Best Food Plot Seeder

best food plot seeders

Land cultivation is a difficult task. Along with environmental considerations, getting the intended harvest at the end of the season requires a lot of sweat and toil.

Fortunately, there are a few tools available to make your agronomic chore easier. like a sower. Sowing seeds at regular intervals can be time-consuming and exhausting. This is where a plot seeder can help.

A plot seeder tears the earth and sows the seed from a consistent distance. It eliminates all weeds while maintaining soil consistency. On the other hand, finding the best food plot seeder, on the other hand, is a difficult undertaking.

We will provide you with all-around guidance on selecting a seeder for the plot.

Difference between a planter and a seeder

Planter and seeder drill equipment are perfect for planting and seeding. There isn’t much of a distinction between a planter and a seeder. Both perform nearly identical duties, but crop utilization differs.

If you want to use the equipment safely and well, you need to know a few things.

In the discussion between planters and seeders, the task is more important than the tools. In reality, they are functionally and aesthetically similar.

A “planter” is a tractor attachment used to plant maize and legumes. When it comes to rain planting, seeders (also known as drills) are the most efficient.

Again, the seeds are planted one at a time using discs inserted by the planter inside each row. A seeder is more like a seed that flows through tubes. You may still meter it even though there are no discs to put each seed on separately.

Safety is essential, regardless of the seeds you plant or the name of the machine you use. For this, you need the attachment to run at maximum efficiency for both efficiency and safety.

As a result, before distributing your attachment, perform a few easy tests.

The Role of Overseeder

When it comes to taking care of your lawn, you’ll need a number of yard management tools and equipment.

Overseeder is a trained seed planter who can make yard remodeling easier. Overseeding is crucial if you want to accomplish your dream of having a lush, healthy lawn.

Broadcast spreaders are one of numerous outstanding possibilities. However, an overseer usually generates greater results.

Understanding the functions of a food plot drill seeder

The overseer functions in a straightforward manner. An overseer’s specific responsibilities are as follows:

The equipment first cuts into the soil with blades to create furrows, which is why it is also called a “slice” or “slit” seeder.

The grass seeds are then poured into the ruts.

Remember that as the grass seed is dropped, the concave disc blades of the machine keep the slits open.

Germination and establishment are accelerated because the seed is in direct touch with the earth.

We should also mention that the slitting depth can be changed to get the best results by controlling how far you want it to go into the soil (or by asking your seed supplier for advice). You can also select a field cultivator.

Best Food Plot Seeders

1. Scotts Elite Food Plot Seeder with a Practical Design

It can be hard to find a plotter that covers a large area and works well enough. Scott’s commitment to large-area seeding capacity, fortunately, exceeds expectations. Elite takes care of the problem.

By committing to large-area seeding capacity, the overseer exceeds expectations. Also, the Scotts Elite is a great choice for plot seeders because it can hold a lot of seeds.

Scotts Elite also includes two spreaders to make sowing more efficient and convenient. Sowing and reaping has never been easier!

Without a doubt, the food plot drill seeder has a significant storage capacity. Nonetheless, we recommend not overfilling the plot seeder. This may result in log entries and a disruption in functionality.

Scotts Elite is a good pick for everyone because it requires little assembly and is easy to use. If you have the means to indulge, we recommend that you do so.

You will receive value for your money. You may learn more about 1020 trays for more ideas.

Favorite Features-

The seeder’s ability to disperse granular and coarse particles without sweat is one of its distinguishing features.

Potential Drawbacks-

The quality of the wheel in the seeder is inadequate.

Important Characteristics

  • Weeding and feeding in a hurry
  • Smartphone holder attached to the handle
  • Large coverage area
  • Options for speed control


2. Compact Scotts Wizz Food Plot Seeder

The majority of the best food plot seed planter options are large and unwieldy. Working with these seeders in a small location might be challenging.

Don’t be concerned! Scotts Wizz’s overseer has arrived to help.

Users will not have to worry about storing the seeder because the structure is compact. It will conserve space and fit into any storage corner.

Furthermore, the spreader will allow you complete control over the seed’s dispersal. We disagree with some who dispute the ergonomics of this hand-held seeder.

The tool doesn’t make you tired because it has the same amount of weight everywhere. Furthermore, using a battery saves the hassle of recharging.

We do not, however, propose putting very coarse particles in the seeder. The rough surface may have an adverse effect on the device’s battery.

