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As a truck driver, you are obviously aware of the fact that a bottle jack is the most important utility to have. As we value your time and energy so we have formed a curated list of jacks for lifted trucks that will not disappoint you. This esteemed list contains best floor jack for trucks from truck jack stands, hydraulic jack for truck, lifted truck with small tires, jacked-up Silverado, heavy-duty truck jack and automotive floor jack and many more. So the impeccable collection of jacks for lifted trucks is given below for you to review and read.

Top 10 Best Jack for Lifted Trucks

Torin Big Red Hydraulic Jack

☞Very lightweight
☞ Sturdy and durable
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Pro-Lift B-004D

☞Easy to use

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Alltrade 640912

☞Good stability
☞Elaborative manual
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Strongway Hydraulic Jack

☞Requires lower oil pressure
☞convenient steel carrying handle
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Pro-Lift B-012D

☞Built-In bypass system
☞Adheres to all safety protocols
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US JACK D-51125

☞Strong, sturdy, and reliable
☞Smooth and flawless operation
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Omega 10065B

☞Unique cross
☞Made from hard cast steel
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Strongway Long Ram Jack

☞Has good lifting range
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Porto-Power B65115

☞Non-slip handle
☞Ideal for usage on hydraulic cranes
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Shacke’s Travel Duffel Express Weekender Bag

☞ Rust and corrosion-proof
☞ Best for household operation and usage
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The comprehensive guide will enlighten you about all the phenomenal products in the market followed by the customers reviews, buying guide and FAQs to answer the related queries and solve perplexity. So, without further ado let’s get started.

Things to Consider Before Buying


By defining a purpose for your usage, you’ll better be able to narrow down what sort of jacks for lifted trucks you should go for as there are many different types of car jacks and truck jacks available in the market. Jacks made for commercial usage differ in many regards from those made for non-commercial use. If you’re looking for something to use in the garage, then go for something that isn’t pricey and isn’t loaded with unnecessary features.

Type of vehicle

The type of vehicle matters very much when choosing a bottle jack for yourself. By assessing the type of vehicle, you’ll be better able to get a bottle jack that fits in the right capacity. Capacity is the weight that the bottle jack can handle. You’ll always want to go for something that can handle more weight than your vehicle.


For lifted trucks height is the most important limitation. Unless you have runner boards, there should be 4, visually distinct, lift points on your vehicle. (For the Hi-lift farm-style jacks, you will be lifting from the bumper) Measure from those lift points down to the ground to get an idea of the minimum lift required. Additionally, most suspension systems will need an additional 3-4 inches of lift capacity before the wheels come off the ground. Look for a jack that can provide at least 4 inches of lift + the height between the jack insertion and the ground.


The standard recommendation for best emergency car jack is that it has a weight rating of at least 3/4 of the vehicle’s total weight. Most pickup trucks are around 4,000-5,500 pounds (or 2 to 2.75 tons) which means that the jacks on this list are more than adequate to safely lift your vehicle. Unless you have a unique scenario, you shouldn’t have to worry about your jack being too weak.


If you haven’t worked with jacks before, you are in for an agonizingly slow task. It’s so slow, that dad used to have me get the car jacked up for him. One of the advantages of going slow is that less weight is moved with each jacking action, requiring less engineering. In my opinion, it is worth the added money for a fast lift service jack like the Sunex 6602LP reviewed above.


It is very common to find jacks made from steel or cast iron. These metals are heavy, cheap and strong. The downside is that these metals are prone to rust. The aluminum jacks are much lighter and rust-resistant. However, in your situation, it is important to prioritize height and lifting capacity.


A bottle jack is based on a more familiar principle, and uses a hydraulic pump to force a lifting platform upwards. The singular drawback the bottle jack has relative to a standard floor jack is that the piston is carrying the weight with none of the mechanical advantage ordinarily granted by levering the car upwards. All the weight pushes directly back against the piston and can make it particularly hard to pump Bar jacks such as Hi-Lift abandon hydraulics entirely, as well as the traditional saddle.


It favors a heavy hook with corresponding brackets on the car known as rescue points. Once the hook is matched to the rescue points, pumping the jack will engage a ratchet that lifts the hook along the metal bar that forms the support for the jack.
These jacks benefit from being comparatively small and light, but their unusual shape means that an additional piece to spread the weight of the car is often required.

