Top 6 Best Headphones For Editing – Buying Guide 2023

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Living in this era of smartphones, cool gadgets, best headphones for editing, several genres of music and truly God knows what, it should not be asking much of you if I say that music has become a significant part of our lives. Am I right? It surrounds us wherever we go and it is nothing short of a blessing, in my opinion, if you ask me. It helps shape our lives in a way we like and enjoy. Just like everywhere else in this era, the advancement of technology in the music industry is nothing short of surprising and one can be sure of the fact that this trend will continue to outpace itself to new ventures in the future.

Similarly, we also know that music editing has also taken a boost in recent times as well because it is being used in a wide range of fields. Whether they be best headphones for editing, best video editing headphones, or best headphones for audio mixing. Basically, the possibilities are endless out there if you want to buy something of this like. For instance, if you are a director of a big-budget movie, you surely wouldn’t want your audio mixing of poor quality for the audiences because it will make you run out of business sooner than you can blink your eye.

Then let us help you in buying the perfect fit for your business so you can get what you want with the best sound quality. Let’s peek first into our buying guide to buy the best headphones for editing so you can get a clear image of factors to look out for once you are out in the real market for shopping:

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Headphones For Editing

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  • First decide if you want to buy headphones for sound editing or video editing

This is important as headphones will vary mostly based on these applications as you’ll see in our article down below. Their features will then obviously differ from one another.

  • Sound Quality is a must

This factor, of course, is the deciding factor that will help you in landing the headphone you require for your project, headphones for video production, for instance, will be different from best audio quality headphones. While some of you may prefer low bass, some may prefer high bas, treble level and surround system for the best experience. All of these factors are what you should look for before choosing your product.

  • Comfort Level

This comes without saying, you should always choose the model where it fits your ear comfortably. Make sure it is not too tight on your ears or putting too much extra pressure, since that can cause problems such as reddening of ears, pain, and even headaches.

  • Portability and weight factor

Make sure that your headphones are easy on your head and not feel like you’ve strapped a ton of bricks on your head. Since we wouldn’t want that obviously so keep this on your list of check ups before buying your product. Much lighter they are much easier to carry and use.

  • Durability:

If you are like me a clumsy soul and tend to forget where you put your things after using them or eventually break them in some cases. You should in such a case buy headphones which are sturdy and not easily damaged usually they will be higher priced or a bit heavy, so you’ll need to search for the best choice rather than buy the best cheap closed book headphones but you only live once right?

  • Cable Length:

Advisable factor to notice for studio editing, as the length of cable in headphones is proportional to its efficiency. So always go for a shorter length of cables for headphones, because if you buy a long cable length headphones chances are of it being entangled, sound quality can also be affected due to noise.


With the buying guide out of the way, let’s take a look at our esteemed list of headphones for just to mention a few, best audio quality headphones, best head phones for sound mixing and best quality headphones for music.


CHUWI – Hi10 Air
2.8View Product

Acer – Flagship CB3-532
4.2View Product

Acer – TravelMate|B
4.1View Product

HP - 11-ak1010nr
4.2View Product

Acer – Chromebook R11
4.3View Product

Samsung – Chromebook 3
4.3View Product

Top 6 Best Headphones For Editing

1. Professional Studio Monitor Headphones by Audio-Technica

View Product

Starting with this beauty, these headphones are considered good quality headphones for listening to music.  Let’s look at its features:

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  • Durable design and advanced engineering tech
  • Can also be used for studio editing and recording purposes.
  • Strong noise cancelling features helps you to enjoy your music and tunes without outside noises disrupting your experience.
  • Comfortable design for your ears.
  • Portable making it easier to use for both studio and your outside stroll.


Thus, these enhanced quality headphones which come at an ideal price, but give features similar to those of a professional editing headphone. Another perk of buying this includes some extra accessories which you can buy just at a normal price including, a safety carrying pouch, and screw on adaptor. If you think they are most comfortable closed headphones due to their comfy design ear pads and trust us you aren’t wrong.

