Best Heart Rate Monitor for Cycling [ Top 8 ]

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Keeping a track of heart rate while working out or even for heart patients is an essential thing. Accuracy is the core thing we need to look for if you are getting the best heart rate monitors for cycling. It is often overlooked in cycling accessories. Here is an assembled guide for the heart rate tracker for athletes.

Things to consider

Types of Heart Rate Monitors

  • There are Heart Rate Monitors that are chest strapped, considered to be the best types, that collect your heart rate through electrocardiography.
  • Another type is the Optical Heart Rate Monitor.

Options in Connectivity

  • Then comes the Heart Rate Monitors that have different connectivity options. Under this category comes the Heart Rate Monitor that can wirelessly be connected.
  • Those are the ANT+ owned by Garmin, that was quite popular until the last 2 years, and were frequently used.
  • That was until the second type of wireless connectivity, Bluetooth, was invented, which is handier.

Accuracy of Heart Rate Measurement

  • The Heart Rate monitored is a simplified form of an ECG, that must give an accurate reading. This goes for the chest strapped Heart Rate Monitor while cycling.
  • The Optical Heart Rate Monitor is also accurate, but it does not deal properly with sharp rises and falls of the heart rate when you are on a hard workout.

Top 8 Best Heart Rate Monitors for Cycling


1. Garmin HRM Dual

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  • The strap it comes with is soft and adjustable, that makes it comfortable to use
  • By removing the heart rate module, you can also wash the rest of the monitor
  • There is no need to worry about the heart rate monitor to run out of juice
  • It works on both ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity types
  • The battery of this heart rate monitor has a life of about 3.5 years
  • Surely gives a reliable HR stat

Garmin has been said to be a proponent of ANT+, but with the advancing times, they have finally opened to design Monitors for Heart Rate that transmit up to Bluetooth as well. This HRM is a stripped-down Heart Rate Monitor that measures the rate of your heart. Without the extra sensors to keep up with, this Monitor will last for about three years. The best thing is that it will give you almost an immediate result of your heart rate, which covers for the fact of it being expensive.

Customer Review

Those who have used this monitor that tracks the heart rate, say that due to supporting both ANT+ and Bluetooth signals, there is no longer a need for the Garmin 010 10997 00, Polar H7 and the other straps to adjust them. But of course, not everything is perfect, as some customers also found a dead battery that came along with the watch of the Heart Rate Monitor.

2. Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor

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  • It has a Built-In memory that stores 1 heart rate training session.
  • Compatible with GoPro Hero 5 camera to record and overlay the heart rate data into a video.
  • The Firmware is updateable that enhances the functionality
  • Operating temperature is -10degrees to +15degrees Celsius or 14degree to 122degree Fahrenheit
  • Has an enhanced battery life of 400 hours
  • Best fits chest measuring from 22 to 34 inches

Being launched just a few years back, the Polar H10 Monitor is said to be the most accurate Heart Rate Monitor Strap one could ever buy. It uses a third electrode silicon grippers on the strap that prevent it from sliding here and there. Also consisting of a new algorithm, this strap is said to be accurate to +/- 1 millisecond. The Polar H10 is entirely waterproof. It can record your heart variability by using the smartwatch application for the best results. Supporting both the ANT+ and Bluetooth signals, and can connect to two concurrent devices via Bluetooth.

Customer Reviews

Those who used this product felt their fitness level being taken to a whole new level. They are happy with the accuracy it provides even when attached to a mobile device. Some have used it for over 2 years and have worn it out to 2000+ miles with the H10 monitor still working flawlessly. Others have found it a good replacement for the Polar H7. It surely is an upgraded version.

3. Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor

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  • Compatible with 50+ health and fitness apps
  • Easily washable and sweatproof strap
  • The heart rate monitor is not waterproof
  • Supports both ANT+ and Bluetooth signals
  • Can be connected to smartphones, tablets, GPS watches
  • Records and uploads your data to your training platforms

Wahoo offers highly reliable and technical products for Cyclists and Runners. The TICKR Heart Rate Monitor is one of the most famous monitors for measuring heart rates. Supporting dual band technology, this monitor is both ANT+ and Bluetooth compatible. The LED lights are the source of checking the working of the monitor. Blu means currently connected and Red means it is taking your heart rate. Having a rating of IPX7, this heart rate monitor is one of the few ones that are waterproof.

Customer Reviews

This product had a 50 by 100 positive response by those who have used it. For one, it does not hold on for too long. Secondly, customers have said that the heart rate monitor died after not being used for a long time. On the bright side, some customers have absolutely loved this product who have previously been using Garmin heart rate monitoring products.

4. Scosche Rhythm + Heart Rate Monitor Armband  

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  • Easily pairs with many Bluetooth and ANT+ devices
  • Gives a reliable heart rate value
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Light-weighted
  • A good alternative for heavy chest straps
  • It feels clunky to wear
  • It is not compatible with Orange Theory
  • IP67 waterproof
  • Has a dual-mode processor

This monitor works great because of easily measuring the pulse rate of a cycler. Not does it only record the heart and pulse rate right off the time you start cycling, but it also helps you determine whether you should continue, stop, or just take a break from your cycling. By its detection and records, it’s easier for you to know how intense your training is right now. This IP67 armband is waterproof and is compatible with many health and fitness apps such as Strava and Run keeper.

