For Google, “music” is an instrumental sound, but the real ones know, the right music can be the medicine to our soul.

Now, some of us are the doctors wanting to create more of this effective medicine. In the early 1990’s, the German software developer named C-lab breathed life into the first model of Logic pro. Today, it comes to our plate as Logic pro X by Apple.

It provides us with a platform to convert the imaginary tunes in our mind into actual sound waves. It has many features, with which, it extracts the voice of our soul for both beginners and experts. However, to expand its use to the maximum, we can let a logic pro x midi keyboard assist us as well.


The following benchmark is a result of an extensive research to help you navigate the waters.


Beginners having an exposure to the number of keys means that they are familiarizing themselves with other features such as knobs, faders, etc. as well. As a general rule, musicians should opt for a keyboard of more than 25 keys because it can’t produce music on a professional scale.

It is followed by a 44 keys keyboard which is played with two hands and is a cut above than the previous one. Then we have 61 keys keyboard which is particular to producing classic organ while the last set of 88 keys is suitable for acoustic piano.

These were some of the ordinary types, of course, there will be many others too like 33 keys, 37 keys, etc.



This refers to the respond of your keys on being pressed. While primarily there are three types of keyboards, it ultimately depends on what you are accustomed to and the type of music you want to play. The types include weighed hammer action perfect for people who usually play piano; semi-weighted action which offers less resistance, a slight spring release and a dim piano experience; a synth action keyboard which is the type for musicians towards the electronic organ side.



If you often struggle in creating a balance between the singing mind and typing fingers, aftertouch is what you should be after. It is a convenient and an ergonomic way of expressing your music. It comes in two types; as “monophonic” and as “polyphonic”. The monophonic ones send the average signals of all the MIDI signals while the latter one allows for independent functioning. While polyphonic ones are most expensive, it’s also rare to them on your keyboard.


These three points, when combined together, can help you narrow down the best midi keyboard for logic. We searched the Amazon site to choose some of the best computer keyboard for logic pro x, and we weren’t disappointed. Have a look!

Top 7 best midi keyboard for logic pro x

If you own a logic pro X, you definitely deserve one of the seven products below that has to be the best midi keyboard 2020 logic pro for you.


  • Keys of 25 velocity and sensitivity.
  • Four ways to adjust your dynamic pitch.
  • Buttons to use the maximum melody range.
  • USB powered.
  • Exceptional DAW controls.
  • 8 Q-link knobs.


  • Comes from number one best sellers.
  • Adjustable range, resolution, etc.
  • No drivers required.
  • Easy to use.


  • Uses 25 keys set.

For a set that is as affordable as this, 25 keys are a perfect model to put your bet on. Beginners who have recently entered the world of music production, this is the perfect logic pro x midi keyboard to start your journey with.

With eight knobs and user-friendly controls, you can easily mix, alter, cut, or create a tune. Moreover, the beat making essentials with their velocity sensitive drum pads and high-quality drumming processor enables you to create a beat exactly like the one in your mind.

Yet another one of its many features it its portable design and independent functioning. Since it requires zero drivers, all you need is a USB and you are ready to create some music- doesn’t matter whether you are in your studio or on a stage.

If your eyes have been looking for the best hybrid midi controller, congratulations, because this is it. With its 1400 downloaded tunes, there’s no chance you will get lost. The package includes Akai pro MPC’s items, hybrid 3 (by AIR music technology) and Sonivox wobble.

Some customers were unsatisfied with this logic pro usb midi keyboard, but others couldn’t stop praising it. One of the reviews goes like,

“This best budget midi keyboard is a great piece of equipment for a beginner musician, but there IS a learning curve, so please be aware of that when buying.”



  • 25 velocity sensitive keys.
  • 8 backlit pads for beat production.
  • 4 adjustable knobs and illuminated buttons.
  • Octave up and down buttons to access the full range.


  • It is durable and of a copper-bottomed quality.
  • Has a slim design that can be fit anywhere, anytime.
  • Full sized keys to make its use easy.


  • The keys show a bit of resistance.
  • Dynamics aren’t reliable.
  • Pads have varying sensitivities.

