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You cannot be always aware of what is happening in the house when you are working. To be alert about your kids or their nannies best nanny cam for iphone is a great tool for security. Some people might face difficulties in deciding on what is important and relevant to look for, don’t worry we have got you covered.


Things to Consider


  • The design of the camera depends on your personal preference
  • If you want a device for hidden security, there are wide options available like a compact or a wireless model that you can hide behind things
  • So decide if you want a security camera or friendly appearance camera for kids room


  • With the video equipment, you can generally get better quality results with higher prices
  • In this article, you will find suggestions from $30-$300+ price range
  • Not only quality but size also determines the price of the camera

Camera Movement

  • The movement of the camera is an important factor because it provides the wide-angle coverage
  • Some cameras will only have zoom-in options, while others provide the camera ability to move directionally
  • If you need maximum coverage then consider the camera with this feature


  • The camera should have the ability to connect it to the wifi so you can easily connect with it anywhere from your phone
  • Other than that pixel resolution should be good for more clear and sharp images

Extra Features

  • Look for cameras that provide more than just video footage
  • Some cameras provide night time vision to have better coverage at night time
  • Some camera also has two-way voice communication

8 Best Nanny Cam For Iphone


1. Nest Cam

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  • This camera can record 24/7 footage in 1080p video quality
  • It has a 130-degree coverage and has 8 infrared lights for clear vision at night
  • With this nanny camera, you get immediate message alerts when it detects activity
  • It is easy to set this camera and also contains the features of 2-way audio


  • Easy to set
  • 24/7 stream
  • Facial recognition
  • 130-degree rotation


  • Corded
  • High price

This best hidden nanny cam with audio gives a 130-degree coverage, which allows you to see the footage from different rooms. To provide you good quality and clear footage for night time, 8 infrared LED lights are introduced in this camera.

This best hidden nanny cam with audio allows you to store footage of 30 days and in the case of any suspicious motion detection, it gives instant alerts and notifications. With this best hidden nanny cam with audio, you get the feature of facial recognition, which increases security.

The drawbacks of this camera are that they are highly-priced and also they are not wireless.

Best Nanny Cam Review

I am using this best rated nanny cam for my house and office, the subscription part of this nanny camera is a bit frustrating, other than that the performance is great.

2. Wyze Cam Pan

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  • This nanny camera gives quick 360-degree coverage in less than 3 seconds
  • It works with Alexa, you just have to give voice commands to watch the live stream of your camera
  • For night time clarity it has 6 infrared lights and it provides you clear images from up to 30 feet away
  • It is a 2-way audio camera, meaning you can talk to the person on the other end


  • Affordable
  • 360-degree vision
  • 30 feet night vision view


  • Cannot use it with Google
  • Corded

One of the nanny cameras for home has smooth tilt action that can rotate at the angle of 360-degree to cover the whole room. This one of the nanny cameras for home has 6 infrared lights that can give you a clear nighttime view from even 30 feet away.

The setup is quite easy as well, just plug in the camera and install the Wyze app and you are good to go. Through the app, you can also see the old and previous recordings and adjust the settings accordingly.

Furthermore, this one of the nanny cameras for home has 2-way audio, that permits you to connect and talk to the person on the other side and also can hear their voice. The drawback of this product is that if someone has an Android they can’t connect this camera. Also, it doesn’t function wirelessly.

Best Nanny Cam Review

This is far better than the cameras I have used before for the baby’s room.

3. Blink Home Security Camera

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  • With its 720p video quality, you can check the footage of your house with minimal blurring
  • In case someone is armed, its motion detector will capture the footage right away and will alarm you
  • With this nanny camera, you get free cloud storage service
  • This contains 2AA lithium non-rechargeable batteries that can last you for months before needing to replace


  • Portable design
  • Free cloud storage
  • Motion detection


  • Video and audio lag
  • Doesn’t include 2-way audio

This night vision nanny cam can be easily hidden in the places like behind the books and shelves, this battery powered night vision nanny cam is best for the condition if you want to use it for security.

This night vision nanny cam comes with a hub-like device that you can use to connect the phone and camera with the device. As it gets every noticeable motion you can replay and save any footage you want.

The small camera provides you wide-angle coverage and gives free storage space for your data. The issue with this nanny camera is the video and sound have a slight lag and it doesn’t provide the feature of 2-way communication.

Best Nanny Cam Review

I’ve got security cameras before but the installation and functions were quite difficult. I’m glad I don’t have to face this problem with this best rated nanny cam.

4. YI 1080p Home Camera

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  • With its advance AI detection, it will only send you alert when it is important and won’t send false alarms
  • This camera has 940nm LED lights that won’t disturb the baby and will also give a brighter and clearer vision
  • The YI cloud offers you unlimited storage without the need of extra SD card
  • It works with Alexa, so you can use it with any device that has Alexa screen


  • Affordable
  • 4x zoom
  • 1080p quality
  • Unlimited cloud storage


  • Support low memory SD card

This reasonably priced best wifi nanny cam gives the video quality of 1080p and can be zoomed in 4 times the original footage. This specially designed best wifi nanny cam for kids provides you unlimited storage on the cloud to store all your footages.

With the Y1 home app, you can see the live streaming of the rooms and can also give the option to enable motion detectors that alert you of any suspicious activity. The best wifi nanny cam comes with 8 LED lights of 940nm each to give a clear view for the night time.

