Best Microphones For Acoustic Guitar

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Regardless of whether you need to play in front of an audience or record your tunes, the best microphones for acoustic guitar are truly necessary embellishments for all players.

A great one can shape your involvement positively or completely bust your tunes!

There are numerous renditions accessible available, so we chose to offer you a rundown of the best mics for an acoustic guitar, how to pick one, and numerous other helpful bits of data!

Editor’s Pick

Shure SM-57 is the editor’s pick for the best microphones for acoustic guitar because of its all-around performance.

Buying Guide

Size of the Diaphragm

  • Huge Diaphragm condenser receivers are very valuable and function admirably with regards to acoustic guitars.
  • On the off chance that you are a learner and have a restricted financial plan, at that point you ought to go with it.
  • On the off chance that it is tied in with changing elements and inborn treble accentuation of acoustic guitar, at that point you ought to go with Small diaphragm condenser mics and lace mics. These mics have high-recurrence reactions and SPL capacities.

Reason for Use

  • Consider the reason for use before choosing any.
  • You can discover astounding and top-notch mic inside your spending plan if it is about home studio recording.
  • You can discover mics intended for explicit purposes. Regardless of whether you are a YouTuber or craftsman, you can locate the ideal alternative suits your necessities.

Brand and Reliability

  • Consistently go with the best brand which offers solid and top-notch items.
  • You will discover numerous mics structured with metal outsides and tight tanks. You should check on the off chance that it is strong and solid.

Viability and Polar Pattern

  • Likewise check a couple of things like the polar example, recurrence, and viability.
  • Cardioid is a regular example that you will discover in the vast majority of such mouthpieces. It can catch a solitary sound originating from your acoustic guitar just and viably.

Top 8 Best Microphones For Acoustic Guitar

1. Shure SM-57

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  • Allowed to-utilize permit
  • Remarkable plan and quality
  • Very good quality recurrence reaction
  • Inside and out authority over accounts
  • Tough development
  • Low force level required
  • Cardioid polar example


  • Clients needn’t bother with a permit to work it; in this way, it is great to utilize.
  • It is accessible with a level recurrence reaction for exact sound and is by all accounts one of the most loved choices for the individuals who use it for interviews, voice-chronicles, and the sky is the limit from there.
  • It offers fantastic sound quality in high-pressure circumstances


  • This is an ideal item and you will barely discover any issue separated from its characteristic restriction.
  • It doesn’t have a similar low-recurrence accentuation, as you can discover in huge stomach mics.

This best mic for acoustic guitar gives a perfect proliferation of acoustic and enhanced instruments. Highlighting a pneumatic stun mount framework, foundation commotion decrease, and the sky is the limit from there, this best mic for recording acoustic guitar can be a perfect answer for those searching for rich sound quality.

This is a Reliable sound framework as it guarantees strength and unwavering quality. This is intended to record various instruments. Aside from different astounding highlights, the incredible sound quality makes it the best acoustic guitar mic.


Utilizing this to mic guitar cupboards (alongside a condenser). Notoriety is all around earned. It doesn’t have the meaning of a strip, however, it doesn’t have a $500+ sticker price either.

2. Sennheiser E609

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  • Murmur repaying curl
  • No electrical impedance
  • Dependable and metal development
  • Novel horizontal plan
  • Silver level profile container
  • Full-size sound quality
  • Ten years guarantee


  • This is anything but difficult to use with rich enumerating; it is characterized well and amazing enough to deal with a high solid weight.
  • The item is profoundly powerful and can withstand high SPLs with no issue or contorting.
  • The sound quality is superior to a processor or VST; the mic is anything but difficult to work due to a coordinate account.


  • The item is a little exceptionally valued than different mics inclining in the market.
  • It might sound sloppy on the off chance that you keep it excessively near your speaker.

This best guitar microphone is well known for its clearness, dependable outcomes, and numerous different highlights.

It has a Super-cardioid get the example to wipe out outside clamor or offer disconnection from different signs to make recording understood. The Neodymium ferrous magnet with boron is incorporated to keep mic stable.

It has an interesting horizontal structure, and it is equipped for more than 150 dB SPL with full loyalty. This one of the mics for acoustic guitars is perfect for catching acoustic soundtrack and advanced music. It Includes a defensive pocket and clasp as well.


Works and sounds extraordinary. In any case, the 906 is the better mic, set aside, and get that one.

