Best Motorcycle Intercom System Reviews

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Isn’t it frustrating when you lose the sight of a friend while riding a motorbike and then end up at the wrong place? The good thing is that the technology has spread to the motorcycle world too and now you can communicate to your ride partner easily through the best motorcycle intercom system reviews.

You will be connected via Bluetooth to your partner or even the group of friends you’re riding with, making sure you stay together every step of the way. This is exactly why we present to you one of the best motorcycle intercom system reviews to ease your pain and anxiety of getting lost.


Thing to Consider

Quality of audio

  • The use of this device should be decided beforehand, is it more for calls or for music?
  • If it is for calls, then choose the one with the best voice quality, and if you prefer music then go for the best music quality.

Ease of use 

  • The gloved hands should be able to change calls or songs because they cannot be taken off every time to use the buttons. In this case, simplicity is the key factor as any other complex device might get your mind distracted while riding.

Noise cancellation

  • Echo and noise suppression technologies are very important as these motorcycle intercom headsets will be used while riding on the bike.
  • There will be a lot of traffic and wind noise, which will hinder the clarity of audio. Lack of thereof might even result in bad quality outgoing voice.


  • Bike rides are conducted in all sorts of weather. It is necessary that the motorcycle helmets with intercom should be waterproof to avoid any damages caused by water.
  • However, waterproof devices are preferred over water-resistant ones, because the resistance might not be enough.

Intercom connections

  • With the advancement in technology, many motorcycle communication devices can connect to around 4 to 6 people at the same time for connections. As the number of people increases, the cost of the device also increases.


  • This is one of the main factors to keep in mind. A motorcyclist requires map directions and many systems are capable enough of giving the rider verbal instructions.
  • The intercom system can be easily connected with the GPS system, however not every device gives away this option.

10 Best Motorcycle Intercom System Reviews


1. Sena 20S EVO

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  • Has a fixed type, shark fin antenna shape
  • Has HD-quality audio
  • Aligned with advanced noise control technology
  • Comes with the innovative intercom technology
  • Is also aligned with the multi-tasking technology
  • Requires simple set up and pairing

Sena presents one of the best motorcycle intercoms that are available in the market. The new design results in better stability and enables the user to hear from a larger distance than before. All the wind and traffic noise is cut off by noise technology, resulting in lesser distractions.

This motorcycle intercom system allows the rider to talk to 7 people at the same time within the distance range of approximately 2 kilometers. The smooth listening experience is ensured when this system lets the user call, listen to music, use gps instructions, etc. all at the same time.

Instead of overlapping each other, all of these functions take place back to back only. Moreover, it can work for 13 hours after one full charge and is DOT certified for security and safety purposes.

All the five-star rating and positive customer reviews ensure that it has been a constant customer favorite. This motorcycle intercom system is completely waterproof, which means you can ride the bike during rain as well. After pairing it with the helmet, it gives out the quality sound without disruptions and it is very easy to install.

The controls can easily be controlled by glove hands and it has no external moving antenna. One of the best features is the long-life battery that can last for a whole day.

2. Lexin

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  • It is a four-way motorcycle Bluetooth communication system
  • Has advance noise cancellation technology
  • Has a long battery life
  • Requires an easy installation process
  • Comes with exchangeable microphones
  • Compatible with a helmet to pair
  • It is water-resistant

Here we have lexin’s one of the best motorcycle communication systems lathered with great features and technologies. This headset has access to Siri for iPhone and Google S for Samsung voice commands. It also allows you to call or accept calls just by the voice commands. Moreover, it allows you to talk to a maximum 4 people at one time, within the range of 1600 meters. All of the noise of the wind and traffic is canceled even at the speed of 120km/hr. the battery can survive with 12 hours of music or 8 hours of talk time easily, along with two interchangeable microphones. These microphones allow you to choose between an open face helmet and a closed one that requires buttons.

