Best Metal Detector Under 300 Dollars

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If metal detecting is your hobby, the best metal detector under 300 dollars can satisfy your hunting habit by staying within your spending limit. Nowadays, not everyone appreciates digging up ancient coins or caps, but detectorists look for thrilling beautiful perks to please their metal hunting experiences. If you are an amateur, you might be looking for an entry-level metal detector.

Considering important features incorporating frequency, ground balance, waterproof nature, battery type, beach hunting, control box, and search coils, we have assembled a list of the best metal detector under 300 dollars. These features engage the product into higher functionality and precise exhibition.

A Buying Guide To The Best Metal Detector Under 300 Dollars

To buy the best metal detector, there are multiple factors that must be given a glance to make your purchase better. So, in this case, to enhance the performance of your metal detector under 300, you need to consider the frequency, ground balance, construction, search coils, control box, price, battery type, and waterproofness.


For a beginner metal detector, the frequency range of 6 to 7 kHz is required for detecting coin, relic, and jewelry. For higher frequencies, the better detection is gold prospecting. For maximum depth, lower frequencies are the best.

VLF Metal Detectors

Very low-frequency metal detectors offer two coils including one for the receiver and the other for the transmitter. Metal targets coming in this frequency creates a magnetic field. The receiver coil distinguishes this kind of reaction and imparts an analyzed sign to the control box.

  • Pocket-friendly
  • Easy to operate
  • Light in weight
  • Extended battery life
  • Multi-functional
  • Diverse
  • Restricted to single frequency
  • Reduced performance in mineralized soils

Multi-Frequency Metal Detectors

It is the potential of using multi-frequencies concurrently. With adjusted frequencies, you can concurrently recognize little and huge things at different depths. Selectable frequency metal detectors are frequently showcased as multi-frequency metal detectors however they are most certainly not.

  • Multiple frequencies
  • Adjustable frequencies
  • Enhanced depth detection
  • Easier handling in mineralized soils
  • Multi-functional
  • Diversified
  • More expensive
  • Dependent efficiency

PI Metal Detectors

Pulse indication metal detectors operate different technology. It uses one coil that receives and transmits electrical currents with a shorter pulse duration. When the field transmits current, it takes times for field to converse and collapse are measured. The extended reflected pulse delays determine the metal detected.

  • Balanced to mineralization
  • Profound depth detection
  • Offers gold prospecting
  • Offers beach hunting
  • Expensive
  • Heavier
  • Poor discrimination

Ground Balance

  • It has a diversifying setting that expands recognition deep-rooted the mineralized ground. This ground may contain salts, for example, in wet seashore sand, or fine iron particles, for example, in the red earth. These minerals react to a detector’s transmitting field likewise that an objective does.
  • Under 300 dollars, you can find metal detectors having a preset ground balance with the computer-assisted features.

Waterproof Nature

  • Make sure the search coils are submersible and not only waterproof.
  • Submersible metal detectors (search coil, control box, headphones, and all components) can be taken underwater without any stress of getting it damaged. Some detectors offer a submersible control box but not other things. So, look for a detector offering waterproof components.

Battery Type

  • Battery-powered batteries are the backbone of metal detection. Nonetheless, you need to think about the charger too.
  • Having the option to infuse power into that fading battery is significant, so realizing you have the total battery pack that will permit you to keep detecting is vital.

Control Box

  • It is packed with controls, speakers, processors, and batteries.

Search Coil

  • Different search coils come in different shapes and sizes and also, perform differently.
  • Larger coils come with more penetrating potential and smaller coils are generally more sensitive.

Top 5 Best Metal Detector Under 300 Dollars

ImageNameCheck Price
Garrett ACE 300

ACE Environmental Cover
ClearSound Headphones
Provides better sensitivity
View Product
Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300

Offers deep seeking
Has one-touch pinpoint
Offers 5 modes of operation
View Product
Fisher F44

20 levels of sensitivity and volume
Has non-volatile memory
5 operating modes
View Product
Garrett Ace 250

LCD screen pushbutton controls
One-touch operation
5 plus electronic pinpointing modes
View Product
Minelab X-TERRA 305

VFLEX technology
Single frequency detectors
6 accessory coil options
View Product

1. Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector

Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector

Check Price On Amazon

Key Features

  • PROformance search coil (submersible)
  • Coil Cover
  • Garrett carrying bag
  • Has Clear-Sound headphone
  • Comes with a control box and batteries
  • Has an ACE Environmental Cover
  • Offers a two-year warranty
  • Provides better sensitivity
  • Offers a new increased iron resolution

If you are looking for a quality constructed and simpler to work, it is ACE 300. It settles on it as a phenomenal decision for the fledgling to veteran searching for a reasonable and solid detector. When it comes to the interface, it packs adequate data yet it is not scaring for novices or overpowering for experienced specialists. On account of the principles, the ACE 300 is profoundly dependable and proficient. The new computerized target ID: 0-99 readout causes you to recognize various targets quicker while the bigger 7” × 10” loop empowers you to make more progress quicker.

