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We rely on sports like angling and fishing to help us keep relax when we do not feel life deeply. People who are fond of angling, love to invest in high-quality reels. Modern musky reels have fittings casting for distance and accuracy. They are also specialized with pressure sensors that make them sneaky and fast, And are usually used for deep drops and trolling.

After testing 50+ musky reels we are here with what we feel about the best musky reel and their essential features.  

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Musky Reel

Here are some important things you should consider before investing in a musky reel for fishing.

1. Hand Operation

No matter how good the features are It will be waste of money if:

  • The reel does not suit your dominant hand
  • You must consider, which hand operation the reel supports
  • If you are using the reel with the right hand you will cast it with the left hand
  • Left and right both are conventional and climbing high in markets

2. Gears

The functionality of musky reels mainly depends on its gears and gear ratio.

  • Gears that are made of stainless steel are more durable than those made of brass
  • The speed and rotation of the spool at which the reel picks up line is its gear ratio
  • The best and most common gear ratio range of 6.4:1. This allows fast as well as slow-moving presentations.

3. Weight

  • The weight of musky wheels depends on its length. Greater the length, greater is the weight.
  • The average weight of musky reels ranges from 20 – 30 pounds.
  • An ideal weight for the line is 80 pounds

4. Durability

  • A reel must be water, rust, and corrosion-resistant and consistent
  • Must be able to bear the weight of any fish without cracking or breaking the line
  • Buy a musky reel that is made of durable and reliable material like aluminum and stainless steel

Table Summary


1. Shimano Tranx Low Profile Fishing Reel

Shimano Tranx Low Profile Fishing Reel

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Key features:

  • Includes a powerful baitcasting reel that is built to tackle anything that swims underwater
  • Offers weather and water-resistant technology with Long-lasting performance and durability
  • A metal reel that provides bulletproof performance and impact resistance
  • X-ship technology provides a smooth and effortless angling
  • 22 lbs. maximum drag and 5.8:1 gear ratio
  • It comes in a weight of 11.6 ounces with a 30 inches line retrieve
  • It is Perfect for catching big fishes

From all of many muskie fishing reels  Shimano Tranx low profile bait casting fishing reel has our eyes. With a gear ratio of 5.8:1 it works extremely well in catching all the small big fishes. There are numerous features that convinced us to mention the Shimano musky reels on top of our list.

You can describe fishing with the Shimano Tranx in few words like smooth, effortless, relaxing, and quiet. On the other side, in many low profile musky reels this stands above perfection. It has an attractive metal body with the solid build quality and the x-ship water-resistant technology.

It is truly a premium quality product. The bearings include 5bb + 1rb. 40/195, 50/190, 65/125 power pro line cap and 12/230, 14/180, 17/150 mono line cap. It allows the right hand to retrieve and a double handle.

Customer Reviews:
Customers are totally satisfied and highly recommend this best baitcasting reel under 100 as it works perfectly for big swimbaits. The perfect reel to catch any fish of any water.

2. Okuma High Speed Trolling Reel

Okuma High Speed Trolling Reel

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Key features:

  • It has a line retrieve of 40.7 inch RH
  • Originally manufactured and assembled in OKUMA
  • Aluminum body and carbonate drag system
  • Lightweight and corrosion-resistant
  • 3BB + 1RB ball bearings made of stainless steel
  • Made of highest quality material

The Okuma cold water wireline high speed trolling reels are the sophisticated, modern, and elegant musky fishing reels we have found. It gives a feeling of comfort when holding, as it acquires a perfect shape to fit in your hand.

It is made up of 65 pounds aluminum frame and the spool can stretch up to 150 yards. Which is enough to catch a salmon and many muskies. The use of advanced material and its build-in quality is enough to catch a variety of fishes. It is an ideal thing for both off/inshore fishing adventures.

The thumb spool is available for easy casting and helps in minimizing the drift. It offers both left and right-hand retrieves. The carbonated drag system multi-disc and power grip handle makes it the best musky reel for the money.

Customer Reviews:
Customers gave a number of positive feedbacks. “I am using it for months and hadn’t found anything that I don’t like about it. Performed fantastic. Excellent drag and smoothest reel”. 



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Key features:

  • Maximum 25 lbs. ultimate tournament carbon drag
  • Custom Winn handle grips
  • Provides 32.40 inches retrieve rate
  • Operates with the left hand only with 7.1 gear ratio
  • Handles offer a weight-reducing cutout

According to our research Daiwa musky reels have been a favorite tool of 100 out of 70% fisher mans for angling and fishing. The DAIWA LEXA-WN300HSL is known for its powerful performance and unique design. It is specifically designed to work efficiently for coastal fishing or in any water.

It has a 25 pounds of maximum drag capacity and a strong aluminum frame construction. An automatic clutch is best to catch larger fishes like musky and catfish. The bearings of this Daiwa musky baitcaster lasts 12 times longer than an average ball bearing.

