x faster.
  •  LX accelerates apps and software up to 400%.
  • Hacker-proof uses a unique multi-layered link security mechanism.
  • removing the risk of unauthorized access.
  • Works on a wider range of vehicles.

An affordable scanner that can be used with any device( Android, window, PC and tablet). Connect this code reader with your OBD2 port and your device is now converted into a scanning tool for your vehicle. The tool diagnose the engine performance and evaluate instantaneous and average MPG,  scan error codes and analyze check engine light.

Increases the 400% interference of app and software, make it the best obd2 scanner Bluetooth as the feature enable you to obtain real-time reading without any lag.

Display reading in the form of graphs and virtual gauges. Uses the ELM327 chip to increase the transfer speed and fewer disconnects. Easy to use, having fast Bluetooth connection and comes with an android app and window software to speed up the scanning process. This scanner tool is the best obd2 Bluetooth adapter as it’s used by professionals.


  • Compact and convenient
  • ELM327 chip provides a fast transfer speed
  • Multilayer security mechanism gives protection from hackers


  • Don’t work with Apple and iOS.

Customer Reviews

It is an amazing scan tool, not connect apple products.

7. Mestart OBD2 Bluetooth

Mestart OBD2 Bluetooth

Key Features

  •  Mainly used with Android system phones.
  • Compatible App is Torque Pro, Torque Lite (free), OBD Car Doctor (free), etc.
  • Compatible cars are Alfa Romeo / Audi / Bentley / BMW / Cadillac / Chevrolet.

Its a computer chip design for the decoding of OBD2 signals. It can be used in a combo of gasoline-powered vehicles in the US, Europe gasoline cars. An easy method to get information about your car using third-party apps. The device only provides admittance to real data sensors and pull trouble codes. This elm327 obd2 Bluetooth adapter to many vehicles included Audi, Honda, Cadillac, Bentley, Ford, etc.

Don’t require any battery or cable just Bluetooth advance technology is needed. The device can connect with windows, laptops, tablets, and android. Torque app Bluetooth adapter compatible with many apps included torque pro, toque lite, and OBD Car doctor.


  • inexpensive
  • More stable
  • Compatible with many apps
  • Compact in size


  • No iOS support
  • Work better with paid apps

Customer Reviews

Works amazing on any torque and diesel.

7. Actron OBD2 Auto Scanner

Actron OBD2 Auto Scanner

Key Features

  • Trilingual support and internet updatable.
  • Scan tool features at a code reader price featuring live engine data freeze frame data.
  • Monitors OBD-II drive cycle state OBD check and more.
  • Over 15,000 generic and manufacturer-specific code definitions displayed on-screen.
  • Trilingual menu, manual and definitions (English, Spanish, French).
  • Read and display VIN, CVN, and Cal ID.
  • The system setup menu includes language setup, unit of measure, display test, etc.

This scanner work with all vehicles, have  OBD2 and CAN. With advanced features, this scanner can read and display generic and specific codes. The advance feature delivers information about the live engine included 6 modes of OBD-II data, data freeze frame data, trilingual support, emission check, real-time data, drive cycle mode and more. Show the position of inspection and maintenance monitor, their proper functioning is important to pass in an emission test.

To include the new code in the database you have to update the software regularly. The purpose to store codes is recognition and interpretation. You Check engine light glow, the best obd2 scanner Bluetooth gives access to English, French and Spanish languages.

The device offers amazing features by displaying the emission level, freeze frame data, and DTCs.  Something has gone wrong the vehicle Check Engine light illuminates at the exact moment, erase the diagnostic trouble code.


  • Powered by car battery through 16-pin OBD-II CONNECTOR
  • Give access to English, Spanish, and French language
  • Work with all vehicles (OBD-II & CAN).
  • Field updatable via USB port.


  • The cable is stiff and short in length

Customer Reviews

Clear codes, instructions are clear and easy to follow. This tool helped customers pass safety/emissions.

 8. Kitbest Check Engine Light OBD2

Kitbest Check Engine Light OBD2

Key Features

  •  Work with iOS ( iPhone, iPad ) and Android devices with the  OBD2 Apps.
  •  Can gather the real-time sensor reading data from your car.
  • Turn your smartphone and tablet into a sophisticated diagnostic scan tool.

Affordable Bluetooth obd ii adapter accurately display live sensor data included O2 readings, EOT, EGT, engine RPM, smog test, fuel trim, calculated load value, intake manifold pressure, and throttle. Read, erase, DTCs and CEL.

A kit best scanner is compatible with many apps OBD Fusion, Carista, and OBD Car Doctor Pro. The scanner has many features including a map view, track recorder, and trip information. All you need is to plug the scanner into the scanner portal, connect your phone, tablet or PC through Wi-Fi. The scanner starting display all the information about your car


  • A 5-year warranty is available
  • Deliver description with codes


  • Doesn’t support diesel truck and car

Customer Reviews

This OBD scanner is great as, able to work with your 2008 mini clubman.

