Best Metal Detector Under 300 – Buying Guide & Review 2023

Last updated on November 8th, 2022 at 02:34 pm

In this time of social distancing, what’s a hobby one can safely continue? Metal detecting. Having an interest as unique as this, you know there are very few people you can discuss it with. So, why not consider this article as your friend, which is also the key to that gold lying right beneath your feet!? So, what is the best metal detector under 300?

Do I need a Metal Detector?

You love to dig in history and going outdoor, the silver coins underground fascinate you and you are a sucker for discovering new places, hello, metal detectors are for you!

Since it’s a very rare interest, you don’t have much knowledge on your hands and you might get talked into buying a metal detector that doesn’t match your needs or your location. So, what is the best metal detector for the money?

This is where you will need this article.

What is the Best All-Around Metal Detector?

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There is a best to perfection and a best to a metal detector. How do we know that our metal detector falls into high-quality metal detectors? Easy! It should fulfill all of the below requirements and kudos, you got it.


Imagine this, you got a signal from your detector and very excitedly, you start digging for almost an hour just to see a trash can! Frustrating, isn’t it? To remove the chances of getting trapped for trash items, metal detectors use their ability to distinguish between useful metals and minerals. Hence, any good starter metal detector can help you tune out the garbage.

Target Identification

All high-quality metal detectors want to make your digging worth it and hence, they use this highly efficient tool of distinguishing between coins such as silver, nickel, gold, etc. A number, specific to each coin, appears on the screen to identify the coin’s type. The best metal detector for gold and silver will certainly have it!

Operating Frequency

Frequency is the number of times the signal is received or transmitted by your metal detector every second. Most of the top of line metal detectors use low frequency because it can penetrate deep into the ground. However, if every speck of gold is your target, then go for a high-frequency detector.


They say, metaphorically, “everything from afar is gold”, your metal detector will tell if is literally gold. This ability is known as its sensitivity. This is under your control and is usually recommended by the manufacturer. In areas with high mineral content, it is suitable to set it low and vice versa.

Now, just reading these features do not land you on the best budget metal detector. So, what does? Doing broad research on the products available. Don’t worry mate! We saved you some time by doing that for you and hence, below is a list of the best metal detector under 300.


Top 8 Best Metal Detector Under 300

We want for you what we would have wanted for ourselves. Thus, we did extensive research to converge the best metal detector for the money on a single page. Starting with:

1- Decdeal Metal Detector Pinpointer 

This metal detector is the cheapest metal detector on your screen. This best inexpensive metal detector is also among the top rated metal detectors for beginners. Here’s why:

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      • This extremely light weight detector can reach places you didn’t know exist!
      • Its precision tracking can target all small relics.
      • It has audible and vibrating alarms to aware you of the presence of metal objects.
      • It has maximum sensitivity.


People have viewed this as the best inexpensive metal detector and we couldn’t agree any less!

This best budget metal detector is perfect for serious detectorists who are about to set off for their journey. With its efficient performance, it will make sure it is worth it!

2- TREASURE COVE 1018 Metal Detector Kit

This one, at a reasonably low price, is a gift for the treasure hunters! This light-weight and durable detector extend beyond just helping you on the beach. Take it along you in the forest, desert, underwater, anywhere! Considering its features, we can’t resist to label it as the best cheap metal detector.

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      • Its portability makes it your best travel buddy!
      • Being waterproof, you can use it to get that treasure box underwater.
      • Since its easy-to-understand screen displays all the information, you wouldn’t have to guess if you hit a jackpot!
      • It has three modes; all-metal mode, discrimination mode, and a pinpoint mode that you can set accordingly.


According to the customers, this is the best starter metal detector as someone commented and we quote, “perfect little detector for a 12-year-old boy to get started with metal detecting.” So, if you are a newbie, get your hands on this because it is among the top metal detectors for beginners.

3- Goplus Waterproof Metal Detector

What does the best cheap metal detector look like?

Here, like this goplus’s metal detector which has all the necessary features and is perfect for starters. Why should I buy it?

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      • It works with two modes. One mode to detect all types of metals and the other to discriminate between the types of metals present.
      • Waterproof search coil makes its use possible on rainy days. However, you cannot use it underwater.
      • Holding it for so long can be hectic! Goplus makes it easier by providing the flexibility to adjust its height according to yours.
      • It is perfect for primary detection and hence, it is the best affordable metal detector for beginners.


How do we know it is the best value metal detector? Here’s what a woman has to say about it:

for the money, it has been a really good product. My husband has used it more than i thought he would.”

Time to add it to your cart!

4- Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

As the name might suggest, this one is for the ones who have to work in harsh conditions and on unleveled grounds! Worry no more, we are sending details about the best all-around metal detector your way!

