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So maybe you got bored and started to listen to radio while driving? Or you didn’t have a radio installed in your car and now you want one? Or let’s just say you want to go on a group rally and want to be able to communicate with your trail just like with walkie talkies but on a more sophisticated and modern equipment. And which is the best Magnetic CB antenna being the question that popped up in your mind. Well, that will be our topic here.

Being a driver or a traveler is not easy at all and getting your jam on is rare. You get bored with songs and want to hear others speak around you and it requires so much resilience. However, technology has made its way through almost everything. There is a device developed for that and you don’t have to compromise on your wellbeing. A best Magnetic CB Antenna will let you travel and communicate making it fun and easy.

Why use Magnetic CB Antenna?

Magnetic mounting using magnetic antenna for car is often the best choice for cars which have metal roofs, but mat also be a great thing to use in scenarios when there’s no mount made just for your antenna. 

They are easy to install, magnet antennas are perfect for metal-roofed vehicles where the antenna can be mounted as high as possible, well above the baseline of the vehicle. These antennas are base-loaded where the coil is inside the base and a straw-style antenna points out. 

5 best magnetic cb antennas:

So let’s start with our competitors. These are handpicked and are extremely reliable so that you don’t compromise on your experience. These magnet cb antennas come with the coolest characteristics you can get from this equipment. In the face of different types of beatings and interceptions, their mounts help the antenna remain attached to the vehicle while increasing its stability and resilience. The trick here is to go for an antenna that uses materials that remain solid for a long time without showing any signs of damage. 

1. CB Antenna 28 inch for CB Radio 27 MHz:


  • It is powerful and heavy duty mount.
  • It is 28-inches long.
  • It is easily moved and operated.
  • It is indoor and outdoor useable. 


  • It is easy to install.
  • It has improved reception.
  • It has a longer cord.


  • The antenna has to be shortened for conventional use.
  • It might be too long for some users.

One of the top rated magnetic antennas is the 28-inch antenna. This best magnetic cb antenna comes with an aerodynamic design that increases its stamina. It avoids thrashing away the antenna against winds and dry weather. 

This antenna doesn’t only have a great look, but also takes over the roof with its results. The antenna tip can be 100% balanced and calibrated to help improve the reception of the signal. 

2. TWAYRDIO TW-S90 SO239 Tri-Magnet Antenna:


  • It contains magnetic mount with strong cord for vhf, hf and cb radio.
  • It has strong magnetic base which will never leave the surface even if you take your ride on an off-road drive.
  • It has a plug and play option.


  • It is suitable for all kinds of mobile radio.
  • It is light weight to add to its portability and comfort of usage.
  • It works great on hilly areas.


  • If not taken care of and cleaned, might rust or color might get faded.

Here we have one of the most powerful magnetic antennas. Among all strong cb antennas, this antenna also features a stainless steel whip for high performance and the potential to survive diverse environments, including the previously mentioned antennas.

This best magnetic cb antenna has no match as far as construction efficiency is concerned. Moreover, for improved clarity in your correspondence, it has a low loss coil made with copper wire. 

3. Cobra HG A1000:


  • It has adjustable antenna.
  • It has 18.5-inch length.
  • It contains 100 watts power handling.
  • It has a tool free assembly and sleek design.


  • It is compatible with all kinds of cb radios.
  • It is powerful than its counterparts that come in the same size.
  • It is durable and high quality parts. It is small size so you don’t have to worry about height observers or obstructions on road.


  • It might catch disturbances in a weary weather.
  • It might not suit people who are expecting a high range.

One of the heavy duty garden tillers is Cobra. The magnet is one of the top features of this antenna that lets it stand out. This comes with a heavy-duty magnet that allows it to stay in place safely once it is installed on your car. 

It’s a nice CB antenna magnet mount and hands-down the best magnetic cb antenna    . As one of the top-rated manufacturers of top-quality CB radios and components that are well received by users.

4. K40 Model K-30:

K40 is a widely recognized company for power tools that are of great quality. It features a 36-inch stainless steel whip and is designed for maximum durability with high-impact thermoplastic content.


