Top of the Line – 6 Best Charging Station For Multiple Devices

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Whether you are in your home or outside in your car. That phone of yours can run out of battery anytime. Thankfully a phone and tablet charging station can make sure that you get juiced up all day. We have therefore brought you the best mobile device charging trees that you can buy in 2020.

These stations have fast charged and can charge as many as seven devices in a go. Also, we have chosen these products as they come from reliable brands and have been tested by our team for quality and reliability. So without further ado, let’s get going.

Things to Consider Before Buying 


Most of the charging stations you will see on the market are only rated to provided 1A of power. While 1A may be fine for the phones but not good for tablets. If you want to connect a wide range of devices and you expect them to charge quickly then we will suggest that you go with the charging stations that provide 2A on each port. If you want to go even higher than that then 5A chargers are also available. You will also find some high powered smart charging stations that will detect your device and adjust the power based on that device. This is also helpful when you don’t want to waste power consumption.


There is this general rule that the more power the charger has, the faster it will charge. So if you are looking to charge your devices quickly you should get a station with fast charging support with at least 2.5 amps. If you use less than the required current you are not only bottlenecking the capability of your device but also prolonging time to charge the device. Save your time and go for a high current charge.

Number of Ports

When you are buying a charging station, it is obvious that you need it to charge multiple devices at once. Therefore they come in a wide range of configurations. 2,3,5 7 port and so on. You can go as much as 20 ports. Your choice will largely depend on the number of devices that you need to charge.

Do remember, however, that many of these charging stations have a power limit, that means that regardless of the number of ports, these stations will only be able to deliver so much of the power as they are designed to.


Are you comfortable with your phones and devices lying around your table or you need something that can hold them securely? If you don’t want your kids to suddenly slip through your charging wires and drop your device on the floor then consider getting a station that gives you the option to dock your phone securely, Many high-quality stations com with dedicated slots to hold your phones securely.

Top 6 Charging Station For Multiple Devices

1. Satechi 7-Port Docking Station

Satechi 7-Port Docking Station

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  • Charge 7 devices simultaneously
  • Velcro straps for organization
  • wide enough to hold big devices with their cases
  • Surge protection
  • Two USB-C ports


  • Does not work with Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0
  • No smartwatch charging option


  • Can charge up to seven devices seamlessly
  • Output: 5V/1A 3x Type-A, 5V/2.4A 2x Type-A, 5V/3A 2x Type-C
  • It has 7 straps for cable management.
  • Has 7 slots for phones that are case friendly and use anti-scratch silicone pads
  • Compatible with most of the phones

Setachi is famous for making one of the most premium quality products. This 7 port high-quality charger is no exception to this fact. You get Velcro straps so that you don’t create a mess with your cables and keep your desk clutter-free. All the slots are large enough to fit in the biggest smartphones around with cases.

They have made this well thought out charging station as it has pretty much everything you will need from a charging station. It has built-in surge protection so you can be sure of the safety of your device. But if you are looking for Qualcomm Quick Charge support then this station is not for you.

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2. AUKEY Quick Charge

AUKEY Quick Charge

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  • Charges simultaneously at full speed
  • Two Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 ports
  • Four 2.4A AiPower ports
  • Safeguards to protect against overcharging


  • No USB-C port


  • Charges many devices at once at full speed
  • Quick Charge 3.0 compatible which gives 4 times faster charging
  • AiPower Adaptive Charging
  • EntireProtect protects your devices against excessive current
  • Detachable Power Cable (1.2m / 3.94ft), User Manual, 24-Month Promise, and Customer Support Card

When you think of buying a portable charging station for mobile devices, AUKEY is one of those names that come to your mind as this company is known for producing some high-quality mobile accessories. This is a 60W charging station that has quick 3.0 ports and four AiPower ports that allow you to quickly charge any device that you want.

The only thing we didn’t like about it that it doesn’t have dedicated slots to hold your smartphones which means that you will have to place your phones or device on tables. Plus if your phone supports the new USB C port then you will have to stay with the normal USB port as it doesn’t have any USB C ports

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3. SIIG 90W Smart 10-Port Charger

SIIG 90W Smart 10-Port Charger

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  • Charge up to 10 devices at once
  • Non-slip padded space to accommodate other products
  • LED ambient light makes it easy to get everything plugged in
  • Smart IC provides the best charging efficiency for each device


  • No USB-C charging port
  • Too many cables can become unruly
  • Lack of charging dock for smartwatches


  • Charge up to 10 USB-powered devices simultaneously
  • Smart IC for maximum charging efficiency
  •  8 slots for multiple devices
  • No-slip pad deck for accommodating additional devices
  • Energy-efficient operation Led Ambient light

This is a quality product from SIIG which has impressed us quite a bit. The fact that you can charge 10 devices at once is pretty amazing. Also, you get that cute little ambient LED which will guide you through the right ports every time.

