Best Knife For Slicing Brisket [Chef’s Recommendation]

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The slicing of the brisket is equally important as its cooking or seasoning. For this cause, you need to pick the best knife for slicing brisket. Most people get confused about what is relevant to consider and to make this easy we’ve prepared the following guide for you.

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Things to Consider

Handle Length

  • The length of the handle comes in quite handy to give you a strong and comfortable grip
  • Make sure the handle of the knife is long enough so you can grasp it with comfort
  • Too long handle can mess with the balance of the knife and too small can make your hand feel tired after some time

Material of Blade

  • You can find multiple stainless steel blade types in the market which include German, san mai and VG-10
  • The german blades can also be called high carbon steel blade, and they are durable and sharp giving you the knife that is rust and corrosion resistant
  • The san mai blades are the mixture of high and low carbon, and they are more flexible giving you durability and sharpness
  • The VG-10 is also considered to be Japanese steel, they are the most durable and sharp but they come with a higher price tag

Handle Material

  • The handle not only have an impact on aesthetics but also affect the safety and solace
  • The wood handles may look good, but the bacteria gets trap in this type which can compromise the durability
  • The stainless steel grip is more durable and easy to clean which makes them less maintenance
  • Plastics are more common in knives they are durable. The different plastic grips include Fibrox that are safe for dishwasher and resistant to slip


  • The ideal weight is the most important factor to consider for safety
  • The heavier weighted knife is easier to cut as they come with more force
  • But if you want more free movement for a cut then prefer the lightweight knife


  • The sharp edge blade of the knife should be preferred to make safe cuts otherwise you will have to apply more effort which can result in injury
  • The knife should be kept clean to avoid contamination for secure grip
  • You should store the knife in a proper place to have a longer lifespan of the product

Top 8 Best Knife for Slicing Brisket

1. Mercer Culinary Knife M13914


  • Durable handle
  • Finger guard
  • Textured finger points
  • High quality Japanese steel


  • Gets dull


  • Santoprene and polypropylene is used in the construction of handle to provide comfort and durability
  • For slip resistance and safety textured finger points have been provided
  • It is made using high quality Japanese steel that makes maintenance and sharpening easy
  • The protective finger guard is introduced so your fingers are safe while cutting

Apart from being used at a commercial and professional level, you can also use this brisket cutting knife safely at your home. High quality Japanese steel is used in making this brisket cutting knife which makes it resistant to rust and makes it durable.

To have a strong grip and prevent it from slipping from your hand, the handles on this brisket cutting knife is made using Santoprene and polypropylene. Textured finger points are also introduced to resist slippiness.

With all the advanced features, the drawback of this knife is that the blades become dull quite quickly after a few uses. This can be overlooked considering its great at making precise cuts.

Customer Reviews

I bought this at someone’s recommendation and I am not disappointed. The performance is good but the design of the handle somewhat looks cheap.

2. Victorinox Swiss Army Fibrox Knife


  • Safe for Dishwasher
  • NSF approved
  • Sharp razor
  • Long blade


  • Some might feel its too long


  • It’s round and Granton blade produces air pockets that reduce the friction making the cutting easy
  • This high-carbon stainless steel blade is made for making precision, sharp and thin cuts of the meat
  • The fibrox pro handle gives you non-slip grip and has an exceptional grip for easy handling
  • The 5.4-inch handle has a blade of length 12 inches to make the cutting process easy

The best brisket knife comes with the 12 inches blade and 5.4 inches handle, which makes it unique but can also be an issue for some people to work with it.

The quality blade of the best brisket knife is made using high-carbon stainless steel for precise and thin cuts. Furthermore, the blade makes air pockets to prevent friction, making the cutting easy.

The fibrox pro handle on this best brisket knife is great to provide the element of non-slip making handling of the knife easy.

Customer Reviews

The blade and sturdy handle of this victorinox brisket knife are made of good quality.

3. Mercer Renaissance Slicing Brisket Knife


  • Affordable
  • Ideal for different types of meat
  • Granton blade


  • Becomes dull quickly


  • The short bolster allows the exposure of entire blade edge for sharpening
  • To reduce the resistance level it has the Granton blade
  • The Delrin ergonomic handle provides easy grip and comfortable use

The high carbon stainless steel blade knife is rust and corrosion-resistant. Its triple-riveted handle makes brisket slicing knife comfortable to use and gives a secure grip.

This brisket slicing knife has a side cutting angle of 15 degrees, which makes them sharp. They are dishwasher friendly but it is preferred and recommended to wash them with hand so the blade doesn’t get damaged quickly.

The blade of the brisket slicing knife comes very sharpen up but the problem with this knife is that the blades also become dull quite quickly and you often have to sharpen them.

Customer Reviews

It is a great knife for the price but they are very delicate and can get damaged even if it falls on the floor.

4. TUO Cutlery Slicing Brisket Carving Knife


  • Long-lasting performance
  • Secure grip
  • German Steel
  • Non-stick blade


  • After some time of use, the tip bends
  • Extremely sharp


  • This knife comes with extra-long 12 inches blade to slice and cut your meat perfectly
  • It is made using German steel that has rust and corrosion resistance
  • The non-stick blade makes the cutting precise without any tear
  • Handle has a secure and comfortable grip

The blade on one of the brisket slicing knives comes already sharped and ready to use. It is made using German stainless steel that is rust-resistant and gives long term performance.

For the precise cut this one of the brisket slicing knives comes with a 12-inch long blade, also to avoid any kind of tearing during the cut the blades are made of non-stick material. The ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to use it for longer hours.