Safety features

Since you’ll be dealing with massive amounts of weight, there is no room or margin for error. When purchasing a bottle jack, go for the product that has the best safety features embedded and is made in strict accordance with the guidelines set out by the respective governing bodies. Also, ensure that the buyer you’re getting your product from is legitimate and licensed.

After meticulously analyzing the market, we have found the following products best suited to the general audience. Each product is scrutinized. And after intense examination, these are the products deemed the best currently available in the market

1. Torin Big Red Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Torin Big Red Hydraulic Bottle - Best jack for lifted trucks

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  • Quite sturdy and durable
  • Very lightweight
  • Has really good working capacity
  • Optimal for heavy-duty usage
  • Comes with a detailed and very elaborative user manual!
  • Occasionally the Jack might not lower itself when pressure is relieved
  • The paint job will come off with time

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty bottle jack that can deliver way more than its primary competitors, then Torin is the one for you. Weighing in at 5.1 pounds, this small bottle jack can deliver 12 ton/24000lb of pure work.
Furthermore, being one of the best jacks for lifted trucks has an extensive range of 9.06″ to 18.11,”, which is sufficient to get most of the work done.
This high lift bottle jack is designed for commercial and non-commercial usage. To ensure stability and safety, the manufacturers ensured that the base of the model is wide and rugged.

Adjustable Screw

Furthermore, the adjustable screw top is known to grant the model versatility and will make the job easier for you.
The model is manufactured by using premium steel and is leak-proof. Furthermore, it is also quite strong and durable and will operate at its peak capacity between 40 degrees Fahrenheit and 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Torin Big Red Hydraulic Bottle Jack is powered by using high-quality oil and is the best floor jack for truck. This, furthermore, reduces the chance of any sort of corrosion or damage to the bottle jack.
The model adheres to all sorts of safety standards set out by the regulating bodies. This ensures that the product is truly one of a kind.

Customer reviews:
Customers have remarked that if you’re operating with extremely heavy machinery or want good engine conversion, then the Torin is the standard model to go with. With good capacity and working features, this model will give you the best bang for your buck and will never disappoint you.

2. Pro-Lift B-004D Grey Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Pro-Lift B-004D Grey Hydraulic Bottle - Best jack for lifted trucks

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  • Includes a very important integrated lock feature
  • Easy to use and carry around!
  • You can adjust the height with relative ease
  • The round top is a little small
  • The steel cylinder is prone to rust

Simplicity is a man’s best friend. If you’re looking for a simple product to get your work done or help around the garage, then the Pro-Lift B-004D Grey Hydraulic Bottle Jack might be the product you’re looking for. With a working capacity of 4 ton and a reach of 8’’ to 15-3/8’’, the Pro-lift is fit for both commercial and personal usage.
The Pro-lift is an easy-to-carry model, dedicated entirely to its packaging and weight, which is only 8 pounds. Using this tool you can easily set up a jack stands for lifted trucks and get working.
This model has several good features that you can benefit from.


Engineered to perfection, there are a steel saddle and adjustable screw on this model to ensure that you can load the weight securely and adjust your work station with relative ease.

To ensure longevity and durability, the model also employs a built-in bypass system that protects against ram over travel. Furthermore, the model is also heat-treated in critical stress areas to ensure that it always deliver under its stated capacity.
Last but not the least, this model strictly adheres to the security protocols and standards set by the respective governing body so you can be assured that this product is legitimate and won’t give up on you.

Customer Reviews
On reading the customer reviews we realized that if you work at a farm or own a small garage, then this model is guaranteed to get you through the day. Plus, if you have a lifted truck with small tires

3. Alltrade 640912 All-in-One Bottle Jack

Alltrade 640912 All-in-One Bottle - Best jack for lifted trucks


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If you’re looking for a model that has it all and combined with the right type of aesthetics, then this might be the one you’re waiting for. With a working capacity of 3 tons and a range of 11” to 21”, the
Trade is undoubtedly one of the best models you should be eyeing for your usage! As the name implies, the AllTrade has it all. The model employs a safety lock unit at the desired operating height, making it easier for you to work at any sort of station. Furthermore, the portable safety jack ensures that you can regularly lift and work on any sort of vehicle the model might comfortably cater to.


