[Reviewed] Best Fly Trap Outdoor: A Buying Guide for 2023

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Flies can be such a nuisance, especially at the peak seasons they rule the world. You cannot get into a war with them; find yourself a the best fly trap outdoor and indoor that does all the work for you.

Top 5 Best Fly Trap

If you are not sure about which one to purchase, we have gathered the best fly traps for outside and inside use. You can choose the best indoor or outdoor fly trap from these to get done with the annoyance once and for all.


1. Crio Bug Zapper


  • Highly effective and powerful
  • Safe for humans and pets
  • Easy to clean
  • Indoor and outdoor friendly


  • Require a power source
  • A little bulky

Crio is one of the best outdoor fly trap that instantly kills the insects that comes near it. This fly trap is very useful for outdoor use and can also be used for larger indoor spaces because of its powerful high-voltage elctrogrid.

Customer reviews

I wanted a bug trap for a long time for bigger flies like fruit flies, but did not wanted to deal with bulky models. This one is the perfect for outdoor use. I got one for my patio and it worked more than what I expected.

2. Aerb Bug Zapper


  • Powerful trapping technology
  • Best for outdoor use
  • Eco Friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Ultra quiet
  • Non toxic
  • Waterproof


  • A little expensive
  • Needs a power source

It is not as easy as it seems to find the best fly trap, but with a little research and consideration of key features, it is not brainer.

This fly trap is the most effective out there from 360 trap technology to safe and efficient performance. You need to get this one for yourself, if you are looking for something that is unique, stylish, and yet effective when it comes to performance.

Customer review

I am amazed to see that this fly trap works at its best during the day time as well, which most of the fly trap fails to do. Very durable and powerful.

3. HEMIUA Bug Zapper


  • Works on almost every insect
  • Effective and powerful
  • Eco-friendly
  • Covers larger areas effectively
  • Easy to clean
  • 360 trap technology
  • Noiseless
  • Waterproof
  • Replaceable


  • Need to be setup properly
  • Does not work in daylight

Amazing design and high power make it the most effective for insects of different kinds. It comes with a hanging ring, detachable collection tray, and easy installation setup. Its unique design makes it the best for outdoor and for indoor use as well.

Customer review

This fly trap works like a magic. It was hard to spend some time out in the yard in such hard times. Looking at a variety of fly zappers, I trusted this one. I am more than happy with the performance it offers.



  • 360 trap technology
  • Waterproof
  • Wide range
  • Safe and harmless to humans and animals
  • Removable tray
  • Easy clean


  • A little noisy

If you are looking for the most effective, affordable, and reliable fly trap that canbe used indoor an outdoors, killing almost every kind of insect, this is the one. From easy installation to easy cleaning, it offers the most reliable solution to those cruel flies that does not let you enjoy your time.

Customer review

Even though using it outside i was not sure if it was attracting and killing bugs. When I thought of cleaning it, to my surprise, there were lots and lots of bugs inside. A little gross, but worth it.

5. Rescue Outdoor Disposable Fly Trap


  • Non-hassle fly control
  • Easily discardable
  • Effectively attract flies in very instant
  • Non-toxic


  • They must be used 20ft away from living places
  • Strong odour

Rescue is one of the most effective, the best outdoor fly trap. It is easily disposable making no mess at all. From patio to garden, these disposable fly traps are easy to use and give ultimate performance.

Customer review

This product works pretty well, more than what we have expected. It instantly starts working. The more flies get stuck in, the most it seems to attract.

You will find a good variety of fly traps in the market, varying according to their price, performance, and construction. Exploring the world of fly traps, we have gathered all the relevant information regarding finding the best fly traps keeping the key features in mind.


What to consider before buying?

You may have seen a lot of advertisements and recommendations from others regarding the best fly trap, but are they any relevant to what you need?

Most probably not!

The first thing to understand is that there is no one perfect fly trap. Every product differs in performance and quality. All you need to do is to make your very own the best fly catcher, gathering the best features as per your requirement.

Let’s look into essential features that make any fly tray outdoor or indoor the best when it comes to performance.

Choose your weapon

There are no enough fly traps than the flies we have ruling the world. Offering you the most reliable best fly catcher for indoor and outdoor use; have a look at different types of the most effective fly traps that vary in their performance as per their type.

Container traps

It is not possible for any kind of fly trap to neutralize every fly that comes in contact with them. It leaves the best possibility of distracting the ones that are the most active.

Container traps hold a smelly bait that attract the flies into the container. Once a fly gets in, there is no chance for it to get out again.

  • These traps do not need a power source to work.
  • They do not emit light.
  • These traps are cheap.
  • Container traps do not require high maintenance.
  •  You may need a large quantity of them to achieve effective protection in larger spaces.
  •  They have to be placed to distant place than humans.

Electronic fly traps

Electronic house fly trap, also known as ‘insect zapper’. These devices are powered by an electric source and attract flies to kill them with an electric current. They are designed in a simple container that lures flies to the bulb placed in the centre. Once the flies get in, it is zapped and killed with an electric current.

  •  They do not emit any foul smell.
  •  These traps instantly kill the flies.
  •  UV light traps can be used as outdoor fly repellents effectively.
  •  The device looks stylish and does not look nasty like other traps that openly show dead carcasses of the flies.
  •  The prices are higher for these traps as compared to other alternatives.
  •  They need a power source to work.

Indoor tape traps

These traps have been around for the longest period of time as the best fly killer. You may have seen tapes hanging around covered with dead insects. Right?

  • They instantly catch the flies.
  • These traps are cheaper than other alternatives.
  • These traps do not require any power source or battery to operate.
  • Tape traps are easy to discard.
  • Tape traps do not neutralize all the flies.
  • They need to be replaced frequently when dried out.

Depending on your personal preference, choosing the one can be of the most benefit. Make sure the space you are using in, the time you will be using it for, and what type of insects you are tired of and buying a fly trap for.


Well, it is not as hard as it sounds. You can always find the best fly trap as per your needs, if you are sure about your requirement and what to look for in a fly trap. Give yourself a convenient and reliable experience with these fly traps or others you find effective.


What is the best fly trap on the market?

Aerb Bug Zapper is one of the best and the most effective fly traps in the market.

How do you trap flies outside?

Using the best fly trap for outside use is the most effective way to catch flies as they are designed in a way to attract flies of every kind with their powerful technology.

Do fly traps attract more flies?

Fly traps, especially made for outdoor use attract more flies as compared to other traditional ways. It is because they are designed to work in open and larger spaces.

What is the best way to trap flies?

Using a trusted and reliable electric fly trap is the most effective way to trap flies of different kinds without creating a mess.

Where do you put an outdoor fly trap?

There are a lot of products designed to be used on the flat surface and also hung up to the roof. It is advisable to put them at least 10 to 20ft away from humans.




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