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The best microwave under 100 is one of the most advantageous and flexible machines in the kitchen. They permit you to cook extravagant dishes in a jiffy, and even beginner cooks can flaunt their culinary abilities.

Another incredible favorable position for the best microwave under 100 is that they keep nourishment from getting squandered. Extra nourishments will never be hurled to the trash as you can warm them and have them as though they are newly cooked.

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☞ Different force settings
☞ Enormous LED show
☞ Kids security lock
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Considering the price and overall features BLACK+DECKER EM031MB11 is the top editor’s pick.

To choose your microwave, you should consider the following things.

Buying Guide


  • You have to assess the space that you need to commit to your stove, realizing that there will be some inert space around it.
  • For security, your stove shouldn’t be pressed between other kitchen apparatuses and ought to have some free space around it from all bearings.
  • In light of the size of your family, how as often as possible you cook or warmth your nourishment and the sort of nourishment you by and large cook, you will have the option to pick the correct microwave.
  • You have to realize that the external ​outer measurements don’t mean usable space. Ensure that you have this sifted through.


  • While a lot of old-school clients lean toward a dial clock since it is progressively solid, a computerized clock will be increasingly flexible.
  • Dial Timers are direct and simple to utilize, yet they are restricted to a specific number of alternatives.
  • Computerized clocks, then again, permit you to set the time at interims of seconds. This is incredible in addition to as you can prepare your nourishment how you like it.


  • It is a smart thought to purchase a ledge microwave that will permit you to consider your to be as it cooks. A few models don’t convey that choice.
  • Others will possibly turn the light on when you open the entryway. It is fundamentally a matter of inclinations.
  • The ones with the light will utilize greater power, so you simply need to gauge the expense versus the advantages in that situation.

Pre-set Functions

  • Most microwaves accompany pre-set cooking capacities. You should ensure that these capacities take into account your own particular needs.
  • Do you set up a ton of popcorn for film night? Is it accurate to say that you are a pizza darling? The ideal decision is out there and you have to ensure that you are going through your cash in the opportune spot.
  • Ensure that your microwave is intended for your own particular cooking needs.

Keeping this buying guide in mind we have shortlisted the following top 7 best microwave under 100:

Top 7 Best Microwave Under 100



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  • Pre-modified menu for a few nourishments including a supper plate, pizza, and drink among others
  • Up to ten force settings for simple customization
  • Kitchen just as a clock
  • Driven presentation for simple activity
  • Kid security lock
  • One-contact button for simple access and opening the entryway


  • Different force settings
  • Enormous LED show
  • Kids security lock
  • One year guarantee


  • The showcase catches could have been more clear

This expert style Black + Decker best cheap microwave highlights 10 force levels, removable glass turntable, and an extensive interior.

Advanced innovation gives in any event, warming and defrosting to extraordinary outcomes without overcooking. Ideally, the best cheap microwave cook or warm six of the most mainstream nourishment things with the pinch of a catch. Pick power levels up to 1000 watts.

The huge LED computerized show has a clockwork and can show a commencement clock just as the cooking time remaining.


I like the way that it was attachment and play. Due to the effortlessness of the model no guidelines were required which is something to be thankful for because none were given the best inexpensive microwave.

2. Westinghouse WCM660W 600

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  • Kitchen ledge microwave for planning snacks, warming up the previous evening’s extras or nourishment readiness.
  • Tough solid development with a Black front presentation and bureau for conservative sturdiness.
  • Simple to get a handle on grasp Type to handle to open and close the entryway
  • Mechanical, turning dial controls make it incredible for those looking for a basic, essential activity
  • Speed and Weight defrost takes into account different uses in the kitchen


  • Enough interior stockpiling for all your nourishment.
  • 6 force levels for different cooking needs.
  • Basic dial to set the clock.
  • Discernible clock to caution you once your nourishment is appropriately cooked.
  • The removable glass turntable is dishwasher safe.


