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Last updated on March 18th, 2022 at 01:54 pm

Distillation has been around since time immemorial. Since the medieval ages it has been one of the most preferred method to clean and purify water. To ease your troubles, we have brought you the best home water distillers that your money can buy. 

Distilled water keeps those pesky little bacteria out of your system and gives you a healthy life style. There have been many ways that people resorted to have their water distilled.

With the advancement in technology, we now have water distillers to do the tedious work for us. People now prefer to install home water distillations systems at their place to have pure distilled water at home.

But there are so many products out there in the market which are likely to confuse you and you might make the wrong choice of buying a home water distillation system which does not suit your needs. 

Top 9 Best Home Water Distillers

1. Pure Water Mini-Classic Distiller 

Pure Water Mini-Classic CT 120v Counter Top Distiller

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  • Excellent warranty period – This water distiller is covered by an extended warranty period, so you can have a sense of security after buying the mini classic. 
  • Silent – The operation of this unit is extremely silent. You really won’t even notice it running. 
  • Safety – Double clad safety feature is an added advantage for this unit. 


  • Time consuming – It takes about 3.5 hours to distill the water which might be somewhat of an inconvenience for some people. 

Pure water distiller mini classic tops this list because of its awesome features in a very competitive price. This countertop water distiller is rated to produce 99.9 percent of pure water and uses vapor distillation technology. This is one of the best water distillers for home use as it provides you clean drinking water from the comfort of your home. The design is compact and you don’t even need to go through the painstaking installation procedure as it comes pre-assembled. 

The size also affords its portability as you can take this anywhere in your car if you plan to have a time out with your friends or family. It also does not need any kind of water line so you can just fill it up and let it work. The build quality of this table top water distiller is amazingly good and it is built to have a long-life span. The materials used feel durable and the overall look feels premium. The mini classic can produce up to 3 liters of water in about 3.5 hours. This might feel a little longer for some people, but hey! it gets the job done pretty well. 

Mini classic is a stainless-steel water distiller and uses a glass jar to store the water which provides for the easy filling and refilling. The isolation mechanism used in this water distiller ensures that it does not touch any unwanted surfaces. It doesn’t cut out on safety either. The double-clad safety feature ensures safety and prevents harmful burns. Pure water also provides a 15-year warranty on the stainless steel while it covers a 3-year warranty for any electrical components. Considering its features, we can say that it is one of the best water distillers for home. 

2. Waterwise 9000 Water Distiller 

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  • Light weight – The light weight of this distiller makes it very portable 
  • Silent operation – The unit works very silent and it won’t disturb you with your other house hold chores 


  • Plastic built: The plastic built might be light weight and allows easy cooling down of water, but it may not be that durable and may damage easily. 

Waterwise has been making quality home water distillation systems and air purification products from some time now. The 9000 water distiller is another such product from waterwise that caught our attention and we thought that it deserves a place in our list. It is to be noted here that it produces 5 gallons in each day with a one-gallon cycle. Which means that practically it will be producing roughly 1 gallon in about 4.5 hours. It also comes with a 6-pack of post filters. 

The major part of the built is made up of high-quality plastic and the boiler is made up of stainless steel with a wide opening. This allows for easy refilling of the boiler. This is, therefore, one of the best stainless steel water distiller around. It is rated to operate at 750 watts but there is no need to worry for such a high-power consumption as the unit is quite energy efficient and effectively saves energy and bills. 

The waterwise 9000 water distiller has a plastic built so it is quite light weight. And you can easily move it from place to place whether it be your table top or you want to place it somewhere else. Also, you don’t need any kind of assembly or installation with all those water hook ups and water lines. It is ready when you plug it in. Those who are short on time and don’t want to waste their time on installation might find a good deal of comfort with this distiller. 

We also saw reviews from different customers who have actually used the product and have come to the conclusion that it is one of the best water distillers for home use that effortlessly provides you with distilled water at home. 

3. Best-In-Class Stainless Steel Water Distiller 


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  • Low power consumption – Compared to some other water distillers, this one only consumes 565 watts. 
  • Easy cleaning – The big jar allows for easy cleaning. 
  • Carbon pods – It comes with a year supply of activated carbon pods for active purification. 



  • 120-volt operation – It is designed to work specifically in countries such as those in the North American region which support 120 v input. It will not work in areas with 240 volts. 

If you are looking for an awesome stainless steel water distiller then this is the one to go with. As the name suggests, it is the best in class. It is an absolute bang for the buck. The top, bottom and the sides; in fact, the whole steam chamber and the condensation coil are made up of 100% grade 304 stainless steel which makes it one of the most durable distillers out there. The plastic materials used are also tested to be BPA free and food friendly. The built quality is superb in this thing and feels quite sturdy. 

It has a porcelain nozzle which allows effective isolation between the water and other components. This makes sure that what drips in your glass is 100% pure water. This feature is an added advantage and that is why it has landed in our list of the best water distillers in the market. The carafe is made out of glass and the handle allows for easy lifting of the jar. The jar is quite wide and cleaning it will be quite an easy task. 

The heating element works at around 565 watts, so it is quite economic and doesn’t put that much of a load on your bills. The heating element is just the right size. It is not very big but it gets the job done like it should. And there is always a concern with larger heating elements that they tend to boil the water too fast. This poses a risk of contamination with all kinds of impurities such as VOCs.  

4. Megahome Water Distiller 


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  • Built quality – The Megahome countertop water distiller has a very nice build quality which increases its durability. 
  • Water isolation – The stainless-steel insides and the porcelain nozzle ensures that water does not touch any plastic parts. 



Long operating hours – This distiller takes about 5.5 hours to produce 1 gallon of distilled water which might turn off some people. 