A premium look and gear ratio of 7.1 is all about rigidity and strength. The most important fact that we received from these fishing reel reviews is it’s lightweight and super heavy functionalities.

Customer Reviews:
A lot of reviews, written as, an amazing reel. I use for Musky fishing, pulls double 10’s pretty easily, very impressed. Feels great in my hand. Have it paired up with a lamiglas tfx 7030 CT. More than enough power to get a number of catfishes.

4. Abu Garcia Revo SX Low Profile Fishing Reel

Abu Garcia Revo SX Low Profile Fishing Reel

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Key features:

  • Stainless steel 9 ball bearings
  • 1 roller bearing
  • Provides smooth operation
  • Strength and durability
  • C6 carbon side plates that provide weight reduction
  • Gear made of brass for long-lasting gear life
  • The instant anti-reverse feature is available

The fourth generation of Abu Garcia musky reels are engineered to deliver power and high performance. The product is as hot in the market as the website launched the availability it immediately becomes out of stock in a day. Luckily you can still find all of Abu Garcia’s series in the Amazon store.

This musky reel has a gear ratio of 6.6:1. The DuraClutch design with an upgraded brake system results in smooth operations and effortless performance. With a premium metal construction it is lightweight, resist corrosion, and does not create any friction on the cast.

It is easy to maintain and operates with both the left and right hand. You will definitely love using this musky fishing reel. The raw power, ease of use, and INFINI dual brake system will give you the smoothest fishing experience ever.

Customer Reviews:
Many customers have used this product and give feedback like, “This is a fantastic reel. I liked it so much I instantly bought another. I have the revo3 SX and thought this would probably be about the same but the dual brakes on the revo4 SX let you throw very light lures without issue”. “The longer handle and new knobs are perfect.”

5. Kast king Spartacus Baitcasting Fishing Reel

Kast king Spartacus Baitcasting Fishing Reel

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Key features:

  • Most dynamic feature include the exceptional micro-cast dual centrifugal magnetic brakes
  • 17.5 lbs. carbon fiber drag with fish stopping power
  • 11 + 1 corrosion resistant ball bearings
  • Aluminum spool for smooth casting
  • Brass gears of powerful precision
  • Rubber cork Handle knobs with embossed kast king logo
  • 6.3:1 gear ratio makes it the exceptional bait casting weapon

Kastking Spartacus baitcasting reel is made with a high quality metal material. The bigger downside of this reel is the gear ratio of 6.3:1 and a maximum drag of 17.5 lbs. the quality features include the weather resistant exterior, CNC aluminum spool, and brass gears.

It is available in right and left hand models. If you are a beginner or looking forward to the best beginner bait caster, the KastKing will change your game. It is one of the cheapest reels in our list that go beyond limits, saves your money, and provides you years of fishing pleasure with its durable structure and properties.  

You can use this reel in freshwater and saltwater. Some more features include the 8.1-ounce Rubber cork Handle knobs with embossed kastking logo and magnetic centrifugal brake systems.

Customer Reviews:
Customers have been extremely impressed with this reel. “This is a great reel and it is easy to cast. It was also easy to set up right out of the box”. The magnetic braking system makes the reel easy to set up and cast. This reel is so smooth. In my opinion the centrifugal method is far superior at preventing backlash. For the money I don’t think this reel can be beaten.


We have mentioned the real quality and budget-friendly musky reels for you. As we know the market is full of musky reels and it gets really difficult to identify which reel is the best musky reel for you. All the 5 choices we have mentioned have the properties and features to serve you well. They will help you catch more fishes. We spent an amount of time in research to provide you the best helpful buying guide. These are durable reels that are going to be part of your fishing adventures with you for years. No need to spend the money and time in finding low price products that will result in low-quality materials and wastage of time. A good musky will weigh 20 to 30 pounds and a line in a range of 65 lbs., 80 lbs. or 100 lbs.


What is the good musky reel?

Shimano tranx low profile baitcasting fishing reel is our top pick and a good musky reel for fishing or angling.

Do Shimano reels have lifetime warranty?

Shimano reels provide a warranty that Shimano fishing reels and rods are free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal conditions and reasonable use. They also give a warranty of two years for all reels and rods.

What do you use for musky fishing?

Bucktails are arguably the most popular bait used by musky anglers. IT produces vibrations in the water that are easily felt by a musky’s lateral line. Bucktails can be retrieved at any speed, depending on the conditions. The most popular bucktails are double 9 blades and double 10 blades.

How do you target a musky?

To target a musky, try heavy action rods from seven to nine feet long. Pair a muskie rod with a large bait-casting reel, preferably in a fast gear ratio, to allow catching up the fast-moving fish. Heavy action rods have the backbone to not only fight such a large fish but also to cast the jumbo-sized lures used to target muskies.




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