  • Good stability on the base
  • The model locks out quite evenly
  • The Pro-life is quite durable and sturdy
  • Comes with an elaborative manual and guide
  • The valve to engage/disengage the jack is small
  • The design isn’t as optimal as it should be

As far as safety protocols and concerned, the model is carefully engineered and manufactured to adhere to all the current safety regulations set out by the respective governing body. To further make things easier, the model employs a wide steel base for additional stability during work and a supremely strong safety bar which keeps the jack from lowering once it has reached its peak height.
Combining all the aforementioned features, this high lift floor jack is optimally suited to work on trucks and off-road type of vehicles.

Customer Reviews:
After reading the reviews we have come to the conclusion that if you’re the owner of a truck-garage or are a truck-enthusiast, then this product is ideal for you. You’re likely to get most of your work done within this model’s capacity as compared to truck jack stands. Just make sure that you follow the safety protocols to heart, and you’re good to go!

4. Strongway Hydraulic High Lift Double Ram Bottle Jack

Strongway Hydraulic High Lift Double Ram Bottle - Best jack for lifted trucks

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  • The finish is oil, dirt, and grease free.
  • Requires lower oil pressure to do the same amount of work!
  • Integrated with bypass and overload valves for extra protection
  • The convenient steel carrying handle makes it easy to transport the jack
  • Piston sticks if there is no weight on it

The Strongway is reputed to be one of the strongest products on the market. If your priority is to go for something durable and long-lasting, then the Strongway Hydraulic High Lift Double Ram Bottle Jack is the perfect equipment for you.
Weighing in at 22 pounds, this lightweight model has a working capacity of 6 ton and a reach of 8 1/2in.-19 1/8in. This makes it optimal for non-commercial usage, especially if you operate on your trucks and vehicle.

Strongway Hydraulic

The portable car jack comes in a bright red color. To ensure that it doesn’t wear off, and to prevent from rust accumulation, the finish is done with a lead-free paint which is done after the surface is chemically treated. This ensures a good long-lasting finish that will give you the appeal you want.
Furthermore, the model employs a large diameter steel cylinder which translates into less oil input needed for the same amount of work done by its competitors. Hence, the model is a good and effective way to save up on fuel as well.


Maintenance of this model is quite easy, which is primarily because the paint is oil, grease, and dirt resistant.

Customer Reviews
Customers have remarked that in case you’re looking for a hydraulic jack for truck that is strong and sturdy and will serve you well, then this is the one for you. Furthermore, this model also requires minimal maintenance or clean-up, which is why this model is recommended for individuals who can’t spend as much time in the garage as they would want to.

5. Pro-Lift B-012D Grey Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Pro-Lift B-012D Grey Hydraulic Bottle -Best jack for lifted trucks

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  • Built-In bypass system to protect against Ram Over-Travel
  • Adjustable height mechanism suits the worker best
  • Adheres to all safety protocols
  • Works effortlessly with relative ease
  • The handle is short for use under the vehicle
  • Operates slowly

This is arguably one of the strongest products on this list. If you prioritize strength and capacity overload, then the Pro-Lift B-012D Grey Hydraulic Bottle Jack is the one you should be looking into. Weighing in at 17.7 pounds, the Pro-lift has a working capacity of 12 tons and a reach of a 9 ½” to 18 7/8”.
This model is simple to use and carry around. There is a small handle which allows for condiment travel as well. If you’re a beginner or want a product that is simple to operate, then the Pro-lift will suit you perfectly.


The model employs a steel lifting saddle that holds the load securely. Furthermore, it also contains an extension screw that can adjust to the desired work height you might require. To ensure that the model is durable and lasts long, its exterior is heat-treated in the critical stress area so that it can withstand working in harsh and challenging environments.
If you’re looking for something worthwhile that can help you operate on bigger vehicles and machinery, then the Pro-lift is the right model for you!

Customer Reviews
Users recommend this product primarily for commercial usage due to its massive work capacity. By employing that, the user can work on all sorts of equipment and machinery. Furthermore, this model is also easy to operate and work with, which will make the whole process faster.

