[Editor’s Pick] Best Glue Gun for Crafting for DIY Lovers

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Are you an independent person who likes to do everything yourself? Well, that makes your personality more confident. It is great to recycle your old stuff to create new masterpieces but for that, you definitely need the best glue gun for crafting.

Recreating old things or to make totally new thing out of something proves that you are a true artist and portrays your creativity.

Now, are you looking for best hot glue gun for crafting? You came to the right place. Yes. We just want to help you to take your creativity to the next level crafting so you can say proudly that ‘I made it myself’.

What’s a glue gun?

It is called that because it is designed as a gun and with the help of electricity or batteries, it melts down the glue.

It is a portable hand-held gadget that can make your work done in no time. If you call this diy hot glue gun crafts a magical wand, nobody will doubt you.

The hot glue gun is one essential thing for crafting purposes. From paper to beads to lace, it is easy for a glue gun to attach things with each other.

This little handy gadget is not only restricted to crafting, you can also repair your household things.

Here we are sharing the best hot glue gun for crafting which is efficient and affordable.

Let’s not drag it anymore and see what we have lined up for you.

Top 6 Best Hot Glue Gun for Crafting

1. Tacklife GGO20AC Mini Hot Glue Gun

Tacklife GGO20AC Mini Hot Glue Gun

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Key Features

  • Aluminum and Plastic
  • 120 V
  • 135cm cable length
  • 6 x 11.5 x 2.7 cm
  • 20 W power

The product that got 4.7 out 5 by the customers is Tacklife Mini Hot Glue. This is one of the best glue gun for crafts and also the best hot glue gun for woodworking.

The first thing that comes to our mind when we are going to buy something is the safety. Well, you don’t have to worry if you are going to buy this as it is user-friendly and is also certified by CE and RoHS.

The security fuse of this diy hot glue gun crafts restricts any kind of leakage that makes it more trustworthy to be used. The trigger of this home depot hot glue gun is easy to press through which you can control the flow of the glue.

This professional hot glue gun heats up quickly and save your time and is able to maintain the temperature constant. The good part of this hot melt glue gun is that you can get 30pcs of the hot glue gun sticks with a standard size of 0.27 inches with a 7mm diameter.

Still, if you find any difficulty in using the gun, don’t worry you will get the user manual with the package.

Customer Reviews

  • I used to watch the diy videos of youtube. They urged me to try something myself so I order the product. I am glad that I made the right choice for buying this.

2. Cobiz Hot Glue Gun


Cobiz Hot Glue Gun

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Key Features

  • Leakproof
  • 43 inches depth x 8 inches length
  • Improved Stand
  • Dual power 60/100W
  • Heavy-duty glue gun

The second best hot glue gun for crafting we have for you is Cobiz hot glue gun. This product has got 4.5/5. Buying this product, you will get Rubber finger protectors, 10 pcs of glue gun sticks and a steel raspier.

This best hot glue gun has two different high and low temperatures that can help you adjust the temperature according to the requirement of the material.

The fast heating feature of this best hot glue gun for crafting saves you plenty of time. The German ceramic PTC thermal heating design makes it a professional hot glue gun that pre-heats the gun.

This glue gun is designed to be handy and easy to carry. The size of this glue gun is an appropriate forever kind of task.

The in-built fuse makes it safe as it automatically prevents the overheating of this glue gun. You can use it carefreely.

Customer Reviews

  • I just want to say that this is a great glue gun. I was in need of one so I just ordered in a rush then I realized that I should have gone through the review. When I got my product, I got relieved that it is exactly what I wanted.

3.  Chandler Tool Mini

Chandler Tool Mini

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Key Features

  • 25 W power
  • 1-3 minute pre-heat time
  • Has stand-up base
  • Certified UL

If you are a fan of FRIENDS then this is a must-have glue gun for you. Yes. The third gun that we have for you is Chandler Tool Mini. Could it be any cooler? It’s not the name that makes it awesome but the features that glue gun possess and made it get 4.5/5.

This best hot glue gun for crafts has a patented stand-up base that prevents it from falling. This makes it active and ready all the time. With this glue gun, you will find 12 pcs of the glue gun stick.

The Chandler tool mini is designed in a way to prevent the dripping of glue when heated. That saves a lot of your product. With this, you will get a lifetime warranty. In case you receive a damaged product you don’t need to worry about it. Just message Chandler and they will replace it free of cost.

Now let’s just talk about safety measures of this product. This hot glue gun craft has been tested and qualified so many of the quality test before getting into the market. This got them the certification from Underwriters Laboratories. So use it without any concern.

Customer Reviews

  • This mini glue gun works greatly. It is handy and easy to be used. I just wanted to fix my wooden chair and this glue gun helped.

