BBCOR Approved Best High School Baseball Bats

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National Federation of States High School has put some guidelines for the baseball bats that apply at every state in US. The best high school baseball bat apparently is the one with aluminum that implies power, lightweight, durability, and most importantly BBCOR certification.



Top 7 Best High School Baseball Bats


1. Axe Bat Avenge 2019

Axe Bat Avenge 2019

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  • 2-5/8″ Barrel
  • BBCOR Certified For High School & Collegiate Approval
  • Massive Charged Carbon Barrel

The best baseball bats for high school is no uncertainty a standout amongst other BBCOR bats, it has 2 5/8 inches barrel width.

The best baseball bats for high school is a drop 3 BBCOR bat, licensed Ax handle empowers max bat speed with more barrel control for your best swing, all the more regularly. The huge charged carbon barrel is the biggest barrel in the Ax bats BBCOR lineup.

The composite hyper hip end top expels additional load from the finish of the bat and gives quicker swing.

The best high school bats included a new vibration abrogation framework, highlighting a vitality assimilation neckline at the association point the helps diminished vibrations. This Ax Avenge BBCOR bat accompanies a total one year guarantee.


  • Ground-breaking Pop
  • Tough
  • Lighter and equally adjusted
  • No vibrations
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • Sticker price
Customer Reviews

Generally an excellent feel to the hands. Convey’s stunning on this bat. Costly yet justified, despite all the trouble.

2. DeMarini Voodoo Insane

DeMarini Voodoo Insane

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  • Paraflex+ Composite Handle
  • 3Fusion System
  • X14 Alloy Barrel

The most used college baseball bat is a drop – 3 BBCOR bats made with Paraflex Plus Composite material and X 14 combination. The barrel distance across of this bat is 2 5/8 inches and has an end-loaded swing.

This most used college baseball bat play club is associated with 3 Fusion innovation and the endcap is likewise made with a similar 3 combination innovation.

This is a crossover-developed BBCOR slugging stick whose handle is made with Paraflex Plus Composite and the barrel is made with X14 aluminum amalgam.

This Demarini Voodoo Insane bat has a total a year guarantee.


  • Composite handle and Alloy barrel
  • 3 Fusion System
  • Substantial and Endloaded
  • Extraordinary Performance and Pop
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • Not for littler Players
Customer Reviews

Child was one grand slam away from driving his meeting in HRs.

3. Marucci MCBC7 Cat7 BBCOR Baseball Bat

Marucci MCBC7 Cat7 BBCOR Baseball Bat

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  • Double The Sweet Spot
  • Explode with Fury
  •  Less Stingers, More Dingers

The best bat for high school baseball ingests vibrations because of the utilization of the second-era Anti-Vibration handle, which likewise lets you take a decent finish of the bat after the hit. The recently included barrel innovation wipes out any dead spots.

The best bat for high school baseball likewise has a major barrel that furnishes the player with a bigger sweet spot. There are various sizes that these bats come inappropriate for the two children and grown-ups. With a – 10 drop, the bat has an incredible swing and produces a boisterous popping sound.

The main drawback to this bat is that it doesn’t accompany an extraordinary hold. You should snatch an additional pair of holds to utilize this bat.


  • Incredible equalization
  • Huge sweet spot
  • Thick and bigger barrel


  • Not the best grasp
Customer Reviews

Best fly for your buck…balanced, single-piece bat that is tough and can rival any $450 bat out of the wrapper!

4. EASTON Project 3 ADV

EASTON Project 3 ADV

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  • Isolates the handle from the barrel
  • Reduces vibration
  •  Optimal barrel design

The world best baseball bat is a more up-to-date BBCOR bat model propelled by Easton, the barrel size of this bat is 2 5/5 inches in width. The barrel is made with composite material utilizing Launch Comp innovation that lessens the break-in time and makes it hot right out of the wrapper.

The handle of this world best baseball bat is additionally made with composite and is made stiffer handle layup intended to give top tier feel like senior leauge baseball bats

The new ISO CXN innovation gives a strong feel and Isolates the handle from the barrel for a progressively strong and common feel while expanding power.

This Composite BBCOR bat has a Custom Lizard skin grasp to give the player the milder, padded, and agreeable feel in the hands.

