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 Are you health-conscious and want to stay fit then this article will help you a lot as we are reviewing the best honey brand in the world. It is very difficult today to find the best natural honey brand because most of the sellers are adding artificial sweeteners and other chemicals to enhance the thickness of the honey.

Mostly, raw and unfiltered honey is used in making medicines because raw organic unfiltered honey has the properties of anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, and anti-bacterial potent. The benefits of raw are mentioned in detail below but first, we want to share the best raw honey brand so enjoy the sweetness with us.


Things to Know Before Selecting the Best Honey

You will find so many kinds of honey which all have properties beneficial for different things. here the assembled list of best honey brands with their characteristics will let you know which one would suit you.

Real/Raw Honey

  • The raw honey is actually real honey. basically, it is the one that is gathered directly from the beekeepers that means this kind of honey possesses the original and natural properties of the honey.
  • Mostly, people get confused with organic honey which is in reality a different thing from raw honey. The raw honey is generally used for folk home remedies or curing other medical issues such as curing wounds.

Pasteurized Honey

  • It is also known as normal honey which has a clear and smooth look. This kind of honey includes the heating process at high temperatures but this process kills the natural nutrients of the honey such as vitamins and enzymes.
  • In some cases, to maintain the natural sweetness, natural flavor is added externally. The taste of the honey depends upon the flowers from which the honey bees collect the pollens. (Below you will find in detail the kinds of honey).

Unpasteurized honey

  • The unpasteurized honey is processed on a low heat amount. Even after heating the honey, most of the properties are still present in it.
  • This kind of honey is beneficial for curing wounds naturally as it includes antibacterial properties which make the healing process faster.

Top 9 Best Raw Honey Brand


1. YS ECO Bee Farm Raw Honey

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  • 22 Oz pack
  • Pure and unpasteurized
  • Pesticide and pollutant-free
  • Eco-friendly region’s harvested

Y.S. Eco Bee farm is one leading and best raw honey brands in the race of the world’s best honey brands for the raw organic category. This honey comes directly from the hive that proves the purity and unfiltered condition with natural vitamins, minerals, and nutrients present in it.

Because this raw and unfiltered honey reaches us unprocessed, it can easily provide you the benefits associated with its properties.

The honey comes in a natural crystallized form that proves the originality of the honey. You can enjoy Y.S. Eco honey in your beverages, in your sweet dishes, or even in your healthy diet plan. So hurry up and grab it.

2. Nature Nate’s Raw Honey

Nature Nates's

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  • 32Oz with an easy squeezable bottle
  • Gluten-free
  • 100 % unfiltered
  • No artificial sweetener

The next raw honey that we have is by Nature Nate’s. it is also in the race of the best companies for providing pure and simple honey. You can trust it as they provide you raw and original honey right from the beehive that is 100% unfiltered.

This company sources the honey from their beekeepers from Canada and the US that comes with clover, canola, and windflower. These help the honey to make the perfect blend that has everything balanced.

Nature’s Nate sends their honey unfiltered to assure their customers of the purity of the honey. Because of this, the honey becomes very thick that they have to heat it up a little before putting it into the packages.

The squeezable bottle contains 32 Oz of honey. No artificial syrups are added to enhance the taste or thickness of the honey.

3. Wedderspoon Premium Raw Honey

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  • Manuka from New Zealand
  • Non-GMO
  • 7 Oz
  • BPA free

When someone says healthy honey, Manuka honey immediately comes to our mind. This type of honey has strong properties of antimicrobial and its source belongs to New Zealand.

This premium type of honey is unpasteurized and raw. The 100% non-GMO assures the verification of the bottles that are sealed in New Zealand to keep authenticity.

KFactor is for describing the pollen counts for this Manuka which mostly comes in 16 KFactor. This proves that it is able and has a high ability for healing medically.

This honey alone provides you a high amount of enzymes, minerals, and vitamins than the other local honey available in the market.

4. YS Organic Bee Farm

Y.S. Organic Honey

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  • Organic raw Honey with certification
  • Unprocessed
  • 32 Oz in a bottle
  • Comes from an organic bee farm

The YS organic bee farm comes with the certification of 100% raw and organic honey. This brand is in the business of raw honey since 1995, harvesting honey from farms. This honey comes as unprocessed and non-heated directly from the beehives.

With this, you can get a guaranteed high amount of minerals, live enzymes, and essential nutrition. The thick and cloudy texture proves its originality and rawness.

Instead of using artificial sweeteners in your drinks and dishes, just add YS organic honey and enjoy it. It is not only to give you sweetness in eatables but also helps in the quick healing of the wounds.

5. Kiwa Raw Manuka Honey

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  • Non-GMO
  • Best cure for respiratory issues
  • 250g (8.8 Oz)
  • UMF certified

Kiwa Raw Manuka honey is another good option for people looking for genuine raw manuka honey. The company assures high quality and purity as it is certified by UMF and comes as a Non-GMO.