  • It is hard to warm something for a couple of moments since it accompanies a dial control.

This best inexpensive microwave will keep your kitchen mess-free while furnishing you with definitive cooking experience. It highlights 6 helpful cooking power levels that suit all cooking needs.

The best affordable microwave even accompanies a 30-minute cooking clock that will empower you to cook all that you can consider. The discernible ring will head out to caution you that your nourishment is cooked to flawlessness.

This best affordable microwave is not an entangled bit of hardware. It accompanies a rotating dial that is extremely simple to control. The cheapest microwave is intended for individuals who look for basic and clear activity.


At the cost, this cheapest microwave capacity impeccably and does all that you need. Which means, put something in, it comes out overall quite warm after an endorsed timeframe.

3. Nostalgia RMO7RR Retro Microwave


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  • 12 pre-modified settings for cooking and warming
  • The LED show that serves as a computerized clock when the stove isn’t being used
  • Pivoting merry go round that prepares the nourishment equally
  • Turn and push program dials for simple route and cooking


  • Various settings for cooking
  • In any event, cooking
  • Simple to utilize catches
  • Beautiful retro structure


  • The force yield isn’t the best

With a delightful and smooth retro structure, this one of the affordable microwave ovens makes certain to hang out in any kitchen. It highlights 12-pre customized cooking settings and a brilliant LED Show, making ease of use straightforward. Five force levels and 700-watts of intensity are ideal for warming extras or preparing nourishment.

One of the affordable microwave ovens has the most extreme settings among all the stoves on our rundown. It likewise accompanies different highlights, including an advanced clock. The catches on this stove are too huge, making them simple to utilize.


Cute and works extraordinary. The main grumbling is the little plate image at the base of the microwave was put on topsy turvy.

4. Toshiba EM131A5C-SS Microwave Oven


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  • One-contact start for speedy access which places the broiler in full cooking mode inside a couple of moments
  • It has a pre-modified menu for famous nourishment things, for example, pizza, solidified vegetables, and popcorn
  • Force sparing ECO mode for vitality enhancement which additionally limits power utilization by practically half while on the backup
  • Driven light showcase through which you can see the insides of the stove while cooking
  • Simple sound off the catch
  • Control board is anything but difficult to peruse
  • The whole unit is shockproof and accompanies a kid security lock


  • Simple activity
  • Kids wellbeing lock
  • Pre-customized menu for numerous dishes


  • Warming time isn’t extremely fast

This Toshiba best countertop microwave is the perfect size for condo kitchens or office break rooms. Sensor warming lets you ideally cook six of the most well-known nourishment things with the pinch of a catch. Look over ten force levels up to 1100 watts.

The huge computerized show of the best countertop microwave has a clockwork and can show a commencement clock just as the cooking time remaining.

Program up to three most loved time and force blends for extra one-contact accommodation. Effectively open or close the microwave with the enormous, simple to hold entryway handle.


I truly like these affordable microwaves so far soon after half a month of utilization. It looks overall quite the best thing is how very it is… Just things I have an issue with is the actuality that lone front is impeccable and a portion of the controls take becoming accustomed to. In any case generally excellent.

5. Emerson Radio MW1338SB


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  • Cooking presets for some, nourishments including defrosting vegetables and cooking popcorn
  • Weight and time settings for defrosting
  • A huge turntable which can likewise be evacuated for simple cleaning
  • Kid wellbeing lock for included security
  • Various force levels for included accommodation
  • Advanced clock for 99 seconds just as 99 minutes


  • Weight and time settings for defrosting
  • Advanced clock
  • Various force levels
  • One year guarantee


  • A few units can be noisy – ensure that you buy an authentic item

For more than 100 years Emerson has been creating quality things at reasonable costs. Emerson’s affordable microwaves stove offers 1000 watts of cooking power.

This cheapest microwave offers 8 one-touch settings, 10 force levels, time and weight defrost, computerized show and clock, end of cooking signal, and a helpful youngster security lock to keep little give out of damages way. Unit measurements 20.5″W x 17.5″ D x 13.2″H.

