Best Free Email Plugins for WordPress to send Mass Emails

These are the best free wordpress plugins to send mass emails we self-tested on our own websites to create and send newsletters. Please read carefully as this is not an article simply posting an overview.


  1. researched plugins to send free newsletters to a “Huge number of email subscribers”. The number is in thousands.
    Note: We put in multiple queries on Google and WordPress plugins default search. Queries like
    “Best Email newsletter plugin”
    “Best Mass Emails plugin for WordPress”Unfortunately, Google returned more or less same results with a list of PAID options like Mailchimp, sendinblue etc. This is not what we are after.We are looking for a free alternative to simply install on our website and send emails to as many as 10,000+ subscribers.
  2. Downloaded/Installed these plugins onto our websites and have a deep look at the features of each one.
    More than often we find plugins claiming to offer “FREE” but they are not until you actually use them. It’s only after you install them, it’s true features are revealed.
    A part of their marketing strategy i think is to lure customer using [Free on Cover] hoping that he will pay.
  3. We then designed a newsletter, imported our subscribers’ list, and sent it to contacts.
  4. Tracked Reports, Actual [Sent] messages and writing all about our experience here.

We looked for:

  1. Ease of Importing emails from your current server
  2. Options when creating/designing a newsletter
  3. Limits of sending emails or subscribers list

The Winner:

– as of January 2023

Icegram Express [ Top Choice ]

Ultimate WP mail

Ultimate WP Mail

We couldn’t import contacts or find an option to import CSV / mass emails to integrate and send newsletter.

So uninstalled quickly after installation

ACY Mailing

ACY mailing short review and features

Easy Installation and integration of emails. Loved the user experience that ACY mailing plugin provided when importing emails.

Unfortunately, couldn’t take it far as the design part of creating a newsletter didn’t go well. That’s the end of that.


Creative.eMail pricing for sending emails from wordpress


This was the most disappointing install since nowhere on their plugin description page on WordPress did they mention that

  • it’s paid.
  • the number of free contacts it support
  • takes you to the registration page and signup before revealing their true prices.


We have also tried a handful of other plugins but none of them offered simplicity, easy to setup or design emails. The best one so far is Icegram Express



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