6. US JACK D-51125 12 Ton Bottle Jack

US JACK D-51125 12 Ton Bottle - Best jack for lifted trucks

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  • Heavy-duty and built for hard work
  • Strong, sturdy, and reliable
  • Adjustable height and very wide base ensure good stability
  • Smooth and flawless operation
  • One of the most popular products in major US industries
  • Not suited for personal usage
  • Difficult to carry around or travel with

The US JACK D-51125 12 Ton Bottle Jack is a strong and sturdy heavyweight model that is best suited for professional usage. If you own a workshop or are planning to open one, then this option suits best for you. The model weighs 23 pounds and has a working capacity of 12 tons. To cater to an appropriate height, the model also has a reach of 15¼” to 19½ “.
Since this model is heavyweight and has a good working capacity, it is also designed and engineered to ensure that it can cater comfortably to higher weights without any decrease in performance and quality.

Heavy duty

To ensure that, it has a heavy-duty ductile iron base, this gives it a wide stance and positive load support.
The model’s solid exterior ensures that it is strong, sturdy, and quite durable. A good investment in the long run, this model also has a fluid bypass and a strong ring to prevent damaging over-travel.
Due to its frame, the model is best suited for professional usage only. It can cater easily to heavy-duty trucks, farm equipment, home construction workers, mobile-home set-up, and military equipment.

Customer Reviews
Users recommend this product solely to individuals who want a bottle jack for their professional usage. This is because this product does not give enough merit to users who are looking for something to put in their garage and might be more of a heavy-duty hindrance later on. However, if you’re a professional, then you should consider this.

7. Omega 10065B Black Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Omega 10065B Black Hydraulic Bottle - Best jack for lifted trucks

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  • Unique cross – type forged release valve assures positive load control
  • Made from hard cast steel and is heat treated for additional durability
  • Non-abrasive and leak-free performance
  • Quality performance on all types of the vehicle!
  • Storage for two-piece bar could have been better

The Omega 10065B Black Hydraulic Bottle Jack is a smart and elegant design that can cater to all sorts of individuals. Weighing in at 10 pounds, this lightweight model has a working capacity of 6 ton with a range of 8 5/8″ to 17 1/8″.
To start with, this model looks just as good as it operates. The machined and polished cylinders are treated with die-cut threads which ensure that there is no abrasive leaking. All performance is ensured to be non-abrasive and leak-free, as standardized the respective governing bodies.


The model is also durable and sturdy, due to it being head treated in the appropriate stress areas. This ensures that this model can withstand hard work and won’t break under undue stress. Furthermore, the model employs a bypass mechanism that ensures that the hydraulic system won’t entertain any internal damage.

Omega black

The Omega 10065B Black Hydraulic Bottle Jack has a unique cross-type forged release valve which assures positive load control. Furthermore, the model also has good overload protection.
Combining all the features mentioned above, this model gives its best performance if you use it by the manual that comes with it.

Customer Reviews:
We recommend this model for both commercial and non-commercial usage. The applications and features that it provides are applicable for all different types of vehicles and machinery. Furthermore, this model is also easy on the eyes, which means you can also show it off to your family and friends, and style up your workplace if push comes to shove!

8. Strongway Air/Hydraulic Long Ram Jack

Strongway Air/Hydraulic Long Ram - Best jack for lifted trucks

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  • Heavy-duty and built for extreme work capacities
  • Has really good lifting range
  • Adheres to all safety protocols
  • Rust-free exterior with a very touchy finish!
  • Dual-stage hydraulic cylinder lifts large loads on a smaller footprint
  • Not suitable for non-commercial applications
  • Lifts quite slowly

As the name implies, the Strongway is a durable and sturdy model that will get the job done with relative ease. Weighing in at 41 pounds, this heavyweight model has a work capacity of 8 tons and a range of 24 3/16in.-42 7/8in. If you’re looking for quality and extra tall jack stands jack for professional usage, this is the product for you!


The model has many features that make it optimal for heavyweight operation. It employs a dual-stage hydraulic cylinder lifts which enable the user to operate with heavier loads on a smaller footprint. Furthermore, the high-quality small-diameter cylinder of the main body ensures that less oil is required to get the same amount of work done.

A win-win situation for you!
Last but not least, this model was designed and engineered to be long-lasting and quite durable. For starters, it is manufactured from high-grade steel and adheres to all safety protocols. Additionally, the Strongway also has a very through lead-free paint finish. This ensures that the model has a long-lasting finish and doesn’t accumulate any sort of unwanted rust in the process so your it will be able to support your big black jacked up truck.

