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Painting the wood could be tricky or you can say requires covering more details. A low level low pressure (LVLP) spray gun would not be as efficient as the best hvlp spray gun for woodworking with the high air pressure around 25 psi (pounds per square inch) can work effectively. 


Top 6 Best HVLP Spray Gun for Woodworking


1. Professional hvlp Gravity Feed System Spray Gun

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  • 1.4/1.7 mm nozzle
  • 200mm spraying distance
  • 230mm pattern width
  • 600ccm cup capacity
  • External spraying control

This hvlp spray gun for woodworking is one reliable hVLP paint sprayer. It works great for base coating or any other coating that requires high viscosity—not only for the automotive industry and also for the best hvlp spray gun for woodworking.

The regulator feature which is in built allows total control over the paint and air pressure flow. The rust-resistant body makes it durable. it provides two different nozzle size is either 1.4mm or 1.7mm that makes it the best hvlp spray gun for cabinets.

In the package, you will get a spray gun, the paint container the air inlet, the brush and a tool wrench.

2. Gravity Feed HVLP spray gun with 1.4mm Nozzle

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  • 1.3mm nozzle size
  • 30 cm spraying width
  • Pneumatic supply method
  • 2.5 to 3.5 cfm
  • 50 psi working pressure

It is one best hvlp spray gun for woodworking. This hvlp spraying gun reduces the risk of paint wasting by using less amount of air pressure. The controlling valve helps and increases the efficient transfer of paint and adjusts the spraying width.

The body of this hvlp system is made out of aluminum alloy that makes it sturdy. This one is not only best hvlp spray gun for woodworking but also for the base coating. It is not specified for commercial use as you can use it at your home as well.  

3. Campbell Hausfeld General Purpose HVLP spray gun

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  • 4 mm fluid tip
  • 600ml gravity field
  • Canister capacity 20 ounces
  • Stainless Steel
  • 5 scfm at 40 psi

This one is the best hvlp spray gun for cabinets. It is a gravity feed spray gun that is easy and simple to use. Mostly, this product is manufactured in China. The Campbell is a low over-spraying hvlp gun with fine atomization.

It allows complete control over air and fluid flow while the setting of the spraying pattern is way easy to set up. The canister has a capacity of 600ml which is easy to clean and prevents the paint from getting wasted.

Campbell is usually preferred for automotive but it is an equally perfect hvlp sprayer for woodworking. It also requires 4.0 SCFM at 40 PSI.

4. Canadian Tool HVLP Spray Gun Gravity

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  • 4mm Nozzle Size
  • 29-51 psi air pressure
  • Allows 120 psi air pressure
  • 600ml cup capacity

This hvlp spray system is specified as gravity fed type with a standard nozzle size. In the package you will get the hvlp system i.e. Canadian tool and supply hvlp spray gun, 2 paint cup filters, a cleaning brush and a spanner wrench to fix the gun altogether.

The cup offers the capacity of 20 ounces fluid which is approximately 600ml. The pattern width for this hvlp system is from 7 inches to 10 inches whereas the maximum air pressure is 120 psi while the working pressure is 28.8-51 PSI

5. East Volt Home Electric Spray Gun with High Power

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  • 600 watts high power motor
  • Adjustable knob flow
  • 3 spraying pattern
  • 4 nozzle sizes

Eastvolt hvlp spray gun has a powerful motor that offers a smooth surface. The spray through this provides a fine finish by allowing you to control the flow of the spray and is perfect for small/medium diy projects.

This hvlp system offers an adjusted spraying pattern into three different modes of spraying i.e. horizontal, vertical and a circular motion. It is equipped with 4 nozzle sizes like (1.5mm/ 1.8mm/ 2.2mm/ 2.6 mm) for latex paint and chalk type painting.

The extra-long cord which is approximately 6.6ft. makes it easy to reach each and every corner. The measuring cup offers a capacity of 1000ml (1 liter).

