Best Leather Sewing Machines In Winters

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As a former fashionista, I can assure you that nothing works the runway like a good leather piece. A leather item can turn any average look into something right out of a magazine. Leather is one of the most resilient and sturdiest fabrics out there and just because of that it is hard to poke it with a needle.

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SINGER Heavy Duty 4411

☞ Feet Dog: DropFeet
☞ Included: Zipper, All-purpose, Buttonhole
☞ Weight: 14. 5 lbs

To help you exactly I have compiled the list of six best leather sewing machines that contain the best of the best and along with that, there’s a buyer’s guide that will guide you to make an educated decision on what kind of product will work best for you.

What to look for in the best leather sewing machine?

We have put all of the necessary factors into consideration. Read below to improve your knowledge about leather sewing machines make a perfect choice:

  • Leather Sewing Machine: Domestic vs. Industrial:

In basic terms, the major difference between a domestic and industrial leather sewing machine is that an industrial machine is used for large scale production and is larger and usually described in horsepower.

Whereas a domestic product is more likely smaller in size because it has been designed to be kept inside homes and to be carried around to change his positions from time to time it’s usually described in terms of watts and has not been made for continuous use or large scale production.

Industrial machines are usually designed for specific fabrics and specific productions because they work nonstop and their needles are never stopped to replace cloth movement whereas domestic machines are weaker compared to industrial machines they can start and stop as desired by the user. So, the placement of the needles or the fabric underneath can be changed. They are not designed with any kind of specific fabric in mind and thus can be used with any sort of fabric. But usually, domestic machines do not work well with stronger fabrics.

  • Leather Stitching Machine Needles:

Needles that come with the domestic sewing machines are usually weaker and cannot handle very strong fabrics or thick fabrics. They could not poke through them or even break at times. Since leather is a strong and resilient fabric there is a special needle that is used for it.

Thus, it is often preferred to look for a product that is made for leather so, it has a leather stitching needle.

  • Best sewing machine for leather

Industrial machines are designed for specific fabrics. So, if it has been designed for leather it will have the right needles for it too. However, industrial machines have heavy going needles and have larger stitches which could probably ruin your design’s precision

It is a tradeoff between power and precision. It’s all about what kind of projects you are working on and what are your needs and requirements for them.

  • How to Sew Leather

Not all but some leather fabrics are described as sticky due to its texture. This can cause the leather to stick to the foot of the machine. It can cause an uneven stitch.

Another factor to consider when working with leather is to be sure when poking it. Because once it’s done, it is extremely difficult to cover up the piercing.

  • Sewing machine for leather

If you have experience with stitching or sewing, you will know that when working with fabric pins are used to hold the fabric in place for specific designs. But the piercing made due to this process cannot be covered up well if even at all without ruining the presentation.

Thus, a product designed specifically for such an unforgiving fabric is necessary

  • Leather Sewing Machine Accessories

Like other sewing machines, leather sewing machines come with different accessories too. Here are a few items that you may need.

  • Stronger Feed Dogs

Since leather has a shiny surface more of latex-like consistency on top of it, the foot of the sewing machine often sticks to it which can cause inconsistencies in design and it will be very difficult to lead the cloth as desired.

For that purpose, speed dogs are used, which is a type of mechanism that keeps the material in the right place, while stitching. These speed dogs are created for softly moving the fabric so the leather sewing machine can function properly.

In the case of feeder dogs, ‘the more the merrier’ is the working principle. If you use many of them you will be able to guide the leather stitch better.

  • Stronger Sewing Needle

A sturdy material like leather requires a specific kind of needle that can easily pierce through it. Stronger sewing needles are made for this very purpose that works with leather. A leather sewing needle is a stronger needle than basic needles. Simple needles will not pierce the cloth properly and may cause uneven holes in the article that’s being worked on.

List of 5 Best leather sewing machine:


1. SINGER Heavy Duty 4411 – best sewing machine for canvas and leather

Singer 4411 Sewing Machine - Heavy Duty | Shoplocally Marketplace

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Like it says in the name the singer heavy duty 4411 truly is a heavy-duty sewing machine. With its strong metal frame and stainless-steel body, it has the ability to sew through any kind of fabric. Be it leather or anything else.

It features the top drop-in bobbin, for perfect button sewing, a drop feed, and a four-step built-in Buttonhole that makes using the singer heavy duty 4411 well-situated for leather stitching and long-term use.

For a leather sewing machine, one of its greater feats is its stitching speed of around 1100 stitches per minute which is 50% stronger than other basic sewing machines. It comes with an adjustable presser foot pressure which makes heavy-duty stitching more convenient and more doable.

This powerhouse of a machine can be the perfect buy for all your stitching needs but be careful with its power source as it can only bear 120 volts.

  • Needle position is adjustable
  • 1,100 stitches per minute are achievable
  • stainless steel bedplate
  • Cannot handle more than 120 volts

2. Janome HD1000 – heavy duty leather sewing machine

Janome America: World's Easiest Sewing, Quilting, Embroidery ...

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Weighing a massive 22.7 pounds the Janome HD1000 heavy-duty sewing machine has not been made to mess around.