The shortcoming of this one of the brisket slicing knives is that the tip of the blade will start bending upon the long term use and also the blade comes in too sharp.

Customer Reviews

The handle design is nice. Not sure if it will keep its performance later or not, for now, I am satisfied with the performance.

5. DALSTRONG 12” Brisket Knife


  • Ergonomic handle
  • Heat resistant
  • Blade cover


  • Fragile blade tip


  • For easy and safe storage the blade of the knife has a cover
  • This scalpel edged shape knife is designed to keep the balance to reduce the exhaustion in your hand
  • Its fiber-resin and military-grade handle is resistant to heat and moisture
  • The blade’s height gives you a firm grip that makes the working easy

This best brisket slicing knife has a unique design with its blade shaped like a scalpel and also comes with the cover for blades so you can easily store it around your house.

This best brisket slicing knife has handles made of fiber-resin and military-grade that are perfect to resist the impact of heat, cold, and moisture. These handles make the grip also easy so you can use them for a longer time.

The con with this best brisket slicing knife is that after some time of use there is a change that its fragile blade tip may break.

Customer Reviews

This product is solid, the thing that makes it better than the rest is its weight.

6. Zelite Infinity Brisket Knife


  • Sharp
  • Easy-grip
  • 15-18 degrees side cutting angle


  • Bit expensive
  • Sharpening is difficult


  • This multi-purpose kitchen knife has a 12-inch blade to make sharp and thin cuts of meat
  • It is made using high carbon German steel that provides rust and corrosion resistance and non-stick that require minimum maintenance
  • The rounded tapered bolster handle is ideal for cutting and provides a great balance
  • This premier blade provides you 15-18 degrees side cutting angle with a sharp performance

This traditional 3 step Honbazuke method best meat slicing knife provides you side cutting angle of 15-18 degrees. For a sharp cut, the blade comes with a 12-inch long blade.

The easy-grip handle of the best meat slicing knife has a great balance for cutting with its rounded grip. You can depend on its durability as it is made using German steel that is rust and corrosion-resistant. The non-stick material of this best meat slicing knife makes the maintenance easy.

The drawback of this one of the brisket slicing knives is that the price can be a little higher for some people and when you sharpen it the process can take a long time making it difficult to do.

Customer Reviews

The grip and design of this knife feel good. But I wish it was a bit sharper.

7. MAIRICO 11-Inch Carving Brisket Knife


  • Affordable
  • Strong grip
  • Ideal weight distribution


  • Difficult to sharpen


  • The 11-inch blade makes precise cuts with a minimal amount of effort
  • This premium stainless steel blade knife has balanced weight distribution to secure the grip
  • The package includes the storage case to keep the knife safe

This one of the brisket slicing knives has an 11-inch long blade to make sharp and thin cuts of the meat. The brisket cutting knife is ideal to cut different types of meat including ham, turkey, and brisket, etc.

This one of the brisket slicing knives blades are made using premium stainless steel that provides you a great weighted balance that makes this knife easy to use and assist in giving a secure grip.

Additionally, you get a case with the brisket cutting knife to store it safely when not in use. The con of this brisket cutting knife is that after the first sharp it is very difficult to sharpen it again.

Customer Reviews

This knife is nice, the construction is good and it comes sharp in the box along with the storage case.

8. Cuisinart CEK-40


  • Holding tray
  • Safety lock
  • Smooth and quick cut
  • High quality stainless steel


  • You have to keep the pressure on the on/off switch at all times


  • It comes with the holding tray that holds the knife and motor when you are not using it
  • The handle of the knife has an on/off switch with it along with the safety lock
  • It has 2 stainless steel blades each for cutting meat and bread

If you are looking for an electric knife to cut your brisket then this option is for you. The blades of this best carving knife for brisket are made using high quality stainless steel that is quick to cut. Another thing about this best carving knife for brisket is that it comes with 2 blades one for the meat and one for cutting bread.

The ergonomic handle of the knife has an on/off switch so you can easily use the knife. Also, there is a safety lock on the handle to prevent any kind of sudden accident especially if there are kids in the house.

The con of this best carving knife for brisket is that you have to keep the thumb pressure on the knife’s on/off button to work with it, which can cause your thumb to feel tired.

Customer Reviews

This is one of the good electric slicing knives, the handle is comfortable and it cuts smoothly. The only problem is that it isn’t that great for cutting thick meat pieces.


You can find different best knife for cutting brisket in the market. There is a variety of types that you can choose from, so making the decision easy for you we have suggested the top best knife for slicing brisket that has great performance and popular among the customers.

Besides, the ones suggested the other knives that you can look into are wusthof brisket knife and aaron franklin brisket knife.


1. how long does it take to smoke a brisket?

When considering the rule of thumb, a pound of the brisket should be given the time of 30-60 minutes to smoke and cook properly.

2. What kind of knife do you use to cut brisket?

To cut the perfect and thin slices of brisket, the knife with a sharp and long blade should be used.

3. What is the best knife for carving meat?

Dalstrong 12-inch Shogun is the best knife for carving meat that you can find in the market today.

4. What is the difference between a carving and slicing knife?

The main difference is the usage of both knives. The slicing knife is preferred in the case to cut vegetables or thin slices of meat. When working with dense meat a carving knife is used and preferred.

5. Should a carving knife be serrated?

The serration is more suitable for slicing knives because of the frequent use. But it is not good for carving knives because it can affect the performance in cutting the soft texture of the meat.

6. What is the best knife for carving meat?

With the Japanese steel construction and the long blade, Mercer Culinary Knife M13914 is the best brisket cutting knife.




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