If you are working in territories intensely invaded with iron, the expanded iron resolution will be of acceptable assistance so you can undoubtedly get rid of awful targets. For better results, the ACE 300 highlights an 8Hz sort of sensitivity that makes it simpler to identify more modest targets and low to mid-conductivity metals like lead and gold.

The Garret’s ACE 300 accompanies 5 pre-set modes including relics, coin, gems, custom, and no-separation making it simple for you to look for your preferred objects. When it comes to the coil, it is waterproof making it more durable.

Customer’s Review

This metal detector is an incredible incentive for the amateur/middle metal hunter. I tried it with a dime, penny, and quarter and experienced some difficulty finding the dime. The depth is somewhat off also. The pointing highlight functions admirably. I think with more practice perhaps I will improve however generally speaking I am actually satisfied with it.

2. Bounty Hunter 3300 Metals Detecting Machine

Bounty Hunter 3300 Metals Detecting Machine

Check Price On Amazon

Key Features

  • Offers manual ground balance
  • Microprocessor controlled discrimination
  • Offers deep seeking
  • Has one-touch pinpoint
  • Offers 5 modes of operation
  • 4 tones and 11 segments target identification
  • Accurately detects targets at depth
  • Offers all-metal motion
  • Provides progressive discrimination and pinpoint modes

If you truly love to begin with extraordinary features, this is an energizing device that will assist you with finding what is covered underneath the outside of the earth. The Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 Metal Detector is adequately modern, however not hard to work. Because of easy-to-work controls and an LCD, you do not have anything to stress over, regardless of whether you are totally new to the game.

The metal finder permits you to wipe out undesirable metals, because of the inbuilt segregation framework. It likewise accompanies levels of iron separation and a 7-fragment target end pointer. It has a depth of 4 feet for bigger targets and 11 inches for coins builds your odds of hitting focuses on that are covered profound under the surface. Dissimilar to different models that can not sit well, this locator includes a modern ground balance control so you can have your tranquility while at work.

The target recognizable proof system highlights five modes of activity that are supplemented by 4-tone sound markers. That way, even the novice miner can dole out extraordinary tones for various metal sorts like a star.

Customer’s Review

This is the best metal indicator at the cost. Not even a single detector conveys the presentation of the 3300 at its value point and gets deep targets. It is additionally touchy enough to discover finger nail size bits of metal well past 6″. It is so exact at identifying that my certainty level is high with this. In case you are acquainted with metal recognizing you will adore this unit and will not be baffled. The actual detector is superior to I am if you catch my drift. Exact depth detecting, precise metal recognition, and so on. Most indicators are gimmicky in that they attempt to mention to you what you found on the LCD. Overlook that in light of the fact that many metal things are made of something very similar. Invest some energy acclimating yourself with the detector (any so far as that is concerned) and you will discover more than you are searching for!

3. Fisher F44 Metal Detector

Fisher F44 Metal Detector

Check Price On Amazon

Key Features

  • Offers precise relic hunting
  • Comes with five operating modes
  • Comes with 20 levels of sensitivity and volume
  • Has non-volatile memory
  • The visual display features 9 segments
  • Easily filters through objects

The Fisher F44 is a great metal detector that gives ultimate functionality of highlights that numerous different options can not envision contending with. Being an amateur, this is the best metal detector you can go for. It comes with a digital display offering a numerical target ID. Also, it accompanies depth indicator, adjustable discrimination, and five search modes.

It comes with adjustable sensitivity of up to 20 levels. It also offers an adjustable threshold which helps in hearing even in the weakest and deepest targets. So, you will enjoy a ground balance with this amazing metal detector. The ground grab is remote when you are operating in all metal modes.

When it comes to the additional features, know that it offers a headphone jack along with a volume control making it the best among all. With this metal detector, there will be no need to separately purchase a headphone having a volume control. It also accompanies waterproof 11 inches semi-elliptical search coil. So, you would not regret buying it.

Customer’s Review

After extensive examination into what metal detector to purchase as a first-time specialist, I initially settled on the somewhat less expensive F22 yet then concluded that the additional highlights of the F44 were justified, despite any trouble. It showed up rapidly and was not difficult to assemble. The positive highlights of this item far exceed any negative characteristics, and I have been incredibly content with it up until now. The bigger pursuit loop makes discovering things a lot faster and was the primary explanation I picked for this detector.

The pinpoint included works admirably, however not incredibly. It certainly gives you a clearer thought of where to look, yet there is typically still a decent measure of looking around. The depth that the detector look is generally excellent, and is by all accounts a limit of around 14 inches or something like that, however, most everything found so far has been inside a couple of inches of the surface.