6. Rexbeti HVLP Spray Gun

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  • Comes with 6 nozzles
  • 700 watts power
  • 3 spraying patterns
  • Offers adjustable flow

Rexbeti is recommended as the best hvlp spray gun for cabinets as it comes with 6 different nozzles out of which 1 is already installed. The high power motor with 700 Watts for easy painting and smooth finish.

The drum capacity is around 1000ml that makes it the best electric paint sprayer for tables and other crafting. it allows 3 spraying patterns horizontal, vertical and circular motion with 6 different sizes that includes (1.0mm/1.5mm/1.8mm/2.2mm/2.6mm/3.0mm).

The spraying flow can be adjusted with as it offers three different knob for paint outputs specifically for the edges and corners for easy and effective with easy to wash.

As it is an electric hvlp spray gun with a cord length of 6.6 which makes this hvlp paint sprayer user-friendly and light in weight.


Some important information that you need to know 

Is always better to have prior knowledge about that product you are going to buy as it will help to make your decision easy. Whilst getting the best hvlp spray for woodworking, make sure to cross-check the following features such as

Power Source

An hvlp spray gun is likewise the traditional spraying gun only offering HVLP (high volume low pressure) and LVLP (low volume low pressure) option.

The trigger of the spraying gun will release the paint with the help of air pressure. It either uses electricity (corded hvlp spray guns) or battery powered (works with battery; more portable).


One of the most important features that an hvlp system must have is versatility i.e. it should be compatible with every kind of paint such as

  • Latex paints
  • Lacquers
  • Base Coating

Or any other paints having both thick and thin viscosity.

Ease of Use

The core to any product is its user-friendliness. In the case, of an HVLP sprayer, the product along with its working must be easy to clean and the step by step guide for that. If the nozzle is not cleaned properly, it will affect the spraying patterns due to being clogged.

Nozzle size

Many spray guns offer different nozzle sizes that every Hvlp spray painter must know. Usually, you will find the hvlp spray gun systems with a nozzle size of 1.3mm to 1.4mm which is only used for basecoat. Different nozzle sizes should be used as

  • 7-2.2 for heavier body primers
  • 4 -1.6 for basecoats
  • 3 -1.7 for the clearcoats
  • 4 -1.6 sealers or for single-stage urethanes

Spraying patterns

Generally, the best spray gun for the money has three spraying patterns

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Circular

Any Hvlp spray gun without any of these painting styles can cause an uneven coating of paint. In case the spraying patterns of your hvlp system are malfunctioning, then, make sure that your nozzle does not have any kind of paint clog.

Adjustable Valves

The one best hvlp spray gun for cabinets, woodworking or other painting projects provides you complete control over the patterns, paint, and air pressure for smooth output.

The controllers also control the spraying patterns helping you further with the surfaces and textures for different materials and projects. However, the pressure valve adjusts the paint thickness.


The speed of any best hvlp spray gun for cabinets or any other project depends upon the power of the motor ranges somewhere between 600 to 1400 Watts.

Corded spray guns are mostly more powerful and are ideal for large projects whereas the other option for the product is battery powered (the handheld ones) require 24V power only.


Small spay guns are not the best hvlp spray gun for woodworking projects or any other large ones; at that moment portability is the plus point.

The HVLP sprayer that is light in weight is perfect for long working hours and painting hours—requiring less effort and power from the painter’s side and burdens you less on the arm.

Cup size

Each hvlp spray gun has a different size for the container. The hvlp woodworking spray gun which is the professional-grade hvlp system possesses different cup size ranging from

Gravity and suction HVLP technology

These are the 2 different kinds of hvlp technology that completely depends upon the personal preference and the nature of the project.

The gravity feed hvlp system uses each and every single bit of the paint with the help of air pressure and are lighter in weight. Whereas, the suction spray gun is preferred for small projects.  

How to adjust and set up an HVLP paint gun?

