Best Kitchen Grease Cleaner for Stubborn Oil Stains

Last updated on March 12th, 2022 at 10:38 am

If you are in love with your kitchen and do your best to maintain it from all the grease which accumulates it all the time but still fail with bad quality grease cleaners. Do not stress more on it as you may have found the right guide for the best kitchen grease cleaner to solve your problem.

Before diving down into the guide for the kitchen grease cleaner let us look at some important factors to take note of before buying one.

Top 8 Best Kitchen Grease Cleaner


1. HOPE’s Perfect Kitchen Degreaser

HOPE’s Perfect Kitchen Degreaser

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Starting our list with a bang this grease cleaner for kitchen offers the following features.

Key Features

  • Leaves up no residue after using.
  • Gives fast removal formula.
  • Safe and easy to use.
  • Removes away toughest of grease stains.
  • No smell involved after use.
  • Able to be used on variety of surfaces in your kitchen.
  • Great quality of solution keeps surfaces clean for a longer time period.

This grease cleaner gives quite a bit for its decent price. With multi purpose cleaning you can now easily loose the worry of buying separate grease cleaners for surfaces. Since this grease cleaner not only on kitchen table tops and utensils but even on kitchen stoves, ovens and more. It’s safe to use and leaves almost no major smell after use.

More on this the best kitchen degreasing product is nontoxic so easy and safe to use around your kitchen and loved ones.

Customer Reviews

This grease cleaner gained mostly positive reviews with customers aggreging with its great quality of cleaning on numerous surfaces. Including granite table tops and ovens. Many also said due to its top quality cleaning and stain removal it was one of the best degreaser for kitchen stove and related cleaning.

2. Stanley Original Degreaser

Stanley Original Degreaser

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Continuing with our list with the best kitchen greaser cleaner you can buy. This degreaser gives you the following features.

Key Features

  • Comes with a strong formula.
  • A specialized and trusted home product.
  • Dissolves away tough stains.
  • Gives a rapid action of cleaning.
  • Ideal in both soft and hard water conditions.
  • Can be used to remove all type of stains from all type of surfaces.
  • Ample quantity of degreasing solution at a decent price.
  • Comes with convenience in different sizes.

Stanley has been one of the most trusted and well known brands of kitchen degreasers. This kitchen grease cleaner reflects that with its strong and trusted formula for getting rid of toughest of stains. Plus, the great thing is that it can be used easily on any surface of your kitchen. For kitchen cupboards stains, oven stains, and most of the toughest stains.

Just lightly rub the affected greasy area with this solution and then wash away after some minutes and see the magic yourself. The strong formula makes sure that the toughest of the stains inside your kitchen are dissolved away as fast as possible. Where the type of water does not pose any limitation to the effectiveness of this solution.

Customer Reviews

This grease cleaner as expected gained hugely positive reviews with customers indicating how this product worked surprisingly great not only on kitchen utensil stains but with kitchen cupboards as well. The strong formula made sure to get off the toughest of the grime customers had in their kitchens without any difficulty or incident.

3. Easy-Off Oven/Grill Degreaser

Easy-Off Oven/Grill Degreaser

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Now we bring you a bit unique but professional quality best kitchen degreaser for ovens and grills.

Key Features

  • Acts on tough spills quickly in ovens and grills.
  • Requires approx. three minutes to spot clean.
  • Ideal for everyday cleaning.
  • Easily used.
  • Removes tough burnt food remains.
  • Comes with a strong tough formula.
  • Comes without fumes.

With this food safe degreaser you get to rip out the tough burnt stains inside your ovens and grills in no time. You get a fast and heavy duty action with this best kitchen grease cleaner which effectively finishes the grease within just minutes. Another positive feature is its easy to use design which gives excellent results inside your kitchen without giving off any toxic fumes during use.

If you want a cleaner oven and grill to give you more tastier and healthy meals. So do not wait further and make your trusted grills and ovens more worth it and cleaner by opting for this strong kitchen grease cleaner.

