Grow your Plants with Best Grow Lights for Succulents

Are you a collector of home plants and worry about their health? Then the best grow lights for succulents are one of the essential things that you should consider to have.

We have suggested 9 products keeping in mind the special care and great light that thick leaves of succulent require, so take time and do your research to get the perfect indoor light source for them to help grow healthy.

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After long research, Sansi LED Bulb is the editor’s pick for the best grow lights for succulents.

Things to Consider

Light Output

  • Lumens are the primary proportion of light yield or splendor you ought to consider.
  • Select a developed light that gives 300 – 800 lumens for each square foot.


  • Wattage will just reveal to you how much power the light uses and doesn’t depict the sum or nature of light delivered.
  • Lumens per watt, nonetheless, is a helpful method to think about the vitality proficiency of develop lights.
  • The higher the lumens per watt, the more effective the light.

Full Spectrum

  • Light exists in the scope of frequencies that appear to us as changed hues. Plants will in general utilize blue light to develop bigger while red light can invigorate blossoming.
  • Develop lights that produce just red and blue light can be somewhat increasingly effective, yet full range, white lights bolster solid plant development without the irritating purple light.

Top 9 Best Grow Lights For Succulents

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Maxi- Mist Plus Spray Tanning Kit "View Product
Aura Allure Spray Tan"View Product
Maxi Spray tanning system Allure Xena"View Product
Norvell Sunless Kit"View Product
Black Fascinating spray tan Machine"View Product
Maximist Lite Plus Spray with Free Suntana Premium Sunless Solutions"View Product
Tropez Pro Light Spray Tan"View Product
Fuji Salon Pro 2150 HVLP Platinum Kit"View Product
Fauji Mimi Tan M Model "View Product
Oasis Spray Tan Machine "View Product

1. Sansi LED Bulb

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  • This grow light is a directional one which prevents the loss of light
  • It is like a normal light bulb so no special treatment for its installment
  • Rather than having different LED’s in different colors, each of the LED bulbs in this light is a mixture of few colors
  • This product comes with a warranty of 5 years


  • Easy installed
  • Long warranty
  • Directional
  • Less loss of light


  • After some time few bulbs will start flickering
  • Size is small

This best grow light for succulents is a versatile one, you can easily use it with any lamp in your house as well. As the size of this best grow light for succulents is small so it is good if you need it for a few succulents.

This succulent grow light will also save you the loss of light as it is made such a way that it is more directional. One more positive thing about this is that it comes with a long warranty of 5 years.

Each LED in this succulent grow light will emit the light that is a mixture of different colors to help the succulent grow more quickly.

These grow light for succulents are easy to install, like any other common ones it doesn’t need any special thing for the installment.


I have been using this grow light for succulents for a few months now and I have seen a difference but the only issue that I faced is that after a few months of use the light started to flicker.


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  • It has a unique chip and optical lens design that brings it to higher PAR value
  • This minimized the loss of light and utilizes 98% of the light
  • The bulb’s shell is made using aeronautical aluminum which is a great conductor
  • It also has a professionally approved spectral ratio of red and blue light


  • Unique design
  • 98% light utilization
  • Approved spectral ratio
  • Highly efficient


  • Small in size

With 117 red LED lights and 52 blue LED lights, this one of the grow lights for succulents gives an expert range proportion ensured to function admirably in any application. It also provides you with the ideal developing condition.

This one of the grow lights for succulents furthermore has low force utilization while as yet giving high lumen yield. A profoundly strong 45-Watt installation demonstrates dependability with as long as 50,000 hours of utilization.

You get a wide light edge, guaranteeing an ideal aberrant point and enormous spread for increasingly uniform lighting over your plants.


This grows light uses very low wattage. This one is amazing, highly recommend!!!



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  • This provides you high light output with grow lighting system of 20000 Lumen.
  • The grow light is less cluttered and very convenient to use
  • Comes with 2 separate switch buttons for inner and outer lights
  • The grow light also provides a long warranty of 5 years


  • Easy to use
  • 2 switches for light adjustment
  • Long warranty
  • High light output


  • It does not include the reflective cover

Most lights will in the general run too hot to even consider working effectively for succulents, yet the Duralux T5 heat lamp for succulents is an incredible alternative giving security and execution productivity.

Has a high yield of 2000 lumens, which is over 30% more noteworthy than the heat lamp for succulents in its group.  While the light is recorded for hydroponics, it functions admirably for succulents as it doesn’t warm the bulb and hazard searing your plants.

The installation can be introduced anyplace effortlessly, it is helpful and lightweight, even appropriate for littler spaces.


This grows light works great. It is exactly how it was advertised. These lights are also very affordable as compared to other ones.



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  • This grow light saves 60-80% on your electricity
  • The LEDs have a life span of 50,000 hours
  • This also includes detachable power cord and have 2 separate switches for on and off function
  • The product comes with a warranty of 3 years


  • Long-lasting
  • 3 years warranty
  • 2 separate switches
  • Detachable power cord


  • Little expensive

An expert evaluation LED develops light permitting incredible vitality proficiency with the most extreme force.  This indoor lighting for succulents produces the most elevated P.A.R. yield in its group.

The indoor lighting for succulents has a double range switch giving yield from the 12-band full range for ideal conditions. This installation has a ventilation framework that helps keep it significantly cooler and forestalls plant harm.