Scotts Wizz can meet your demands if you have a tiny land area and need a compact seeder. You can learn more about the many types of cultivators.

Favorite Features-

You can use the frontier food plot seeder to plant seeds and spray insecticides and fertilizer.

Potential Drawbacks-

There is no way to level the dirt.

Important Characteristics

  • Pattern for hand-held compactness
  • Simple to transport and store
  • Functionality that is adaptable
  • Perfect for lawns


3. Flexile EarthWay 1001-B Food Plot Seeder

The market offers an abundance of plot seeders. However, how many of them offer the option of adjusting the depth of sowing? We have discovered one, EarthWay 1001-B.

The option for depth modification distinguishes EarthWay 1001-B. You can accurately manage seed depth using a robust furrow plow. This precision garden seeder is suited for small to medium-sized gardens and micro food plots.

The plot Seeder’s quick sowing capacity will astound you. Even the quickest sowing has no influence on seed dispersion.

While reading the specifications, you may wonder about the longevity of the metal blades. Don’t be concerned! This food plot seeder’s metal pieces are all corrosion-resistant.

The EarthWay 1001-B is the best choice for seeding tasks. However, this seeder is only recommended for professional use. Because there are so many attachment options and operations, novices may become confused.

Favorite Features-

EarthWay 1001-B is an orthodox pattern that emerges from the conventional pattern. In this manner, no one will have difficulty using the over seeder.

Potential Drawbacks-

For beginners, having so many seed scatter plates can be perplexing.

Important Characteristics

  • Appropriate for professional use
  • Attachment for many seed plates
  • Sowing at a steady rate
  • Unisex design


4. Pull Behind Agri-Fab 45-0463 Food Plot Seeder

Most food seeders perform admirably on the lawn, but fall short in uneven fields. Agri-Fab 45-0463 stands out in this regard.

The ability of professional-grade three point hitch plot seeders to tolerate hitching troubles is the key worry. Spreading seeds over hill tracts and rocky terrain is a breeze with Agri-Fab 45-0463.

You can use the spreader as a tractor attachment to make it more ergonomic. The end outcome is equally satisfying.

Furthermore, the hub stores large quantities of seeds, insecticides, and fertilizers. Furthermore, the plastic tub minimizes corrosion concerns.

Aside from that, there is the possibility to obtain a hood and grate for the overseer. Purchasing any of these attachments will significantly improve the plotting software.

If we state that Agri-Fab 45-0463 is one of the best food plot seeders for fields, we are not exaggerating.

Still, it’s not the best tool for lawns and gardens, which are small areas. As a result, skip this for lawn use.

Favorite Features-

Unlike the other big boys, this seed spreader is simple to assemble.

Potential Drawbacks-

The tool’s metal components are subpar.

Important Characteristics

  • a 3 point hitch to absorb hitching on uneven surfaces.
  • Low-cost but effective
  • Coverage of around 1 acre
  • Installation is simple and quick.


5. Durable Moultrie ATV Food Plot Seeder

At first glance, the Moultrie ATV may appear to be just another seeder attachment. But what motivates us to include this spreader on our list of overseers? Let’s get going!

The Moultrie ATV food seeder, unlike others, has an automated food dispenser. A remote control allows users to control the dispenser. Users may manage seed mixtures, deposition and reduce seed waste in this way.

Furthermore, the motor life contributes to the plot seeder’s efficacy. Even on the longest days, this massive motor will serve you well.

Another essential feature of this overseer is that it requires almost no assembly. You can get away with just reading the handbook. As a result, beginners will have no difficulty using this seed spreader.

Moultrie ATV, on the other hand, has its own odds. Occasionally, the dispenser becomes jammed due to overloading concerns. As a result, we advise loading the truck in tiny batches.

Overall, if you already have a tractor, the Moultrie ATV will make an excellent seeder attachment. and all without burning a hole in your pocket.

Favorite Features-

Because the Moultrie ATV has a tubular structure, installation requires little to no assembly.

Potential Drawbacks-

Overloading can cause the dispenser to become jammed.

Important Characteristics

  • Automatic gate dispenser
  • Simple to install and remove
  • Option for quick refilling
  • Long-lasting construction


6. ATVS100 Food Plot Seeder by Buyers Products

One of the most difficult issues with overseeders is that they become clogged with coarse particle loading. Buyers Products The last choice for today is ATVS100, which will definitely solve the problem.