Along with these features, this best hidden nanny cam can also support SD card of 64 GB if you don’t want to use the cloud support.

Best Nanny Cam Review

The mini nanny cameras for home is amazing and provides clear and detailed images.

5. Swann Pan and Tilt

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  • This wireless camera is great for day and night time with its feature of 2-way audio
  • With the Always safe app, this camera can tilt 355 degrees from left to right and 105 degrees in up and down motion
  • Through its motion-sensing technology, it sends notifications and alerts when the motion is detected
  • It also allows saving and playing the old recordings, you can also stream live video from anywhere with just wifi connection


  • 50 ft vision
  • Zoom capabilities
  • 2-way audio


  • Not portable

With this best hidden nanny cam, you get a wide vision of all directions. It can turn 55 degrees while moving left and right when moving towards up and down it moves at an angle of 105 degrees.

Because of its LED lights, the best hidden nanny cam can provide you a clear vision of 50 ft at night time. Along with the option of Cloud, you can also save your data on the SD card of 64 GB. The setup is easy you only have to connect it with the required app to make it work.

The issue of this camera is that it is not portable because you will need to charge it using a cable, but that can be overlooked with a fact that it provides a wide angle for additional security.

Best Nanny Camera Reviews

The working of the mini nanny cameras for home is good. I am happy with the results.

6. Canary View Security Camera

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  • It gives a quality video of 1080p with a wide-angle of 147 degree
  • With its AI-powered intelligence, it includes person detection and smart alerts
  • It also gives the facility of one-touch access to the emergency contacts
  • Downloading the canary system app will update you with all the alerts in case of suspicious movements


  • Person detection
  • One-touch access to contacts
  • 1080p quality
  • AI-powered intelligence


  • Slowly connects to wifi

This motion activated nanny cam has a wide-angle of 147 degrees and high quality footage of 1080p. This motion activated nanny cam also provides you simple touch access to emergency contacts in case of any unfortunate accident.

Furthermore, the wireless nanny cam with audio has AI-powered technology that allows you to add the person detection, with this you will only get alerts if any suspicious person enters the house.

The issue with this motion activated nanny cam is that many customers have complained about the connection with the internet is very slow in this device.

Best Nanny Camera Reviews

The installation was quite easy. I am very satisfied with the product

7. Logitech Circle 2

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  • This easy to set camera record the detected motion and stores all the footage in the private cloud
  • It has night time visibility of 15 ft
  • This camera provides 1080p quality of footage and has a 180-degree wide-angle
  • The cloud can store the footage of up to 24 hours
  • It has a smart feature of time-lapse that gives you highlights of 30 seconds that captures important moments of the day


  • Two-way talk
  • 180-degree wide-angle
  • Smart time lapse
  • 1080p quality


  • Poor night time quality

This wireless nanny cam with audio stores all your footages in cloud storage and you can save data up to 24 hours long. The wireless nanny cam with audio gives high results in 1080p quality with a wide-angle of 180 degrees.

What sets this one of the best hidden nanny cams apart from others is that it has a smart time-lapse option that provides you 30-second long footage of day with all the highlights. The con of this one of the best hidden nanny cams is that it has a low-quality night time vision of only 15 ft.

Best Nanny Camera Reviews

I’ve been using this one of the best hidden nanny cams for 3 months, and very satisfy with the results.

8. Arlo Baby

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  • It has a unique design dressed as a bunny or a kitty
  • This camera also includes lullabies and monitor the temperature and humidity in baby’s room through air sensors
  • At the night time, it can see the distance up to 15 feet and sense motions up to 50 feet


  • Cute design
  • Air sensors
  • Smart music player


  • Limited vision for nighttime

This night vision nanny camera for babies has a unique and cute design that is dressed up as a bunny or a kitty. Furthermore, it includes an air sensor to detect the temperature and humidity of the baby’s room.

The battery operated nanny cam also has a smart music player for different lullabies of the children so they can sleep well. At the night time, you can have the vision up to 15 feet and also detects the motion up to 50 feet.

The drawback of this motion detector nanny cam is that it only has 15 feet vision at night time which is considered very low when compared to other cameras in the same range.

Best Nanny Camera Reviews

This mini nanny cameras for home is one of the easiest cameras to set but the issue I faced is with the customer services, that should be improved.


The best nanny cam for iphone is a great way to look after your kid’s security when you are not at home. This article has covered all the essential things that you need to consider with the 8 best options that you can find in the market.


1. what do nanny cameras look like?

The nanny cameras have a compact design and look like any other security camera that you install in your house, with some features like night time vision and two-way communication.

2. What is good picture quality for a nanny cam?

To have a clear and crisp image, try to find a nanny cam that has at least the image quality of 1080p.

3. How do nanny cams store memory?

It defers from the camera to the camera. Some nanny cam offers separate cloud storage and some have the option of inserting an SD card of 64 GB to store the footage.

4. Where can I hide my nanny cam?

The wireless cameras can easily be hidden anywhere between plants or behind bookshelves etc, but with wire ones, the options are very limited and they are difficult to hide.

5. How can I use a hidden nanny cam legally?

It is better to tell the nanny that you are recording. But all the states of the USA allow the private kind of recording as long as it is within your house.




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