[Reviewed] Best Heat Gun For Removing Paint

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Having painted wood furniture or steel surfaces at home feels lavish. But if you want to remove the paint from any surface, it can be a hardworking task.There are many types of paint removal tools for wood, metal, glass and other surfaces. You need to identify what type of paint you are going to remove to be able to select one specific tool for paint removal.

Paint scrappers, electric paint removers, power drills, wire brushes and paint and varnish stripping gels are some commonly used house paint removal tools.

Using paint removal tools for wood or removing lead paint with heat guns is a dangerous task so you need to take precautionary measures before doing the actual work. Wear safety gloves, and respirators before removing paint with heat guns, scrapper or chemicals so you don’t accidentally hurt yourself.

The two easiest way to quickly and efficiently remove paint from any surface are heat gun and chemicals.

Top 8 best heat gun for removing paint

1. SEEKONE Heat Gun 1800W Heavy Duty Hot Air Gun Kit


Heavy Duty Hot Air Gun Kit

If you are looking to remove numerous layers of paint from any surface that won’t come off easily we have just the product to suggest. It is one of the top rated paint removal heat gun.

Seekone heat gun is an easy to operate and very affordable device. This heat gun is a heavy duty hot gun that comes with dual mode. It is the best heat gun for its price. If you want a heat gun to remove paint from metal you need to use seekone hot gun. Its heavy duty function makes it ideal heat gun to remove paint from metal. This is also a durable heat gun to remove wallpaper paint due to its high heating frequency.

Seekone heat gun has a temperature control button which is placed in the back for convenient usage. This heat gun has four detachable nozzles that you can use according to the surface you are working on. The reflector nozzle scatters heat evenly on the whole surface of work. The deflector nozzle aims a long and narrow heat pattern. Two nozzles point a concentrated even heat flow to the surface.

Seekone heat gun has an ergonomically designed handle that prevents the risk of overuse syndrome or strain injuries. These features make seekone the best paint removing tool for wood. It is also the best heat gun to remove paint from metal.

This is the best heat gun for removing paint, heating PVC, shrinking heat shrink tube, repairing cell phones, vinyl wrap and removing floor tiles.

Key features:

  • Two modes: I: 50-450℃, 190-210L/min; II: 50-650℃, 250-500L/min providing fast heating up to 650℃ few in seconds.
  • Temperature range of this heat gun is from 120℉ to 1200℉
  • In-built overload protector
  • Four Detachable nozzles
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Best heat gun to remove paint from metal
  • Best heat gun to remove wallpaper


2. Wagner 0503059 FURNO Paint Stripping Heat Gun



Paint Stripping Heat Gun

Wagner paint stripping heat gun comes with dual temperature setting making it easy to use for a variety of purposes. The temperature setting range from 750 to 1000 degrees that make it usable for variety of purposes. You can strip paint with Wagner paint stripping heat gun easily. It is the best heat gun to remove wallpaper, loosening bolts, melting ice in blocked water pipes due to its easily adjustable temperature control system.

It’s a preferred heat gun for beginners because it is a plug-in ready-to-use device. It has a durable body that is made from solid plastic that ensures endurance and makes it a heavy duty device. The plastic body also makes it a lightweight device.

Wagner paint stripping heat gun has an ergonomically designed handle for easy use. There is a hanging loop for convenient storage. The temperature setting range from 750 to 1000 degrees that make it a power paint striping tool.

Key features:

  • Two temperatures setting: 750 and 1000 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Lightweight
  • Dual-fan speeds
  • Ergonomic design & safety use –
  • Plastic body
  • 1200W power
  • Corrosion and rust-free nozzle

3. ZeopoCase Mini Hot Air Gun



Mini Hot Air Gun

This small device is ideal to use for small DIY projects and for beginners. This mini heating device is made from high quality plastic and has stainless steel body inside. The handle is designed for safe holding. This device is simple, lightweight, and durable. It is also the top rated heat gun for its affordable price.

Its temperature reaches a degree of 200°C/390°F within a few seconds automatically. If you want to use a quick heating gun for paint removal from small surfaces this is the perfect choice for you. You just need to heat the surface from 45 degree angle from a distance of 5-6cm.

It is the best heat gun for removing paint if you want to have a small heat gun for electronics repairing and DIY projects.