An HVLP technology is perfect for large DIY projects. Many spray guns allow adjusting features that will help to regulate the flow of the paint and prevents it from getting wasted. This could be done by controlling the air pressure being received from the airflow. That is one of the reasons which makes it the best hvlp spray for woodworking.

Here, with the graphical representation, you will get to know the adjustment of spraying gun it in a better way.

Paint Velocity

This is the main point to consider that has a major impact on your painting. Before adjusting the airflow, it is important to maintain the velocity which cannot be done with the thick paint, or else it will start spitting the paint or waste it.

Fan control Adjustment Knob

The knob placed in the middle on the HVLP system spray gun controls and adjust the flow of paint that emits per minute.

Adjusting the Air Flow Valve

The bottom knob or valve helps to control the air pressure that the gun needs for the paint.

For setting the hvlp spray gun..

Every hvlp spray painter is different from each other and requires separate setting up instructions but the bases are the same that adds

Attaching the hopper/ container of paint gun

Some spray guns have their hopper above or attached below. Whenever you fix the container with your spraying gun, do not fill it to the top or fit it empty. Attach the container after filling it the paint. Make sure the paint is neither too thick nor too thin as it will affect the throw of the paint.

Tip of the Spray Gun

Many hvlp spray guns come with different sizes and shapes of nozzle such as for the narrow spaces or edges, select a slim tip. This will be fixed at the nozzle.

Air hose Connection

The last step would be fixing the air hose. It attaches at the end of the hvlp system above or below the paint contained. Cross-check that the hose does not have any loose loop or it will cause paint spitting.

How HVLP spray is different from LVLP?

It will be easy to choose the spray gun that will meet your requirement once you know the core differences between the high volume low pressure and low volume high-pressure spray painting guns.

HVLP spray guns are used for large projects whereas the lvlp spray gun has a steeper curve for the new learners. Both use the air cap with 10 psi or less but, it is only considered as a system for lvlp spraying gun.

The hvlp spray systems usually use 20 cfm at 50 psi that shows the need of an HP compressor which is a minimum 80 gallon—the lvlp comes with almost 10-25 psi works with low cfm which is 5 CFM.

Another, the core difference is the width of the fan and lowers the flow rate that’s why it uses less air and spray paint and are ideal for small projects.

In the end..

An HVLP (high volume low pressure) spraying gun is an indispensable electronic device. We have formulated this guide to help you with your wood projects from home to commercial level for DIY by reviewing 6 top notch multifunctional hvlp spray guns.


Does an HVLP Spray Gun have a turbine system?

The hvlp spray gun comes with a built in turbine system that will need an air pressure for working. Make sure it will meet the needs of your compressor to generate the air. The core importance of this feature is that it reduces the wastage of the paint up to 50% and also prevents over spraying.

What is a gravity feed sprayer?

A gravity feed sprayer gun uses small batch of paint coating at the time enabling easy and quick cleaning. It goes perfectly with all spray gun kinds like LVMP, HVLP or the other conventional.

What is the suction feed spray gun?

The suction feed spray gun works by passing the air over the coating to draw the material with the help of nozzle of the suction cup. The gun uses the air that picks up the paint coat with the perfect atomization air pressure same as the gravity feed spray.

Why is my HVLP spray gun spitting?

When a nozzle that fits on the nozzle left with a loose end, allowing the air to enter causes excessive pressure in the fluid that results in spitting of the spray paint.

Can I spray latex with HVLP?

The high volume low pressure is not designed for heavy body latex paint as the pressurized cup allows the paint that helps to push the fluid to the nozzle through pressure.

What pressure to spray HVLP gun at?

The recommended pressure for spraying the hvlp is around 25-30psi with the trigger being pulled. However, some paint sheets refer to painting the air pressure of 8 to 10 but this pressure is not suggested as the measurement refers to the air cap pressure from the point where the pressure of the paint comes out from the spray gun.

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