3. AKG Pro Audio C1000S

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  • Bass cut and – 10 dB switchable
  • Nearness support connector
  • Three recurrence settings
  • Dampness confirmation
  • Gold faltered container lodging
  • Switchable 10 dB cushion
  • Bass cut switch
  • Polar example
  • Discourse and sound lucidity


  • This mic is a mainstream, adaptable item
  • It is joined by a specific mic clasp to keep it appended safely to stand.
  • The indestructible condenser with a rough metal exemplary makes it an amazing item.
  • It offers flexibility for a talk with circumstances and portable communication used.


  • It doesn’t accompany a case, and you simply get a zippered sack without cushioning.
  • The strange state of the receiver barrel doesn’t make it easy to use.

This one of the acoustic microphones is perhaps the best receiver with incredible highlights. XLR pins and gold-faltered mouthpiece case can offer high invulnerability against dampness.

It runs on the Phantom force, and it can likewise be controlled by inner AA batteries. You can utilize it with any application or gear, and it is acclaimed for its astonishing adaptability.

You can change the amplifier from cardioid to Hyper-cardioid with the assistance of a Unique polar example converter.

This is a refreshed form that has gotten an excess of well known for its adaptability and Ideal for live solid application and recording It runs on ghost power. In any case, if it isn’t accessible, at that point it can likewise be controlled by two standard AA batteries.


This is an awesome Microphone – the worth is extraordinary. Incredible for instrument or vocal. I know numerous other expert artists who utilize this mic each time they perform.

4. MXL V67N

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  • Pencil condenser receiver
  • Exchangeable cardioid
  • Omnidirectional cases
  • Uncommon sound and yield quality
  • Transformer-adjusted yield
  • Hand-chose parts


  • This is ideal for brilliant instruments, for example, violins, drums, pianos, and guitars.
  • A wide range of accounts become alright with two tradable cases as it gives a clear tone and straightforward sound.
  • The level reaction leaves account characteristics and unadulterated with a touchy condenser amplifier.
  • It is an ideal alternative for percussion, cymbals, and stringed cymbals, offering a strong plan – smooth and straight forward set-up.


  • The item is excessively delicate and has been known to give an empty sound.
  • Additionally, there isn’t any client’s manual, which makes it difficult to work.

This acoustic guitar microphone has been utilized by proficient makers, engineers, top craftsmen, organizations, and individuals that need greatness and flawlessness in the gathering room, studio, and in front of an audience as well.

This Small Diaphragm guitar microphone can offer the perfect measure of clearness, nearness, and force. This one of the microphones for acoustic guitar has such huge numbers of highlights to give a fair stable to the instrument.


Incredible XLR receiver I’ve utilized for podcasting and such. It works incredible, the amplifier itself. I’ve possessed it for a long time at this point.

5. AKG Pro Audio C414 XLS

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  • Built for most noteworthy linearity and unbiased sound for delightful point by point recording of vocals and any acoustic instrument
  • Nine selectable polar examples for the ideal setting for each application
  • Three weakening levels (- 6/ – 12/ – 18dB) for close-up recording or high-yield wellsprings of up to 158dB SPL
  • Three diverse switchable bass-slice channels to lessen wind clamor, subsonic commotion or nearness impact
  • Over-burden notice with sound pinnacle hold LED to recognize most brief sound pinnacles


  • It gives nine pickup designs that permit you to pick the perfect setting for each application.
  • The microphone offers a fantastic plan with inconvenience free use for nonpartisan sound and the most elevated linearity.
  • It is viewed as the most flexible and all-inclusive enormous stomach amplifier.
  • It is perfect if you are searching for an ideal setting for each application.


  • The ‘S’ is excessively sharp in this mic, and the sound is slender cruel.
  • The back protecting in this receiver looks free.

Intended for unbiased sound and most elevated linearity for recording in any acoustic instrument, this guitar mic can be a perfect choice for those searching for top standard sound quality.

This guitar recording mic is ideal for field recording, voiceover track, podcasting, studio recording, home chronicle, and advanced account. You can expect a super sound yield in any setting.

It has nine chosen polar examples to give you the best setting. Three diverse switchable bass-cut channels help dispense with undesirable clamor, nearness impact, or subsonic commotion.


I used to claim one of these before I moved up to a Neumann TLM 103. This is the best condenser mic you will discover for under $500. It’s somewhat unforgiving on the top of the line yet at the cost I don’t figure you can improve.

6. Rode NT-USB

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  • Pop shield
  • Ring mount
  • Top-notch mic with a USB link
  • The accommodation of USB availability
  • Capacity pocket
  • 5 mm sound system earphone jack
  • Simple to screen the receiver contribution to continuous
  • Good with many chronicle applications


  • Channel controls, lessening, and various examples make it a high-supported alternative in this value run.
  • Numerous makers and vocalists locate the quality surpasses their desires, mostly because it is anything but difficult to set-up and use.
  • This is very touchy and can hear things without any problem. If you have an exceptionally controlled sound space for recording, at that point, this can be the correct choice to investigate.