9. FIXD OBD2 Professional Bluetooth Scan Tool

FIXD OBD2 Professional Bluetooth Scan Tool

Key Features

  • Gives 2 to 3 sentences of the problem in easy English
  • Suitable for 1966 vehicles and beyond those vehicles.

It is the best obd2 scanner BlueTooth made in 1966 with the view to connect all types of vehicles, with the help of the fixed app you will detect that problem and fixes that problem. It tells you the problem, gives you a detailed description of the problem mentioned the effects of the problems on the car. your minor problem easily fixes you do not face seriously expensive problems.

This Bluetooth obd2 scan tool tells you the estimated cost incurred on the problem. Amazing features of this scanner tell you the problem as it develops, you track multiple vehicles on one time with several devices simply linking it to the fad app


  • Wireless scanning
  • Continuously monitoring makes your life easy


  • App is inconsistent

Customer Reviews

The fixed can clear diagnostic trouble codes and reset the light amazingly.

10. LELink Bluetooth Low Energy OBD-II

LELink Bluetooth Low Energy OBD-II

Key Features

  • Auto on/off ZERO power standby mode.
  • Compatible with iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod) and Android mobile.
  • App Engine Link LE supports industry-leading apps, Engine Link.

The Bluetooth OBD-ii car auto diagnostic scanner is specially designed to support iOS. If you have iPhone 4s. iPod touch 5th gen, iPad mini and iPad 3rd gen this scanner works perfectly for you. It supports many apps included Enginelink, LeafSpy Pro, Dyno Cart, ezOBD and OBDfusion. Bluetooth obd2 scan tool consumes less power.

Easy to use just need to plug and play, no pairing is needed. Bluetooth signals are very strong, you can operate your car in the garage from any corner of the house. Work with almost all vehicles (OBDII and EOBD). You can leave it on and the battery didn’t drain.


  • Compatible with many apps
  • An affordable option with iOS support


  • EngineLink app needs to be connected

Customer Reviews

The BlueTooth signal of this device is strong and it works amazing.

11. PLX Devices Kiwi 3 OBD2 Bluetooth 

PLX Devices Kiwi 3 OBD2 Bluetooth 

Key Features

  • Cross-platform compatible.
  • High speed  4x faster.
  •  compatible with all cars and consumer trucks built after 1996.
  • 3. App compatibility  Torque.
  •  It consumes less energy.

This best Bluetooth obd2 scan tool works with the kiwi OBD app, this app is user friendly and has many amazing features. The device support multiple apps one who is not supported by other OBDll scanners. The scanner is compact, its dimension is only 0.68. work 4x faster aside from conventional Bluetooth scanner, you don’t have to pair Bluetooth just plug press the play button.

Display information related to fuel efficiency, GPS mapping, real-time data, data logging, etc. The device enables the user to consume low power, it is a beneficial feature for car engines. The Bluetooth obd2 scan tool covers countless error codes included  CAN error, manufacturer, generic error, etc.


  • Compact size
  • Faster apart from old Bluetooth adapters
  • Consume low power
  • Instant plug and play device


  • Kiwi app need to buy for proper functioning

Customer Reviews

3 scans in realtime provide data for customized gauges, dashboards.

12. KOBRA Wireless OBD2 Car Code Reader

KOBRA Wireless OBD2 Car Code Reader

Key Features

  • Remove all check engine lights transform your car into a Smart car diagnostic tool.
  •  “Check Engine” light indication and other trouble codes, effortlessly!
  •  Connects to multiple devices with WIFI connection to diagnose any car problem.
  • Diverse compatibility with all 1996 – 2016 vehicles.

Bluetooth obd2 code readers can connect with windows, android, and iOS through Wi-Fi. Easy to use just plug in connect with your device and start diagnosing the problem. Featuring an auto diagnostic scanner accurately identifies the problem and saves your money. Don’t need any specific tool, you just need a Wi-Fi connection and you can detect any problem in your car

A Bluetooth car code reader can read generic, manufacturer-specific trouble code can connect with Apple, tablet, smartphone, Windows and many more. It comes with a 1-year money-back guarantee.

It’s compatible with any device that uses Wi-Fi.  The low price tag is an attractive thing, urge you to buy it. The upgraded version of this card reader improve Wi-Fi signal, increase app compatibility, and NO CD.


  • Affordable
  • Support many apps
  • Read and erase trouble codes
  • Support OBDII protocols


  • Having no battery save mode

Customer Reviews

It shows the live data stream depends on what you are using.

13. FOXWELL OBD2 Scanner



  • Support android and iOS system
  • Work with all OBDII protocols


  • Can be connected to a smartphone through Bluetooth

Key Features

  • Supports multiple codes: Generic, manufacturer specific, pending and permanent codes.
  • Display fault code definition automatically, read and review fault data.
  • Graph Data Supported.
  • Support Multiple Language: English, Russian, Spanish and many more.

The device is easy to use. Read and erase code error with the help of check engine light. Monitor your vehicle including information about sensor data and other readings. The scanner displays fuel system status, pressure, oxygen sensory voltage and calculates load value.