With the two switches on, the artificial light for succulents just draws 176 Watts of vitality, however puts out 3 W in every one of its 100 bulbs offering most extreme force with least vitality utilization It likewise has a long life expectancy of as long as 50,00 hours.


No reviews available

5. Durolux DLED824W LED Grow Light

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  • This grow light has a 6 ft long power cord and also comes with a hanging chain
  • The grow light only consumes 50 watts and saves 50% of electricity
  • By using only one power outlet it can power 20 similar fixtures
  • It is UL safety approved


  • Saves energy
  • Use only 50 watts
  • Power 20 similar fixtures
  • UL certified


  • For small areas

If you have a lot of house plants and you love to grow succulents, then this artificial light for succulents is for you. It is highly efficient and uses only 50 watts of energy.

Furthermore, the grow lights have been UL certified for safety, so you can use it without any security issues. The plant light for succulents also comes with a long cord and a hanging chain that makes installing it a lot easier.


I have a lot of house plants and I bought this plant light for succulents a year ago, it has worked great for me and showed results very quickly.

6. Aceple LED Small Grow Light

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  • This grow light will help accelerate the growth of your plants and succulents
  • It has a flexible arm that you can easily adjust to the required direction
  • This light is perfect for small plants that you have on your tabletop
  • It also includes a spectrum of 460nm, 630nm, and 660nm


  • Accelerates growth
  • Special spectrum
  • Flexible arm
  • Easy to install


  • High pitch adaptor noise

This led grow lights for succulents is specially designed for the tabletop succulents that you have, so they are good with small plants. This comes with an adjustable arm that you can adjust to one direction where you want the light on.

This small grow light especially targets the plants and succulents and also increase their growth as compared to other grow lights. One shortcoming with this is that it won’t work in a large area and good for small succulents and plants only.


My blinds are always down, but despite that, it helped a lot with succulent growth. It is an amazing product.

7. GE Lighting BR30 LED Grow Light

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  • The grow light provides a high quality white light that helps to grow your indoor plants
  • This modern technology light uses only 9-watt energy which in turn keeps the heat low
  • It is designed to give high PPF of 16 micromoles per second
  • The grow light has a white light which is a mixture of red and blue spectrum


  • High quality light
  • 9 watts energy usage
  • High PPF


  • Wide shape bulb

Are you looking for grow light so your indoor garden can gloom? Then this daylight bulb to grow succulents one is for you. This product has high quality white light which is a mixture of the red and blue spectrum.

This daylight bulb to grow succulents is made using highly modern technology that uses only 9 watts of energy and heat level will be low as compared to the other grow lights.

The only shortcoming some users feel is with its shape, the bulb is a very wide round one which may cause some issues in setting it. But overall, this product is one of the best in this rundown.


I’m currently using this over my succulent and so far it is working great.

8. ACKE LED standing grow light

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  • The rod of this grow light is adjustable that can be adjusted from 15 inches to 4.5 ft
  • This grow light is noise-free so you can enjoy and relax without getting disturbed
  • It is also good for the plants that are fixed on walls which other lights are harder to reach
  • The grow light is lightweight so you can move it easily from one plant to another


  • Lightweight
  • Reaches wall plants
  • Noise-free


  • No on/off switch

This is a grow light good for succulents and has a setting to adjust at different levels, it gets adjusted from 15 inches to 4.5 ft according to the height of the plant.

One advantage this grow light gets over other products is that it easily reaches to plants that are hanging and adjusted on your walls.

The product is very lightweight, and can easily be moved anywhere in the house. You also don’t have to face any issue with the noise when it is on because it is made with technology that makes it completely noise-free.


I’ve used this in rainy seasons and it worked. I just hope they also include on and off switch.

9. GE Lighting PAR38 LED Grow Light

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  • The light has a perfect balance of red and blue spectrum
  • This versatile light can also be used for the growth of fruits
  • The grow light also provides high PPF


  • Multipurpose
  • Balance of lights
  • High PPF


  • Big bulb

This versatile succulent light bulb is great for growing succulents as well as the other plants and fruits. The light that it emits is a perfect balance of the red and blue spectrum which is a very important thing for the health of the plants. The bulb has a very high PPF and it is also very bright.

The only issue users face with this succulent light bulb is with the size as it is about 5 inches in diameter it can be very hard to adjust it in a lampstand, but the simple solution to that would be to take off the lampshade.


The daylight bulb to grow succulents is great and bright, but the issue is the size of the bulb which makes it difficult to adjust.


Having home plants give an amazing and modern look to your house, but they can also ruin it if you don’t give special care to them.

This article suggests 9 of the top best grow lights for succulents that make sure your plants stay healthy and they grow. You can have any one of them according to your budget and need.


1. how many hours of light do succulents need?

The succulents need about 6 hours of bright light so they can grow and be healthy.

2. how to use grow lights?

You need to balance light distribution with heat if you have a LED grow light then keep it 3-6 inches away from your plants to see amazing results.

3. can succulents grow in fluorescent light?

Yes, if they are getting enough time under the fluorescent lights then they can grow.

4. can succulents grow in artificial light?

Yes, the succulents can grow in artificial lights, you just have to make sure that they are getting enough of it.

5. can i cut a succulent that is too tall?

If it’s taller than the 5 inches mark then you can cut them into a manageable size.

6. how many hours of light do succulents need?

They need 6 hours of light per day.





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