This helmet intercom system has been a customer favorite, especially because it can survive even at -3 degrees Celsius of temperature. The sound quality is very clear and audible for you and the second user who is using this product. The price is relatively cheaper than the other wireless motorcycle intercoms, but there is no compromise of the efficiency of it.

3. cardo freedom

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  • covered with an extra thin waterproof shell
  • has a built-in FM radio with RDS
  • can be charged while riding
  • rider to rider motorcycle communication
  • phone connectivity and GPS available

Cardo is a real option if you are looking for Bluetooth motorcycle communication systems. This is a rider to rider system that allows two people to talk to each other while riding. The Bluetooth can be connected either before starting the ride or during the rise.  It even comes as pre-paired if you order a dual set. The sound is high quality because of the 40 mm speakers and the advanced processor. Moreover, it has been modeled into an aerodynamic design that makes it look sleek, and is waterproof.

This motorcycle intercom system is a customer favorite, especially because its process is self-explanatory. The device has to be charged only once in three days, however, this may vary depending on the use. Even in constant rains and wet springs, this product has proved to be waterproof and resistant.

4. Sena 20S-01D

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  • Has a Bluetooth 4.2 and intercom technology
  • Comes with crystal clear audio
  • Has an advanced noise control
  • Featured with the multi-tasking option
  • Has a mention sensor
  • Can respond to voice commands

Sena gives us another motorcycle Bluetooth intercom that is worth your money. It allows you to talk to eight people simultaneously while riding, within the range of 2000 meters. It enables motorcycle helmet radio communication with devices that are sena’s and non-sena’s. The active noise cancellation technology reduces disruptions between the outgoing and incoming calls, making the audio crisp clear. The Bluetooth 4.1 technology, the advanced speakers, and the sleek design give off the best impression as well.

Customers have always appreciated this Bluetooth motorcycle communication, which has been proven by the constant five-star ratings. The new advancement of pairing with devices by only a shake has been the talk of the town. After the ride has started, the voice command lets you call people or switch between music, storybooks, or radio.

5. Sena SMH10D-10

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  • Has a Bluetooth 3.0 technology
  • Comes with individual adjustable volume profiles
  • Ease of installation
  • Has a two-year warranty
  • Comes with advanced noise cancellation technology
  • Has a universal intercom protocol

Sena provides us with another one of the best motorcycle communication devices as it connects with all portable devices including cellular phone, MP3 player, GPS navigation, etc. it also allows intercom functionality with four people and the volume can be adjusted through a jog dial. Moreover, this motorcycle communication headset can save the volume profiles of other devices. It can fit into a variety of helmets and has a talking time for 12 hours.

Frequent helmet communications system users are fond of this product. The communication between riders is smooth and crisp clear. The audio quality is HD, along with ease of use. It can be paired with other devices for general use and works for more than three years.


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  • Has a noise cancellation technology
  • It has a high-performance intercom technology
  • Comes with convenient functions
  • Have easy hands free communication
  • Multi-user connectivity

Fodsports Bluetooth intercom systems have been proven to be worthwhile because of its super battery life that lasts 6 hours on music, 10 hours of phone calls, and 8 hours on intercoms or 300 hours of standby. Its hands-free function allows you to call use intercom or listen to music. The oversized button ensures a comfortable touch and lets you manipulate the device. Moreover, it is waterproof which means that this motorcycle helmet radio can be used during rain or monsoon as well.

The installation process was easy and quick, making it a customer favorite. The design has been made specifically for calls, which means that the outgoing voice is audible and loud. The charging lasts for a long time; however, the only problem is that the charging port and microphone cable is the same.

7. Freedconn

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  • Has Bluetooth 3.0 technology
  • Has a long-range intercom
  • Comes with an advanced audio distribution profile
  • Laced with the blind operation at high speeds
  • Suitable for full face and half face helmets
  • Simple one-button control

This is one of the best motorcycle communications systems which support three paired system and two riders talking. It has a hearing distance of 2625 feet and supports hands-free calls. Along with that, the echo cancellation and noise reduction technology omits all sorts of distractions. It is waterproof to allow riding during rain as well.