Many people have preferred this water distiller primarily for two reasons – the premium build quality and its extremely good water isolation. The insides are covered with a wall of stainless steel which ensures that the water does not come into contact with any other plastic parts. This keeps the water pure and ensures that you get quality water. The stainless steel is a quality grade 304 steel which is the industry standard for high quality steel. 

The distillation time this unit requires is 5.5 hours for one gallon of pure water. It also comes with purification charcoal filters to remove further impurities from the chamber like chlorine which may form into vapors during the distillation process. 

The distilled water is collected into a glass jar. So, you can be sure that your water does not come into contact with any of the plastic parts. The porcelain nozzle also provides for extended water isolation. One of the best things about this pure water distiller is that it is tested and approved by Underwriters laboratories which ensures that the products comply with quality and safety standards. 

5. H2oLabs Model-200 Countertop Home Water Distiller 

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  • Portable – It is light weight and is easy to carry.
  • Energy efficient – This distiller is optimized to work efficiently while consuming very little energy.


  • Can only produce a maximum of 4 gallon per day.

If you are looking for a light weight, ergonomic, compact, and budget friendly countertop water distiller then this is the one to go for. It is light weight and is made with durable plastic. The model-200 works on 120 volts and is quite energy efficient as well. It is easy to lift and easy to refill with the continuous water feed system. This countertop water distiller can process up to four gallons per day and takes about 5 hours to process about 1 gallon of water. 

The installation and operation of this water distiller is simply easy. To put it simple, it is a child play. This is especially beneficial to people who find working with tech a troublesome task. 

6. VEVOR Countertop Water Distiller 

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  • Works as intended – Produce high quality distilled water which can stay like that for very long. 


  • Even though it has got the looks and is made to be durable, it is prone to degradation after prolonged usage. 

So, this is beautiful. With its elegant looks and attractive design, this has been the favorite of many. The features of this water distiller really outshine when you are getting it for such a low price. It has a premium design with food grade stainless steel built.

The container is built with a solid shock-proof glass making it more durable and less likely to break easily. But even though it is made to be durable, there have been reviews from real time users that after prolonged usage it fails to perform as effectively as intended. Rest assured; this budget distiller gets the job done for most of the tasks. 

It comes with a digital panel which displays current temperature and operation metrics. This unit also allows you to adjust the temperature manually should you need to use it for other purposes like making distilled wine. Vevor operates at a maximum temperature of 160 degrees after which a temperature safety feature will trigger and the distiller will automatically shut down itself. One good thing about this distiller is that it can distill up to 6 gallons of water per day. 

It does however, takes quite a big chunk of your power operating at 750 watts. Furthermore, it is 12 pounds in weight so it is not that easy to shift it from place to place. 

7. CNCShop Water Distiller Water Distillation Purifier 

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  • Budget friendly – You will find this distiller a good investment for your money. It comes at a cheap price but it doesn’t compromise on quality of distillation. 


  • Built quality – It has a plastic built with most of its parts built with plastic. We are skeptic of how durable this distiller can be. 

CNCShop water distiller is another budget friendly water distiller which landed on our list. It has a capacity of about 4 liters of water and is made to distill around 1 liter of water per hour. That equates to about 0.25 gallons per hour which means you will be able to get around a gallon on water in about 4 hours. 

The build quality is what you would expect in a budget distiller. The distillation chamber is made out of stainless steel while the rest is plastic. But it works as it is intended and gets the job done pretty well. The whole thing weighs around a little more than 9 pounds and it takes about 750 watts to work. The design and operation is quite user friendly and it will take only a few moments to get used to it. 

8. Waterwise WW1600 Non-Electric Water Distiller 

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  • Portable – It is a non electric distiller and does not require any kind of electrical input. 


  •  It is quite heavy to move it to places. 

Next up is the Waterwise ww1600. This is a unique one in our list. The WW1600 is a non-electric water distiller. Best thing about it is that you can still operate it even if there is a power outage. This will be a good choice for you if you are into camping and travelling a lot. It is quite strongly built with all the body made out of pure stainless steel. This is one of the best non electric water distiller as it affords convenience, portability, and affordability at the same time. 

The WW1600 is quite durable but it is a little heavy owing to its stainless steel built. It weighs close to 12 pounds and might require a little effort to take it to places. It is a stove top water distiller which only requires you to plug in the gas line and get going. This stove top water distiller comes all pre-assembled so you don’t really need to install or assemble anything. It is fairly simple to use and is a must buy if you want portability. 

9. OLizee 8 Gal Stainless Steel Water Alcohol Distiller

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  • Stainless steel body ensures a high level of purification. 
  • Can process a hefty 8 gallon of water. 


  • We really have nothing to say against this one. But the huge built might not allow you to take it easily with you. 

Yet another stove top water distiller. This non electric distiller can pack 8 gallons of water and also comes with a thumper keg which is ideal for fruits and flavoring. Having a first look at it shows that it is crafted quite well. It truly looks like a beautiful piece of art. With that being said, how does it work. In our opinion it has performed better than most of the electric distillers out there. 

It takes some time to install it, but once you have it done, you are in for surprise. It can be used for multiple purposes. Whether it be your distilled wine or fruits or its just plain distilled water that you want. This multipurpose distiller makes sure that the job is done. Additionally, the thumper keg allows you to add different flavorings if you want. And guess what? All this is covered by a one year warranty! 


We have reviewed many distillers, all of which are a thing in themselves. Nothing is perfect so each of them has their strengths and weaknesses. But after reviewing all the above products, pure water mini classic really stood out to us because of the sheer convenience and affordability. However, if you want a budget friendly distiller which is portable and does not need any electricity, we would recommend that you go with the Waterwise WW1600.



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