The most popular bbcor bats have a Speed end top that gives a progressively adaptable and responsive barrel with a characteristic sound on sway. The bat is made adjusted and lightweight for quicker and simpler swings.

The EASTON Project 3 ADV accompanies a 1 Year Warranty.


  • Great Pop
  • Hot out of the wrapper
  • Lighter and uniformly adjusted feel
  • Greater Sweet Spot
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • Grasp is Slippery
Customer Reviews

I can’t say enough regarding this bat. My multi-year-old loves it. next to zero vibration and appears to be exceptionally light in view of it being so even. Easton does it once more!

5. Louisville Slugger Omaha 518 (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat

Louisville Slugger Omaha 518 (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat

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  • 1-Piece St 7U1+ Alloy
  • Vibration Dampening
  • 6-Star End Cap

It is a bat that utilizes all the cutting-edge innovation however remembers the customary feel which should exist in any of the bats. To enhance weight dissemination, the end top is structured so as to gain better bat power and simple swing. The decreased handle gives an incredible grasp for the hitter to take a swing serenely. The bats with the most pop acquire their tough development and quality from the aluminum material utilized for its development. The – 10 drop makes it the perfect bat for players from low to mid-level groups.

The main downside the bats with the most pop has is that it may be difficult to play with it under incredibly cool conditions. Be that as it may, that is the situation with the vast majority of the bats utilized in low and mid-level alliances. Wide-open to the harsh elements climate, the sting and vibration is diminished by the decreased handle.


  • Decreased hold for better taking care of
  • Bigger sweet spot
  • 10 drop making it perfect for low to mid-level groups


  • Not perfect for incredibly cool conditions
Customer Reviews

My child leads the group in hits. having the correct gear assists with those details. this a generally excellent bat, has a decent sweet spot and a great deal of pop.

6. Rawlings Velo Hybrid Balanced BBCOR Baseball Bat

Rawlings Velo Hybrid Balanced BBCOR Baseball Bat

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  • Silver comp-lite end cap
  •  0.50 BBCOR Certified
  • 2 5/8 barrel

Rawling has made incredible plan upgrades from its past bats to give this bat an extraordinary pop and expanded flex. This demonstrates perfect to ingest the pointless vibrations and get the home out of the player. The high school baseball bats utilize the POP 2.0 innovation which upgrades the sweet spot and the delicacy of the bat.

This element, however, doesn’t influence the sturdiness of the high school baseball bats. With an astounding grasp, this is the bat to go for in the event that you are excited about improving your abilities. It may be an issue to become acclimated to the softness of the bat, and the uproarious acoustic sound may bother a few people.


  • Cost to quality proportion
  • Pop 2.0 innovation
  • Composite end top


  • Commotion
  • Difficult to become accustomed to the delicacy
Customer Reviews

This is my child’s fourth Rawlings Velo BBCOR. Nothing beats it for a mix of parity, pop, and toughness, especially when you get them on closeout.

7. Easton Beast X Speed BBCOR Bat

Easton Beast X Speed BBCOR Bat

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  •  Beast X Hybrid -3
  • Beast X Speed -3
  • Beast X Loaded -3

The middle school baseball bats are made of the more grounded and most recent ATAC (Advanced Thermal Alloy Construction) compound. It is the sort of material that makes the bat extra-solid without including any weight or building it up.

There are numerous who don’t incline toward aluminum amalgam bats, yet this is one bat you should attempt in the event that you are one of them. This will adjust your perspective. The hold is another amazing component with regard to this bat. They have executed the 1.4mm Hyperskin which makes it very agreeable for you to hold the bat and swing effortlessly.

The Hit Lab assortment presented the Hyperskin grasp, and it is an extraordinary expansion to the previously stunning bat. The middle school baseball bats is one piece and is made to convey top-notch exhibitions. The force-pressed bat follows all the guidelines and can be utilized for any school or secondary school level games.


  • Aluminum composite
  • Hyperskin hold
  • Force pressed bat


  • One-piece bat can convey a great deal of vibration
Customer Reviews

My child needed this bat for his birthday he was so glad to open it.