The beekeepers from New Zealand who maintained an eco-friendly environment are the direct source behind this raw honey.

It has been tested and reported that this raw manuka honey is a perfect cure for respiratory infections. This product is a definite solution for good health care. You can say that having a Kiwa raw manuka honey keeps the doctor away.

6. Honest Raw Honey

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  • Windflower Flavoured
  • Free of chemicals
  • Comes from 10 miles from Texas

Like its name, Honest raw honey, this is one of the companies that produce the best raw honey. The delay crystallization solidifies which misconceives the people that the real raw honey does not solidify.

This best honey for health butter-looking honey makes it easy to be spread over that does not make it less important in baking.

This honey is free from herbicides. The farmers of the raw honey are 10 miles away from the commercial unit.

This raw honey comes from Texas having the flavored of windflower. You can also find cinnamon-infused honey that literally tastes heavenly.

7. Raw Manuka Honey by Good Natured

Raw Manuka Honey

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  • Comes from New Zealand
  • Has a high amount of antiviral properties
  • helps in increasing the immune system
  • Non-GMO

The raw manuka honey, the world’s best honey company name would be produced by good-natured is one renowned product that has a high amount of antiviral and antibacterial properties. The plant Manuka is found in New Zealand and because of this, it costs a bit more than other brands.

This honey is famous for boosting the immune system as it is certified as a non-GMO product.UMF rating matters when you are looking for raw honey. Well, you can trust this manuka raw honey because it has the rating.

This honey contains pollen in a high amount which makes it perfect for the apitherapy and also great to be used as an antiseptic.

8. Amazon Brand – Happy Belly Raw Wildflower Honey

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  • 32- ounces
  • Unfiltered
  • Free from chemicals
  • Grade A type

Here is one of the best honey in the world happy belly brings raw wildflower honey for us by the name of Amazon Brand – Happy Belly. You might have seen this in supermarkets or online stores.

This product comes in 32- ounces with a squeezable bottle. This unfiltered best honey to buy is a  Grade A by the US.

This type of raw honey is perfect for every type of sweet dessert, for your tea, or other beverage. This raw honey is darker in color as compared to the other honey types. Actually, the color of the honey depends upon the flowers that the honeybees visit.

You can easily preserve the honey because it is free of chemicals that prevent it from spoiling.

 9. Desert Creek Raw Honey

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  • Comes in large quantity
  • Clover flowers
  • Darker in color
  • Free from chemicals

If you have an uncontrollable and never-ending craving for honey then this is a good choice. With Desert Creek Raw honey comes in a large quantity (1 Gallon).

It is a piece of fascinating news for those people who have the habit of using honey in their daily life. The taste of this pure and simple honey is inspired by the flowers from Texas such as clover.

The desert creek raw honey is darker in color as compared to the other raw honey but there is no difference in the taste. The company assures the honey is free from any kind of chemicals, pesticides.

This honey is truly raw as it contains the vitamins, amino acids, and all the properties that organic honey contains.

How to know if the Honey is Pure?

As we all know that the good honey is one of the essentials in the routine of a healthy diet and for the sweetening purpose. The older the honey, the better is its taste. The question here arises which is the best honey to buy or how to know if the honey brands that we are going to use are pure, its quality, and the old age of it.

The commercial honey that we are commonly available in the market as the best honey is mostly mixed with the solution being prepared with the glucose. It is quite a job to get the recognition of pure honey.

The physical properties of the honey can help you to distinguish the pure and impure honey. Still, there are some tricks that can help you to identify if it is organic or fake. These tricks are

Testing through Thumb

It sounds weird but actually, it works. Pour a small amount of honey on the thumb and see its viscosity i.e. if the honey spreads around fast that means it is not pure. It is a mixture of chemicals and glucose. And if it does not then it is the pure kind of honey.

The Water

You can also test it with the help of water. Take a glass full of water and mix it with a small teaspoon of honey. If the honey dissolves immediately then it is not pure and if the texture of the honey is dense and it sits on the bottom of the glass in the form of chucks or lumps then it is organic raw honey.

The Flame Testing

The real honey is inflammable. We suggest that if you are going to check the originality of the honey with the flaming process, make sure to keep all the precautionary measures in the mind. For this test, you have to dip the matchstick into the honey and strike the stick. In case it lights up that means it is pure but if it does not then it might contain some moisture or some impurities.

Vinegar Test

To test it with the vinegar, just add some drops of vinegar in the water along with the tablespoon of honey. If this mixture forms up then this proves that it is good honey and it might be adulterated.

Heating Test

Heating the honey proves if it is the best honey or not as it makes it caramelized during the heating process. If it gets into the foamy mixture that proves the impurities present in the honey.