If you struggle in gaining a control over your music, with this keyboard, you wouldn’t anymore. It is powerful enough to give you a stable command on your tunes to reflect on your skills adequately.

With its octave up and down buttons, it gives you an expansive access to the range of all sorts of melodies, tunes and rhythms. The set of 25 keys accompanied with 8 MPC-style drum pads are further powered up with V25. It enhances the pitch and modeling wheels while the knobs enable you to adjust the volume, change filters, to activate various effects and to twist the parameters.

In addition to its durability, the keyboard also offers you a visual presentation of editing the MIDI messages being exchanged between the keyboard and your PC. You can also adjust the curves of the velocity keys to get a sensitivity that fits the bill.

For virtual instruments, it definitely stands as best keyboard for making beats, melodies, etc. Buyers were well-pleased with this product, more than the above one. One of them said, “Really fun midi controller, looks great and works great I love it.”


  1. AKAI

  • 49 semi-weighted keys.
  • 16 RBG illuminated keypads.
  • The ideal solution to enable loops, samples, melodies, etc.
  • 8 control knobs.
  • 24 Q-link controllers.
  • Has two complete octaves with an extra C as well.
  • Has four banks along 8 pads.
  • One of the suitable piano keyboards for mac.


  • One of the Amazon’s choices.
  • Offers you a natural feel.
  • Easy to set it up.
  • Accurate velocity.
  • The pads are comfortable to use.
  • The perfect logic pro x sampler.


  • Expensive

This keyboard is assisted with “ableton live lite”. It is an improved music production aiming to create songs of an unparalleled quality. With it, you can spontaneously edit, alter, compose, remix or record your songs. It combines your instruments with the MIDI signals to produce a piece of art that meets the bar.

The fact that it is accompanied with Hybrid 3.0 makes it the best hybrid midi controller out there. Belonging to the next generation in synthesis, it merges the analogue synths with the coveted capabilities of digital manipulation.

Since the model comprises of SONiVOX twist, it can allow you to produce some of the most difficult sounds with its advanced generator, a dynamic interface and unbeatable onboard effects. By using this best daw controller for logic pro x, before you know, you are a professional musician.

This keyboard has a total of 128 tracks stocked up to be a helping hand during times of confusion t. It uses MPC, which is a creative program playing the role of DAW. Your production can be further enhanced with its 64-bit music package that holds up to eight pads, and a sound library of 1 GB.

A customer of this product reviewed it in the following comments,

“By far my favorite USB / MIDI keyboard. I’ve used had tried the cheaper 25 key Akai, but it was just too small and the synth key action I didn’t like.”



  • A set of 49 keys.
  • A USB powered keyboard.
  • Uses ableton live technology.
  • Has 8 knobs.
  • 16 RGB velocity-sensitivity pads.
  • Has an LED display.
  • Offers a pitch bend and modulation wheels.


  • Works without any power cables.
  • Convenient to use.
  • The best budget midi keyboard.
  • Helps in exploring the music world.
  • The controller is ideal for beginners.


  • Not suitable for live looping.

In keyboards without ableton technology, we spent most of our energy and time in adjusting the cursor, where with this best midi keyboard 2020 logic pro, we can use that time to create some exceptional music. This technology allows the controller to do the work automatically, all you have to do is think!

Its box called “melodics” has many melodies stocked up for you to learn and get inspired from. It offers you to create your drum beats in different RGB colors to prevent this session from being a boring one.

The exceptional feature is its “incontrol” feature that allows you to discover other music software as well. Its buttons and pads will automatically take over the control to help you look into the variety of all major music software.

The product gained convincing customer reviews and 70% people rating it as a five star explained why it is the best keyboard for making beats or melodies. One of them said, “For this price, you won’t find a better deal.”


  1. M-AUDIO

  • A set of 61 keys.
  • Aftertouch technology.
  • Pressure-sensitive keys.
  • Four zones for layering and splits.
  • 16 velocity-sensitive pads.
  • 9 assignable faders and 8 knobs.
  • Uses ableton technology.
  • An X-Y pad to map things onto.
  • USB powered.


  • Easy to install.
  • The keys are springy and comfortable to use.
  • A popular model.
  • It has a decent layout.