Key features:

  • Easy to use
  • High-quality plastic and stainless steel body
  • Durable
  • Exhaust hole to direct airflow
  • Compact and lightweight design


4.Titan Tools 22400 12.5A 120-Volt Heat Gun



Titan Tools Heat Gun

Titan tools is a perfect hot air paint stripping heat gun to remove paint from wood without damaging the surface underneath the paint. Titan heat gun makes stripping paint with a heat gun easy for beginners. It has dual temperature setting which means that it is a multi-purpose hot gun. Dual temperature is set with a 3 position rocker button that turns the setting from high, low, to off. It is the best heat gun to remove paint from metal.

Old paints that contain lead is dangerous to health but the dual temperature setting in this gun makes removing lead paint with a heat gun easier.

You can use is for paint stripping, shrink tubing and it is also an ideal hot gun to remove paint from metal.

It is made from a strong ABS plastic with a double insulated long wire that you can plug in a distant power source and use easily.

Key features:

  • 5 Amps 120Volts
  • Ideal hot gun to remove paint from wood
  • Dual temperature setting
  • 3 position rocker switch
  • Strong ABS plastic body
  • Double insulated wire
  • 6-1/2 feet long cord
  • Power range: Low 750W to High 1500W
  • Temperature setting from 572 degrees to 932 degrees
  • Blowing Speed adjustable from Low: 10CFM (280 L/min) to High: 17CFM (480 L/min)

5. TECCPO 1500W Professional Electric Hot Air Gun



Professional Electric Hot Air Gun

This is a high power, high temperature and high-performance power paint stripping tool ideal for multi-purposes. It comes with a 1-minute cooldown function. Just press 0 button after finishing your project. It takes a minute to cool down the device. The built-in cooling fans reduce the hot air and prevent the device from over-heating, extending service life, making the device reliable.

It has a 1500 WATT heavy-duty motor so this is the product you want if you want a power paint stripping tool. It heats up to 1112°F in a mere 1.5 second making it the best paint removal heat gun for heat shrink tubing. This heat gun has three modes for temperature control and airflow. Press Shift I for Cooling Mode that gives the heat of 122°F, 250L/min, Shift II gives the Medium Mode 896℉, 250L per min and Shift III has Heavy Duty mode of 1112℉, 500L/min. Press Shift 0 to power off the device. It’s working time is over 500 hours.

It has a 3-D texture, comfortable, non-slip, soft-grip handle that ensures the safety of usage.

The durable plastic body is heat resistant. Honeycomb Air Outlet helps to disperse heat evenly and protects the motor. These extraordinary features make TECCPO the best buy heat gun.

It is the best paint removal tool for wood. If you want to strip old paint, TECCPO is the best heat gun for removing paint. This device can be used for removing paint from metal, even the paint on the cars. It has 4 stainless steel detachable reflector nozzles which are easy to use for different purposes. This heat gun can easily handle shrink wrap, DIY crafts, soldering, tubing, electronic repair, vinyl, paint removal.

 Key features:

  • Quick Cooling mode
  • Overload protection:
  • Three modes for adjusting the temperature
  • Long cord for convenient use
  • Four accessories for different heating scenario
  • Multi-function usage
  • Heat resistant body
  • Easy to hold the handle
  • Heavy duty
  • Support stand for hand-free mode

 6. Wagner HT 400



Wagner HT 400

The remarkability, high performance and uniqueness of the Wagner HT 400 gun are the features that make it the best heat gun for removing paint. Its performance has earned admiration from every home renovation and improvement industry throughout the years because it is the best heat gun for its price. This is also a top rated heat gun on trusted sites like amazon.

The small size lets you use it conveniently for lightweight applications. The absence of handle allows you to access surfaces and spots at peculiar angles that the other heat guns can’t reach.

This lightweight device lets you do your work, whether it is installing overhead shelves or removing layers of paint without straining your hand.

It is the best buy top rated heat gun to use that comes with a cost-effective price tag.

This heat gun reaches the maximum temperature of 650 degrees so it is suitable for many DIY projects. The nozzle has a narrow focus that concentrates temperature on a specific spot and is ideal for precision work such as embossing.

Key features:

  • Two temperature settings, high 650°F, low 450°F
  • Quick heating and cooling process
  • Unique design and lightweight for easy handling in three effective positions (pencil, palm, and hands-free)
  • Small size effect able for using at different angles to work on hard-to-reach spots
  • The affordable price makes it a best buy heat gun
  • Able to apply intense high heat on small work areas
  • Detachable stand for hand-free use
  • Can be used for different DIY or home projects
  • Used for versatile crafting projects, shrink wrapping and shrink tubing


7. DEWALT DCE530P1 20V Max Cordless Heat Gun Kit


Max Cordless Heat Gun Kit

How often is it that you get to see heat guns with LCD display in the market? Dewalt heat gun has a uniqueness in its features that makes it favorable for use in heavy-duty projects. The LCD display makes temperature reading on this heat gun easy that allows for maximum accuracy of temperature control.