Customer Reviews
Heavy duty products are highly recommended for commercial users because of their feasibility to carry around is lower than other products. Since relocating them from time to time will be a definite hassle, it’s good to go for other products if you want something for your garage. However, you should consider this product if you’re a professional!

9. Porto-Power B65115 Hydraulic Jack

Porto-Power B65115 Hydraulic - Best jack for lifted trucks

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  • Non-slip handle is easier to grab on to!
  • Ideal for usage on hydraulic cranes
  • Heat-treated chrome ram for strength and durability
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Would be a little difficult to carry around and travel with
  • Not as versatile as other products

When looking for suitable products, some people prioritize about product size. If you’re one of those people, then the Porto-Power B65115 Hydraulic Jack will suit you well. The model is narrow and slim and can be easily stored in your garage as compared to the huge 12 ton bottle jack available in the market.

The Jack weighs in at 23.1 pounds, and has a working capacity of 8 tons while having a reach of 24.8” to 44.1”. As long as heavy-duty products go, this is arguably the only one that won’t take as much space as them.

Constructed of high-grade steel for durability, this model can be directly mounted to shop cranes and features a very important slow-release function. The high quality and high diameter cylinder also mean you won’t have to invest in as much fuel oil as other models.
The jack will work best when its guidelines are followed properly and thoroughly, so purchase this model instead of using homemade truck camper jacks. Along with following the instruction manual to heart, you should also make sure to only utilize high-quality oil. This will make sure that your model always has good corrosion resistant and will be able to perform better in the 40 degrees F and 105 degrees F temperature range.

Customers Reviews
After reading the customer reviews we recommend this product for every individual out there based on its merit of storage and ease of usage. This automotive floor jack is optimal for engine hoisting and cherry pickers. If you happen to be one of them, then you should consider giving this a shot.

10. Ironton Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Ironton Hydraulic Bottle Jack - Best jack for lifted trucks

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  • Easy to use and store
  • Rust and corrosion resistant
  • Best for household operation and usage!
  • Not suitable for professional or commercial usage

If you’re a homeowner or want to operate on your trucks and machinery in the garage, then the lightweight Ironton Hydraulic Bottle Jack is the model for you. Weighing in at 6 pounds, the model has a capacity of 2 tons while having a decent reach that extends from 7” to 13 3/8”.
The bottle jack for lifted truck adheres to all sorts of safety regulations and protocols which are set out by the governing body or are in tall jack stands. To ensure that the model delivers well and has a good life-span, it is constructed out of high-grade steel and built to perfection.


Furthermore, to help prevent rusting or breaking down of color, lead-free paint is used after an intense chemical wash. Being the best portable car jack this model is also easy to clean and look after, which is mostly attributed to the paint being oil, grease, and dirt resistant. The Ironton is also easy to use and get the hang of. Furthermore, to make the process easier, the manufacturers also ensured that the piston ram is treated and polished to resist any sort of skiing.

Customer Reviews:
Customers have awarded this product 4.6 stars out of 5, so we can say with confidence that they loved what they bought as this is the best jack for lifted truck.


It’s important to realize that the performance of the product you get is entirely dependent on how applicable it is in your scenario. So, select an item with ease and confidence. Make sure to check our home page for more amazing reviews.
Plus, the only way to learn well is by asking the right questions. As far as bottle jacks are concerned, the same sentiment stands true. In the segment below, we address the most common questions asked by our users.

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In simple words, a bottle jack is a large jack that is used specifically to lift really heavy weight.
Bottle jacks work by the usage of a non-compressible fluid that does work on an external piston which drives the weight upwards.
Bottle jacks are used for lifting trucks and machinery so that the operator can perform work underneath.
Unless you operate frequently on your truck, there is no need for you to get a bottle jack. However, if you are a truck enthusiast, it’s always good to have one around.
Theoretically, yes. A bottle jack will work horizontally. However, the performance won’t be optimal.
Bottle jacks are made of high-quality steel so that they can withstand the immense pressure on them.
No. the majority of bottle jacks is operated by hand and feet.
Capacity in a bottle jack is the amount of weight that a bottle jack can raise within in pre-mentioned range.
No. different models have different height range, which is the height that they can raise a particular piece of equipment above ground level.
There is no singular feature: height range, weight, and capacity work in conjunction to produce a good bottle jack.



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