Motorcycle helmet communication has been a new trend and customers have prioritized freedom constantly. It has proven to have an easy and stable connection along with a very easy installation process. Moreover, it is cheaper than all the other similar devices.

8. HuanGou

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  • Has Bluetooth 3.0 version
  • Can pair up with other Bluetooth series
  • The audio line is capable of receiving signals from other devices
  • Has a built-in FM radio
  • Aligned with the noise suppression technology

It has the capability of recognizing a Bluetooth device from 1 km is ideal as a helmet to helmet intercom, or for listening to simple music. it has been layered with echo cancellation which helps you maintain clear contact with your teammates. The hands-free Bluetooth and wireless streaming app act as a bonus point as you can easily adjust between taking different calls or play/pause your music. You can control the volume level and listen to the already installed radio in the wired motorcycle intercom.

The most loved feature about this is that it is compatible with almost everything, ranging from full-face helmets to smartphones. Another reason why people love it is that it is waterproof and very easy to assemble or disassemble.


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  • Wireless headset for Bluetooth calls.
  • Compatible with Bluetooth phones and a half or full-face helmets
  • Supports audio transmission
  • Has an FM radio function
  • Has echo cancellation and noise suppression technology

This is arguably the best motorcycle headset available at a cheap price. It has efficient Bluetooth connectivity and ensures that the outgoing and incoming voices are clear. The helmet compatibility is worth a mention and the sleek appearance is a plus point. It has to be properly adjusted inside the help to make the voices louder.

The customers have been satisfied by the quality of this motorcycle helmet intercom, especially because of how it’s made. The connection does not break away, even after a long distance which makes it easier for a couple to ride together. The only things worrisome were the poor use of English in the manual.

10. Gelaten

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  • Has a Bluetooth 3.0 chip
  • Comes with noise and echo cancellation technology
  • Laced with powerful functions
  • Has a sleek and modern design
  • Has a one year warranty

Coming under most motorcycle communication devices, it has an intercom time of 6 hours and can stand temperatures as low as -10 degrees Celsius. Laced with Bluetooth 3.0 technology, it comes with an advanced audio distribution profile. The outer silicone shell prevents the water from damaging this device and the ease of installation only through a plastic clip is remarkable. The large push button enables the user to control all features easily even with a gloved hand.

It has been a customer favorite because of its relatively less price as compared to other similar devices. Along with that, it performs according to all the functions listed with it without any hindrances. The sound quality is good and the availability of FM makes things easier.


In conclusion, this motorcycle intercom review list has been created to help you through the confusing process of choosing the best motorcycle headset available for you. Varying in their capabilities of technology, there are numerous options to choose from. It is important to understand the basics and complexities from these best motorcycle intercom system reviews before buying the best-suited device so that you don’t end up wasting any money.


1. Can motorcycle intercoms play music albums?

Of course, they can. They have been designed to play music and attend calls specifically.

2. How to motorcyclists talk to each other?

They talk with the help of these intercom devices. In the absence of these, hand actions are used to convey messages.

3. Is sena worth the money?

Yes, it is. As suggested by many best motorcycle intercom system reviews, sena provides a worthy device that is worth your money.

4. Are there any voice commanded motorcycle intercoms?

Yes, some of them are compatible with siri for iPhone and Google voice for Samsung.

5. How many connections can be made at one point?

Although there is no specific range for that, an increase in connections will make the device more expensive.

6. What to use for mounting the intercom on helmet?

Usually, clamps or tape is used for this process.

7. Is range important?

Yes, it is. You need a larger range in cities and a smaller one in towns and open countries.

8. Is cardo better or sena?

Although sena seems to be a bit expensive, it is better than cardo.

9. Can sena talk to cardo?

Yes, they both unable riders to talk to each other while wearing these devices.

10. How does intercom work?

It allows you to do multiple things simultaneously.


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