We found no jamming difficulties with this seeder during testing. In fact, it is resistant to the majority of coarse-grained goods, including rocksalt and chloride.

Furthermore, the complete construction is built of stainless steel. You won’t have to worry about using the feeder in wet weather this way.

We tried to choose plot seeders that are easy to assemble in this selection. The ATVS100 from Buyers Products is no exception. This lightweight feeder may be assembled in minutes by buyers.

Nonetheless, this overseer is not battery powered and requires a constant power supply. We prefer a plug over a motor for this purpose. This will make using the seeder more possible.

Buyers Products ATVS100 is an easy way out if you desire more functionality from the seeder. You can use this overseeder for hunting, land pride, or grounds upkeep.

Favorite Features-

This foldable deer plot planter may be stored in any corner of the house. This also makes it portable.

Potential Drawbacks-

Without a tractor, the overseeder cannot function.

Important Characteristics

  • Friendly to coarse particle dispensing
  • Multipurpose hunting equipment and more
  • Built to be rust-proof
  • Lightweight and portable


Considerations Before Purchasing a Best Seeder for Food Plots

It is easy to become bewildered when acquiring The Best Seeder for Deer Food Plots for the first time. We created this buying guide to help you better understand the goods you require.

Examine the components listed below and make any necessary adjustments for the greatest seeder.

If you’re still unsure, our overseer selection guide will come in handy.


Wildlife food plots are planted in two seasons: chilly and warm. Plant cool-season forages like wheat, rye, oat, clover, and brassicas in the fall or early spring, and the sprouts should flourish all year.

Brassicas are favoured among deer due to their ease of establishment and rapid growth. Furthermore, they can be grown in a variety of climates and soil types.

Furthermore, because most cool-season forages are perennials, they will come back the next year.

Warm-season blends should be planted in the spring and grown all summer and fall. These combinations contain forages such as soybeans, corn, sorghum, cowpeas, and other agricultural crops.


It may appear trivial, yet that is not quite correct. The dispenser is responsible for the general spreadability of the overseeder. As a result, you cannot skimp on the dispenser of your plot seeder.

Then, determine whether the dispenser has a significant throw. Dispensers that are jammed are a little out of place.

Nonetheless, heavy loading degrades the dispenser’s overall performance. As a result, we propose loading the multiple seed sizes in batches. And regular cleaning is essential!


Plot seeders are a significant investment. As a result, it is critical to invest in a tool that will benefit you in the long run.

When purchasing a seeder for your plot, ensure that all pieces are operational. Check for attachments for a more accurate setup. Making sure the metal blades are in good shape will get you a long way.

Furthermore, cleaning the entire seeder at regular intervals will keep the tool in good working order.

Price Points

Obviously, a higher price tag will include a slew of advanced features. However, before you jump for that costly overseeder, consider whether the purchase is cost-effective for you.

We, as a team, are great believers in tailoring coats to the fabrics available. Similarly, we propose purchasing a low-cost seeder that meets your requirements. Preparing a checklist ahead of time will help when selecting a seeder.

Attachment Possibilities

There is no one attachment that will help you plant and sow different kinds of seeds. You’ll need several seeding attachments for this.

Most 3-point food plot equipment does not come with a lot of attachment choices. In such cases, you may need to buy the attachments individually.

However, we recommend that you purchase an overseeder kit with multiple attachment possibilities. This allows you to gain many skills while saving money.

food plots equipment seed spreader

Planting Food Plots Requires Specific Equipment

The equipment needed to maintain and take care of food plots depends a lot on the size and number of plots, as well as where they are.

Small plots can be installed with relatively little equipment according to plotters choice, but as the size and quantity of plots rise, so do the amount and size of equipment required to get the job done successfully.

Before beginning any work, determine what equipment is needed to install the plot(s) and whether owning equipment is required. You might be able to rent what you need rather than purchasing it.

Large pieces of new or secondhand agricultural equipment can be costly, and your budget may preclude you from purchasing them. Some dealers and soil and water conservation districts offer equipment rental programs that may be suitable for your requirements.

A nearby neighbor might be willing to rent you equipment or do the necessary work for a fee. When you’re first getting started, it’s worth your time to look into all of your options.

In almost every case, seedbed preparation is critical to the success of food plot installation. No-till planting equipment can be effective when the proper amount of herbicides are used to reduce competition from other weeds and plants.

Conventional tilling needs different tools than no-till planting, but it makes a clean, clear seed germination that makes it easier for small seeds to make contact with the soil.