  • The amplifier is cumbersome, and the general structure of the mic isn’t extremely engaging.
  • The amplifier is made of plastic, which is of modest quality and substantial in weight.

It offers the comfort of USB availability, and this acoustic guitar microphone can work with various sound sources.

It accompanies a top-notch pop channel that fits into the mic’s base, and it additionally demonstrates accommodating in limiting plosives during record, discourse, or singing.

This microphone for recording acoustic guitar is anything but difficult to utilize, and you can utilize it for your web radio show as well. It is perfect with many chronicle applications on both Mac OS and Windows-based PCs, Garage band, Apple iPad, and all the more account applications.


The set-up was a breeze and the sound quality we’re getting from this USB mic is very acceptable. The mic catches valid and precise vocals and very little foundation clamor.

7. Marantz Pro MPM1000

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  • Wide range recurrence reaction
  • Completely clear sound catch
  • Reduced and lightweight
  • Premium form quality
  • Consistent set-up
  • Studio-grade catch
  • Unadulterated aluminum plated condenser container
  • Directional cardioid polar example


  • This mic offers a consistent network and runs on apparition power.
  • XLR link has XLR associations on the two finishes with variation frill, for example, the windscreen, stun mount stand, and 6 Feet XLR link.
  • This mic is one of the most loved choices for the individuals who are searching for a passage level mouthpiece.


  • This isn’t for recording artists as it is very uproarious and not responsive.

This best mic for recording acoustic guitar and vocals is a superb choice for Picking up voice and acoustic instruments like an acoustic guitar. It incorporates extras like XLR link, work area tripod stand, stuns mount and windscreen

This microphone to record acoustic guitar tends to be an across the board answer for the studio-grade catch or podcasting application and quality sound from drum units, percussion, instruments, melodic, and vocalists. Wide-extending and smooth recurrence reaction 20 to 20,000 Hz.


Marantz has been around for whatever length of time that I can recall, so I chose to go with my name I know. It works generally excellent and you can’t beat the cost.

8. CAD Audio GXL3000

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  • Easy to use press catches
  • HP channel
  • Recurrence Response (35 to 20,000 Hz)
  • Selectable cardioid designs
  • Ghost fueled
  • Direct connecting to an advanced recorder


  • The item goes with a securing pocket, and a versatile stun mount making is exceptionally compact.
  • It is a wide scope of recurrence reaction for smooth, fresh clear solid quality.
  • Top-notch mic
  • Great form quality
  • Little size stun mounts
  • Simple arrangement and transport


  • The general nature of the item and controls aren’t adequate for expanded solidness.

This one of the condenser microphones for the guitar is mainstream for clearness and range. Sound quality is phenomenal on acoustic instruments and vocals.

You can utilize a figure-of-eight example to close off-pivot clamor and record front and back sounds. If it is about the instrument and vocal chronicle, at that point it requires utilizing a cardioid design.

You can utilize an omnidirectional example for field recording. You can record everything from ensembles, piano, bass cupboards, guitar cupboards, acoustic instruments to studio vocals.


The sound on this instrumental microphone was magnificent. I strongly suggest it at the cost. The main thing I wish was that it accompanied a hard case so I could move it all the more without any problem.


All things considered, with regards to accounts, and in stage performing, live acoustic guitar mic are fundamental for acoustic guitars, given their restricted volumes.

We gave you the best microphones for acoustic guitar, which permit you to safeguard the regular hints of your instrument, without input or undesirable commotion and highlight extraordinary sticker prices for all pockets!


1. Where should I mic my acoustic guitar?

Start by setting one mic around the twelfth/fourteenth fret and the other at the scaffold pointing either at the body or towards the sound gap, 6 – 12 inches away. Change each mic with the goal that they sound great all alone. When blending the guitar sound, frequently each mic will be panned hard left and hard right.

2. What microphone do you use for acoustic guitar?

You can use any of the mics that are mentioned in the above guide, they will all be worth your money.

3. What is the best MXL microphone?

MXL V67N is the best MXL microphone because of the features and reviews it got from the customers.

4. How can I make my acoustic guitar sound better when recording?

The best way to make the acoustic guitar sound better when recording is by using a condenser microphone with it.

5. Why do my vocals sound muffled?

On the off chance that your vocal chronicle sounds muted or a piece excessively warm, have a go at applying a wide increase in 2-3dB somewhere in the range of 2kHz and 6kHz. Ensure you do this after the blower, however, not previously! On the other side, if the vocals sound unforgiving or fragile, take a stab at lessening these frequencies.





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