  • It has a 300 watts’ power handling capability.
  • It has a plug and play option.
  • It has stainless steel durable quality.
  • It is adjustable 35 inches’ antenna in whip-style.
  • It is heavy duty magnet which will not come off until you need it to.


  • It is all weather resistant.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It has a powerful transmitter and a receiver.


  • It might catch disturbance in mountainous topography.
  • It might stop working when over-heated.

5. HYS NMO Magnetic Base Mount:


  • This best magnetic cb antenna has a powerful base that supports all kinds of antennas and mounts on almost all kinds of metallic surfaces.
  • Its connector comes with a bnc plug.
  • It has a wide range of frequencies.


  • It has an adjustable size which to give you the option of adjusting.
  • It is a small size antenna suitable for suvs and cars which require less antenna size.It saves up on power. It comes with a coaxial cord which allows better reception.
  • Easy to handle and high portability.
  • It saves up on power.


  • Might leave scratches when taken off recklessly regardless of the pvc panel.
  • Might not be suitable for highway and high speed use.

With this best magnetic cb radio antenna, it’s a tough competition for others. The durable, heavy-duty magnet is one of the things that makes this antenna famous. 

Also in windy conditions or when it brushes against different obstacles, this allows your antenna to remain in place.

What Things to Consider Before Buying a Magnetic CB Antenna?

  • Length – Generally, tall antennas run better and get a longer range than small antennas. The higher the antenna goes, the further your message goes, and from further out you will receive messages. 102 inches (about 8 and 1⁄2 feet) is the perfect longitude antenna for CB radios. Obviously, for most people, this is not even an option. If you really can’t get a 102 or 36+ inch antenna stuck to your car’s roof because it won’t fit in the garage, the only downside is that your reception isn’t as good as that. An 8-inch magnetic CB antenna on the top of your vehicle may not have the same reception as a 3-foot antenna, but you can park in a garage without a problem or head through the drive thru.

Antenna Brand: Experts suggest that as long as you have a pretty decent antenna, you can get away with a cheaper CB radio. Since antennas are still reasonably inexpensive, don’t buy the cheapest one that you can find assuming that it’s only string.

  • Location of coil:

Base-Loaded-Base-loaded antennas at the bottom of the antenna house the coil, which is typically wrapped in plastic. Many base-loaded antennas, such as the best trunk mount cb antenna are mounted on a trunk roof with a magnet on the bottom. These may also have a thicker coil, as the weight of most antennas is at the bottom. Usually, base-loaded antennas have high wattage outputs.

  • Top-loaded are also the most powerful, even though they typically have low wattages. Top-Loaded. Top-loaded antennas are mostly made of fiberglass and are covered with a protective layer using a thin wire that is wrapped on the outside of the shaft. Because the coil is at the top of these antennas, you can mount them lower on the vehicle because the antenna is more likely to be larger than the car roof.
  • Mounting- Antennas can be fixed or screwed onto the car by a magnet that you can take off and put back on whenever you want. The magnetic ones, I say, so you can switch them around to find better reception, take it to get through a car wash, park in a parking garage, etc.


It really depends on the requirements of the user and while many customers will require more length, others’ requirements might differ. Overall, this review will not disappoint you if you’re looking for a powerful and sturdy CB magnetic mount antenna with incredible results. For use in vans, SUVs, and other leisure cars, these antennas are suitable. We’ve kept everything in mind and provided a detailed overview which we hope will help you. 


What is the best CB antenna on the market?

Firestik FS.

 How can I improve my CB radio reception?

Install an antenna.

How do I choose a CB antenna?

Scroll above to read a detailed  buying guide.

Does a magnetic CB antenna need to be grounded?

Yes, magnetic cb antenna grounding is required, whether you want or not.

What is the best height for a CB antenna?

Between 5 to 10 feet above the roof surface.

Where is the best place to mount a CB antenna?

The center of your roof. All best center load cb antenna are found there.

What is the most powerful CB radio on the market?

Uniden BEARCAT 980.

What are the most popular CB radio channels?

Channels 17 and 19.

how to install a magnetic cb antenna?

Side mount it. 



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