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To all left handers out there! Looking for best left handed acoustic guitars? You must be confused about selecting the right one for you.

As half of the people in world are left handed, every product has separate design and features especially for left handers. It is difficult to find a perfect match for left handed persons.

For a left-handed person who is a guitarist, there is no need to play right handed guitar with difficulty.

If you do so, you are going to mix up the notes and ultimately spoiling your tune.

Many companies have addressed this issue and made best left handed acoustic guitars. We have researched and compiled a list of best left handed acoustic guitars, all of these products are reviewed and tested by professionals.

You can select the perfect match for your requirements which is comfortable to play with the left hand. We will go through general features to deep specifications so that you can easily customize your decision accordingly.

So don’t spoil your creative tunes and continue reading for the right product!

Top 6 Best  Left Handed Acoustic Guitars

1.Oscar Schmidt OG1LH-A

Oscar Schmidt OG1LH-A

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Key Features:
  • Cutaway body shape
  • Easy to play and carry
  • Made from Solid spruce
  • Budget friendly
  • Sides are Mahogany

If you are looking for left handed acoustic guitar, which is equally good for everyone, from beginner to advanced level, then Fender CC-60SCE is ultimate choice for you.

They have made guitar for right handed first, but then keeping in mind needs of left handed they designed for specially left handed guitarist.

This left handed cutaway acoustic guitar is made with special wood to ensure durability. Top made out of Sitka spruce mixed with mahogany makes it best left hand acoustic guitar.  The neck and back is made with mahogany wood with glossy finish.

The 20 frets of fingerboard is crafted with rosewood with the logo of Ibanez with die caster layers made of chrome.

It is versatile enough to assist to make every kind of tune that you could make with the right handed version.

Fender is popular for left hand acoustic electric guitars, so you can’t question the quality of the product. You cannot get any other guitar with same features at this price range.

2. Fender Paramount PM-1

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Key Features:
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Nickel tuners
  • Comes with hard-shell cover
  • Checkerboard binding
  • Durable and inexpensive
  • Excellent acoustic tone

As you know about the name Fender, they has been making guitars since 2016. Till today every product made by them, is appreciated by the customers.

If you are looking for price efficient left hand acoustic electric guitars, then the Fender Paramount PM-1 is perfect for you. The top of this left handed cutaway acoustic guitar is made from mahogany with rosewood fingerboard.

It is made by keeping in mind modern aesthetics and most demanded features. With these advanced acoustic features it has deep touch of vintage feel which directly hit the spirit of the listener.

The less weight of this best left handed acoustic guitar under 1000 makes it easy carry on shoulder when you are walking around.

As far as the tune is concerned, there is no need to worry as it is made by Fender. Even a beginner can easily learn and play on this comfortably.

3. Seagull Original S6 Left

Seagull Original S6 Left

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Key Features:
  • Made by USA
  • Top is Pressure tested
  • Dual duty Truss Rod
  • Tusq nut and compensated saddle
  • Provided with headstock for proper tuning

This best left hand acoustic guitar is another life saver for left handed guitar enthusiasts, the neck is slim and solid cedar top with semi-gloss coating makes it best product to buy.

Seagull Original S6 has won many awards, including the best guitar of the year award. You can easily transfer your creative tunes on this master piece without worry about hand.

The neck of this guitar is as perfect as of right handed acoustic guitar, it is specially designed by keeping in mind the comfort level of the player.

It is one of the best value acoustic electric guitars due to its sleek design and sustainability.

Solid cedar top and perfect headstock helps to have a comfortable experience.

You can get solid top acoustic guitar under $200 other than Seagull Original S6

4. Martin X Series DX1AEL

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Key Feature:
  • Spruce Top made with solid stika
  • Fishman Sonitone
  • Body is High-Pressure Laminate
  • A-Frame Bracing is styled by Martin
  • Life time guarantee by company

The fourth product of our list is by none other than Martin! If someone is a guitar player he/she must be familiar with Martin. The cutaway design of this left handed acoustic guitar increases the comfort level of the guitarist and ultimately better results.

The high pressure laminate mahogany technology powers the back and sides of this acoustic guitars and makes it one of the best left handed electric acoustic guitars.

The 20 frets fingerboard is crafted with black richlite and has traces of someone’s electronics components, these components increase the control of sound and the tone.

The oval shape neck is of rust strata bound and has 6 strings made of steel with a Korean string nut.

There is no restriction of the tone, you can play any sort of tone can showcase your skills with this masterpiece.

With these extraordinary features, this best left handed acoustic guitar under 1000 is available on Amazon for just 550$.

5. Yamaha FG820L

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Key Features:
  • Punchy sound
  • 1 year warranty by the company
  • Comes with solid spruce top
  • Durable and budget friendly
  • Fingerboard made up of rosewood

The second last product of our list is another left handed semi-acoustic guitar that can play jazz, pop, and folk.

The unique selling point of Yamaha FG820L is its clear and punchy sound, which directly hits the heart of the listener. It is equally efficient for all places from a concert hall to the subway.

This is one of the best acoustic guitars for left handers and made with a mahogany body and solid spruce with the top of nato wood.


In the list of cheap lefty acoustic guitars, the Yamaha FG820L dominates due to rosewood finger wood and 20 frets made of strong aluminum.

It has 26 inches scale with an overall weight of 13 pounds. When you will order this masterpiece from Amazon, you will get an additional CD for instructions, cloth for polishing, tuner, safety case, additional strings and strap for shoulder. So stop waiting and place your order as soon as possible.

6. Taylor GS Mini

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Key Features:
  • Controlled sound with excellent quality
  • Durable because made from strong wood
  • 2 years warranty
  • Comes with x bracing
  • Low price
  • Spruce top of sitka
  • Sapele neck wood

Some guitarist likes to play with shorter scale guitar, our last product specially design for them. Taylor GS Mini is one of the best left handed acoustic-electric guitars that come with a scale of 24 inches with 20 frets.

If you are looking for a cheap beginner acoustic guitar? Then you are the right place for the right product.

Sapele layers cover the back and the corners of the guitar provide you clear and crunchy sound.

To keep real tone and clarity, it comes with top of satika wood. Sapele neck wood at the lower side and x-bracing with roots gives the maximum sound.

Taylor GS Mini is considered good entry-level acoustic guitar due to its extraordinary features like amazing bridge and latest fretboard.

In the list of best left handed acoustic guitar under 1000, this version is mostly recommended by the customers. It is one of the best value acoustic electric guitars due to its sleek design and sustainability.

To get the case and tuner, you will have to pay extra, but still, it justifies its price. As compared to competitors it comes with soft case and the built quality is extremely superior.


As we have reviewed the top 6 best left-handed acoustic guitars, with all their specifications, pros and cons, every product is unique in its specification, all you need is to choose the right guitar for you depending on your requirements and budget.

So stop waiting and place your order!

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