6 Best Free Standing Screened Room Ideas for Garden Patio

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When you’re out and strolling about your house, garden or patio. The thoughts of adding extra beauty to your existing picture often wonders about your mind doesn’t it? Well if it does then fortunately, you’re at the right place. Since now you can easily find the best free standing screened room for your house by reading through our article.


Best Free Standing Screened Room

1. Gazelle portable screen rooms for decks

Gazelle portable screen rooms for decks

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Found amongst the top rated in the lists of outdoor screen rooms kit and stand alone screen room. Let’s take a look together at what this screen room offers.

Key Features

  • Is as convenient as possible housing over a maximum of 8 people at a time.
  • This free standing screen house is reasonable having more than enough height for every day uses.
  • Each side of the screen house is made from tight mesh tech of the cloth which enables for no entering of any insects.
  • Ultra violet and water-resistant roofing of the screen house.
  • Also works opposite in winters to keep you warm and keeps water away from accumulating on the top.
  • Durable in operation since is crafted closely with keeping in mind the customer’s needs and preferences.
  • High quality zippers installed so you don’t get worried over them being stuck or worn out.
  • Corners of the gazelle are made in such a way that they strengthen the overall gazelle to ensure longer operation from the screened room.
  • Easily assembled.
  • Quickly sets up in less than 50 seconds.

Well enough of these features, as you would have probably guessed by now how good an option this screened room could be for you if you buy this. Trust us you won’t regret your choice.

Customer Review

  • After buying various stand alone screen room over the years, this provided to be the optimal choice for my journey. It works almost exactly the way as describe in the features and has got nothing but praise from my side. I’m adamant that this outdoor screened rooms kit will be with me for quite some years.
  • My wife and I hare significantly happy after buying this gazelle. And why is that so, answer lies in the fact that it is incredibly easy to set this thing up and running even with one person rather than the Coleman which required 2 persons’ working simultaneously. Feels great till now!

2. Coleman Instant Screenhouse

Coleman Instant Screenhouse

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A top rated product from the well-known brand of Coleman, rated at a strong 4.4/5 stars. it offers a range of different features which include.

Key Features

  • One of its best points is the fact it offers protection against sun rays.
  • Sets up literally in no time and less than a minute approx. as claimed on their sites.
  • Does not allow any bugs or mosquitoes to enter.
  • Offers 2 large doors for entry on both sides.
  • Durable due to its high quality fabric used in making the bag.
  • Another suitable candidate for partying and BBQs with friends.
  • Guy lines added to bring together the stability around the ground.

Well then, after such great features. Wouldn’t you want controlling your life in something sort of a cool way rather. Add this item to your cart now!

Customer Review

  • Works great during the summers but I’ve watched several other kids using them in different places. However, after a week was passed thee results of this machine emerged to me and I appreciated the fact of this problem.
  • Although the box stated it required more than a minute to set up so, it adjusted to all my needs afterwards and is really worth the huge sum of money it demands.

3. Sunjoy Screened Room Pavilion

Sunjoy Screened Room Pavilion; free standing room for camping

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Now we peek at some of the best wooden screen house with floor. Rated at 4.2/5 stars. Take a look at what it offers.

Key Features

  • Cut and drilled along with other basic touching already.
  • Comes with an attractive brown shine and styling on the wood.
  • Large area dimensions make it suitable for most backyards.
  • Paint job makes it durable in operation with no regards to weather.
  • High quality building and verified from limber industries.
  • Has excellent design which can easily accommodate most of your furniture.
  • Makes you enjoy a pleasant night/day out with your friends and family no matter what the number of people there are.
  • wooden screen house kits come ready with an assembly guide and other necessary hardware.

A little note, this screening house is really pricey but for the elegant and fashion seekers out there who still want the best standing screened room no matter what the price this is what they should look out for.

Customer Review

  • I won’t complain about this portable patio screen enclosure since there’s simply not any at the moment. Although this product took real some time to assemble around 5-6 hours but it’s a worthy collection to our backyard none the less. Happy so far!
  • Real happy with my purchase. As now I can easily call in BBQ nights and film nights out with my friends with a safe, trendy surface above my head.

4. Casita 12-Panel Screenhouse 

Casita 12-Panel Screenhouse 

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Rated at 4.2/5 stars. and also featured in aluminum screen rooms kits and free standing screened enclosures, what this beauty offers for your house hold. Check down below.

Key Features

  • Adds reasonable large space of around 130 sq. feet to your lawn or backyard.
  • Has heavy metal framing on its sides for long use.
  • Prevents oxidation and other rust problems from occurring.
  • Fiberglass used in manufacturing.
  • Easily constructed since it’s already pretty much assembled before selling and as a stable best standing screened room.
  • Fast set up time also makes it feasible for free standing outdoor screen rooms.
  • Allows for good circulation of air and prevents the bugs and insects from coming inside the screen house.
  • Tripling layer resists accumulation of water which may cause leaking problems.
  • Door can be hinged according to your preference.