This incredible looking and simple to utilize the cheapest microwave is ideal for any home, dormitory, or office space. Straightforward, simple to utilize, and helpful.


This is a decent inexpensive microwave at the cost. It’s open and performs true to form.

6. Farberware Classic FMO11AHTBKB

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  • Six cooking programs: Auto cooking programs (popcorn, potato, pizza, solidified vegetable, supper plate) give helpful to control and stay away from the mystery
  • Express cooking: Cook your extras with only a pinch of a catch by contacting the number cushion (1 through 6 minutes)
  • Advanced clock: Easy-to-peruse LED show illuminates the computerized clock and features each cooking setting
  • Youngster lock: Lock the control board utilizing the kid security lock alternative to forestall incidental use or access by kids
  • Defrost: For all your solidified nourishments, defrost by time or weight so you can appreciate progressively tasty food sources


  • 10 cooking settings for every one of your needs.
  • 1 to 6 minutes controls for the best cooking experience.
  • 6 one-work catches.
  • Computerized control and LED show.
  • Large inner cooking space.


  • This broiler is somewhat uproarious.

This inexpensive microwave is appropriate for individuals who need dependable and quick cooking. It accompanies 6 quick one-work catches for different cooking styles.

You can pick the correct setting for popcorn, pizza, or solidified veggies to spare time. Your low cost microwaves will recollect your past decisions on account of the memory work that will assist you with recovering your most attractive settings.

You get the chance to pick the most ideal approach to defrost your nourishment dependent on weight or time giving you the best cooking outcomes.


A decent low cost microwaves. 1000W is certainly less force than 1100W, so don’t be astonished by that. It will, in general, make differing measures of commotion while running.

7. Magic Chef Countertop Oven


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  • Ten force levels to decide for preparing or warming your dinners
  • 900W of intensity yield
  • Clear and huge fastens just as LED show
  • Numerous auto cook menus
  • Youngster security lock just as a clock for safe use
  • Auto defrost for included comfort


  • Numerous force settings
  • Away from for straightforward entry
  • Great force yield


  • Not implied for use with supper plates

This 900W cheap and best microwave oven is made of hardened steel with a silver-hued bureau. It is basic however has a few highlights that make it an incredible entertainer.

Set up a bite or a feast with the Magic Chef one of the good cheap microwaves. Rapidly and effectively set up a wide assortment of nourishments with 900 watts of intensity, 10 force levels, and 6 one-contact cooking projects to support you. Defrost by time or dispense with the mystery and defrost by weight.


We like this least expensive microwave particularly except that it’s unreasonably little for a portion of our extra dishes.


The cheap but good microwave is fantastically helpful, simple to utilize, and is extremely flexible. They make your life so a lot simpler and forestall wastage of nourishment. You can prepare your nourishment, heat, and defrost yesterday’s lunch and have it new.

As you would have closed at this point, it is very conceivable to have productive and inexpensive countertop microwaves without using up every last cent.


1. What is a good cheap microwave?

Westinghouse WCM660W is a good cheap microwave for its price.

2. What is the best countertop microwave?

Nostalgia RMO7RR Retro Microwave is the best countertop microwave.

3. Which microwave is best?

BLACK+DECKER EM031MB11 is the best because of its features and performance at the price.

4. Is a 900 watt microwave good?

900 watts microwave takes more time to warm up and prepare nourishment than a 1000 watts microwave. It is absolutely the size, cost, and wattages that could bring about the presentation of the microwave.

5. What watt microwave is best?

A 1,000-watt microwave will cook rapidly and effectively, with the goal that’s an extraordinary pattern. Microwaves with 700 watts or less are increasingly slow not cook uniformly. When all is said in done, the higher the wattage, the quicker the cooking time.

6. How long should a microwave last?

For most kitchens, it should last between 9-10 years.





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