  • The drum pad is slightly hard to touch.

M audio code 61 black is popular for its features and its efficiency. The keys, which are both pressure and velocity sensitive, enable you to express your skills and capability to the maximum.

This keyboard makes use of VIP3.1 to provide you with the ultimate access to your instruments and the downloaded collection. It performs a rigorous research to narrow down the suitable sound based on timbre, type and style.

It has up to four different VST effects for each instrument to help you find the adequate one. The model includes of a 2GB library filled with pioneering sound instruments, elements and recordings.

M audio code 61 black is not just a keyboard. It is a software comprising of all the other essential software such as hybrid 3, ableton lite, mini-grand to offer an extended range of acoustic piano sounds, loom, eleven lite, etc.

This model is particularly popular among the buyers. While most of them were in favor, some awarded it four stars too. A review said, “So, cool little board.. great low price, decent feel, not a lot going on the software side of things.. but gets the job done.”


  1. AKAI

  • A 49 velocity-sensitive keys set.
  • 3 inch high resolution screen.
  • 1:1 feedback provided by the screen.
  • Semi weighted keys.
  • Offers aftertouch technology.
  • 8 controllable knobs.


  • High storage for music installation.
  • Allows you to create your favorite sounds.
  • It registers all of your VST instruments.
  • It is comfortable to use.
  • The knobs are soft to work with.
  • compact.


  • Expensive.
  • ILok is a problem for some.

This akai mpk249 logic pro x has been voted as the best keyboard for music production. It has a storage of 16GB which has been taken up by 10,000 already downloaded songs. Not only does it gives you more options to merge your music with, but also enhances your knowledge and creativity as a whole. Now, who wouldn’t call it the best computer keyboard for logic pro x?

With its RGB backlit, the manufacturers have ensured maximum physical comfort during its use. The pads are both velocity and pressure sensitive to make them user-friendly. Similarly, the pitch and modulation wheels are also rubberized to offer a firm control.

The keyboard brings with it a safety and warranty manual as well. Ten octave range with octave up and down buttons help to create your own music, making it the best midi keyboard for garageband.

While akai mpk249 logic pro x is a famous model, it has earned unfavorable comments. Some customers, however, seemed to be pleased from it e.g. according to a review, “This is a great board. Gives you tons of sounds that can be easily accessed with supplied software.”



  • Semi-weighted keyboard.
  • 49 keys set.
  • Has a black and yellow tone color.
  • Comes with an LCD display.
  • Has pitch bend, modulation wheels, etc.
  • Requires a power supply.


  • The best midi keyboard under 100.
  • Positive reviews.
  • Light in weight.
  • portable.
  • The power makes the sound produced audible enough.
  • Strong and sturdy.


  • Too small in size.

When you are looking for the best midi keyboard under 100, you know it will be the best of its own kind, but only until now. This keyboard, coming at a price so low, gives us a performance similar to that of roland a 49 logic pro x.

It’s almost hard to believe that such low priced keyboard has octave up and down buttons to offer as well. This reflects its efficiency and extensive features already. It is suitable for any composes, be it a beginner or a professional music producer.

If there was a list for the best keyboards for music production, it had certainly overshadowed every other keyboard. The comments also highlighted its unique performance. One of them said,

“Bottom line is I’m having fun with this little keyboard.”



All of the above keyboard were a result of an extensive research. Your homework is to only consider your budget and your need, the one which fulfils it the best is the right one for you. Hurry up, the world deserves to hear the melody playing in your head!


Do I need a MIDI keyboard for Logic Pro?

To enhance the results? Yes.

How do I control MIDI keyboard with Logic Pro X?

Go to the control surfaces, click on “preferences”, and then finally click on “MIDI controllers”.

How to assign drum pads in logic pro x?

There are many YouTube videos for guidance regarding this.

 is logic pro x good?

It is suitable for business owners but good for everyone.

Is Logic Pro X good for beginners?


How do I get logic to recognize my MIDI keyboard?

If you see “the keyboard” in audio Midi setup of the mac, click on “logic”. By opening the note up in your display, select custom in display. Then press any random note and see if it is displayed on the screen.

Can you use MIDI keyboard without computer?




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