Top 7 Best Indoor Propane Heater – Buying Guide 2023

Last updated on November 4th, 2022 at 11:45 pm

The season of warm breezes is over and the winter has finally arrived. These best indoor propane heaters will let you  enjoy winters to its fullest, without being uncomfortable.

The propane heaters for homes heat up the whole room pretty quickly. These heaters are made to ensure a cheaper utility bill. You can also use the best portable propane heater for camping and for outdoor use.

In this article, we have picked some best propane heater for house with top indoor propane heater reviews.

The most efficient propane heater work cost-effectively to quickly heat up the room. However, with so many options available out in the market, it can be quite difficult to choose just any product which is why we are going to help you in picking the best indoor propane heater for your home.

These are some of the best propane heaters safe for indoor use that will quickly warm up the cold spaces in your home.


Top 7 Best Indoor Propane Heater


1. Heater Indoor Portable Heater

Heater Indoor Portable Heater

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  • Heats a small area of 225 sq. ft.
  • Perfect for small rooms
  • Portable heater
  • Can be taken to camping
  • Comes with safety shut off button


  • Small size

Key features
  • Connects to 1 lb. cylinder
  • Low to high heat settings
  • Single control start knob with built-in Piezo starter

This indoor safe propane heater is very low priced. But the low price doesn’t affect the functioning of the heater. The heater works very efficiently to instantly warm up a very cold room.

Mr. Heater is also one of the best indoor propane heaters because it can heat up an area of 225 square feet so if you want to warm up a small room, this heater is just for you.

The small size of this heater also makes it portable and good for outdoor use as well. If you go camping, Mr. Heater will be your best camping partner that can heat up a small tent up to 70 degrees to keep you safe from freezing.

This propane tank top heater indoor comes with many automatic sensors to provide the user with maximum safety. The low oxygen sensor turns the heater off automatically when the oxygen level goes too low to prevent suffocation.

The accidental tip-over sensor also prevents gas leakage by turning of  the heater automatically.

2.  Heater Big Buddy Indoor Portable heater

Heater Big Buddy Indoor Portable heater


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  • Heats an area of 450 sq. ft.
  • Accidental safety shutoff
  • Four heating setting


  • Doesn’t work on high altitudes

Key features
  • Easy to ignite with Piezo starter
  • Best propane wall heater
  • Single control with swivel regulators

This propane tank top heater indoor can be connected to two liquid propane cylinders of 1 lb. and can heat an area of up to 450 sq. ft.

The compact design of the heater makes it a perfect option for enclosed spaces such as small rooms, tents and RV’s. You can also use this best vented propane heater in small storage areas, garages, offices and any vent less space.

These propane forced air heaters use an integrated fan to distribute heat in the room by using and mixing convection and radiant heat.

The heater is best to use in RV’s as well as it can heat up a 32 ft. trailer easily. The Mr. Heater big buddy is also a propane heater indoor safe as it comes with an accidental shut off system so it the heater tips over, it automatically shut off to reduce any chances of accidental harm.

3. Dyna-Glo propane Heater

Dyna-Glo propane Heater RA18LPDG


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  • Warms up to 600 sq. ft.
  • Can be used both outdoor and indoor
  • Produces 18000 BTUs of heat
  • Adjustable heat settings
  • One year warranty


  • Tip switch can be faulty

Key features

  • Built-in Piezo starter
  • Built-in ODS sensor
  • CSA certified

The Dyna Glo propane heater is one of the best home depot propane heaters. This propane heater warms up an area of up to 600 q. ft. radius so you can use it in large rooms.

This portable heater comes with side handles for easy portability while moving the heater. The locking casters help secure the heater even in a moving vehicles like RV’s.

The built in Oxygen depletion shut off ensures maximum safety so even when you forget to turn off the heater, it can automatically shut itself off during critical circumstances.