As the climate gets more sultry, baseball players around the globe are preparing with their Best High School Baseball Bats. On the off chance that you are likewise searching for a portion of the astonishing bbcor bats out there, at that point look no further. Here is an intricate best bbcor bats 2020 purchasing guide for all your baseball players.

The new baseball season is practically around the bend. Like each year, the current year’s season will bring an entire assortment of best high school baseball bats into the market. With such an enormous assortment of best high school baseball bats, it may not be anything but difficult to locate the one that suits your necessities consummately.

Since you have experienced our surveys of the top 7 best high school baseball bats, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to pick the one that suits your requirements.

On the off chance that you are not worried about the cost and need without a doubt the best in the class material, you ought to go with the Easton or the DeMarini models.

How to Choose the Best Baseball Bat?

Though baseball seems simple like the other games the right set of equipment would be a robust key to a player’s performance. The core to the bbcor bats for baseball is


The high school baseball bats must provide the ultimate grip which is possible by the material and suit the player’s style. Wood, aluminum, composite, and hybrid; four materials popular for the best baseball bats

Wood: The baseball bats made out of wood are the classic ones, used for the professional leagues having a thick and dense composition.

Aluminum: For small leagues, these baseball bats are perfect. In baseball bats reviews, these bbcor bats are approved for high school and college. These bats are sturdy, durable, and light in weight allowing the easy swing for the perfect hit.

Composite: This kind of bat is made of a combination of plastic, titanium, and graphite. This one is lighter than the aluminum one but a bit pricey as well.

Hybrid: The hybrid bats are the blend of composite and aluminum bats with a handle of aluminum, adding some more materials.

Bat’s weight

A heavier bat offers ultimate power as the weight strengthens it. For college and high school levels, lighter bats allow great speed. BBCOR bat 3- model and size 10 bat is common and offers more control.

Bat’s Length

Altogether, weight and length blend for powerful performance. The strike zone can easily cover a long bat but it is a bit heavier. For getting the best baseball bat, swing the bat in the air.

Bat Chart

For a perfect pitch, the swing must be right which is clearly determined by the equation of weight and height. The length of the baseball, however, should be long enough to cover the whole striking zone. The distribution of length with weight defines the swing of the bat.

Here, for the ease of emerging players for small leagues, find below the right size for your personalized baseball bats.

Before purchasing polished ash for your secondary school kid, it is essential to take a gander at the material that has been utilized to make the bat. Secondary school bats come in various materials. The material that will be best for the youthful player will rely upon the guidelines and the degree of the game that they are playing.


It is also essential to consider the university’s play club necessities. Secondary school and school baseball permit the players to utilize wooden slugging sticks and different materials. The bat to be chosen needs to receive some mind-boggling guidelines that set up the secondary school player in significant associations to be played in school.


The size of the polished ash is another issue of concern. The size of the homerun sticks to be utilized in secondary school will rely upon the material that is utilized to make the bat. Wooden bats ought not to be longer than 42 inches, and they should be 2 3/4 inches wide. Bats that are not produced using wood ought to have a length of 36 inches, and they ought to be 2 5/8 inches wide.


How to know if my bat is certified for high school baseball?

Some bats are illegal to use at the high school level. Back in 2010, the National Federation of states High School (NFHS) and Battle Ball Coefficient of Restitution (BBCOR) have set some ground rules for the usage of baseball bats according to which every bat must have a mark of certification of either silkscreen or permanent which must be stick on the barrel of the baseball bat.

What Kind of Baseball Bats are used in high school?

In high school, mostly baseball players use aluminum or composite bats. The wooden bats are also legal but they are not commonly used. Players and coaches prefer to use the baseball bats that are approved and verified by BBCOR for robustness and efficiency.

What is the best bat for high school baseball?

Axe Bat Avenge 2019 is the best bat for high school baseball.

What bat hits a baseball the farthest?

Axe Bat Avenge hits a baseball the farthest.

What is the hottest baseball bat?

Louisville Slugger Omaha 518 (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat is the hottest baseball bat.

What baseball bats are illegal?

DeMarini CFZen baseball bats are illegal.

What is the best bat ever made?

Axe Bat Avenge 2019 is the best bat ever made.



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