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      • Ideal for detecting metals on unleveled ground.
      • It has two modes- one to detect all types of metal and the other is discrimination mode.
      • It has 2 tone audio mode to identify the metals’ types
      • You can set ground balance which cancels out the responses to mineral content in the ground (a feature unique to this!).
      • Disc distinguishes between wanted and unwanted metals.
      • It has a 6.7 kHz operating frequency which means it’s fast and efficient!


Very few metal detectors are this durable to work even in extreme conditions and this is one of them. So why miss out on it? We have a satisfied customer summing up its features as:

“lightweight, handle extends to fit your size, can easily set the angle of the coil, and the setup is easy and fast.” 

5- Happibuy Metal Detector Waterproof Disc

Serious detectorists, this is your place. In all the best metal detectors under 300, this is the one that stands out. From being perfect for seniors to serving children, this might be just what you were looking for!

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      • Its high accuracy disc enables you to set a certain tune to indicate the presence of any metal object.
      • Usable in shallow water.
      • Height can be adjusted on uneven grounds.
      • You can set it to not respond to certain objects (e.g. Trash cans).
      • Powerful LCD display to read the displayed information correctly during the day and at night.
      • Designed by keeping human comfort in mind.
      • Comes with a shovel and headphones (invest here rather than buying these things separately!).


Its wide application makes it the most convenient and the best all-around metal detector. Having all of the features, it lives up to its claim as one of its customers excitedly tells how it is the best affordable best detector in its type and is human-friendly. So, what are you waiting for?

6- CooB Beach Sand Scoop Scoops Shovel

Planning to work on a beach? Perfect! This coob’s metal detector is the best beach metal detector under 300 due to its features and its effective performance.

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      • It can be used for underwater and beach detection.
      • It can work with clogged sand.
      • Has perfect washing ability (so you can always wash the sand off it!).
      • It has a strong carbon filter handle and requires little human strength.
      • Works more efficiently on cleaned beaches where you can easily detect useful metals without having to stop.
      • Sand scoop is made out of stainless steel.


While it is easy to use, it does more than you think! For beginners just trying to continue with their hobby, this is perfect for you. We all know how oceans hold the biggest of the treasures, so invest a little in this best beach metal detector under 300 to get something even bigger!

7- Bounty Hunter Discovery 2200 Metal Detector with Bonus Pinpointer

Here we have it again, the company manufacturing strong and durable metal detectors! In all of the metal detectors for sale, this is something that grabbed our attention on another level. Its features can explain why:

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      • It is light in weight so that carrying it does not get distracting.
      • Its clear screen displays all the useful information and it is super easy to use.
      • It is perfect for detecting coins and objects up to 3ft.
      • It has four modes of operation.
      • Target depth calculates the distance between you and the object.
      • The discrimination system enables users to rule out unwanted metals.
      • Automatic ground balancing is available and the stem is adjustable.


A customer whose 11 years old used this detector gladly tells how he, who has never used a metal detector before, found coins within 30 minutes using this detector!

8- SUNCOO Pro Metal Detector

Still, looking on the page for high-end metal detectors? Well, this might be just what you were waiting for! With higher prices come more features, so you can probably already make a guess about it! All the features combined in a single detector is this Suncor’s metal detector.

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      • Being more sensitive, it can detect all types of metal and can be rightfully called the best metal detector for coins.
      • Its clear LCD screen displays the type of metals, operating mode, battery level, and sensitivity level.
      • It has two modes- one to detect all types of metals and the other to detect specific types of metals.
      • Its precision makes it the best metal detector for gold and silver.
      • It can work on beaches and in shallow water.
      • Comes with headphones that are used to identify the metals’ type by listening to the tune assigned specifically to each metal.
      • Its armrest makes it comfortable to use it, requiring very little effort.
      • It has a depth of 8.2ft (varies with the object’s depth) which is a lot. Hence, we can call it the best deep metal detector.


Its features can go on and on, you only know how beneficial it is once you have it in your hands. For those who already do, this is how they narrated their experience:

“I just used it for a few minutes and found some coins.”

As easy as that! Be the best treasure hunter by using this best metal detector for coins!

Final Verdict

To put it all together, these cheap but good metal detectors can actually help you turn a hobby into a profession when used properly and effectively. Although all of these best metal detectors under 300 will be more or less useful, you just have to decide which one is the right for you!


Where to buy Garrett metal detectors?

Please contact the Garrett factory at (972) 494-6151

Fisher vs Garrett metal detectors

Fisher has a higher frequency and is better in discrimination.

What is the best metal detector on the market?

Fisher f22.

What is the best inexpensive metal detector?

Fisher f22.

What metal detector goes the deepest?

Garrett ace 250.

What is the best metal detector under $200?

Garrett ace 200.

What are the best places to metal detect?

Your backyard.

Can cheap metal detectors find gold?




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