8 Best Men’s Electric Razor for Sensitive Skin – Buying Guide 2023

Last updated on November 5th, 2022 at 07:11 am

What type of factor to be considered before purchasing the best electric shaver for sensitive skin?

To sensitive skin, your priority in choosing the best electric razor. These are some factors you consider before purchasing.


Razor type:

There are two types of electric razors: Foil & Rotating razor. The foil razor has contained oscillate blades use for cutting the hair with the help of foil holes. The rotating razor has contained wheel blades that allow cutting the hair. Foil razor is best for sensitive skin because it is offered to cut hair closely.

Based on the best specifications and the significance, we have evaluated a product that made it as the editor’s topic pick among the rest.

The Braun Electric Razor for men series is a top pick. it has the top-notch quality and is the best electric razor for sensitive skin.

Now, let’s see what further things we need to consider before buying an electric shaver for sensitive skin.

Things Need to Consider

Motor speed

You need a fast motor with a speed blade to clean the shave perfectly. It helps to make a smooth shave without applying more pressure.

The Blades

If the blade is not comfortable, it can cause a pull and tug on your face. So, the shape blade helps you avoid skin irritation then you can easily trim your face.

Dry and Wet Razor

The consumer has to gain benefits form dry and wet electric razors. shaving with wet razor means you can shave your face in the shower and/or shaving with cream. Another layer of the shaving cream protects your sensitive skin.

Trimmer Option

Customers desire to clean their shave more perfectly. So, the electric shavers with a trimmer option help to adjust your blade according to your desire. Then, your shave becomes smoother and less irritating.

Top 8 Best Men’s Electric Razor for Sensitive Skin

Above mentioned things must consider before making any purchase. After the research, we pick up these best men’s electric razor for sensitive skin you can select the one you needed.


1. Braun Electric Razor for men Series (Editors First Choice)

Braun Electric Razor for men Series

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  • The unit only takes one hour for fully charging
  • It’s 100% waterproof so you can use it for wet shave too
  • The Flexible head capture more hair in one stroke


  • None


  • The razor is 100% waterproof up to 5 meters
  • It’s five personalize mode allows you to adjust the power according to your skin
  • It’s skin-friendly and precision head allows you to reach small places

This electric razor for men is best for sensitive skin. it has 4 shaving elements, 3 cutting blades, and one Skin guard. The razor is based on sonic and auto-sense technology, through which 10,000 micro-vibration and shaving motor remove more hair in every stroke. 8D contour adaptation capture more hair as allow to move the flexible head of shaver in 8 direction.

It has five personalize shaving modes to increase power and speed. It’s your choice to use the shaver wet or dry. This razor is waterproof up to 5 meters. It’s very easy to clean this razor, just wash it with water. The precision head allows you to reach the small and hard area of your body (under your nose or on the neck). The cordless lithium battery-run 50 minutes and took one hour to fully charged.

Customers review

The best Braun electric shaver works well for people with sensitive skin.

2. Panasonic Arc5 Electric shaver

Panasonic Arc5 Electric shaver

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  • It has active shave sensor technology, work well on all type of beard
  • The shaver cut thick and coarse hair instead of pulling them
  • It is 100% waterproof


  • You can’t use it without shaving cream


  • Its sharp blades with ultra-thin arc foil give a perfect and smooth shave
  • It has two in one shaver and trimmer, built-in trimmer perfectly trim the mustaches, sideburns, and bears.
  • The multi-flex pivoting head glide to the individual contour of the face, chin, neck, and jaws

Best Panasonic men’s shaver with five precision Nanotech blades giving a close and comfortable shave. The Panasonic Arc5 with its thin foil helps to cut hard hair efficiently. Its Sensor technology can efficiently detect the different bread’s density, so it adjusted the shaver according to them. To make a clean shave its cordless shaver can be float without any effort around the contours of your face, jaw, and under the chin.

Customer reviews

The electric trimmer and shaver 2 in 1 gives you a close shave. Its battery capacity is good.

3. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver

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  • It is the waterproof shaver
  • Travel friendly
  • Have a clear LED display


  • Required maintenance
  • Heavy in size


  • It has an Ergonomic grip & handling.
  • It moves in five directions.
  • With Aqua Tec technology you can shave under the shower.
  • Its smart click precision is excellent for mustache and sideburn trimming.