User friendly just connects the scanner with the vehicle’s OBDII, download the app. Turn the scanner ON  link your device it starts scanning your vehicle. It’s compatible to many vehicles of 2000, new vehicles with OBDII protocol  CAN, ISO9141-2 and KWP2000  included BMW, Mahindra, Audi, VW, GM, Dodge, Opel, Land Rover, Lexus, Fiat, Jaguar, Citroen, Porsche, Lancia, Volvo, Alfa and many more.

Customer Reviews

Easy to use on android.

OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter is small but a useful gadget to diagnose mechanical issue of your vehicle. The best OBD2 Bluetooth adaptor for torque pro helps to improve the performance by checking the issues and errors of your car’s tuning kit. In this review article, we are mentioning Bluetooth obd2 along with certain essential considerations.

BUYER”S GUIDE | Bluetooth Adapter for Torque Pro


  • Compatibility is the most important thing when it comes to OBD2 system. It must be compatible with your vehicle and smartphone as well.
  • A small app needs to be installed in your smartphone which is connected with OBD2 system of your vehicle to get updated with the current status.
  • It should be compatible with all the operating systems such as Apple, iOS, Windows. Mostly scanner doesn’t compatible with old vehicles.

Power Consumption

  • Anything plugged in to the car consumes battery even at the moment when the ignition is not on. A poor obd2 device can consume more battery and turn on the Engine control unit of your car that leads to drainage of battery.
  • It is suggested to get the OBD2 support the sleep mode which can draw 5mA maximum current from the vehicle battery.
  • Always prefer a scanner who consumes low voltage. 

Free and Regular Updates

  • Regular updates are necessary to perform the newly introduced function. Select a device which updates regularly

Data storage

  • To scan multiple cars there is must be an organized data storage format. Must have featured in an adapter for professional use.


  • As the OBD2 system can easily access the vehicle’s electronics, it is compulsory that the device that you have purchased is fully tested and certified. Additionally, it should not cause any kind of issue in the performance of your vehicle.

What things to be taken care of Bluetooth Adapter for Torque Pro?

This product is very beneficial and now according to the law, it has been made a compulsion for every vehicle manufactured after 1996 that it is a compulsory gadget in every car. With all the benefits it has there are some security concerns too.

Data Hacking Risk

Connectivity issue is a common issue that occurs commonly when it comes to electronics. It also can lead to data leaking risk. Many people are concerned about privacy. Make sure to check the security measures offered by the manufacturers.

Damage Suspect

It is mostly installed on the driving side, the impact caused on the device is prone to damage. It can easily spot and unplugged as well which makes it more delicate. In some devices, you will get the message that the OBD2 is unplugged whenever it gets tempered or pulled out.

Obdlink MX vs Blue Driver

                          Blue driver                         Obdlink MX
Compatible to any device smartphones, windows laptops, and tablets. Only support its own Blue Driver app. Doesn’t compatible with an iOS device, can support third-party apps.
Display live data, freeze frame, smog check, and 6 advance test mode, read and erase CEL codesGive access to freeze-frame, read clear confirmed, permanent and pending codes.
Provide code definition, causes and report fixesDon’t have the feature of repair report
One year warrantyThree-year warranty

Conclusion | Bluetooth Adapter for Torque Pro

Want to solve your car’s problem? Onboard Diagnostic 2 system (OBD2) helps in regulating software and monitor car function. Maintain your car by self-diagnosis of a problem and by sending commands to a different system. Bluetooth Adapter for Torque Pro displays data about engine RPM, crankshaft position, throttle, road speed, and air temperature. There are thousands of BlueTooth adapter available in the market this review helps you in selecting the best obd2 Bluetooth adapter for torque pro.

This review is based on the research and surveys of our expert’s team that present the authentic information of Bluetooth Adapter for Torque Pro for every product its unique features, its pros, and cons so you can select one which you want. do not waste any more time and grab your favorite product, saves your time makes your life tension free.

FAQs | Bluetooth Adapter for Torque Pro

What is the best obd2 Bluetooth adapter?

Brax is best obd2 in my opinion as it is compatible with 1996 and its outstanding features make it unique.

How do you use torque pro obd2?

Firstly plug your obd2 scan tool now press the on button without starting your engine pair it with Bluetooth or app now scan the device by clicking Bluetooth icon, its password is commonly 0000 lastly in your phone launch the torque app.

Does Torque Pro work with Bluedriver?

Torque Pro is an app it is more effective and detail app than a blue driver, thus blue driver works only with blue driver’s app

What can I do with torque pro?

With the help of torque pro, you can self-diagnosis your car that what problem your car faces.

Can Torque Pro read abs?

Yes, but engine code is not the same as abs codes

How do I use obd2 Bluetooth scanner on iPhone?

Just need to make sure that your iPhone is compatible with your torque pro app now plug your diagnostic port with the scanner turn the button on connect it with wifi signals lastly starts your car engine sometimes you do not know about engine problem without running.

How do I use Bluetooth obd2 scan tool?

As I already tell you in question no 2 Plug your obd2 scan tool now press the on button without starting your engine pair it with Bluetooth or app now scan the device by clicking Bluetooth icon, its password is commonly 0000 lastly in your phone launch the torque app.



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