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Best Memory Foam Mattress For Heavy Person 2023

Last updated on November 4th, 2022 at 11:10 pm

Have you ever bought a mattress based on best price mattress reviews feeling 100% sure that it will work the best for you, but it did not? Well, the best memory foam mattress for heavy person, must have certain capabilities that create the difference between a regular mattress or a special one. 

Best Memory Foam Mattress For Heavy Person

Well, finding the best kind of mattress does not depend only on the reviews and appearance but there are a lot of factors that play a significant role in choosing the right mattress for you. 

Let’s see how the need for a good bed changed over time and how it affects an individual in the long term, especially people with heavier weight.

Memory foam; Benefits & Limitations

These mattresses contain polyurethane along with other chemicals that increase their viscosity and density. It is also known as “viscoelastic” polyurethane foam or “low resistant polyurethane foam” (LRPu). The air can freely move through these mattresses because of the bubbles or cells that create a matrix. 


  • This mattress offers ultimate support to your body, especially to the side sleepers. Once you lie on this mattress it conforms to your body gradually. 
  • It contains several layers of foam that are stacked over each other, which resist its tendency to sag over time. 
  • You can increase or decrease the firmness of your memory foam with the best mattress protector for memory foam that is available in the market like slumberCloud or Linenspa premium mattress protectors.


  • High-density memory foam mattresses are thick and heavier than the other alternatives.
  • A high density of the memory foam blocks the airflow, which results in trapping heat inside the mattress making it uncomfortable during sleep.


Choosing the best mattress for heavy people clearly depend on how much weight it is capable of carrying. Besides that, to improve the overall performance of the mattress and your better sleep, here are some of the things you must consider. 

What type of mattress do I need?

If you are now wondering what is the best memory foam mattress for heavy people may suit you, it is important to understand these very factors that are mentioned below.

Need and requirement 

First thing’s first, you need to consider your personal sleeping preferences, such as;

  • Sleeping style
  • Sleep pattern
  • Size of your room
  • Kind of base you are using for your mattress
  • How much time you are going to spend on your bed. 

To make the best out of your time, money, and effort, it is necessary to keep your basic needs in mind when you enter a shop. You will see a lot of new styles, sizes, kinds, colours, and variety when you enter a mattress showroom or display centre, which means you will more likely be attracted to the appearance and not the features. Do not let all the shine sway you in the wrong direction. 

Age group 

With time the body goes through a lot of changes. A younger body is different from an older one and it is necessary to choose the mattress that belongs to your age group. A mattress that is specifically designed for heavier people will be more effective in giving the best sleep and health experience.

Medical conditions

Choosing the right mattress as per your medical condition not only helps you in having uninterrupted sleep for the whole night, it will also help in reducing the symptoms and curing your medical condition related to obesity. For instance, various well-known brands offer fully medicated mattresses along with the right structure and design to support their customers, such as;

  • Obesity is a prevailing issue and an obese person needs a thick mattress that offers deep compression support.
  • Fibromyalgia is the second most common disease that affects joint and can cause acute pain at pressure points, which mean a soft yet supportive mattress is what you need.
  • More than the expected number of people suffers from arthritic swelling, pain, and stiffness. Such patients require a mattress on which they can move easily without putting so much effort or pressure on their joints. An innerspring mattress or latex mattress is the most recommended for such people by doctors. 

These days, the companies that offer mattresses, provide a complete guide to their customers regarding what mattress they should go for, keeping their preference priority. 

Health benefits of a good mattress

Reduces stress level

Stress hormones are real and they significantly affect the level of stress that is directly linked to a good night’s sleep. When a person is sleep-deprived, your body releases stress hormones that in turn, increases the rate of blood pressure, which is not an ideal situation to stay calm, relaxed, and fresh for the whole next day. 

A good mattress helps in getting regular sleep, which helps in regulating your blood pressure, hence elevates your mood.

Better spinal alignment

It is not just about the comfort or softness of the mattress but supporting every part of the body equally. Every distribution of the bodyweight is necessary to sufficiently support your back and keep it in a neutral position. The least importance is given to the fact that improper spinal alignment can cause serious problems over time, including chronic pain.

A too-soft mattress can cause the weight of the body on your shoulders and hips that results in muscle tension because of the unsupported lumbar region of your body. A mattress too-hard can also result in unequal weight distribution that results in back pain. Always go for the one that supports your natural spinal curve.

Prevent joint pain

If you are dealing with constant joint pain then it is most likely because of your mattress. A good mattress must relieve your pressure points when you lie on it rather than making your body lie uncomfortably or unevenly on the mattress because of its wrong texture and inadequate filling. 

Reduces allergies 

Dust mites are most likely to set their home in your mattress with time. You cannot avoid them, no matter how much care you take of your mattress or how much of a clean freak you are. These mites, most of the time, are responsible for indoor allergies that are hard to find. If you are unable to find the real cause of your allergies, it can be your mattress. 

The Best Memory Foam Mattress For Heavy Person has a much denser structure that helps in discouraging these monstrous mites to grow inside the mattress. A good quality mattress is not just about comfort but it helps in improving the overall health of an individual. You will see a significant reduction in symptoms like hay fever and sneezes with a whole lot better snoozing. 

Tackle snoring

You would never have thought of the fact that a mattress helps in tackling snoring.

Yes! You have heard it right. 

The major cause of snoring is a partial blockage of the airway passage during sleep. 

Well, how is it related to your mattress?

If you are using a mattress that sags more than it should when you are lying on it, your neck and your head will sink too much into it, eliminating the adequate support that is necessary for a right posture, constricting your throat. A medium-firm mattress is the most effective in tackling snoring. 

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Choosing the right mattress will let you understand the health benefits it provides, once you will start seeing improvement in your overall health.


Here are some of the recommendations for mattresses for heavy people that can last longer and offer the most effective sleep time. There are a lot more mattresses in the market that can suit your needs accordingly. 

Best Weight Capable - Helix Plus


  • Firm feel
  • Durable
  • Best for heavy people
  • Response foam balance
  • Quality coils
  • High-density foam
  • Minimal motion transfer


Best Value - DreamCloud Mattress


  • Medium-firm
  • Best for over 130 pounds
  • Hybrid construction
  • Pressure relief
Most Comfortable - WinkBed Plus


  • Firm feel
  • Zoned latex
  • Prevent sagging
  • Breathable latex

Although the Best Memory Foam Mattress For Heavy Person has no genuine weight limit, whereas, the box springs or foundations play role in support. Many box springs can support up to 300 pounds, while some can support up to 450 pounds. 

Conclusion | Best Memory Foam Mattress For Heavy Person

With 68 per cent of the population being overweight, according to SleepSavvy Magazine, finding a strong foundation and support is easier than ever.

Finding the Best Memory Foam Mattress For Heavy Person is more about your personal preference that adds value to the overall performance. Do not forget to try your mattress before making a purchase so that you do not have to worry about not getting a perfect fit as per your needs and requirements. 

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