This is the best electric razors for men that offers a comfortable shave without any irritation. It’s precision blading system protects your skin while cutting your hairs; it easily cut long short or flat surface hair without any extra effort. They use a comfort ring that has a special anti-friction coating so, that you can gently shave with less irritation.

Through the dynamic flex technology, it can move in five directions. It not only follows the curves of your face and jaws but gives you easy access to all your face part that is hard to reach. The shaver has led display that shows the battery level, to prevent the overcharging the charger automatically shuts off when the battery is full. It has a removable rotating head.

Customer reviews

It is the best men’s razor for sensitive skin.

4. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver

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  • The shaver is Lightweight and easy to use
  • It is easy to clean the shaver with a one-touch mechanism
  • The aqua Tec technology gives you the option of a wet and dry shave


  • Replacement blades are expensive


  • The Aqua Tec technology gives both dry and wet shave
  • Its Multi Precision Blade System cut thick and long hair
  • 5-direction Flex Heads moves in 5 direction to reach close to the skin
  • It has dual-blade Super Lift & Cut Action gives you perfect shave

It is one of the best wet dry electric shaver, that manages the fast or comfortable shave.

The speed and user-friendly electric rotatory shaver are favorite among Philips fan. The shaver cut long and thick hairs through Multi-Precisions blades in one go without switching blades. This shaver has a rotary shaving mechanism which moves in 5 different direction to give you a clean shave. It has AquaTec technology which gives you the option of a wet shave or dry shave.

Its dual-blade Super Lift & Cut Action gives you a perfect and smooth shave. The first blade raises the hair and the second blade cut them below the skin. It has an LED display that shows relevant information about your shaver level battery indicator, low battery indicator, lock indicator, and cleaning indicator.

The shaver doesn’t have smart clean technology but it’s easy to clean the shaver through its one-touch open mechanism.

Customer review

The trimmer works pretty well. It gives you a perfect and comfortable shave. Its best men’s electric razor for sensitive skin as it doesn’t hurt or feel scratchy.

 5. Remington All-in-One Lithium Powered Grooming Kit

Remington All-in-One Lithium Powered Grooming Kit

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  • The attachment in the kit are washable
  • The surgical steel blades are durable and long-lasting
  • The kit comes with a storage pouch which is travel friendly


  • The battery is not long-lasting


  • This versatile Remington PG6025 comes with 14 different attachment, depending on shaving purpose
  • The textured grip fits in your hands at any angel
  • The cordless lithium battery runtime is 60  minutes

The Remington model PG6025 is the best affordable electric razor. It comes with fourteen different attachments for different shaving purposes. It has shaver and trimmer all in one. The attachment included three attachment head, three snap-on combs, and an adjustable comb. Its elongated body has two indents to give you a firmer grip.

There is an on/off button and three green bars of light which indicate power status is located in the middle front. The shaver/trimmer is powered by lithium batteries which are 3x more long-lasting than other batteries. You can use the shaver for fifty to sixty minutes after one full charge. The blades of this shaver are made up of strong surgical steel and won’t dull easily. Surgical steel makes it the best men’s electric razor for sensitive skin. Steel is good for people with sensitive skin and for those who are allergic to nickel.

Customer review

The trimmer is of good quality and decently priced as compared to other top brands.

6. Panasonic Electric Shaver For Women

Panasonic Electric Shaver For Women

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  • The shaver is lightweight and portable
  • It works perfectly for hypoallergic
  • It has 60 minutes of cordless battery


  • The charging time is longer


  • The ultra-sharp blades and ultra-thin foil gives precision hair cutting
  • The three independent floating flexible head allows smooth shaving and trimming
  • The features of convenient pop-up trimmer remove unwanted hair quickly

They are a few razors available in the market for women. It is the best electric shaver woman. It has four blades that give you comfortable have and gives you smooth skin. The shaver works well on sensitive areas of the body. It has wide coverage which saves your time and a patch on hair in one go. You can use this razor either dry or in a shower. The razor fits well in your hand and gives you a perfect grip over the razor. It comes with an adapter and charging stand, make it travel friendly.