4.  Heater Vent free propane heater

Heater F299730 Vent free propane heater

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  • Produces 30000 BTUs of energy
  • Warms up to 750 sq. ft.
  • Can be mounted on wall
  • Automatic ignition


  • Doesn’t work on high altitudes

Key Features

  • Uses convection heat
  • Very effective indoor portable heater
  • Built-in ODS sensor

Mr. Heater makes some of the best indoor propane heaters for homes. Another example is this vent free propane heater by Mr. Heater that uses a blue flame to warm up the house. Unlike other portable heaters that use infrared waves to heat up the spaces, the blue flames used in this portable heater are a proof that it uses convection heating which is a natural source of heat.

The propane heater can produce 30000 BTUs of heat and warm up an area of up to 750 square feet which is a large area compared to all the other heaters of this price range.

Despites its capacity to heat up a comparatively large area, this heater doesn’t affect your utility bill too much.

The heater also comes equipped with hardware for wall mounting. But you can also put the heater to stand on its own. The color and design of the heater makes it one amongst decorative indoor propane heaters.

5. Dyna Glo Blue Flame propane heater

Dyna Glo BF30PMDG Blue Flame propane heater


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  • Can be mounted on wall or placed on floor
  • Can heat up to 1000 sq. ft. in 25 minutes
  • Burns 99 percent efficiently
  • Heat control settings
  • Built in ODS sensors


  • Can’t be used out doors

Key features

  • Fuel efficient
  • Heats a large area
  • Works ultra-fast

This is another example of a blue flame heater. His portable blue flame heater is a product of Dyna Glo which is a long standing company making electrical fireplaces, charcoal smokers, BBQ gauges and many other out-door and indoor heating products.

The Dyna Glo heater is an amazing fuel efficient option that works very quickly to warm up a large area. The heating capacity of this efficient heater is up to 1000 sq. ft. so if you have Dyna Glo in your home, this heater is all you need to keep your whole house warm.

This heater is the best propane wall heater so you can either mount it on a wall or place it on the floor. Your choice.

6. Dyna-Glo Thermostat wall heater

Dyna-Glo Thermostat wall heater


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  • Heats up to 1000 square ft.
  • Wall mounted and floor used
  • Cost effective
  • Piezo ignitor used
  • Produces 15000-30000 BTUs


  • Works on a large propane tank of 100 lb

Key features

  • Propane heater with thermostat
  • Uses Convection heating
  • Small yet effective

The sleek deign of this small propane heater with thermostat makes it one of the best decorative indoor propane heaters. The small size of this heater allows you to place it anywhere because it doesn’t take much space.

The heater can detect the temperature that you have previously set and can automatically heat to your preferred settings every time you forget to set the new temperature.

The small size doesn’t affect the functioning of this propane heater as it can heat an area of up to 1000 square feet.

The heater can be mounted on wall thanks to small holes on the back but you can also use it as a floor heater.

This thermostat controlled propane heater can be used in large as well as small area thanks to the heat adjusting capabilities in the heater settings. You can heat up your room, storage spaces, RV’s and any other small and big space.

7. Avenger Dual Fuel Propane Heater

Avenger Dual Fuel Propane Heater


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  • Heats an area of up to 1400 sq. ft.
  • Built in thermostat and blower
  • Safe, efficient and easy to use
  • Automatic settings


  • Turns the heater automatically

Key features

  • Produces 30000 BTUs
  • Light weight portable heater
  • Runs on natural gas or propane both

The avenger dual fuel heater uses a blue flame convection heating system so that you can easily use both natural or propane gas for a natural heating inside your house.

This light weight small sized heater can heat up an area of 1400 sq. ft. inside your house. The heater works efficiently and cost effectively. It can heat a large space quickly and produces 30000 BTUs per hour.

The propane heater with thermostat and blower keeps the old temperature settings saved and turn the heater off when your preferred heat level has reached saving you fuel or gas bill and providing with safety inside the house.

The heater has base feet and brackets so it can be used as floor standing heater and you can also mount it on a wall.


There is nothing more relaxing than sitting in front of a warm heat source in cold winter nights. The chilly evenings can turn in cozy comfortable sunsets if only a reliable and safe heat source is provided.

With this thought in mind, we have selected there seven best indoor propane heaters for your home that can provide you warmth and comfort without chilling your pocket for utility bills.

Enjoy your winter nights in the warmth of that these heaters can provide while you sip hot chocolate from your mug,  learn more information .



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