Customer Reviews

The Rhythms, ANT+ and Bluetooth compatibilities allow this product to pair with almost any device on this planet. It provides you with a heart rate number that you can depend upon, unlike a Garmin product that might need to be replaced 2 or 3 months after use. It is comfortable to wear and good for females who like cycling. The device did not move around even after a buyer ran for 10 kilometers.

5. CooSpo Fitness Heart Rate Monitor  

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  • It is comfortable to wear and has a soft texture
  • Can be paired to both ANT+ and Bluetooth enables devices
  • Every purchase of this product will come in with a one-year warranty
  • It is a chest band that is needed to be placed firmly
  • Water and sweat-proof

CooSpo, being a company that invents products that monitor all kinds of products, designed this Heart Rate Monitor that provides results without breaking the bank. This product is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ that gives heart rate values at a reasonable budget price. In addition to being a heart rate monitor, this device also allows you to view the calories you have burned and some training zones.

Customer Reviews

Some Mountain Bikers have used this product 40 to 70 miles per week. Connected to iPhone and other mobile apps, the product overall works great with all kinds of fitness apps. The price is one factor that has highly attracted cyclers and fitness wannabes into buying this product. And the price does not give it off.

6. Fitbit Charge 3

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  • Can be used for up to 7 days in a single charge
  • The heart rate monitor might not always be accurate
  • Not much of a difference than Fitbit Charge 2
  • Can operate in temperature from -10degrees to 45degrees Celsius
  • Waterproof

Among the fitness tracker series launched by Fitbit, Charge 3 is by far the best for fitness tracking and heart rate monitoring. What makes this one better than the Fitbit Alta HR and Versa Special Edition is the built-in heart rate monitor it has. Otherwise, it is the same as the Pure Pulse sensor that had been installed in the Fitbit Charge 2. Furthermore, this heart rate monitor has SPO2 pulse oximetry that detects the amount of oxygen in your bloodstream.

Customer Reviews

Those who have used it, are satisfied with the battery life it provides, but some faced a problem of the Charge 3 randomly shutting itself down, or the fact that the heart rate result isn’t accurate. On the bright side, it has proven better than the previous series of Fitbit.

7. 4iiii Innovations V100 Heart Rate Monitor

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  • Compatible with both ANT+ and Bluetooth paired devices
  • Contains a battery life of up to 9 days runtime
  • But the battery is not rechargeable
  • Quite easy to pair with Android and IOS devices by just tapping

Working on the principle of beat-to-beat measurement, this device gives you satisfactory results even at a low cost. This feature allows It to be much more accurate than the pulse rate detectors found in the market. With the data, it also allows you to measure your heart rate variability and gauge workout intensity. Providing a good battery life and compatible with many devices, it just might be the thing you need.

Customer Reviews

Many have connected the device with Garmin based products and Apple devices, saying that the device works perfectly fine. It provides a secure sense as you don’t have to connect every time you turn it on, and you can use your device for other things as well while connected to Bluetooth.

8. Polar A370 Sports Wristwatch

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  • Provides immediate result of your heart rate
  • A barometer helps in keeping track of heights and intensities
  • The training load helps compare your body to when you’re not working to give you best guidance
  • Comes with color touchscreens and GPS routes

Having a heart rate sensor in it, this device provides an immediate result of your heart rate at the end of a training session. The continuous heart rate tracking helps it to be more accurate. Other than pulse rate measurement, it also allows you to see how many calories you burned during the cycling.

Customer Reviews

It overall is a good device as it provides one too many features to benefit from. The fact that it is a wristwatch makes it much easier to put on and take off. The immediate result it gives is also impressive, though people would like it to be waterproof like many other heart rate monitors.


While Cycling, if you don’t know the effects it has on your heart and pulse rate, you might end up exerting yourself. A heart rate monitor helps to keep track of your heartbeats and intensities without preventing you from achieving the best physical strength.


1. Are heart monitors with chest straps more accurate?

Yes. Being placed over the chest to record heart rate data from EKG, they provide an accuracy of about 99.6%.

2. Is a heart rate monitor worth it for cycling?

Providing you with the intensity you are working in, a heart rate monitor helps you make precise adjustments that ensure you are not pushing yourself too much or exerting it. However, it is not necessary.

3. How can you train your heart rate for cycling?

By starting at an initial stage where you do minor exercise for a short period of tike, you gradually increase the intensity of your workout to the point your body can easily take. It’s better to visit a Cardiologist to know the safe limit of your heart rate.

4. What is a heart rate monitor?

It measures how fast your heart beats per minute. By this, it tells you how hard your body is working by measuring the rate of your heart.

5. How can cyclists use heart rate monitors?

The best way to measure your heart rate while cycling, is in intervals. This means riding short efforts in high intensities, with rest intervals of easy pedaling. It helps to hold up longer.



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