It incorporates the SIIG’s smart charging which means that it will prevent your device from being overcharged. Again this unit has the same problem that despite having so many ports to go with, this does not have any dedicated USB type C port.

Customer Reviews

4. Hercules Tuff Multi Charging Station

Hercules Tuff Multi Charging Station

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  • Charge up to six devices
  • Comes with all the needed cables
  • Designed to charge any kind of USB device


  • No USB-C charging port
  • No Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0 ports


  • Best for gifting anyone who has a tab or phone.
  • Sleek and beautiful design
  • Contains Apple Lightning Cables, 2 Type-C Cable, and 2 Micro-USB
  • Multiport quick charging station for all places
  • Fast charging and smart charging charges your phones in no time while saving power.
  • Protection from overcurrent

Hercules Tuff Fast Charging Station has a minimalistic simple look. Instead of bells and whistles, it focuses on just one thing that a charging station must do and that is to keep your devices charged. This station can charge up to six devices with 2.4A power. This charges fast; very fast as compared to the others but this should not in any way be mistaken for the Qualcomm quick charge.

It also has a built-in power switch and you can use it to save power when the station is not in use. A pro tip: look for short charging cables to work with this one otherwise get some velcro ties for cable management.

Customer Reviews

5. GPED Fast Electronic Device Charging Station

GPED Fast Electronic Device Charging Station

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  • Apple Watch stand
  • large enough slots to place any device
  • Bamboo classic look
  • 10W wireless charging


  • Only Charges five devices at once
  • Only one 2.4A port


  • Bamboo charging station brings the most advanced automatic control technology with temperature control
  • Supports all types of USB devices and QI-certificated cell phones
  • 4 Smart IC Charging Ports
  • 10W QI Wireless Charging pad
  • detachable bafflers save a lot of space
  • Made of high-quality bamboo material for durability and classy look

While you will see that all the charging stations are made up of plastic, GPED tried to do something different with this docking station. This station dock is made up of solid Bamboo. This makes it looks classy. It can charge up to five devices at once at full speed and also has a dedicated slot for an apple watch which is excellent.

The side of the charging station has plugs that accommodate various devices and each outlet has a different power rating it provides for charging.  It starts from 0.5A for apple watch and goes all the way up to 2.4 A which is the highest charge rate of this station. You also get a 10W Qi charging panel for your wireless charging devices.

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6. Sabrent Premium 60 Watt Charging Dock

Sabrent Premium 60 Watt Charging Dock

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  • Charge six devices at once
  • Built-in surge protector
  • Rubber bottom
  • Horizontal ports make plugging easy


  • No USB-C port


  • Smart port technology compatible with all Andriod and Apple devices
  • Supports charging speeds of up to 12 amps that are distributed among 6 ports.
  • Deliver 2.4 amp per port
  • Charge 6 Devices at once
  • Comes with a one-year warranty

Sabrent Premium is a high quality high powered top of the line charging station that has 60 W of charging power. It has a sleek and simpler design. Nothing too fancy here. Just a power packed simple looking charging station.

It can support charging up to 12 amps distributed among 6 ports which means that it can give 2 amp on each port. But it has been rated to provide up to 2.4 amp on each port. It can easily charge 6 devices at once and also comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer.

Customer Reviews


This article has provided some of the top-notch charging stations that will accommodate multiple devices. These products are chosen after rigorous research of our team and are correlated with real customer reviews. We hope that this guide helps you to make a good decision.


How do I know my wireless charger is working?

Multi phone charging stations usually have a lot of features to tell if your wireless charger is working. The best way is to look at your phone and see if it displays the charging icon or not.

Is it safe to wireless charge with a case?

For the most part, universal charging stations work well with wireless charging with the case on. The only problem you can encounter can be the phone heat

How much are mobile device charging stations?

Mobile chi device chargers can cost from anywhere between 25 to 2000 dollars

Can you charge multiple devices on a wireless charger?

Yes, it is extremely easy to charge multiple devices on a multi device charging station. In fact, it is the sole purpose that they are built for.

How many phones can you charge on a wireless charger?

Normally you can charge from 2 to 6 phones on a multiple charger station.

How many devices can a wireless charger charge?

Normally a wireless multi charger station can charge up to 3 devices.

Why is my phone not charging on my wireless charger?

Please read this troubleshooting guide to fix the problem.

Can you touch a wireless charger?

Ye is it’s safe to touch wireless multiple phone charger stations

How do I enable wireless charging?

Connect your tablet charging station to power and put the phone on the charging ki pad and your phone should start charging.



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