The manual temperature setting also makes it possible to be used in a range of functions from stripping layers of old paint from cars and furniture to drying wet paint or shrinking and tubing and removing tiles from floor.

The dewalt heat gun has an overload protection system that automatically turns the device off if it gets too hot ensuring safety. It also has a cord protector that prevents the wire from ripping from its source of housing.  You can use the built-in kickstand to put the heat gun on during work when you are not using the gun. This stand gives the device stability and support so it doesn’t fall over.

The temperature range of dewalt heat gun is 150 to 1100F. The LCD screen allows the user to make temperature increments of 50 degrees at a time.

The DEWALT heat gun comes with a kit that includes 12 accessories that make it a best buy heat gun. These accessories include 7 detachable nozzles, chisel and scrapper for easy work and clean final product.

The built-in hand rings allow for safe housing. The kit has a manual that guide the user on how to use the heat gun for paint removal.

The grip is designed ergonomically for easy use and prevents muscle fatigue and hand straining.

Key features:

  • LCD screen allows easy tracking of temperature
  • Manual temperature adjusting control allow autonomy
  • Wide range of temperature
  • Can be used for a range of light and heavy duty projects
  • Easy to grip handle
  • Stable kickstand for usage in between works
  • High quality material enhance Durability
  • Has a tool kit of 12 accessories


8. Mowis 1800W Heavy Duty Hot Air Shrink Gun


Heavy Duty Hot Air Shrink Gun

It is the best heat gun for removing paint for home and industrial users. This heat gun also has an LCD display that shows the real-time temperature and helps you to control the temperature easily.

This top-rated heat gun has a variable airflow range from 190-240L per minute to 250-500L per minute. The temperature range is from low (212℉-572℉ or 100-300℃) to high (212℉-1112℉ or 100-600℃) that can be easily adjusted due to manual setting button. It has two switch modes and a built-in ceramic core that improve the performance.

This device also has a ventilation system to ensures the quick release of hot air from inside the gun so the plastic body doesn’t heat up.

It has a power system that ensures a quick warm-up of the heating element to provide the best performance. It also includes a built-in cooling mode that ensures that the gun quickly cools down after use at high temperatures and an overload protection system that prevents burning. Built-in overheating protection ensures reliable safe use.

Four removable outlet nozzles make the tool fit for a wide range of projects, from simple household tasks from scrapping paints to opening frozen pipes. These top-notch features make it the best paint removal heat gun.

This best heat gun for removing paint is helpful in industries as well as in-home due to its easy functioning, variable purposes and wide range of temperature settings. It also has an outstanding price that makes it the best heat gun for paint stripping.

It also has a manual with tips on how to use the heat gun.

Key features:

  • Widely applicable, used for shrinking, stripping, bending, etc.
  •  Digital LCD Display with Two Temperature & Air Flow Settings
  • 4 Replacement Nozzles Attached
  • Built-in integrated overload protection
  • Built-in cooling mode
  • Manual for usage

Heat gun vs chemical paint remover

The easiest house paint removal tool when you don’t want to damage the underlying wood is using chemicals.

There are many chemicals available in market for paint remover such as grip and strip paint remover but using chemicals is highly dangerous as they are combustible and can cause serious damages if come in contact with your skin. The active ingredients in many common paint removers can damage the eyes, skin, and can cause breathing issues.

Using heat guns rather than chemical paint removers is easier, less risky work. A heat gun is a tool used in homes by Do-It-Yourselfers because of their easily adjustable heat setting, affordable prices and convenient size. It delivers accurate heat on the surface melting the paint layer without producing an open flame ensuring that the wood below doesn’t get damaged.

A paint removal heat gun is the best house paint removal tool.


These are the best heat guns for paint removing. These heat guns are easy to use and are usable in a variety of functions. You can use them in paint removal or in heat shrink tubing, blocked pipe opening and many ot tasks. The heat gun for paint removal prevents damage to the surface underneath. Some of these tubes are used in heavy-duty jobs. These guns are ideal to use for DIY projects and home improvements.



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