 2. COWIN E8 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

View Product

Giving you a top-rated brand in the sound and audio editing industry. COWIN headphones boast of giving their customers having the ultimate experience making sure that what they pay for is what they get. Which is the best audio quality headphones for their purpose. Its spectacular features include:

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  • Ultra-comfortable when you put them on. You would almost feel like you have nothing strapped against your ears. Something difficult to achieve but E8 certainly has it.
  • Improved noise cancellation feature, helping you to immerse yourself in listening to music, editing your videos, audios or watching your movies. There high quality, powerful, best bass, deep and soothing sound will certainly leave you craving for more.
  • Highly Suitable for any kinds of travel.
  • Advanced tech so built Microphone and Bluetooth.
  • Long up time making it require only 2-3-hour charging and you get the treat of 20-hour play time.
  • High Battery Life.
  • Get rid of wires! Yes, you heard us right, this means absolutely no noise to bother you while you move around doing your work. Play, jog or dance do what ever the hell you want they will accompany you for the rest of your lives.


So tell us, if these exciting features don’t make it for best headphones for sound mixing, audio editing and video editing and various other purposes than what will?

3. Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones

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As the brand name tells Sony is like the king of pioneer headphones in the field, if you are willing to spend a significant amount for the best headphones for video editing. Without more boasting lets look at their features and we leave it to you to decide for yourself:

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  • Extremely stylish, perhaps the best styles on the market right now.
  • HD noise-canceling features help to eliminate all noise in the surroundings and lets you immerse yourself in the beautiful journey of music.
  • An amazing feature certainly to boast about is its own inbuilt Alexa function. Yes you can tell about this feature to your friends with pride, your own Alexa just at a touch of your hand.
  • All-day comfort and portable to carry.
  • Quick attention mode allows you to touch the right ear side of your headphone to perform various functions. This is seriously top-notch stuff not seen elsewhere in the market.


It comes with its own box with a carry case, cable for charging and audio cable to enable wired connections. Hence with little to no shortcomings on its side, this Sony headphones is one of the most comfortable closed headphones you can find. More on, they can be easily used for studio, video editing and sound mixing purposes without any faults. Add this gem it to your cart now before you disappear!

4. SIVGA Over Ear Headphones

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Moderately priced but a well-known reviewed product you’ll stumble upon in the market. Its features include:

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  • Rectangular headphone casing to aid your ear comfort level with soft ear pads.
  • The use of wood gives a different feel when you listen to music almost as if you were playing it yourself.
  • Built in mic function, so no needs of hands-free required to make calls and etc.
  • Single cable helps in providing the best sound quality.
  • SIVGA offers a one-year warranty service. That’s relieving to know so you can be in full confidence when you try them on because they won’t disappoint.


If you are an oldie and want to feel that thickness of cool wood touching your ear while you listen to music, add this simple yet worthy guy to your cart and your sound mixing needs!

5. OneOdio Over Ear Headphones

View Product

Another premium choice yet affordable Headphones you should definitely own. Its specs include:

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  • Balanced neutral sound for your music experience and sound mixing.
  • Maximum comfort level making them comfy to use even for long sessions.
  • The exciting feature of SHARE PORT tech meaning you can bundle together several of these same model headphones together and share your music, tunes or movies with your family and friends.
  • works with most of the mobile devices and OS systems.
  • Durable and fashionable look.
  • The flexible design of its ear cups helps them to rotate outwards and inwards with ease.


Hence these professional headphones are all good to be your next best cheap closed book headphones, ideal for studio mixing, sound editing, and mixing purposes, movies, and of course for music lovers. So did it get a place in your cart?

6. DT 770 PRO 80 Ohm Over-Ear studio Headphones:

View Product

We sign you folks off with a bang from our collection by presenting this beast of a headphone. Considered for many years by many studio professionals their ideal choice. A diamond amongst the best cheap closed back headphones if you are a sound mixer. These headphones boast the following features:

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  • High wearing comfort.
  • Crystal clear depiction of sound when they touch your ears. Preferable for closed studios and professional use.
  • Ideal for gaming purposes, music, videos.
  • High res sound makes them a perfect must-have for studios globally and for you if you want your business to soar as your music does.
  • Another well-crafted design made from care in Germany.
  • Unique bass-reflex system to give new meanings to high bass which your ear has certainly never perceived before.


If you are looking for something as which is perfect for you and your studio look no more this is where you stop. Since DT770 PRO is just what you were looking for.


Conclusively, after our in-depth analysis of some of the best headphones you folks could buy. We hope all your queries were made clear and answered. Trust us we tried our best, however, still, feel free to roam around in the digital market and choose for yourself your headphones but keeping in mind our things to consider. In the end like always, whether it be buying the best headphone for sound editing or video editing, or open back versus closed back headphones the choice is ultimately yours deepening upon your budget, your styles, your taste, and professional sound editing needs.


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