Customer Reviews

As expected, this product gained hugely positive reviews from customers. With many saying how this was one of the best degreaser for kitchen stove according to them due to the way it left their stoves spotless after using. The degreaser was hugely easily to use however customers advised to consider wearing a mask as well during use to be on the safe side from smells.

4. Method Spray Kitchen Degreaser

Method Spray Kitchen Degreaser

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Another favorite best kitchen cleaner for grease in our list gives you the following for its price.

Key Features

  • Heavy duty grease cutting cleaner.
  • Not toxic in operation around kitchen.
  • Naturally developed grease removal formula.
  • Comes with essential lemon chemical for cleaning.
  • No harmful fumes.

This product dear readers is another strong candidate for best grease cleaner to use in your kitchens. It gives off no harmful fumes but instead gives the fresh lemon like smell which aids the cleaning process as well. So, you get a dual feature there with just one degreaser. More on, it gives you hard action stain removal when you are using it without any fear in the kitchen.

Thanks to its strong and naturally developed grease removal formula. No need of any masks or gloves due to the nature friendly way it has been given to you. Certainly, another effective non toxic degreaser you will find in the market for its price.

Customer Reviews

Those who used this grease cleaner were pleased majorly with the properties it offered. It was appreciated for the tough stain removal it promised while many of the customers find the smell pleasing and considered it a huge relief compared to some other cleaners. Most used it on their kitchen cabinets and were thoroughly pleased claiming this was one best degreaser for kitchen cabinets.

5. Krud Kutter Kitchen Cleaner

Krud Kutter Kitchen Cleaner

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This best household degreaser gives you the following for its price.

Key Features

  • Made non toxic for safe use.
  • Easily biodegradable and without harmful flames.
  • Comes with highly concentrated and strong cleaning solution.
  • Rips away stain on your cabinets as well in no time.
  • Works decently well on most kitchen surfaces.
  • Gives instant results with removing tough grease stains.

This brand is another sound and trusted product for the best kitchen grease cleaner. Coming in a medium safe to use and handle bottle this product removes tough grease stains in no time. No matter what the surface is, it is an ideal weapon against tough stains for kitchens and commercial places as well.

Furthermore, this kitchen grease remover comes with effective and safe formula which produces no toxic fumes during use. The highly concentrated solution still requires care but gives safe, rapid and trusted results for all kinds of grease stains in your kitchen.

Customer Reviews

Most customers gave this product mostly positive reviews. They were extremely satisfied with its top notch results of removing tough stains from their ovens, kitchen surfaces and most importantly from cabinet doors. According to some this was another best degreaser for kitchen cabinets due to its strong solution and absence of any sticky smell after use.

6. Weiman Cleaner and Degreaser

Weiman Cleaner and Degreaser

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Next up in our journey for the best kitchen cleaner for grease is this product. Offering the following.

Key Features

  • Quite powerful in action.
  • Rapidly dissolves all types of grease.
  • Works well on other surfaces as well plastic and metallic.
  • Highly effective form of solution.
  • Ideal for heavy greasing tasks.
  • Does not damage the surface being used.
  • Works great in bathrooms too.

The heavy duty kitchen greaser is made in such a way that its chemical solution makes sure to rapidly dissolve away all forms of grease and stains in your kitchen. Most importantly the cooking ranges and the hood. No matter how tough the oil and stain may seem the high and effective solution of this degreasing product takes care of it.

You can also use this on other kind of surfaces inside your kitchen and this may be a decent pick for best degreaser for range hood as well if you go that way. Another good thing related to your range hoods are that using this solution would leave it spotless and not damage the surface in any kind.

Customer Reviews

Those who used this grease cleaner mostly positive reviews indicating how it worked better than some other stove and hood cleaners. The surface was noted to be shiny and looking just like new after regular use with this product.

7. Fantastik Kitchen and Grease Cleaner

Fantastik Kitchen and Grease Cleaner

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Next best kitchen degreasing product we have for you offers the following for its price.

Key Features

  • A strong formula.
  • Light scented with lemon smell.
  • Easily removes tough grease.
  • Ideal for use on stoves and similar appliances.