4. Garrett ACE 250, Metal Detecting Machine

Garrett ACE 250, Metal Detecting Machine

Check Price On Amazon

Key Features

  • Precisely locates targets and speed recovery
  • Comes with five search modes
  • Selects pre-set discrimination pattern
  • Has a continuous coin depth indicator
  • Offers battery status indicator
  • Interchangeable Ace search coils
  • Offers large LCD screen pushbutton controls
  • Offers expanded target ID legend
  • Offers one-touch operation
  • Offers an adjustable arm cuff
  • Has 5 plus electronic pinpointing modes

A metal detector, specially designed for beginners. It has a cost of somewhat expensive and is all around made. It is easy to understand and even individuals who have never utilized a metal detector are learning the diversion rapidly with this unit. The best component of the Garrett Ace 250 is the capacity to modify your settings and it will save those settings, in any event, when you turn the identifier off.

You can likewise decide for it to discover either coins or relics so you can search for and find precisely what you need. Notwithstanding, this model does not have a numeric target ID and in the event that you are just looking for a particular sort of coin, this can be frustrating. It possibly has a class ID that is fine in case you are simply eager to discover anything.

Another element of this detector is the ringer tone when you filter over a coin. It will send a tone for each coin, yet except if you utilize your depth meter, you will not know whether it is an inch down or a few inches. You should utilize this indicator slower than some different models, yet it is an extraordinary metal detector.

Customer’s Review

This is a spectacular purchase! You would spend significantly more. The Ace 250 is a decent machine however a chunk of time must pass to become acclimated to it. Earphones are extraordinary with volume control. A little digging tool is ideal for identifying. It is strong, in addition to non-metal, so you can uncover soil and simply wave it before the coil to more readily find your thing. This set additionally accompanies a loop cover, so your coil will not get scratched. In my recommendation, it is the best metal detector under 300 dollars.

5. Minelab X-TERRA 305 Metal Detector

Minelab X-TERRA 305 Metal Detector

Check Price On Amazon

Key Features

  • Offers true digital VFLEX technology
  • Single frequency detectors
  • Adjustable frequency by changing coils
  • Offers medium frequency of 7kHz
  • Offers high frequency of 18.75kHz
  • Offers 6 accessory coil options
  • Offers increased versatility

The Minelab is known for its superior technology and offers very good quality devices. Most of its entry to mid-level devices operates an innovation called VLF is known as very low frequency. They all work at a sign recurrence which is controlled by the maker. The VFLEX is an improved form of VLF and permits you to change your working frequency drastically by changing your search coil.

When it comes to its additional features, it has a ground balance level that is preset at the industrial facility and expected for an average user of this detector. Yet, since the ideal exhibition of any metal detector is generally founded on the acclimation to the site you are on, the capacity to manual ground balance is a tremendous bit of leeway.

Like ground balance, clamor counteract permits you to drop the undesirable electromagnetic noise that is throughout use. For instance, in case you are close to electrical cables or a house with WiFi, your metal detector will get on those signs and can cause some whimsical falsing. So, this component assists with ignore those signs.

Customer’s Review

Despite how far you look for a quality metal detector, it is hard to beat a Minelab X-terra. This 305 is sensibly light and is precise. When you become more acquainted with this machine, you will not have any desire to leave behind it; particularly at the cost! Remember that, if you buy any additional loop in a higher frequency, this metal detector is two detectors in one! I energetically prescribe this identifier to fledglings or prepared detectorists, too.

How A Metal Detector Functions?

A metal detector works by transferring electromagnetic signals to the ground by using search coils built-in in the machine. Any metal coming under the effect of electromagnetic field will be energized and gives signals to the operator.


Buying the best metal detector under 300 dollars is pretty easy if you considering important factors like ground balance, frequency, pinpoint modes, and performance. Also, waterproofness and submersible nature are necessary. And you can get these all in your limited spending budget. In our recommendation, the Garrett ace 300 is the best metal detector under 300 dollars so far. This metal detector has been chosen considering its performance and powerful buildup. Also, it comes within your spending budget. You can also on other products that we have mentioned above as they are also extracted on the basis of their sturdy exhibition and pocket-friendly price.


What can a metal detector detect?

A metal detector can detect multiple metals incorporating iron, copper, aluminum, nickel, lead, brass, and tin. Likewise, you can detect bronze, silver, and gold with the help of this metal detector. You can adjust your device to generate an electromagnetic field for finding metal targets.

What metals can not be detected by a metal detector?

There are two types of metal detectors and that are passive metal detectors and active metal detectors. Metals including iron, nickel, and cobalt can be detected by both types of detectors. Whereas, metals including copper, brass, and aluminum can only be detected by active metal detectors.

How deep can a metal detector detect?

Generally, metal detectors can locate objects that are about 4 to 8 inches deep. When it comes to a mid-range metal detecting machine can penetrate up to 12 to 18 inches. Expert metal detectors allow penetration up to 20 meters.

Can gold be detected by a metal detector?

All-metal locators will discover gold however there are various sorts made that are more sensitive to and explicitly for gold. Thus, if you are exclusively keen on finding gold adornments, you will need to choose a metal detector made explicitly for this reason.

What is the best metal detector for the money?

In our suggestion, the Garrett ace 300 is the best one. This metal detector has been picked thinking about its exhibition and ground-breaking development. It is chosen to consider important factors like ground balance, frequency, pinpoint modes, and execution.







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