Customer review

The shaver gives smooth skin with bumps and nicks. Its hypoallergenic blades prevent irritation so its best women’s razor for sensitive skin.

7. Wahl Professional 5-Star Series

Wahl Professional 5-Star Series

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  • The batter of this unit stays charge for several days
  • The razor cut closer without leaving bumps
  • The big head gives you a smooth and close shave


  • The too much pressure can damage the foils


  • The Wahl professional 5-star series comes with a rechargeable battery
  • The gold foil work well for sensitive skin to avoid irritation
  • Its blades give you the closest shave without burns

The 5-star series is designed for professional use is the best razor for shaving head. The closest shave electric razor has a gold foil head to avoid friction while shaving. It gives you a smooth and comfortable shave without irritation. Hypoallergic gold foils avoid bumps, ingrown hair, and irritation, especially for sensitive skin.

The rechargeable battery runs at full speed for 60 minutes per charge. The ergonomic handle gives you an easy grip. The product comes with many accessories included shaver, foil guard, charging plug, cleaning brush, and operating instructions.

Customer review

The small size enables the razor to reach even in those places which are hard to reach.

8. Braun Series

Braun Series

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  • Excellent trimmer use on every occasion.
  • It provides the facility with a faster motor.
  • Best shaving machine for sensitive skin.


  • It can be expensive than other shavers.
  • This contains a huge shaving surface.


  • Braun has 5 no. of element for shaving in one stroke.
  • Reaches that area were difficult to get.
  • It has 40,000 cutting action per minute.
  • The battery starts charging clicking on the button.

Best electric shaver for sensitive skin provide you long term benefit and clean shave is Braun series 9, giving you smoother and efficient shaving experience. Its autosensing motor shaver shaves your skin in one stroke versus the other shaver. Braun Series 9 is 100% waterproof shaving razor allowing you to shave in wet, dry, and gel. The trimmer with titanium coating allows you to trim even the trickiest of hairs.

Braun is the best shaver for the blade head option helps to adjust your blade in ten different directions moves according to your face. That becomes a definite power machine. Its battery life is durable so you can easily use it at any time without any problem. This shaver is available with the best charging and cleaning features. This shaver contains a LED light indicator show a light when its battery comes to end.

How to use:

First, shave your skin then take a shower. Simply use in the direction where the bread grows after stretching your skin. Hold it in a 90-degree direction to shave. To use a comfortable zone use it in an upward direction.

Customer review

I highly recommend this razor if you have thick and coarse hair. The extra blades efficiently capture your hair.


I have reviewed some famous electric razors for sensitive skin available in the market. You can choose your favorite model after considering the above-mentioned list. these razors are of high quality and top notch products. they will give you a close shave without irritation.


Q. What’s the best men’s razor for sensitive skin?

Braun Electric Razor for men series 7 7893 s is the best men’s razor for sensitive skin.

Q. Are electric shavers better for sensitive skin?

Yes, electric shaver are better for sensitive skins. There are less chance of cuts than razors.

Q. Do you use shaving cream with an electric razor?

No, it is recommended to use electric razor dry but its totally your choice if your razor is waterproof you can use having cream.

Q. How to shave your head with electric razor?

First of all, apply a lubricant on your hair to moisturize your head and to avoid irritation. You can use shaving cream and gel for this purpose. Now start shaving your head, shave the head against to the grain of your hair. It is suggested that while shaving the head starts from peak then going to side. After the shaving clean the razor throughly.

Q. How do you shave sensitive skin with an electric razor?

Choose a rozar which suits your skin. Before shaving make sure if you want dry shaving your face is completely dry and if you need wet shaving wash your face with hot water. Also use some shaving cream. Now, start shaving your sensitive areas first. Don’t press razor hard to the skin. Remove the hai against the direction of grain.  After the shave apply after shave to avoid irritation.

Q. What is the best electric razor for a teenager?

Braun Series 7 790cc Razor for Men is best electric razor for a teenagers.

Q. Why do electric shavers irritate the skin?

Electric razor gives closer shave than other razor. After the shave wash your face with cold water and apply after shave. Do not rub towel on skin, it can cause irritation.



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