This kitchen cleaner though offers small for its price but its still powerful. The formula used as a greasing solution in this cleaner is decently powerful for old and tough grease and stains. You can use it safely without harming your self and without any toxic fumes produced. The kitchen cleaner for grease works efficiently on all types of kitchen surfaces including tables, cabinets and stoves.

Customer Reviews

Those who used this kitchen cleaner gave mostly positive reviews. It was said that the cleaner worked efficiently on most stoves and their plates for cooking food. It was also recommended to use this kitchen grease remover with good quality paper towels to get the best results while cleaning.

8. Fuller Power Degreaser

Fuller Power Degreaser

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Last but not the least in our list for kitchen cleaners is this product offering the following.

Key Features

  • Efficiently removes grease and stains and any stains.
  • Heavy duty operation due to strong concentrated cleaning solution.
  • Safe to use on all surfaces.
  • Biodegradable so no harmful fumes.
  • Gives double the power in cleaning both kitchens and rooms etc.
  • Easily able to make gallons of cleaning solution with small amount.

With years’ worth of a trusted customer base and cleaning services provided by this brand. This best kitchen grease cleaner gives most of the strong aspects you would want from a degreasing solution at a decent price. With this strong and efficient greaser you get to remove tough grease through a simple towel.

Its double action concentrated formula ensures that the riddance grease not just in kitchens but indoors and outdoors in your homes as well. More on, the kitchen grease cleaner is biodegradable in its own so no harmful fumes given off during use. You also get the privilege of making an ample amount of solution from just a few drops of this kitchen cleaner for long term use.

Customer Reviews

This product gained mostly positive reviews with customers stating how over many different types of kitchen grease cleaners in the market this was one of the best to use. After mixing it in a decent ratio and spraying on the grease surface the results were more than satisfactory. It worked well as a cabinet cleaner, on hood range and stoves as well.

Factors to Consider

Versatility of the greaser

  • First, decide that the kitchen degreaser you are out buying serves its purpose.
  • Buy it depending upon the surface to be cleaned wooden or metallic surface in your kitchen?
  • To be on the safe side go for a greaser that serves well upon all kinds of surface.

The smell

  • A smelly kitchen due to the wrong heavy-duty kitchen degreaser for instance can cause a mess and something you do not want.
  • So, go for scented kitchen grease remover to get the job done in a nice and pleasant manner.

Foamy degreaser

  • Normally degreasers stick to the surface before you clean them to get rid of the grease.
  • As a good habit, go for foamy degreasers which stick much better on the surface to be cleaned and specially those surfaces which are inclined.
  • So, foam cleaners come as a nice option since they don’t fall down the surface easily as normal degreasers.


  • Goes without saying to check your degreaser to make sure it’s a non toxic degreaser which would not burn your hands or harm your clothes during use.
  • As a precaution even if you are sure of the safety consider using gloves for a protective measure when using degreasers.
  • You may also buy the weaker biodegradable degreasers which would pose a far lesser threat than the normal acidic ones.

Strength of greasing

  • A good decent strength degreaser will make sure to work on most of your curry and tough stains in the kitchen.
  • However, if you are a family person, a stronger degreaser is not a recommended option so be careful there.
  • Take note of the cleaning power of your degreaser from the labels on the side of the bottle.


Conclusively that was all for our guide on the best kitchen grease cleaner in the market for you people. We hope we addressed most of your issues and concerns to keep your kitchens neat and tidy with these grease cleaners.


What is the best cleaner for grease in the kitchen?
According to our guide the best cleaner for grease in kitchen is Hope’s Perfect Kitchen Degreaser.

What is the best cleaner for kitchen grease?
Krud Kutter Kitchen cleaner is the best option for kitchen grease cleaner.

What is best cleaner for removing kitchen grease?
Stanley Original Degreaser is the best cleaner for removing kitchen grease as well.

What is the best home cleaner to remove cooking grease from kitchen cabinets?
Krud Kutter Kitchen cleaner is one of the best options for remove cooking grease from cabinets.



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