Man! That’s some useful features, which seem justified for the current price tag by Casita. We would of course recommend you to keep this bright option open in your minds if you’re going for free standing screen room kit for a larger sum.

Customer Review

  • Great product with the money and does not leave you disappointing. Take decent care of it and it will eventually pay off what you spent on it.
  • Easily assembled and by far the best thing I’ve but on this site till now.

5. Quest Recreational Screen House

Quest Recreational Screen House; free standing screen for porch

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This screen house offers the following features.

Key Features

  • Large 12 by 12 size is one of its strong traits enabling for a large gathering and ideal to be used for a free standing screened porch plans.
  • Large covering area provides adequate shielding from the sun.
  • Light weight and resistant to water and fire.
  • Ideal for large parties and get-together.
  • Ensures strong air circulation within the screened room.
  • Made from strong Polyester material and Fiberglass frame.
  • Easily set up and maintained.
  • Suited for camping purposes.
  • Strong lines for stability, four in number.

Being just a teeny bit expensive but definitely worthy of having a try at. Consider the Quest best standing screened room for your choice when you are out purchasing one of these.

Customer Review

  • This light weight tent works as a blessing for me and surprisingly does not make me go inside my actual house in winters. Withstands strong winds, rough weather. Already thinking of buying another one for just in case.
  • This worked great for a couple of my picnics and has never let me down ever. Totally worth the money and good quality material at a decent rate.

6. Wenzel Magnetic Screen House

Wenzel Magnetic Screen House, free standing screen

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Rated at 3.9/5 stars. Our first on the list of free standing screen rooms are this popular product which has been serving quality family experience for ages. What it offers, check down below.

Key Features

  • Large and easy to enter rooms with magnetically surrounded entry points for ease of access.
  • Large entangled walls help to keep the unfavorable things out of your room.
  • Ideal for family get together and parties.
  • Already attached ropes for safety and more stability.
  • Strong polyethylene floor material.
  • Easily set up with decent height making it a good portable screen house for deck.
  • Ideal height for comfortability and a lot of space to move around.

So, look out for these free standing screened porch in the market to bring style and comfort for your portable screening rooms like never before.

Customer Review
  • Sets up more easily the second time around rather than the first while also keeping out various bugs which makes it worth the money. Held up good against the strong weather I faced so recommended for you people!
  • This took some more time setting up the first time but worked just fine the second time around. Also I really admire the magnetic door system which they included makes the product worth the money.
Closing Thoughts

Once through with the reading, you can easily know and buy knowing what the free standing screened rooms or free standing screened porch offer for your backyard. You’ll find the main differences, some unique screened rooms such as desk screen enclosure kits and how do they work? You’ll also look at some other various categories of best free standing screened room including cool inventions such as, portable screen house for deck, wooden screen house with floor and free standing screened patio enclosures including some other screened rooms as well.

Before analyzing our list of the free standing screened room we have accumulated for you let’s take a look at some things to know before buying your free standing screen room kits or even wood screen house kits.

Factors to Consider

Your location

The location for your standing screened room is vital since after your screened room is placed at the desired location. It is important that it looks just as you imagined and not brooding or un appropriate at the location it is currently built at.


Most of free standing outdoor screened rooms are placed outside your house or in backyards. And now since there will be limited space available in usual cases so choosing to built the one most suited for your size is a must know for the free standing screened room.


Self-explanatory as the other’s since it always boils down to this basic fact. Remember when buying the best standing screened room that fits your choice always keep your budget in mind as it tends to get a little bit pricy down there.


Good and durable material to hold the standing screened room and make it last as long as possible is crucial when considering setting up your screen rooms for decks.


This one may seem small in its impact but believe us that it’s one of the most important factors to know before you get your free standing screen rooms. Ensure that it contains the features you want for instance, it could be all weather type, heat resistant type of screened room.


In the end we hope we covered all your questions and queries regarding finding free standing screened room available in the market. Read through our article again if something is unclear, even if it’s still left un answered then drop us a question below.

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How to build a cheap screened in porch?

The cheapest way of starting doing this is to start off with your own house porch so that it saves you money in the long run obviously. In some basic steps after acquiring legal information, you first draw to scale a basic figure of your porch’s layout so we know what type of equipment are required.

How do you cover a screened-in porch for winter?

One of the easiest of ways is to cover those marks with vinyl plastic sheets. Afterward, paste them from the inside towards you. Similar in presentation is the way you peel of tape.

How do I keep my screened in porch warm?

The screened-in porch can easily be warmed by obviously replacing a small heating element at some proper place around the room and your porch will remain warm eventually.

Do you need a permit for a patio enclosure?

Yes, you do need one.

How do you make a homemade sunroom?

Select the windows where you want to make the sunroom. Adjust and prepare the electrical connections of the room. Make a flooring plan and act on it. Frame the whole room and then install windows and doors in the sunroom. Afterward, finish the last of the electrical connections and test once. Then after final touches your own sunroom is complete.

How to Install a Free Standing Screened Room?

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