Small Food Production Equipment

If you don’t have a utility tractor, you can use a medium- to large-sized ATV to grow small food plots. This ATV, on the other hand, should be large enough to handle all of the necessary equipment. Most equipment manufacturers specify the minimum engine size required for their particular product.

Also, keep in mind that most ATVs are not meant to carry large ground-tilling equipment, so excessive wear and strain on the transmission or driving plotmaster systems may become an issue.

When pulling big loads slowly, engines can overheat if left running for a lengthy period of time. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Some jobs may only necessitate the use of a tractor.

Disk-A disc is a useful tool for installing large food plots. The disc can be used to create a good seedbed preparation in soil moisture that are slightly loose and have little thatch on the surface. If plants are to grow after sowing, good seed-to-soil contact is required.

A light disc dragged by an ATV cannot generally break up hard soil or sod. A plough may be required.

Garden Tractor Attachments

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There is a small moldboard plough that can be used with compact tractors, garden tractors, or ATVs. It could be used to plant small food plots.

There is a compact moldboard plough for lawn or garden tractors or ATVs that may be suitable for small-scale food plot installation. Plows break up thatch and remove hard soil, and they can be used to flip over sod before disking.

Small ploughs can be used to turn 6-8 Cultipacker:

Before you plant clover and other small seeds, you can use cultipackers to firm up the soil and get the best plant growth (see the first picture to the right). 6-8 inches of soil, but larger equipment may be required for deeper depths.


Before you plant clover or other small seeds, you can use cultipackers to firm up the soil and get the most out of your plants’ growth (see the first picture to the right). Small-scale versions, such as the one seen below, are available for ATV use.


A sprayer is useful for applying herbicides that are required (set of two images). This can be a backpack sprayer or one that is mounted on or pulled by your ATV. Using the proper herbicides, you can control brush and weeds. When spraying insecticides, always use the appropriate personal protection equipment. Keep in mind that the label is the law!


There are numerous types of spreaders available for applying seed or fertilizer (image 3). Both fertilizer and seed can be spread with an over-the-shoulder broadcast spreader. It’s inexpensive and perfect for tiny food plots. Other variants can be pulled by hand or hooked to an ATV.


A mower is frequently required as a rotary cutter for weeds and handle overgrown patches. To generate high-quality feed, perennial plots should be mowed on a regular basis. ATV pull-behind variants are available and simple to use. Tall weedy vegetation can also be cleared with a mower before tilling the soil to make tilling with small equipment easier.

Combination Tool

Specialty equipment is also available for individuals using ATVs to install food plots (image 4). Using the tool’s different attachments, this equipment is made to do everything that needs to be done to prepare and plant seed beds for food plots.


A chainsaw may be the most critical piece of equipment for the small woodland owner. A chainsaw can promote new growth and provide tender, lush food supplies for wildlife when used appropriately to strategically chop or trim trees and shrubs. Openings in a woodland allow light to infiltrate, resulting in fresh vegetative growth. When using a chainsaw, always wear safety equipment!

best seed spreader

FAQs on Food plot Seeders

Will the seeder disperse rock salt or only smaller, more uniformly sized chemicals?


For your overseeder, rock salt particles can be heavy and large. Using rock salt in your seeder can harm both the battery and the equipment.

Could you please explain the mechanism of an overseer?

The mechanism of the John Deere food plot seeder is not complicated. The equipment breaks up the dirt and plants the seed. A thorough description can be found in the dedicated section above.

Are there any cultivators with seed drills?


Obtaining an all-in-one, multi-purpose seed drill with cultivators is simple. Many of them help with seeding and soil preparation without the need for additional equipment or time.

What happens when salt is added to the spread throughout the winter?

During the winter, you can easily spread salt on the pavement with the pavement seeder. Each seed drill has its own spread range. As a result, the spread may differ from one seeder to the next.

What advantages can seed drilling machines provide?

For sowing seeds, automatic seed drill machines for tractors are ideal. To ensure quality crops, the best food plot seeder sows seeds at the proper distance and depth. They save time and money while improving the quality of farm products.

Last Word

The best food plot seeder will not serve you well in the long run if it is not properly cared for. Make sure to clean the blades and discs on a regular basis. This will ensure maximum output and the desired harvest.

It all came down to the plot seeders’ selection and utility. I hope this approach assists you in picking your preferred instrument with little toil.


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