4. AdTech 0453-2 Temp Dual

AdTech 0453-2 Temp Dual

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Key Features

  • Adjustable Temperature
  • 8 x 2.2 x 10.5 inches dimension
  • Fast heat up
  • Pointed Nozzle

AdTech 0453-2 is a dual temperature hot melt glue gun. With the help of this feature, you can use it at both hard and delicate materials. It is adhesive enough to fix instantly.

The fast heating characteristic of this glue gun makes it more efficient because it saves the time. The pointed nozzle help to fix small beads neatly.

It is easy to handle and is able to work with both small and long glue sticks. The 5-foot cord of this professional hot glue gun makes it easy to move it around.

The thing that we found that makes it a turn off is it does not have a detachable cord.

Customer Review

  • This glue gun is recommended as it saves a lot of time. I used to make small hand made crafts so it helped me alot for crafting.

5. Elmer’s E6049L Craft Bond

Elmer’s E6049L Craft Bond

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Key Features

  • Temperature controller
  • 20W power
  • 3 x 1.8 x 7.5 inches
  • Pure plastic
  • Cordless

The second last product that we have lined up for you is another best hot glue gun for crafting. Elmer’s Cordless comes with the dual temperature controller.

You can either adjust it at high or low temperatures. You can use high temperature at metals, leather, woods, ceramics, and plastics. At low temperatures, you can make cute crafts and materials that are sensitive.

This cordless rechargeable hot glue gun is perfect for every kind of crafting. The cordless features make this glue gun handier. The insulated nozzle of this battery-powered hot glue gun makes it safe and prevents from severe injuries.

The drawback that we have found for that is the constant leak which causes the wastage of the glue.

Customer Reviews

It works perfectly. It reached me before the estimated time. It takes 4-5 minutes to heat up and then works fine.

6. Westcott Premium Hot Glue Pen

Westcott Premium Hot Glue Pen

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Key Features

  • Pen Styled
  • Non-sticky
  • Color Indicating nozzle for temperature Change
  • Perfect for delicate work

The last product that we have made that we have for you is the best hot glue gun for crafting is by Westcott Premium. This cheap hot glue gun is designed as a pen so you can use it easily.

The nozzle of this diy hot glue gun crafts indicated the temperature. It turns red when heated and blue when gets cold. This makes it easy to know about the temperature as it helps while using sensitive materials.

With the help of the finger, you can easily control the glue. This best hot glue gun for crafting is recommended if you are going to work on styrofoam, silk, ribbon and other delicate stuff.

This glue gun is compatible with both short and full-size glue sticks.

Customer Reviews

I used the typical styled glue gun. Its design made me buy this gadget and believe me it works perfectly. It is easy to grip and you can use it as a pen.

High temp vs Low temp glue gun

The temperature debate always stays in the debate that whether high-temperature glue gun is better or the low one. It does not on the glue gun at all. It totally depends upon the material upon which you are going to use it.

High temp glue guns are preferred to be used with the material that requires an instant stick or fixes. Hot glue is more adhesive that can make your job done efficiently. It is suggested to be used while working on fabric, wood, plastic, metals, etc.

Low temp glue guns are suggested to be used on the delicate materials that might get damaged by heat like foil ribbons or Styrofoam.

Things to do with a hot glue gun

There are so many cool things to do with hot glue that can alone rock your crafting skills. As we have said that before that it is not only restricted to crafting, it can also be used to fix the broken household things. To attach beads and lace on a dress.

With that, you can create thousands of creative crafts such as mobile casing, your jewelry, anything related to decoration. With the help of a hot glue gun, you can make whatever you want.

Types of hot glue sticks

Like every other thing, the hot glue gun also has typed. You can get a hot glue gun depending upon the nature of your needs. Hot glue for commercial use is different as compared to the ones we use at home for crafting purposes.

Closing notes

It would be difficult if you don’t know about the types of hot glue guns. Hot glue guns are different for home use and commercial use. Why spend money more times when you can get assistance with us.

We have selected the best hot glue gun for crafting and home use. So go through our article and get the best one once and keep crafting for the rest of the time.


Q: Would a hot glue gun work on a wooden surface and plastic base?

A: The melted glue gun can easily work on the wooden, plastics and even on the metal base.  

Q: How to add the glue stick in the gun when it gets empty?

A: It is easy to add the silicon glue stick in the gun. Just simply insert the next stick and push the trigger.

Q: Is it waterproof?

A: Yes. The hot glue gun is waterproof.

Q: How to clean a glue gun after using it?

A: It is easy to clean a glue gun just wipe it with rubbing alcohol.

Q: How to use a glue gun?

A: Glue guns are portable. Just plug it in to the socket and here you go.




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