Best Mower Blades for Groundskeeping

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Farmers, gardeners, and people who have a lawn in their house can genuinely take benefit from this article. We’re giving our authentic reviews on some of the best lawn mower blades for groundskeeping in the market.

The best lawn mower blades for groundskeeping can be used to cut and clean the grass. You must have the best quality lawn mower that can save your time and performs just like the way you want. Although, there are many brands out there but we’re analyzing the top ones.

Things to Consider before Purchasing

You may have a look at the certain qualities before buying the mower blades.

Area of Lawn

Measure the area of your lawn to select the suitable lawn mower for you.

Blade Length and Width

Buy a mower blade that has a normal length to cut the grass properly and comfortably. Further, its minimum width should be around 2.25 inches to 3.5 inches.


Find a lawn mower blade that has the best quality and affordable price. Don’t go for an expensive brand that doesn’t match your budget.

Top 6 Best Lawn Mower Blades for Groundskeeping


1. Replacement Mower Blade 


  • Made with high-quality materials
  • One of the best mulching blade
  • Can be used on the wet grass easily
  • Made up of finest carbon steel
  • Weighs 1.76 pounds only


  • One of the most cheap lawn mower blades
  • Can be installed easily
  • Long-lasting and reliable product
  • Comes with an attractive design


  • Not too sharp
This is one of the finest blades for lawn mowers you will ever have. Moreover, it’s not only cost-effective but also has the best quality features. Toro has a prominent name in the industry of mower brands that produce well-made blades. Its shiny black exterior makes it look more attractive to convince you to buy it.


I have been using this amazing lawn mower for a year. It takes less time to be installed and very reasonable. Although, its blades are not that sharp but I somehow manage to take work with it.

2. Honda Mower Blade Set


  • One of the best heavy duty lawn mower blades
  • All the blades by Honda come in the length of 20.75 inches
  • Comes with an upper and a lower blade
  • Weighs 4 ounces


  • High-quality materials
  • Easily installed
  • Affordable
  • Original Honda parts


  • Blades are only suitable for honda mower blades and can’t fit with other brands

The Honda blades are the sharpest ones and they’re completely covered by the OEM range. These blades for lawn mowers take less time to cut the grass efficiently. Furthermore, they are already sharpened so you just have to turn it on and start cutting the grass.


These blades work great and I easily manage to change them whenever they get damaged. However, there are no instructions on the packaging but they’re easy to use when you open them.

3. MaxPower 22” Mower BladeHusqvarna/ Poulan/ Craftsmen

  • Long-lasting and designed with premium quality materials
  • Blades are already sharpened
  • Produced in the United States of America
  • Weighs 2.62 pounds
  • Most efficient craftsman lawn mower blade


  • Simple steps to use this mower blade
  • One of the top-rated maxpower blades
  • Can be cleaned very easily
  • Comes with the original max power blades


  • The edges get dull within a few days so, it might look filthy.

These lawn mower blades are the production of the United States of America. The US residents can easily get this amazing product for their lawn. It is highly recommended by the customers and also comes with a very reasonable price.


This blade works amazingly well and I didn’t find any issue with this product. It’s undoubtedly proved to be a great choice for my craftsman mower.

4. MaxPower Mower Replacement Blades 46”, Black

  • Comes with 23 inches length
  • These high lift mower blades are manufactured in the United States of America
  • Blades have five-point star center hole
  • Easily replaceable with other brands


  • Durable and easy to assemble
  • Produce less noise while cutting the grass
  • Weighs only 4.78 pounds
  • Pre-sharpened serrated lawn mower blades
  • Reasonable and works greatly


  • These blades cannot be used for mulching

They are high lift mower blades with premium quality materials, which have the capability to adjust with any brand. You can easily replace them with Poulan, Husqvarna, and Craftsman. This would be the best thing for you to use for your lawn cleaning.


It perfectly fits into my Husqvarna riding mower and cuts the grass professionally. I’m glad that I bought these mower blades for my lawn.

5. Greenworks Mower Blade 


  • Made up of a high quality coated steel
  • Already sharpened so you just have to start your mower and cut the grass
  • 16-inch long mower blade
  • Weighs 11 ounces
  • Can be installed easily


  • Most useful stainless steel lawn mower blades
  • Simple design and can be cleaned easily
  • Strong exterior that makes it last long


  • Suitable for only a few certain Greenworks lawn mowers

Why find any lawn mower blades for sale when you already have the most affordable brand. The Greenworks Mower comes at a very reasonable price that anybody can purchase. It has manufactured with high-quality materials that assure its durability.


It works great and performs as good as shown in the advertisements. I easily change my mower blades and they get sharpen really fast.

6. Stens 300-565 Pack of 3 Mulching Blades for AYP

  • Universal blade by Stens
  • best 21 inch mulching blade available in the market
  • Five-point star center hole
  • Can be replaced with model numbers 24676, 134149, 424752, 422719, 531307223, 531005085, 532422719, 539110460, 532424752
  • Weighs 2.06 pounds only


  • Strong exterior
  • Three mulching blades in one pack
  • Durable and efficient
  • Reasonable


  • Aftermarket version of lawn mower blades

This mulching blade by Stens has a solid outer look that makes it look attractive. You can check out the stens mower blade reviews to get to know more about it. These blades are 21 inches long and can be easily replaced with Poulan, Husqvarna, Craftsman, and AYP.


It is worth the price and I really loved using this brand.


Take care of your lawns with the best quality lawn mowers. We have highlighted the best lawn mower blades for groundskeeping with their specifications and customers’ reviews. You can go through the details and then decide the best choice for you.


What is the best lawn mower blade to buy?

MaxPower Mower is one of the best blades as it has a normal length of 21 inches. Moreover, it is suitable for Honda, Poulan, and Husqvarna mowers.

Are stens mower blades any good?

Stens blades are best for mulching and they give efficient sharp cuts.

Are lawn mower blades universal?

Universal blades are not possible because each brand has the different cutting capacity and they work according to their features.

What is the difference between mulching blades and high lift blades?

Mulching blades come in a bended shape and they cut the surfaces at the blade edges. On the other hand, high lift blades are plain and they are used to make a strong lift to cut the grass and clean the grass clippings.

Is it better to leave grass clippings or bag them?

The grass clippings can be left on the ground as they help to provide natural nutrients from the soil. You can bag the clippings when the grass is fully-grown.

Does mowing help grass?

Mowing is a great way to cut the rough edges and help to grow more thick grass.

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