It is a sturdy hard-working piece of metal that has a warranty of up to 25 years, perfect for people who like to invest in products that last a long time. It comes with 14 in-built stitches. Some examples of which include a simple straight stitch, a zig-zag stitch, and many more. It even features a reverse lever which makes it great for strengthening already done stitching.

It is an industrial-grade machine so, obviously, it delivers power, strength, and quality. Its aluminum-based interior provides longevity and vigor to the structure. Added at the top of the machine is a dial that ensures proper control over the thread by handling its tension manually.

As it is made for industrial usage mainly its too bulky to be carried around. If you’re someone who does not like to change their products constantly and wants to invest in strong, sturdy products then this one is for you

  • Resourceful and robust
  • 25-year limited warranty
  • Automated needle threader
  • Manual tension control

3. SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960 – can singer 9960 sew leather

Quantum Stylist™ 9960 Sewing Machine

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Singer quantum stylist 9960 delivers 950 stitches at almost half the price of other such machines. With all that it offers, it’s very cost-efficient and highly appreciative. It is computerized and comes with 600 integrated stitches such as a basic stage, a decorative stitch, and many more.

It has an LCD screen that displays the available stitching patterns. You can select any pattern you want out of these existing designs and it will be exhibited on the LCD screen.

It is perfect for any sort of stitching whether it is fashion sewing, quilting, home decor, or crafting. It also features an extension table and is removable if you need to do bigger patchworks.

The quantum stylist 9960’s twin needles technology reduces stitch width while ensuring a stronger more permanent design. It also comes with an automatic needle threader it allows you to work without having to use the presser foot. A common issue that affects the shuttle race of the machine is confusion between bobbin sizes. It only caters to size 15 bobbins which are different from 15J bobbins that are commonly used.

This puts a limitation on the user and can be uncomfortable for a lot of people. However, at this price point, there is not much to complain about.

  • Computerized leather sewing machine
  • Compact design
  • Versatile
  • Autopilot mode
  • Specific bobbin size

4. SINGER 4423 Sewing Machine – best vintage sewing machine for leather

Singer 4423 Heavy Duty - IMPORTED - Buy Online in Pakistan ...

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Cost-effective, lightweight, sturdy, and long-lasting all are the words that can be used to describe this model of Singer sewing machine. At a stitch rate of 1100 stitches per minute, the singer 4423 provides its users with budget-friendly yet precise results that look nothing short of professional work.

It’s inbuilt 23 stitches achieve desired patterns and designs. provide frictionless tablet feeding thanks to its stainless steel bedplate. Its modern drop feed mechanism provides free-motion stitching and the automatic one-step buttonhole makes the entire experience very easy. Also saves time since it also features an automatic thread feeder however it runs on self-lubrication Needs constant usage to work efficiently.

  • Amazingly inbuilt 23 stitches achieve desired patterns and designs
  • Needs to be used constantly to be self-lubricated

5. Janome Memory Craft 14000 – best industrial sewing machine for leather

Amazon.com: Janome Memory Craft 14000 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

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Although it not a super machine like its other model the Janome 1600P -QC that does 1600 stitches per minute, making it the Usain Bolt of sewing machines. It still does a stellar job by doing 1000 stitches per minute. Its built-in embroidery function Provides its users with a range of 350 built-in designs and 11 fonts for monogramming. It even features a 2 & 3 letter monogramming function. Detailed work can be done with precision control thanks to its Acufeed flex technology. It provides its users with a total of 400 built-in stitches that help you expand your horizons and get creative with your work.

  • 15″ Embossed stainless-steel bed
  • Adjustable knee lift
  • LCD screen
  • Adjustable embroidery speed
  • Expensive
  • No wireless connectivity
  • heavy


One of these leather sewing machines will suit your needs and help you create the best leather-based products that your heart desires so choose one that fits your needs and stitch away.


  1. Can a normal sewing machine sew leather?
    Yes, a normal sewing machine is capable of sewing leather only if it is strong and has the right needles that are used for leather stitching. It is advised, however, to buy a product that is specifically designed for this very purpose so that there are no ambiguities and the output is perfect.
  2. What tension should my sewing machine be on?
    When the top and bottom threads are perfectly balanced only then the perfect sewing machine tension is achieved. There should not be any loops on either of the cloth.
  3. What is the best thread for leather?
    Nylon thread is arguably the best thread pick for leather.
  4. What needles to use for leather?
    It’s very challenging to sew dense pieces of leather collectively because leather doesn’t have a lofty flexibility percentage. The “R point Groz-Beckert needle” is sufficient for leather and usually suggested.
  5. Do I need a walking foot to sew leather?
    Yes and no because leather is a sticky material. The presser foot sticks to its surface making it harder for the needle to glide over it smoothly and complete a perfect stitch.
    That is why it is preferred if one uses the walking foot for such materials. However, some machines do come up with their solutions to make the pressure food non-sticky, so it depends upon the type of sewing machine that you have.
  6. What size needle is sufficient for leather?
    A size 20 needle is the perfect choice for leather as it pierces through it without any trouble.


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