TOP 6 Best Flying Fishing Boats – Buying Guide 2023

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Inflatable fly fishing boats are very useful because they are versatile, portable, take up minimal space and more often than not, will do everything as good as their non-inflatable counterparts. Best flying fishing boats are all around you, you just need to look at the right places. A fly fishing float boat is the kind of product that doesn’t take up too much initial investment and also lasts long enough.

The best lightweight fishing boat is the one to search for because a blow up fishing boat that isn’t lightweight won’t do the trick for you. Searching for an inflatable fishing boat with trolling motor would be a much better option than the average inflatable fishing boats for sale. You must check the inflatable fishing boats reviews before purchasing rubber boats for fishing. If you’re a lone fisher then a one man inflatable boat would do for you. Otherwise small portable fishing boats can be found in shops selling cheap inflatable fishing boats. Read on and we will you a whole list for you to choose your inflatable fishing boats with motors from.

 A flycraft craigslist might show you good deals on fly fishing raft for sale, but a flycraft boat might not be the best investment. The best inflatable fishing boat will be easy to blow and deflate for easy transport. Inflatable fishing boats need not only serve their purpose as a small inflatable fishing boat but you can also purchase small 2 person fishing boats just in case you’d like the company. Inflatable drift boat must be check for what makes it the best inflatable boat for fishing. Best inflatable boats for fishing carry with them a lot of features you wouldn’t want to compromise on. For example; if you’re looking for best inflatable boat for ocean then you must check the material and durability before purchasing the blow up boats for sale.

Our Top Picks For best inflatable boat for fishing

Read on and find out our top picks for the best inflatable fly fishing boats. We will give you six cheap inflatable fishing boats options with key features listed under each fly fishing float boat.  It might not be as crazy as a flycraft craigslist, but our list will give you a fair contrast about the fly fishing raft for sale. You can directly purchase this flycraft boat from amazon after viewing the best inflatable fishing boat for you.


1. BRIS 10.8 ft Inflatable Boat Inflatable Rafting Fishing Dinghy Tender Pontoon Boat

BRIS 10.8 ft Inflatable Boat Inflatable Rafting Fishing - Best Flying Fishing Boats



  • overall length: 10.8ft
  • Inside length: 7.2ft
  • Overall width: 5ft
  • Inside width : 26″
  • Tuber diameter: 16.5″
  • Chambes: 3
  • Max person : 4 adults + 1 child
  • Max capacity: 1213 lbs
  • Max hp: 15hp
  • Boat weight: 121 lbs
  • Floor Design: Aluminum floor

The BSA330 BRIS inflatable boat is made by 1100 Denier 0.9mm PVC fabric with aluminum floor board and marine plywood transom. This model is our BEST selling model. It will take up to a 15 hp short shaft motor and will carry up to 5 people maximum or 4 people comfortably. This model can be used as a lifesaving raft in xase of an emergency. It also is a good choice for a larger portable dinghy or a primary boat for the rivers, lakes and bay.

2. Classic Accessories Togiak Inflatable Fishing Float Tube With Backpack Straps

Classic Accessories Togiak Inflatable Fishing Float Tube - Best Flying Fishing Boats



  • 300-pound max capacity
  • Rear mesh storage platform and horizontal rod holder
  • Lash tabs and D rings for attaching gear and creel bags
  • Safety flag pocket

The classic touch has hydrodynamic hull shape provides for maximum stability, buoyancy and tracking ability. It’s got high back stadium seat with adjustable backrest for extra support and comfort gives you the best perch for fishing. You’ll have a roomy armrest storage with additional reel pockets, gear pockets, small mesh pocket and flat zipper pockets let you keep your equipment close. The float tube includes mesh stripping apron with fish ruler so you know exactly how good your game is.

3. Classic Accessories Roanoke Inflatable Pontoon Boat

Classic Accessories Roanoke Inflatable Pontoon Boat - Best Flying Fishing Boats



  • Max Weight Capacity: 350lbs
  • Product Weight: 43lbs
  • 8′ pontoons
  • 2 6′ 2-piece aluminum oars
  • Built to American Boat and Yacht Council standards

The classic materials include heavy-duty pontoons that have abrasion-resistant PVC bottoms and rugged nylon tops for durability. You will have armrest storage includes two large zippered pockets. The rear-facing fabric platform provides for additional storage. Footrests adjusts to a range of lengths for your comfort.

4. Intex Excursion 5 Person Inflatable Boat Set

Intex Excursion 5 Person Inflatable Boat Set - Best Flying Fishing Boats



  • 5-person inflatable water craft
  • Includes 2 54-inch oars, pump, carry bag, and repair patch
  • Dimension: 144 x 66 x 17 inches
  • Lightweight and compact

The Intex Excursion 5 Boat Set gets you out there exploring and rowing. The Excursion 5 is ready for lots of expeditions. It’s a great boat for 5 adventurists who love spending time on the water paddling, fishing, or floating down the river. Designed with heavy-duty, puncture-resistant PVC vinyl, this boat is made to get through every excursion you go on.

Its durability and comfort is superior with an inflatable I-beam floor, 2 inflatable seats with backrests, and a comfortable middle seat. The boat contains 3 air chambers, a Boston valve, motor mount fittings, 4 built-in fishing rod holders, a gear pouch, and an all-around grab line. The set includes 2, 54-inch aluminum oars, welded on locks and oar holders, and a high-output pump for easy inflation and deflation. If you’d rather be boating and the lake is your happy place, get out there and journey on the water with friends on the Intex Excursion 5 Boat Set.

5. Inflatable Sport Boats Manta Ray 8.8′ – Model 270 – Aluminum Floor Dinghy with Seat Bag

Inflatable Sport Boats Manta Ray 8.8' - Best Flying Fishing Boats



  • Top grade material and design
  • Completely heat welded
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Extended pontoons and re-enforced transom
  • USA based company

These inflatable dinghy tender sport boats are built tough for rough ocean water, emergency situations, tendering, fishing, or on a calm pond. Regardless of how you use your dinghy, you can rely on the quality and durability of your Inflatable Sport Boat. The sleek white contoured design was created by nautical engineers for rear buoyancy and faster planing at takeoff. “Easy Planing” extended rear pontoons and transom area allows for more maximum weight and larger motors with balanced stability. All seams are HEAT WELDED and will last in fresh water, salt water and extreme humidity.

6. Outroad Inflatable Dinghy Fishing Boat 10 FT

Outroad Inflatable Dinghy Fishing Boat 10 FT - Best Flying Fishing Boats



  • Military-grade 3-layer PVC material
  • Maximum capacity of up to 800lbs
  • 2 separate air chambers
  • Built-in oarlock
  • Extra thick rub-straight protector

This Inflatable Dinghy Fishing Boat has got military-grade 3-layer PVC material. The deck is constructed with durable marine wood floors with maximum capacity of up to 800lbs, allowing 4 people stand on the rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) steadily. Deep V-keel with rub-strake protection with built-in oarlock for easy rowing. Extra thick rub-straight protector at the bottom along the keel and tubes that protects the vulnerable points from puncture or abrasions such as sand or small rocks. For more reviews click here


Yes, inflatable fly fishing boats are good for fishing.
The ones mentioned in the list are one of the best inflatable boats for fishing.
There isn’t one specific brand that makes the best because different brands offer different features.
Yes, some inflatable oceans were designed for the ocean.
The ones mentioned in the list are one of the best inflatable boats for fishing.
Yes, inflatable fly fishing boats are good for fishing.



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