Benefits of Raw honey

Writing about the benefits of raw honey are not coming slow. There are so many uncountable benefits that it became difficult for us which to mention and which to not but as you are our valued customer, we are mentioning the significant benefits.

When we talk about raw honey, the key benefit for our health is its ‘Antimicrobial properties’. Raw honey has a large amount of potent antimicrobial properties.

Raw honey also contains antioxidants (that help the body cells from damage from radicals) like some vegetables and fruits do. These free radicals fasten up the aging or may lead to some severe diseases that last long.

You might have seen the home remedies for the cure of many illnesses such as having cold, cough, flu, and even worse sore throats. Just a teaspoon of raw and unfiltered honey and you are good as new.

The most important thing is raw honey benefits weight loss if added to your daily routine. Just start taking a tablespoon of honey along with lemon juice in Luke warm water and see the difference. It will also make your skin look younger and glowing.

If you ever get a deep wound just apply the layer of honey regularly and it will heal hastily.

Facts to Know about Raw Unfiltered Honey

  • Honey is the only food item that will never get spoiled. This is because of the low amount of moisture which is why bacteria cannot sustain themselves. This depicts that this is the healthiest honey.
  • The honey which is taken out before it becomes mature has a high chance of getting spoiled as it has a high content of moisture in it.
  • The healthiest honey which could be the best type of honey should be kept airtight as the honey has the ability to absorb water.
  • The best honey that we eat might be prepared by the pollens of one flower or could be multi-floral both kinds have different tastes.

Types of Best Raw Honey

You might have noticed that the raw unfiltered honey is the healthiest honey but all of them have different types of texture. The possibilities that the honey could either be in the chunked form, the liquid, granulated, or the unprocessed one (the honey directly extracted from honey comb).

Depending upon the different physical properties, the honey is categorized as raw and pasteurized form. The raw organic unfiltered honey is the one that has come directly from the honey comb and is free from any kind of refinement. Whereas the pasteurized honey can be acquired after heating it and purifying it from any kind of contamination.

Another category of honey could depend upon the source from where the nectar has been extracted. The nectar that honey bees take from a single type of flower is called unifloral honey. And if it is taken from different kinds of flowers then this honey is multi-floral honey.

Read About

Best Honey Available in Market and Online

Best Honey is always a priority of people who are diet conscious. After knowing about the raw and pasteurized honey. With the help of this article, you can find the honey by their names that are

Alfalfa Honey: This honey is obtained from Medicago sativa flowers. It has prebiotic effects.

Clover Honey: Trifolium species is the reason for this honey. It does not require methylglyoxal and hydrogen peroxide.

Sage Honey: This honey is dark in color, thicker, and has a high amount of antioxidant properties. It is famous for its sweet taste and aroma.

Rosemary Honey: This honey is made out of Rosmarinus officinalis that is commonly used in European Countries and has rich antioxidants.

Manuka Honey: The Manuka Honey is made out of flowers from New Zealand, the bush of Manuka. The bees who get fed on them.

Buckwheat honey: Buckwheat honey is made out of Buckwheat possesses high properties of bactericidal. This kind of honey protects the DNA and the body from any kind of oxidative stress and chemicals.

Acacia Honey: Acacia flowers are the reason for making this kind of honey. This honey is pale in color. It has the properties of vitamins A, C, and E.

Lavender Honey: This kind of honey has rich properties of phenolic compounds, essential enzymes, sugar, and amino acid. This honey helps to cure foot ulcers and fungal infections in the body.

Eucalyptus Honey: Eucalyptus flower is the source for preparing the eucalyptus honey. This kind of honey is responsible for specific antimicrobial activities.

Jamun Honey: This honey is renowned for antihypoxic activities. The Jamun Honey helps in curing the Fournier gangrene. The high viscosity helps in prevention from any kind of microbial growth and also a fast curing process of wounds.

Closing Notes

In the kinds of honey, raw organic honey is healthier than the rest. The raw organic honey consists of natural potent without any addition of chemicals or artificial sweeteners. In the present time, it is quite a job to find raw and unfiltered honey when you have many related products in the market.

Organic raw honey can provide you a fit and healthy diet. It is beneficial for the skin and the most important thing the main ingredient for weight loss.

After proper research, we have mentioned the top honey brands in the world that are also the best raw honey brand for producing organic honey without artificial sweeteners and other preservatives. With us, you can get the best honey brand and raw unfiltered honey.

Stay Healthy and keep shopping.

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Can I use organic Raw honey for skincare?

Yes. You can easily use raw honey for skincare. Use it carefreely. Just apply a thin layer or make it a mask, it is a perfect moisturizer for every skin type.

From where this raw honey comes?

The raw manuka honey mostly comes from New Zealand and the rest of the products that we have mentioned are mostly from Texas.

What kind of honey is best?

The honey which is prepared with less pasteurization is the best honey as suggested. For more assistance, you should know for what are you going to use the honey and which would be the best honey. 


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